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Age: 76 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:25 PM   [30 Jun 2009 | Tuesday]

Claiming Christianity Does Not Get You There

As I read the blogs that are submitted to this site, there is an obvious circumstance that is not uncommon with many who claim Christianity. Although the blogs are read, very few have comments.... I have preached and studied the Bible for close to thirty years and have written a few books concerning Biblical understanding, and in all of that time, I have seen much of the same reaction from most all of the people to whom I have spoken. Very few people will stand up during services and tell the pastor that what is being taught is not in alignment with fundamental Biblical doctrine. We must realize that reading the Bible is not studying it in order to grasp the lessons that it offers us. Claiming Christianity is not enough to reward us with salvation; because if it was, then all people would be saved and we know that this is not the case. Christianity is not a state of mind, but rather it is a state of being. Calling on the Lord brings us to the starting point from which we begin our journey to salvation.

A problem arises however, because of all of the different denominations that have adjusted the basic fundamental of the teachings from within the Bible in order to suit their particular aggendas. This is an obvious tool of Satan of which we are aware; Divide and Conquer; and he has enjoyed great success with this aspect of his attack upon the church.  Until we unify the church into a single Bible based institution, our efforts to overcome evil will be of little use. Our Lord seems to have placed us into a set of circumstances in which we have no alternative but to seek  His assistance. But, that request must come from His church and not from many different and nonbiblical sources.

Many of the statements that I had read on this site are personal in nature and that is fine, but it may be more useful to those people to bring their personal problems or comment directly to the Lord. The job of all Christians is the edification of the entire church, which can be accomplished in many different ways. One of them would be to stand up and question anyone that speaks about anything that is not in absolute alignment with Biblical doctrine.

There is one God and only one Bible and we must return to only fundamental doctrine in order to continue down the path towards salvation. Any and every other path will get us nothing....

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3:12 AM   [30 Jun 2009 | Tuesday]

Are we so out of touch that we cannot see what is happening?

The United States has received emornous blessings from the Lord because our nation was built on Christian ideals. However, recently we have not only srayed from those ideals but some have embraced philosophies so far out of Biblical alignment that we are possibly witnessing the removal of those blessings. What is taking place within the political arena is destroying our democratic form of life and we will all suffer as a result. The church is so divided that in some areas that aspects are allowed that are totally against Biblical teachings. This type of activity must stop and we must decide not to condon politically correct actions because it satisfies some particular agenda. Our alliegence is to God and only to Him.

The Old Testament is our schoolmaster as to the results of exactly the actions that we are taking, and the consequences are no secret. The Lord may very well be allowing the decay of our government and our own personal freedoms in order to cause us to return to Him. He is our only hope for redemption and we must unify our efforts to seek His offer of salvation. We cannot expect that the very people that we have placed into a position to protect us will if fact do that, considering that they are the people that are destroying our way of life. We must all overcome our own personal opinions and return to basic Biblical doctrine and then we can seek the assistance of our Creator.

It is not something that we should consider; it is our only hope......

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