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Finding the LORD


The Game of Life

Learning more and evermore about all the Secret Society ways it simply seems as though life is only a game to them. It could stem from a belief they're fed when new to the various orders; the belief that they will live forever with Satan. This is most certainly a blatant lie as Satan knows he will surely be destroyed as soon as the LORD has handled everything else pertaining to this world: Ezekiel 28:12-19. This is part of the reason the devil has corrupted the belief in the LORD'S Bible with the multitude of false versions and all the false faiths that have risen with them. He obviously knows if one does not know truth they will not have a leg to stand on when confronted with his lies. So Satan takes dominoin over his puppets and orders them to do as he sees fit and once they are in there is no escape. We already know the LORD gives all mankind one opportunity to humble themselves to Him and if they do not He will turn them over to Satan in soul and body: Romans 1:18-31; from that point the LORD will never look back. You must read the King James Version Bible and learn of the LORD for yourselves as in this world today nobody else can go before the LORD for you; the Christ already went before the God of All on the cross bearing all of our sins, now we are servants unto Him or we can repay our debt to Him by bearing our own sin in Satan's tumultuous destruction of mankind. You may also find this study guide helpful but, you must always pray to the LORD for His blessing that you may comprehend His will.

For the remainder of the time the LORD has granted us I will be distributing a work I would like to share with you all. I hope you will read it and it will open your minds and stimulate your thoughts.

Mood: Blessed Always
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Endtime Scenario II


Endtime Scenario II

Look at what's happening in Canada. If you saw my previous presentation you should know the same thing is about to happen in America, just before the store shelves go completely bare. Although this presentation was done in 2010 you should recognize the presenter is pretty close to being right on point. We see America must do something to over come the fall of it's currency value worldwide and even though she is outclassed by Russian and Chinese military technology she is in a position where she must either relinquish her status of petrodollar queen or fight to the death; so, this means war; at least, that's the story were about to be fed. In reality, all the people of significance to Satan and the NWO will be underground during this short and incredibly one-sided battle. They will only emerge at the predetermined time after the Chinese EMP weapon has done it's job. It's all intended to be neat and clean. Afterward they only need to dump the human remains in the containers they've already prepared. The same thing will occur in Canada and probable South America as well; remember, they seek a total population reduction of over 6.5 billion which means this must be done around the world. Although I could be wrong, I don't believe I'm that far from right for after significant thought it appears to me this is the plan. I'm fairly certain of this because it would eliminate the people without destroying any of the infrastructure and this would be the goal of the powers that be. 

Read your King James Version Bible and pray to the LORD that He might grant you the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Him that will enable you to comprehend His will.

Mood: Blessed Always
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The End of Time Approaches.


The Endtime Scenario

In Isaiah 5:12 the LORD is speaking of mankind's approach to life, even the blatant ignoring of Him and His law: i.e., the atheist and the agnostics. The LORD is actually speaking of all those who turn from His way to run in their own way after the things of this world, mankind and Satan. For these people the LORD will surely provide a fitting end as He will turn them all over to Satan for the extraction of the payment due Him before they are allowed to die in soul and body. This we can be assured is the reason for the ending of mankind's existence. When Satan is given complete dominion of this earth, which appears to be around April 13th of 2016, he will bring his judgment of all who are his. However, even before then we'll see judgment beginning as conditions have already begun to deteriorate worldwide and it seems as though the true days of horror will begin with North America. From the presentation you just saw we know there will soon be no fuel for heat, cooking or transportation. With all this will come an end to the merchandise on your store shelves and money will have no value. Very shortly thereafter we'll see the brutal horrors of mankind's savagery come to the surface. There are over 351,000,000 people in America and over 300,000,000 of them are armed; it's best if you are as well. It will be survival of the fittest and there will be no regarding age, sex and you can surely forget about religion; it will be "no holds barred". Lutting, stealing, robbing and murdering will be unchecked as there will be no police. Many people with guns will turn instantly into bad-guys and I believe all this will begin as soon as our plight is realized by the masses. So you say we have our judicial system, well I say police will not risk their lives without compensation and politicians at all levels even all the judges who are of any significants will be protected from the carnage that will ensue. This will leave the common people, particularly those in the inner cities, in great peril. Quite frankly I believe this was the motivation behind the big push to get as many people as possible to ditch their vehicles and relocate to the inner cities; I truly hope you didn't take the bait.


I would like to urge you to read, with your King James Version Bible, of the LORD that you might grow ever closer to Him in these last days.

Mood: Blessed Always
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