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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:38 PM   [29 Jul 2009 | Wednesday]

"Jesus Is My Savior" But There Are Many That Are Not Certain Of What That Means.....

It is true that the Bible is still the best selling book ever written, but it may also be the least read of all books sold. It is astonishing how many people own a Bible but have never read it. The Christian Bible contains both Old and New Testaments, but many Christians do not read the Old Testament part. It is essential reading in order to grasp and understand the lessons offered to us in the New Testament. An example of this would be the statement in Matthew 27:51 “And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom;….” upon the death of Jesus. Without knowing the Old Testament system, the reader would have no understanding of the importance of these words. The veil was placed between the people and the room in the Temple called the Holiest of Holies. Only the High Priest could enter that room and only once a year in order to seek forgiveness from God for himself and the people. The veil being rent indicates that at the death of Jesus, now all people have direct access to God. The study of the Old Testament also gives us understanding of why and how the atoning death of Jesus redeems us from punishment for our sins.


The reason for the death of Jesus is surprisingly not totally understood by many who claim Christianity. Claiming Jesus as our Savior without knowing what that represents is like buying an airplane without knowing how to fly it. Releasing someone from the punishment for sin was actually a result of His atoning death but not the reason for His death. Jesus was fulfilling the requirements of Old Testament conditions for the commission of sin by the people of the world. Sin was forgiven by certain sacrifices or actions for sins that had been committed. Future sins were not included in the sacrificial action which placed the person in jeopardy until the appropriate atoning action was taken.


As we read through the Old Testament, we are given the explanation of sin and the punishment for committing the act. We also see that after time moved on that the people began to place less emphasis on these conditions and stray away from fulfilling the requirements. We are essentially doing the very same thing today when we alter the meaning of biblical lessons in order to fit our own agenda. Man has not changed in their position to overlook requirements if they interfere with personal desires. However, our Father was very much aware of the nature of man and knew that at some point that He would have to step in and save us from ourselves. And so, He offers up the only perfect sacrifice in order to justify all that believe in the fact that the sacrifice of Himself would fulfill the requirements of His Law for the remission of sin.


The crucifixion of Jesus was just the method by which He was killed, but it fulfilled the Law of God given to the Israelites as they left Egypt. The actual sacrifice did not forgive our sins, but believing, in faith, that this atoning action redeemed us from the Law is the aspect that allows us to become righteous in the eyes of our Lord. Believing that Jesus existed; That He was God in human form; that He died in order to totally and finally fulfill the sacrificial system of the Old Testament Law; and most importantly believing that this action is sufficient for the remission of punishment of our sins puts us into a position to now fly the airplane…. If anyone believes anything other than these elements of truth, they will just crash and burn…..

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12:21 PM   [23 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

Sin Can Be More Embarrassing Than We Think....

It should be no surprise to anyone that it is impossible for humans not to commit sin. Although there are varying degrees of sin, it is all sin and the difference has no impact on God. Prior to the atoning sacrifice of our Lord, man could not achieve eternal life in paradise with sin on their soul. The Jewish sacrificial system would cleanse people for past sins, but not for future iniquities. The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus cleared the way for total redemption from this system and now a true Christian will not be condemned for our sins. The degrees of sin are simple. There are intentional sins and there are unintentional sins. There are also sins we commit because we are not aware that the action is a sin. An example of this would be that we did not follow the instruction of the Bible as to what is expected from a Christian. We are told to adhere to all civil laws regardless of the fact that we may not agree with these civil requirements. However, we must place the Laws of God above the civil ordinances. So, because there are speed limits on all roads, and we sometimes exceed these laws, we essentially commit sin. This may seem frivolous; nevertheless without the atoning action of Jesus, we would not have been able to reach paradise because of this simple sin. God forgives every sin that we commit, but do not think that He forgets them….


Romans 14:12 “So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”

Revelation 20:12 “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.”

2 Corinthians 5:10 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.”


So we see that our sins will be reviewed, but we have already been forgiven by the blood of our Lord. However, from a human point of view, this review in front of all to witness will most likely be somewhat embarrassing for each one of us….


Another aspect of Christianity that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that we have been given the Spirit when we become a child of God. The Spirit lives within us and becomes a part of our being. In fact, it is witness to all that we do…. We should consider that fact when we sin willfully. It is there when we lie, it is there when we steal or cheat and it is there when we commit an immoral act. Enough said……  

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12:27 PM   [21 Jul 2009 | Tuesday]


The idea that there is some sort of mythical code contained within the Bible is a concept that has persisted for hundreds of years. Man has attempted to break this nonexistent foolishness for some strange notion that they will discover the answers to all questions that have plagued man and so on and so forth…. Recently, the “DaVinci Code” has sparked new interest in this type of thinking, and all kinds of new theories have developed concerning secrets within the Bible. It is all ridiculous…. If anyone wants to find the answer to any question concerning mankind, all they need to do is read the Book. All of the answers to every question are there….


However, God in His wisdom has given us aids in order to better understand His words. One of these aids is numbers, and the numbers three and seven are of particular benefit when we understand their meaning. Both of these numbers represent completion. Man can only comprehend events that have three aspects; a beginning, a middle and an end. Everything that man does is governed by this limitation. In fact, in every event, only three things can happen; it can get better, it can get worse or it can remain the same. Because we are terminal beings in the flesh; that is, we are born, we live and we die; we are bound by this constraint to comprehend anything greater.


The number seven, however, is the representation of Spiritual completion. God created all things in seven days; there are seven deadly sins, and so on and so forth. The usefulness of this information comes as we read through the Bible. As we study the different stories and lessons given to us, we begin to see that these two numbers are employed regularly. And by using this understanding we begin to notice that when the number three is used, it is referring to earthly aspects. When we see the number seven used, we see that the emphasis is on the Spiritual. An example of this is the fact that Jesus was tempted three times; He died and arose in three days; His ministry was for three years; He lived on the cross for three hours; Peter denied Him three times and there are many more instances of the use of the number three to represent earthly things. The number seven is used when we are given information about Spiritual aspects; the seven bothers and the wife when they reach Heaven; seven demons removed from Mary Magdalene; and in the first chapter of Revelation the number seven is used fourteen times in order to describe the Spiritual events taking place.


We have been given this aid in order for us to better understand the lessons that have been offered. It becomes much easier to distinguish the differences in the teachings when we apply this aid. It may also be of some assistance to help unify the church into a single institution teaching the same doctrine and bringing the church of God together into the place that He had instructed us to achieve. One God, one church, one understanding….

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12:59 PM   [19 Jul 2009 | Sunday]

Something to consider when deciding which Bible to study

The Bible is the only source of information given to us from God…. Every word is true and every word has meaning. The interesting aspect of the Bible that some do not understand is that the Book was written directly to each individual who reads it. This miraculous characteristic means that every person who reads some chapter or verse will receive from it exactly what they need at that particular time. That same person can read the exact same chapter or verse at some later time and receive a slightly different understanding because the difference is what they need at that later time. The levels of understanding are endless; and a person will never reach total understanding no matter how many times they may read the Book. It will answer every question that we may have and will give us proper guidance in all situations in which we find ourselves. But there is a problem….


First, we must assume that God would not allow His words to be altered. In fact, He states in the last chapter of Revelation that if any one changes a word, that their name will be removed from the Book of Life. And so, we can believe that each time that the Book was translated into a language for the first time that the translation would be inspired. After that translation, we can assume no inspirational activity because it would not be necessary. In the case of English, we must rely on the King James Version as being accurate. The revised editions may be easier to read but they eliminate the miraculous aspect of the Book. The revisions are merely the opinions or understanding that the person had at the time of the writing. These alterations, although they may appear to be minor, are possibly removing the deeper levels to which we can reach from within the original. And this brings us to another problem….


There are so many different denominations and so many different versions of the Bible, the only result can be confusion. We must consider that the author of confusion is Satan. Every Christian should be able to go to any church anywhere in the world and hear exactly the same lessons and doctrine, but this is not the case. A nonbeliever can ask a question of many Christians and receive differing answers from each, and this is not a good thing because it only tends to confuse the nonbeliever. And, this confusion may prevent that person from achieving salvation. It is a method of Satan and should be recognized as such and corrected. There is one God and there is one truth…..

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12:44 PM   [18 Jul 2009 | Saturday]

There is a solution to every problem, it is called FAITH

It is not usual that in my writings concerning Christian doctrine that I will use my own personal experiences for an example. But recently, certain circumstance have happened that I thought might be helpful if I were to share them with others. As we know, faith is the essence of Christianity. Many times throughout our lives we are faced with situations that at the time may seem insurmountable. We become concerned, which is fine, but because we cannot see a solution, that concern advances to worry. As far as I know, worrying never solved a problem…. We are instructed by Jesus in His sermons that we should take no thought for tomorrow. In other words He is saying that we should not worry; and because He has told us this, it essentially becomes a commandment. In fact, because of this aspect, worrying becomes a sin.


I live in Massachusetts. I am disabled and have an untreatable and incurable condition that causes almost intolerable pain throughout my body. I can barely walk and use a power chair to get around. Pain medication does not work which is a symptom of this condition along with difficulty breathing as well as many other bodily functions. I live on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. I mention all of this as background for what I am about to tell you. If any of you have read any of my other writings, then you will know that I have deep concerns about the direction that this nation; and the world; is moving. The average person is not considered in any government thinking, but becomes the means to reach their ends. We are allowing government to become larger and more powerful which limits our freedoms that will eventually regulate our religious freedoms. In fact, this is happening already….


Massachusetts requires that all residents have health insurance; it is a law. Well, now that this State is in financial trouble, it has removed much of the elements of Medicaid from the program. But, since it is required, my Social Security payments have been reduced to pay for the cost of the required elements of the law. The State and Federal government decided upon this plan without regard to the person for whom it was designed. Along with these circumstances, my Food Stamp amount was reduced because the poverty levels have been reduced in order to allow less people to receive benefits….


This is what has happened to me, but I know that it is only the beginning. I have no idea as to what I am going to do, but I do know that I will do nothing. Over the years, I have understood that what our Lord has told us is true…. He will take care of what I consider a problem only because I do not have a solution. I have asked Him to keep to His promise and I have faith that He will. I see my infirmities as a blessing because it caused me only to be able to write the books that I have written to try and assist others to find the understanding of the lessons of the Bible….


However, the events that are and have happened to me are an indication of what is coming for us all. In order to reverse the actions of governments that will adversely affect us all, we must unify our efforts to seek Divine intervention by coming to Him within a single Bible based institution.


I am and have always been a preacher. A preacher speaks to believers and attempts to assist them in the understanding of biblical lessons. I have been a Pastor of sorts and had a small group, but because of my condition, I have not been able to continue in that capacity. And as a preacher, I am telling you to follow the example of our Lord Jesus and speak out about the injustice and nonbiblical actions of those that represent us in government. There are so many denominations that none of them has much power to persuade. But, a unified Christian community could and would have the power of God to reverse the ungodly direction in which we are heading.

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12:43 PM   [18 Jul 2009 | Saturday]

"...for many be called, but few chosen."

There are a couple of events to consider when we think about our commitment to the acceptance of the Christian life.  We see in the Gospel of John, Chapter 6 that after Jesus spoke to thousands that had followed Him that many became complacent after hearing His words: John 6:66  “From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” In fact, only the twelve original disciples stayed with Him. And the other bit of information to consider is the fact that the people who were praising Jesus as He entered Jerusalem were the same people who were in the mob crying out to have Him crucified…..


These people were looking for a savior from their carnal problems and became disappointed when it was apparent that this was not going to happen with Jesus. We should consider our own motives in relation to these events when we examine our own commitment to Jesus….

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12:56 PM   [16 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

Awareness of Evil Influences on Christians

The lack of awareness of satanic influence within the lives of Christians is a very unfortunate circumstance. It is no accident that the New Testament speaks about Satan and his followers in great detail. We are being warned of the unrelenting efforts of Satan to affect our lives. Many people that claim Christianity believe that they are protected from the constant efforts of Satan to influence them, but this is not correct thinking. In fact, just the opposite is true….. A nonbeliever is of less interest to evil spirits because these people are doing what Satan wants anyway. These people represent no threat to the agenda of evil, and so they are left alone from the onslaught that a Christian faces. It is true that Satan cannot cause a Christian from attaining salvation, but he does not want that person to be a good example to others….


It is very unfortunate that more effort is not given to assisting Christians in understanding the problems faced by satanic influences. Jesus speaks of Satan often, and Paul gives us much information concerning the methods used by Satan against us.


Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


Paul continues and explains that there is warfare taking place of which we should be aware and prepared to fight. Dismissing the effects of evil in our lives creates problems that confuse many. The amount of discussion of Satan in the New Testament is given to us in order for us to be aware and able to withstand this treatment. Many find it difficult to believe that God would allow His people to be attacked by evil, but this is not correct. There are many reasons that this harassment is allowed, but the reasons are peculiar to each one of us. There may be a lesson that we must learn, or we may need chastisement, or many other reasons that God feels necessary. But, until we become aware and understand that we are being attacked, we are in no position to rebuke the effort. Awareness is the issue, and gaining understanding from biblical lessons helps us to become aware.


Much of the unpleasant events of our lives can be reversed by understanding that Satan has a large part to play in the reasons for our problem. Satan will do all that he can to bring us down and out of alignment with biblical instructions. The very first human experience described in the Old Testament is Satan creating doubt into the mind of mankind. He is very much aware of our weaknesses and will use everything that he can to cause us to be bad witnesses for the church. He will use family and friends and all sorts of devices to create stress and anxiety in our lives. And, this will continue until we realize that it is actually satanic in nature, and then we can begin to fight against it.


We should consider the fact that even Jesus was not immune from satanic attack. Satan waited until Jesus had been in the desert for forty days and was at His weakest moment, and then Satan moved in and attempted to persuade Him to move out of alignment. Satan offers Jesus food, power, money and celebrity; all of the things that people are looking for today. We see that nothing has changed in all this time, people are persuaded to overlook biblical doctrine in order to acquire these things today.


Once again, we find an example of the necessity to unify the church so that we can defeat the attempts of satanic influences upon the world. Every alteration made to biblical doctrine is a success for Satan, and it reduces to power of the church….The Old Testament does not mention Satan as often as the New Testament, but offers stories that illustrate the affects of satanic activity. The exception is the Book of Job in which we see direct encounters between Satan and God. What we do see in the Old Testament is the affects of evil persuasions within the governments of those days. It is not any different today, and the only hope that we have from the insanity of the actions of the governments of this world is Divine intervention. The church of God must come to Him as a unified institution and ask for the corrections that only He can accomplish…..


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12:28 PM   [13 Jul 2009 | Monday]

The Bible is our instruction manual, no other way will work

The recent developments throughout the world can only cause a reasonable person to wonder about the circumstances described within the last book of the Bible, The Revelation. The first part of the book concerns a warning given to seven churches. Jesus was troubled by the flaws that had developed within these churches and cautioned them about apathetic conditions that had advanced within the church. Paul speaks to this very thing when he teaches about the fact that there should be no divisions and that the doctrine should be the same for all.


Revelation gives us evidence of how the Lord felt about these conditions and warns us about the consequences of lack of concern about holding to basic fundamental teachings. The fact that Revelation was written a couple of thousand years ago does not mean that the doctrine does not apply today.  Jesus spoke about seven churches but we must remember that the church was new and only had a few groups. The problem was that each of these groups were beginning to alter the teachings for various reasons and this was not acceptable to God. It was not then, and it is not now….. We can only imagine that if Revelation were written today that the number of churches would be in the hundreds or even more.


The unwillingness of each denomination to examine their position in relation to biblical doctrine borders on arrogance. It is this type of thinking that gives Satan great joy. We should recognize that Satan does not want to destroy the church of God, he wants to rule it… As we look further into Revelation, we begin to see the circumstances leading to the coming of the end. The events of the world today have a certain similarity with the events described within this final book. There have been times previous to now that the people of the time would sit on the roof of their houses waiting for the Rapture because they felt that the end was near. The problem then was that these people did not consider that the prophesies of the end had not as yet been completed…..


No one knows when the end will come, but we do know that the prophesies will be fulfilled. Many of the events within the world in recent years may have completed some of these warnings, but we do not know. But, what we do know is that as every day passes, we get one day closer….


We must consider all of the warning that the Bible offers us and adhere exactly to the requirements given. We have no authority to alter any single word of the Bible just because we do not think that it does not apply today. It would be very difficult if not impossible to find a church group that has not altered the Word of God in some way. Revelation tells us that this is not acceptable to God and Paul spends a great deal of time warning us also about this very aspect. We have been warned by God, Himself and yet we continue to move along without consideration to His words concerning this subject. As Christians we have accepted the gift of redemption, but it also gives us the responsibility to pay attention. No one wants to hear the words “I never knew you”

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12:05 PM   [11 Jul 2009 | Saturday]

We have to get through this life first

It would be pretty difficult for any reasonable person not to, at least, wonder at what is taking place within our country. We may very well be witnessing the complete breakdown of our democratic form of government. This is not “the sky is falling” type of observation, it is about things that are really happening. We see our elected leaders lying and essentially stealing from the public that they are supposed to represent. There is little or no regard to the elements of our Constitution; and if any ordinary citizen were to do many of the things that our leaders are doing, they would be arrested and convicted of any number of crimes against our country. Our liberties are being removed from us and it is affecting our ability to exercise our religious freedom.


Our country was founded using biblical standards and placed in subjection to God; “One nation under God…”, but now we cannot even pray in school nor have any reference to religious beliefs in our public buildings. We see a total lack of integrity and moral behavior as well as greed and many other circumstances that are obviously satanic in nature. And, because this situation is so clearly satanically influenced, it comes under the heading of Christian responsibility to do something about it…. Our example for action is Jesus.  He not only openly rebuked the leaders of the people, but He took physical action when He overturned the tables of the money changers in the Temple.  We are told to use the life of Jesus as our example of moral and civil actions, and so we cannot hide from our responsibility to bring our civilization back to the fundamental instructions of God.


We are supposed to be “the light of the world” but the lack of unified action is essentially placing a bushel over the candle. We must begin to unify and return to the basic fundamental teachings of the Bible in order to ask for the assistance from the Lord that He promises to give. Anyone who has read the Bible can identify with what is happening now because it has happened before. God has allowed His people to be overcome and oppressed until they realize that the only option is to return to Him. It is difficult enough to get through this life; but if something does not stop the ridiculous actions of our leaders soon, then it will become almost impossible to achieve a reasonable existence.


We, as Christians, have a unique and special relationship with God. The greed and immorality that permeates our society can be reversed, but only by a unified effort from His people. It is not something that we should do, but it is our Christian responsibility to seek assistance from our Lord as members of His unified church. Satan has convinced many to divide into small groups with various notions as to what is biblically correct. It is a device that is very effective; divide and conquer, but we can overcome….   

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12:41 PM   [09 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

I just found this on the internet ( to my surprise )


A self-published Christian book author helps believers in finding deeper meaning and understanding of the Bible in ‘A Guide to the Understanding of the Bible and the Christian Life’ published by Xlibris.

G.A. Caputo facilitates understanding of the deeper meanings of Bible teachings in ‘A Guide to the Understanding of the Bible and the Christian Life’.  

Caputo’s self-published book also intends to unify Christian believers by using only the basic fundamental Biblical teachings and principles without the interpretations made by man to justify selfish and personal agenda.  

“The Bible is the only source of information necessary for us to overcome all that is bad in our world,” the book author explained.  

“We must prevail over resistance to change and realize that the adjustments are necessary in order to align ourselves with the basic and fundamental instructions for the Christian life that have been given to us by God. We should always remember to whom we owe our obedience.”

The book author also presents how supernatural forces negatively influence humanity creating a society that bears the high cost of these negative influences.  

G.A. Caputo is an architect and structural engineer.  He has built roads, bridges and commercial and residential complexes.  

A series of unfortunate events changed the course of the book author’s life.  He started to study the bible given to him by a friend and began to share his understanding of God’s lessons through the experiences he went through.  

Caputo has been sharing the word of God for more than twenty-five years.  He currently resides in Massachusetts.  

G.A. Caputo is also the self-published book author of ‘Guide to Deeper Understanding of the Bible and Christian Unification.’  His two books are published by Xlibris Corporation.


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