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Top 10 Accessories for Cell Phones and PDAs

 It doesn't matter what quite cell phones and PDAs you own, there are several accessories which may be considered "must have" items, by people who own them, no matter whether they are Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry or one among the iPhones, including the iPhone3G or iPhone4. If you're trying to find the highest mobile and computer accessories in south africa for mobile phones and PDA's, there are some deals you ought to consider from the main carriers that provide promotional specials with your phone, no matter whether your service is thru ATT cell phones, Verizon phones, Sprint and T-Mobile phones, or one among the independent brands:

• Bluetooth Headsets, no matter what color or type, because you can enjoy "hands-free" calling, whether in the car or walking through the park. This is can be really important for those that live in areas where talking on your cell phones and PDAs are restricted by ordinance or law.


• Car or Travel Chargers because there is nothing worse than being in the middle of an important conversation, Internet exchange or download and having your battery on your cell phones and PDAs lose their charge.


• Cases or Holsters to protect your phone or make it more convenient to carry and access it, regardless of what your occupation might be or where you might be.


• Micro SD memory cards can enhance your storage capacity and feature additional memory. This can be especially important for those that need the capability to download and save larger files, especially if you are using your Smartphone as a mini-computer. This can be helpful for those that have Smartphones from Blackberry, Nokia or Samsung, but you can get them for any type of mobile phones and PDAs that have Internet capability, it seems.


• Mobile Phone Tools or "Apps" that are offered on enhanced software packages can add more capability to your cell phones and PDAs, which can increase your efficiency.


• Extended life batteries, which are especially important to those that have a Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung or other Smartphone devices that use a lot of battery power.


• Wireless signal boosters are especially helpful for those that travel on the road because there are still plenty of places you can experience diminished signal strength. With today's data plans offered by the major carriers like ATT cell phones, Verizon cell phones, Sprint and T-Mobile phones, this might be a major consideration.


• For iPhone users, mini screen windshield wipers can wipe off the smudges on your touch screen and the mini "air bags" can protect your device, regardless of what model of iPhone you have, including the iPhone3G and iPhone4.


• Another nifty gadget for the iPhone, iPhone3G and iPhone 4 is the microfiche reader, which allows you to view things at full-size, in easier-to-view dimensions on the screen of your personal computer, even when displayed on your iPhone. This is similar, yet in reverse, to the iKeyboard and Mouse, which allows you to turn your iPhone, iPhone3G or iPhone 4 into a miniature computer.


• The "Skins" you can add to your cell phones and PDAs can personalize your device, while protecting it from scratches. This can be a valuable accessory for your cell phones and PDAs, regardless of brand.

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Here Are the Best Weight Loss Vitamin Supplements at Your Disposal

 It can sometimes be difficult to pin down the best weight loss supplements at the disposal of every one who is entertaining the desire to lose as many pounds as possible. The reason behind this is simple. Just as our faces and body constitutions are different so is our metabolic level. In as much as taking vitamins supplements would help deal with obesity in most people; it is important to complement the use of these pills with regular exercise as well as proper intake of healthy meals.

The task of singling out The Best Weight Loss Supplement Review  is a difficult one. However, depending on the brand you get, there are certain things you must watch out for before you decide to have a go at it. In any case, there are certain supplements that can help you burn a reasonable amount of calories; provided you would not only take them in your food as a routine, but you would also use them with great care.

When it comes to the best weight loss supplements, that would help you deal with issue regarding obesity, then you are mostly talking about vitamin B and C. Studies have shown that these supplements when included is a weight loss diet regimen do not only work wonders in the body system, but they also help regulate weight loss and prevent weight gain. Another supplement known to be quite effective is the riboflavin vitamin. This vitamin is very efficient in facilitating the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and equally helps boost the metabolism of the body. This vitamin is mainly contained in foods like green vegetables, milk, kidney, eggs, almonds, hard cheese, liver, and so on.

The B3 Vitamin which is known to contain nicotinic acid also promotes the proper working of the thyroid. One of the most important benefits of the Niacin vitamin is enjoyed when it is assisting the body to regulate the activity of glucose. It is also reputed as handy tool that combats high level of sugar in the blood. Having this supplement in your system in large amount would help you shed not just fat but keep you healthy as well. So if you want to increase the level of this weight loss supplements in your system, you would need to eat more of certain fish such as tuna, dried fruits, brown rice, eggs, oaks, chicken, turkey, eggs and many others.

Finally, B5 Vitamin is another best weight loss supplements you should not go without knowing. It is particularly linked with performing functions like boosting the performance of the adrenal gland and providing energy for the entire body. If you want a dose of this vitamin, then ensure you cultivate the habit of incorporating the following foods into your diet: molasses, oats, barley, green vegetables, wheat flakes, and wheat gem. The list of the best weight loss supplements is by no means exhaustive, there are many more that were not mentioned or discussed in this article. However, if you would inquire from your doctor, chances are they would provide you with a comprehensive list. 

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Olive Oil, The Mediterranean Secret for Smooth and Supple Skin and 6 Easy Ways to Use It


Homer called vegetable oil 'liquid gold' and right he was. Using sun tanning oil in your organic skin care routine can do wonders for the long-term health and glow of your skin.

Olive oil is an ancient nutritional powerhouse that can regenerate cells and soften skin tissue. Use it for your health and beauty today, to guard your body and your skin, inside, as well as out.

This topical skin powerhouse includes:

*Vitamin A, E & polyphenols, all antioxidants known to protect against age accelerating free radicals (nasty buggers those free radicals) and can contribute to cell repair & postpone aging.

*Squalene, a natural moisturizer, which may regulate your sebum production in order that when used topically, you'll have more balanced boring & less oily skin challenges.

*Chlorophyll, which helps in the healing of wounds and scars, including acne blemishes. Ancient civilizations knew what they were doing once they used vegetable oil to heal wounds.

All of this, in olive oil!

OK, we know what's in it, now what do we do with it? Besides dip our bread in it...

Here are a couple of samples of the way to use vegetable oil straight from the bottle, 'extra virgin' being your most suitable option by the way, on your face, hair, nails and body.

1. Use it to remove your face & eye-makeup. Simply use a cotton pad (I dampen mine a bit first) and swipe off your makeup. You not only remove your makeup, but add the richness of vegetable oil to your skin and eye area.

2. Soak your nails in a bowl of olive oil, with a drop of lavender or tea tree essential oil to soften and clean your nails and cuticles.

3. Use it as a facial exfoliator by adding sea salt to a touch of the vegetable oil and gently massaging on your face or body. If you wish , add a couple of drops of volatile oil of your choice also .

4. For a face or body moisturizer it has the ability to deeply penetrate into the skin and is best applied to damp skin, as water can help to reduce any greasy feeling. It may take a touch longer to penetrate than what you're wont to , but the advantages are going to be longer lasting also .

5. Hair can be given a deep oil treatment using 1/2 cup olive oil, a few drops of a favorite essential oil and a plastic bag that fits over your head. Mix vegetable oil and volatile oil during a jar and let sit overnight. Rinse hair with warm water, and with a tablespoon or so of the oil mixture at a time, work it into your hair and scalp. Place the plastic bag over your head, secure with a hair clip and let your hair 'cook' for at least 30 minutes; rinse and shampoo.

6. Not into the DIY scene? No worries. Look for it already added to your skin care products. Be sure it's one among the primary ingredients on the label, so you recognize you're getting enough of its almost magical benefits.

It may surprise you to know that olive oil is a natural fruit juice. That's right. A fruit juice. In fact, because of this, it can easily go rancid if not kept refrigerated. I recommend keeping your sensitive oil in the refrigerator, and keeping a small amount in a pretty bottle near your bathroom sink so it is convenient to use. Refill as needed. It will guard your body and your skin, from the inside out.

And when you're done, toss a touch in your salad also .

Lisa D Liguori has spent many years doing extensive research in the field of healthy beauty care products. After being disappointed in the offerings in the industry, Lisa founded Style Essentials, an online boutique to offer a truly healthy alternative. 

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How to Market Your Business on YouTube Effectively For Success


YouTube has approximately 60% of the video market share. Millions of internet users visit YouTube everyday. With that many people on YouTube everyday, you would be hurting your success for not looking into YouTube as a way to market your business.

With the above in mind, here are the following tips and steps for setting up your video on YouTube for success:

Make sure your video is under 10 minutes. YouTube will NOT accept videos over 10 minutes. It can not be more 100 mb. For better results, I recommend videos between 2 to 5 minutes long. You do not want to bore your video audience.

If you plan to speak in your video, make sure you have proper lighting and speak clearly into the camera. If you are promoting a product or service, try not to sound to 'sales-like'. Some people get turned off by that. Try to show how your product or service would solve that person's problem.

If you plan to make a slide show, make sure to use good pictures and decent size font in your text. Also, you may want to add a bit of music or record voice as background audio for your slide show.

Make sure to add your name, phone number and website address in the beginning and end of your video by using software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac. There are many tutorials online for Windows Movie Maker. Just type keywords "tutorial Windows Movie Maker" in Google.

Steps for Uploading Video to YouTube:

1. Login to YouTube. If you don't have an account, then sign up for free one at 

2. Once logged in, look for 'Upload' at the top of page

3. Fill out the form requesting the following: Title, Description, Video Category, and Tags

4. For Description of video, do the following important steps:

Add your website address as the first line of description.


On the next line, add a description of your business, product or service. Be as detailed as possible. You want to answer a few of these questions: What is it about? What are you going to review? What problem are you solving for the person by using X product or service? Explain advantages and disadvantages.

Add your name and phone number. You may also want to add AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Skype screenname if you would like to be contacted by one those messaging programs as well.


Add related Keywords to describe your business, product or service. For example:


internet marketing

network marketing

home based business

work at home

business opportunity

multi-level marketing

make money online

5. Submit your video to YouTube.


6. Share your video with others in your same field or industry.

If you follow the tips suggested and the steps for uploading your video, you will receive plenty of visits to your videos. This will in turn bring you potential leads to your business. 

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