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12:43 PM   [23 Nov 2010 | Tuesday]


There are many people that have the misconception that the Bible was written by ordinary men. It is true that ordinary men wrote the words, but those words were given to them by God…. These people do not understand that although the words were written by ordinary people that those words were not the thoughts of those people. God chose certain individuals to write the various books of the Bible, but each were influenced and guided by God to write what God wanted them to write.

The problem is that because of this misconception, certain people believed that those words could be interpreted and sometimes altered to align with changes in circumstances or other reasons that more closely agree with some nonbiblical principle. Over the centuries, many changes have been made to the original document, but if we examine these changes, we find that they usually satisfy some agenda that is not in alignment with the wishes of God.  Today, the number of policies allowed by various denominations that are totally against biblical doctrine is extraordinary. The number of various denominations that claim Christianity is also extraordinary, but their teachings and actions are very different from the doctrine given in the original text. Although the Christian Church is very large, unfortunately, it is very weak….

A true believer confines their understanding to the words that God gave to us and not some version of the Bible altered by man. If this was not true, then the Christian Church would be the most powerful institution on earth because our leader would be God Himself, and who or what can beat God !!! We must all consider the position that we have taken in relation to our religious beliefs and realize that there is only one God and He gave us only one Bible.

People are suffering all over the world while others enjoy a life of over abundance and both claim Christianity. But, even now, we are beginning to see that the wealthy nations are in trouble and the easy life some have enjoyed is drifting away. The amount of tension and stress is reaching the breaking point because we have essentially ignored the wishes of God and concentrated on our own desires. And, one of the reasons for this is because there is not a single set of principles by which we live our lives. The Bible gives us these principles, but if they have been altered, then there is confusion. And, who is the author of confusion ??? We must begin the process of unification and return to the lessons and doctrine that would please God and then we can be assured of the fulfillment of His promises of great blessings.  Do not believe that because a person is enjoying a wonderful life that it will remain that way. Many things can change in a heart beat, but the elect of God will always have their needs. There is one God and only one Bible……

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12:59 PM   [19 Nov 2010 | Friday]


The blog that was recently submitted concerning tithing was absolutely correct. Tithing is not a requirement of Christianity but unfortunately, many groups still insist that it is. The author of the blog finally understood the truth but also unfortunately suffered for many years because of a lack of total understanding of what occurred at the moment of the death of Jesus. The death of Jesus essentially erased all Jewish law and commandments and that is from what we were redeemed. The Law was impossible for humans to live under the requirements and so God suffered the ultimate sacrifice in order to redeem us for our sins of not adhering to the Law. This redemption included the tithing principle as well as all other requirements. We must remember that when Jesus was speaking to the people, it was a Jewish audience who were required to be obedient to the Law. Certainly, the ordinances of the Law are a good set of rules that we can use to live under, but they are not a requirement…..

Unfortunately, some groups still teach that tithing, as well as other Jewish requirements are part of the Christian way. There are many reasons for this type of activity but it may show a lack of faith by the leaders of those groups. It is possible that the leaders are concerned that the group could not exist without receiving money by way of tithing. God has promised that He is aware of all of our needs and will give us those needs in His way. The act of requiring tithing seems to indicate a lack of trust in that promise or there may be other reasons also.

However, this is a good example of how the lack of understanding can affect the lives and beliefs of the members of groups that used the Bible for purposes for which it was not meant. We must look at the total picture and never take a portion of the Word and use it for our own purposes. Many people have suffered because of this practice but the answer is very simple; read the Bible and the Spirit will give the true believer the understanding that is necessary…. The Old Testament gives us understanding of the nature of man and also the requirements of the Law. In order to properly understand from what and why we were redeemed, it is important to study the Old Testament. The Christian Bible includes both Old and New Testaments and both are essential to study to get much of the true meaning of the Christian way.

God has promised us great gifts and we can be sure that He will honor those promises. We need not concern ourselves about those aspects that He has told us that He will give to us. If a church group insists that the tithing principle, or any other Old Testament rules are a requirement for Christians, they are in error and those errors should be corrected.  If and when more people begin to question the requirements of their group to discover if they align with biblical doctrine, then we will have a chance to become unified and the true Church of God.

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12:54 PM   [16 Nov 2010 | Tuesday]


We are often times reluctant to teach our children about Satan because we fear that they may become frightened. And, this can be true, but there are many ways of explaining things to children that do not cause anxieties within the child. Satan should be feared, but knowledge is power and that knowledge will give the child the opportunity to fight off the attempts of Satan to influence the child. Satan is very happy attacking young people and tries to influence their thinking from the very beginning of their lives, but with the proper knowledge and information, the child will be safe. The Bible tells us to “fear” God, but this should be understood as to revere and respect God. It does not mean that we should be afraid of Him especially considering the love He has for us. Understanding is the beginning of learning and that power can be used to help us through this journey with the least amount of tribulation. Jesus tells us to “learn of me” which is an indication of the importance of knowledge available to us.

Children are not stupid and they can understand more than we sometimes give them credit. They should be warned of the devices of Satan, but with the explanation of the reasons we are giving them this information. They will not be frightened, in fact, they will become more confident in their walk through this period in their lives. Things happen to us all that we cannot understand that cause us great difficulties. If we know how Satan works, we can usually find the explanation for our problems. Children do not have the experiences that older people do, and so they become confused. The knowledge we give them about Satan can eliminate this confusion and allow the child a happier life.

Satan is an expert at what he does. He will create doubt in all of us as often as he can and has many ways of doing this. We must remember that Satan cannot read our minds, but he can introduce thoughts into our minds in many ways. Our prayers should always be in the Spirit so that Satan cannot overhear the concerns we offer to God and use this information against us. Satan will use all kinds of methods to attack us. Our family and friends will become part of his attacks without them even being aware of it. The story of Job gives us this example of satanic influence and he is still doing it today. We have all been told certain things by our friends that cause certain emotions to rise within us, and we get angry at that person. If we understand that the words of our friends are merely satanic methodology,  we shall not lose a friend and we will not be influenced by their words. Children are very vulnerable to their friends’ approval and should have this explained to them in a way that does not cause them to mistrust their friends. Knowledge is the answer to this condition and the more knowledge we all have, the more we can resist the attacks of Satan.

The Bible spends a great deal of time talking about Satan and his followers. This is not just coincidence, but it is knowledge being given to us for our benefit. Church groups generally do not spend much time speaking about Satan and his methods and attacks, but this is an error in judgment. Considering the influence that Satan has upon our lives, he should be a large portion of our education. The Bible did this and so should we and especially for our children. Satan should not be feared because we know how to resist him. His power should be respected and understood, but we have an advocate who will protect us from evil if we ask Him. But, we must know what is really happening in order to ask. Our children learn most things from their parents and so it is the responsibility of the parent to explain the reality of Satan. But, in order to do this, the parent must learn too, and that knowledge will be of great benefit to the parents also !!!


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12:58 PM   [11 Nov 2010 | Thursday]


The Bible is not open to interpretation….. It was written by God for our understanding of the nature of man and to instruct us in our attempts at righteousness and gives us the path to eternal life in His presence. There are many other aspects of understanding also, but the key to reading the Bible is to understand what is being given to us. The fact that the Bible has been used by many for their own purposes and has been interpreted to suit a particular agenda is unfortunate in two ways. The first is that the congregate that is being taught by these altered Bibles is not receiving the great benefits offered by God to His believers; and the second is that the person that originally altered the Word is in very serious trouble with God !!!

There are many different books being used that claim to be the Bible, but they are merely interpreted words.  These books have been around for a very long time and many people have learned what they believe they know from these books. Over the years, these books have been accepted and are used by Pastors and Ministers and we are not suggesting that there is any ulterior motive by these good men, but the information they are giving to their congregate is coming from a source that is not in total alignment with the original Words of God…

Many, if not most, of the members of the church group have absolute trust in their teachers and would never question anything that their leaders say.  There is some notion that these good men have access to information that the normal individual cannot understand. The concept that our relationship with God is exactly the same for everyone seems to be lost somewhere and we accept the words of these teachers as being accurate and truthful. No one, and this needs to be understood by all, that no one is closer to God than anyone else !!!!

If during a service, a teacher says anything with which any member does not agree, then that member should stand up and tell the teacher of their concern. The teacher should then explain the doctrine or lesson because it is his responsibility. If this would happen more often, we would find that many of the misconceptions and misunderstandings would be corrected. The result would be that more and more of the incredible number of different denominations would begin to unify and the true Word of God will be taught to all. We would then become strong in our understanding and begin to reverse the evil direction of this world. There is only one God and only one Bible !!!!

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12:58 PM   [09 Nov 2010 | Tuesday]


The Bible is the word of God. Everything in it; the stories, the events and the principles are true and correct and are not subject to opinion. Considering the fact that God cannot lie, then we have no option but to accept this document as being absolute. Not everything that there is to know is discussed in the Bible, but everything that we need to know is there in order for us to get through this life and have the opportunity to achieve eternal life in the presence of God. If there are those that do not understand or agree with this statement, then they should examine their position in relation to claiming Christianity.

The Bible was written by God and therefore is perfect in all aspects. The position of the stories or lessons is not arbitrary and there is importance to when and where we are given certain information. It is clearly an indication of the importance of Satan in our lives when we realize that the very first story concerning humanity involves the influence of Satan, and perhaps more importantly, the fact that Satan achieved his objective. Certainly, God could have intervened, but for His reasons, He choose not to, and we now have established the nature of man. Man will be and is influenced by Satan !!!

The evil influence of Satan is discussed many times throughout the Bible, and we usually find man succumbing to the wishes of Satan. The only individual who overcame Satan was Jesus, and He is the only one who can overcome Satan. We as humans have little or no chance, but we are given much information concerning the methods used by Satan and with this knowledge, we can resist him…. When Satan attacked Jesus in the dessert, he waited until Jesus was at a very weak moment both physically and emotionally. This is when we are most vulnerable to attack and so we should be on guard especially at those times. If we look at the example of Peter standing on the water with Jesus, we see that even when Jesus is right next to Peter, Satan still influenced Peter and Peter begins to sink…. He is that powerful and we would be foolish to think otherwise, but that is exactly what he wants us to think. Satan will use every method to attack us, but we are shown these methods and should use this information to resist the attempts to defeat us.

Some Christians believe that we are not bothered by Satan because we chose Jesus as our savior. We should understand that the opposite is more likely the truth. Those who do not believe are of less interest to Satan because they are already doing what he wants them to do. It is the true believer that is attacked more violently because Satan does not want us to be good examples to others. But, he really does not need much help there because most of us are poor examples anyway….

We say that we have closed the door on Satan, but that is seldom completely true. We close the door almost shut but leave it open just a little bit for that occasional time when we want to do something that we know is wrong. Unfortunately, this is the nature of man because the flesh truly is very weak. The important thing is to recognize our enemy. Satan will use every weapon in his arsenal to attack us; he will use our own weaknesses, he will use our friends and he will do everything he can that he knows upsets us from observing our personalities and past history….

It is important to study and understand the methods of Satan because only then can we resist him. Unfortunately, many people claiming Christianity believe that they are above satanic attacks and are sadly mistaken. Resisting Satan will only get him away from us for a time and then he will come back and attack again. But, during that time when he is leaving us alone, our lives become more peaceful and without the usual stresses and we soon realize that it really is worth the effort. Do not believe that as a Christian that we are immune from attack because if Satan went after Jesus, we are not any great challenge to him !!!!!

If we recognize our true enemy, we will begin to understand that it is not a particular person or event that is getting to us and upsetting our lives. These are just the methods that Satan uses and by realizing this, our lives become less stressful. We do not get angry at a person who is troubling us because we recognize that it is not that person, but Satan using that person against us. We should pray for that person and win that part of the battle with our true enemy, and maybe keep a good friend along the way…. The influence of Satan on mankind is of extreme importance when we realize it was the very first thing about which God decide to warn us…..

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3:54 AM   [01 Nov 2010 | Monday]


As we cast our votes for the candidate of our choice, we must always consider the basis for our decision. A Christian has a responsibility to vote for the candidate that most aligns him or herself with Biblical doctrine and try to overcome our tendencies to vote along party lines. All candidates talk about what their intentions are if they are elected, but this is mostly wishful thinking and in some cases exaggeration and sometimes actual deception. But, the past record of a candidate does not lie… We must consider that because a candidate chooses a particular party does not necessarily indicate the ideals of that person. In this country we have political parties and most candidates choose a party to support them. We must try to disregard the opinions of the party and vote for the person that most closely has shown their alignment with Christian ideals…

We are voting for the person and not the political party and we have a responsibility to represent Christian policies even if they do not agree with our own wishes or desires. “One Nation, Under God..” is a good way of determining for whom we should give our vote. We should never forget that we are first a Christian before all else. If we try to overcome our own feelings and think only of Christian principles in our decision then we will have a chance to return this country to a place of peace and opportunity. Trust and faith in God is the only way to do the proper thing in all that we do. He does know better than any of us do about everything….

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