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A Look at Daniel 7

  • "  A Look at Daniel 7  "
    Always using the King James Bible

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  • In Daniel 7:3 the four beasts rising up from the sea are often depicted as the four great kingdoms that have had worldwide dominion up to this point: Babylon, Media / Persia, Greece and Rome. In Daniel 7:1-28 this holds true as the LORD continues with a blow by blow depiction of the world today as it is represented by the ten toes of the great statue seen in Nebuchadnezzar's dream of Daniel 2:31-49. The statue's head was of gold to represent the world being closer to the LORD, then as time progressed through each era mankind grew further and ever further away form the LORD until today. Today we see the prevailing condition has deteriorated to that of Daniel 2:42; where nearly every man does what is right in his own sight, Isaiah 5:21, with no concern for the law of God. Where men believe as they will and the LORD perceives the world as a place where there is " place clean"Isaiah 28:7-13. So we see because mankind will not heed His truth the LORD removes their understanding of His truth but, He continues to bring truth that all mankind is judged for ignoring His truth; for they have turned away the LORD'S one opportunity for salvation. Consequently we see Satan has thoroughly mingled himself with mankind but, he will not cleave unto them for the LORD has ordained it so and this is the final state of mankind just prior to destruction: the ten toes of part iron and part clay. In the Bible ten speaks of completness: Revelation 17:1-13; therefore we know these ten toes include the will of all mankind, Revelation 17:17, excluding only the LORD'S saved who will be on earth during the judgment. The LORD is just and fair so those who run in their own way and remain until the end need not feel they have been judged more harshly than those before them. All mankind who lived as they would in body, died and were destroyed by Satan in soul: Matthew 10:28.
  • In Daniel 7:4 we see a lion with eagles wings which represents the unity of England and America respectively. Notice the wings of this beast have been plucked meaning the eagle, America, no longer flies or in gist it has been severely hurt and is no longer the world power it once was. The lion, England, which is actually one with the eagle has also been injured and it too is crippled. We know this because "...a man's heart was given unto it" which is telling us both these nations who are actually one in the will of their heart have been humbled greatly as it's beast heart has been taken away and replace with a man's heart. You might argue these nations are two distinct nations but, you must realize America is subservient to England and has been since it's near financial collapse following the Civil War which is a perfect example of the division within a nation causing weakness.
  • In Daniel 7:5 we see the Russian bear is raising itself up on one side and this is because it too is injured consequent to the same conflict we see has brought ruin to America and England. We can be certain the bear was the victor as we see it rises with the spoil of it's victory in it's mouth; three ribs, representative of three fallen kingdoms. These are the same three kingdoms spoken of in Daniel 7:24 and they are the last three nationsholding out against the New World Order and the beast dominion. These are the three nations who refuse to go along with the established order. These nations are holding out because they in and of themselves refuse to submit. This is not because they follow the LORD but, it is of their own will that they will not submit. Therefore they are on their own against Satan: the recipe for disaster. Realize Satan does not care about the great cost in life because he hates, he exists only to destroy, all mankind; so he's overjoyed at the assurance of another great battle, the more he can destroy the merrier he will be. 
  • In Daniel 7:6 the third beast is Satan's kingdom on earth, in other words, it is the dominion of the Roman Catholic church and the Jesuit Order: the proprietors of the New World Order. Looking at the last presentation it should be evident their dominion has officially arrived and they will rule in Satan's stead until he arrives in person to take dominion as it's told he would in verse seven. Looking at the world today we can surmise how he will most likely come
  • In Daniel 7:7 we are seeing the final kingdom as it rises; it is the beast's kingdom, Satan has arrived on earth. He will rule all things unmolested from the time of his arrival until the LORD will rapture His chosen, Revelation 11:12, safeguard His saved,Ezekiel 9:4-6, then declare the end: Revelation 16:17
  • In Daniel 7:8 the little horn is Satan's dominion on earth and the three horns plucked up before it are North Korea, Iran and Cuba. I believe this is the correct interpretation because these three nations along with the sovereignty of every government must be surrendered for the NWO, Satan's government, to assume control worldwide. Consequently these three nations must be taken, by hook or by crook, to bring about Satan's system of government. The pending war will be one as never seen before for the North Koreans are now nuclear equipped and the Iranians have a nuclear defense. Unfortunately the Iranian Government shared this weapon with Russia for military hardware and I'm sure this was a crucial error; the consequences of which they may not have seen. Regardless, they were forced into the deal to keep the American war machine off their backs; this was most certainly a ploy orchestrated by Satan, it's all just part of the game Satan is playing to maximize the body count.
  • In Daniel 7:9 we see the battle has been fought and the LORD is the victor as He, "The Ancient of Days", sits supreme.
  • In Daniel 7:10 the LORD is lift up on high as He prepares to judge those who chose notto humble themselves unto Him.
  • In Daniel 7:11 we see the beast, which is representative of the Catholic church and the Jesuit Order, is destroyed by Satan and his demons along with all lost mankind. Once Satan has completed this the LORD will take all power from Satan and his demons for they have fulfilled their purpose. Then the LORD will remove Satan for the war he started in heaven, Revelation 12:7-12, and complete his judgment for all the atrocities he committed both in heaven and on earth: Ezekiel 28:12-19.
  • Notice in Daniel 7:23 the LORD is speaking of the terror Satan's kingdom will mean to this world. At this time he will be in complete control and the LORD will allow him to do as he will unto mankind. This is evident in Daniel 7:25-28 as we see Satan will, within some limiting constraints, "...wear out the saints of the Most High" but the ultimate victory will belong to the LORD.

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