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   [20 Jul 2010 | Tuesday]

God's good news






Hi friend! How Would You Like To Be An Intimate Friend Of God? It's in an Abundant Life In Christ. The saved live in an infinite excited anticipation of fellowship and prepare for a state of Heaven because Jesus said, "you must be BORN AGAIN." Do you know that He loves you? Do you know that the Bible speaks of our Savior, Jesus Christ Risen as the Resurrected Living only Prophet, Priest, and King for men to get to God and to be raised with Him to newness of life by His Atonement the God-man Expression of His Love for us, a great good right standing?! The Gospel is Good News. It's great good good news. Do you think of getting right with God? Do you know God's love? Do you know God is love? What do you want from God? Tell Him yourself. He wants our availability and our attention. He's blessed the little children and He's built (greek: ecclesia) His Church but is married to the rebellious backslider. He wants us in relationship to Him and attending Church (hint,here's mine: Bethel

Assembly Of God Church.)
God gives us evangelical faith to believe what He's done, what He's doing, and what He's going to do! Do you recognize He loves you? Joyfully hilariously? That's love spelled l-o-v-e with much tender generosity. He's surely given you the meeting of many many needs and wants of food, clothing, and shelter by His hand. Do you have an object of your faith? Is it holding to something or SomeOne? It matters because the object of your faith is God in Christ Jesus. This is the express form Incarnate of God He has revealed Himself. For there's no formula to get to heaven but in Christ is the way! For you're a sinner and if you can fathom that you need God you need to know the way is peace between you and God and that God loves you and wants you in a particularly personal way known by Him. For in God's Son, in His Shekinah's Presence yes in His Fullness there is fullness of joy and pleasures at His right hand and this is all in knowing Him aright through Jesus Christ which starts with forgiveness of sins God is buying you through your accepting Christ as Savior: Eternal life starts at the Cross! It begins outside you hearing the words of scripture and plan of redemption, then by faith in you by faith in His finished work from Christ's Words drawing you & you hearing the still small voice of God to repent and responding to the Gospel. Living the Christian life isn't in self-righteousness but in Him. Living as a Christian isn't silver or gold in having but having such things as are what God wants, content. Christ is our righteousness and we boast in Him alone. We are in His Presence for in Him we live and move and have our being. Self-glory as a part of self-effort to work to get to God is religion put aside by us in the Spirit through Christ. Christ came out of an empty Tomb to fill to fill our empty hearts. Therefore let's sit at His feet. Mary friend of Jesus Christ chose that good part so why don't we? Hmnn. Jesus Christ is the end or fulfillment of righteousness to all who believe rather than work, for those who believe/receive in grace don't exert effort on their part for righteousness because they that work to get to God are doomed. But as you have received Jesus Christ Savior and Lord as a child walk in Him. Just as I have introduced Him to you receive Him like you would a familiar trusted friend. He is able to save you and keep you personally found like in our Lord's parable in Luke 15 says. There He rejoices and invites others to rejoice over even one sinner who repents. If you're living by grace in the Son's life, and the Rapture comes while you'e living in a Christ honoring discipling relationship to God by faith and doing fellowship through grace (let me emphasize it's by faith through grace) you can be caught up in ("rapizo" in the orig. Bible languages, 'caught away') the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall you ever be with the Lord Jesus! Even so come Lord Jesus!
Doesn't this sound like something you'd like? or learn to like? love maybe? Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 and I Corinthians 15:1-7ff for instance, and John chapter three.
In context, "God be merciful to me a sinner," was an open appeal brokenhearted and statement made in faith by a Tax-gatherer of whom it was said in a parable told by Jesus as one who humbles himself before God having beaten upon his breast saying those words. Jesus told the parable about people who think themselves righteous and show contempt for others. This parable shows humility before God by this publican who came home exalted and justified having humbled himself before God. You can be like this person, if Jesus is your Lord.
In keeping with this line of reasoning I'm proposing God is love and Jesus shows it all along our way. There is a testifying that Jesus Paid It All all in a regard to our sin debt. It's all too clear that the deliverance over sin Christ won to gain our salvation for us was complete over sin, death, the devil, and hell; and makes whole for us individually guided in His path, then it's said by us as witnesses and as testifying also it follows that...
The Word of God says by speaking God created man in the image of God in the Garden of Eden. It's in the image of God man and woman was created from dust of the ground. That's the image that fell from grace in the failing God's glory. Man's spirit died. Adam and Eve had a fall that great and thus brought substantial crises to man. This happened as they having disobeyed God's command to not eat the fruit God said no to eat, they ate, though man was still made in God's image and had free will moral agency: they failed. And man made fig leaves to cover his/her nakedness but God made provisions of skinned animals without help from man, for that Miracle God did, of the *Redemption of the likeness of God to be returned. But even today in this very moment that likeness or image of God is tainted by sins committed and so it's on my plate to believe the likeness aspects of design-architect provider-Father God our Creator is, in His natural creation acts, and in the finished work on Calvary He wrought all because of His love to restore us. His LOVE SHOWN US, revealed in the Son of God Jesus and His LONG-HEARTED PASSION-SHOWN PATIENCE Sovereignly sacredly appointed (Our dissappoinment is His appointment) is for us for a time particular of saving faith based on the intellectual intelligent, emotional, metaphysical (gifts), and spiritual sides of man I and others have observed in intervention from Abba Daddy God in my life and that of others given for eternal express driven purposes. He wants our attention! Signs along the road of life show us God is love! He is for us! We can believe possibly and positively and be real in our faith to God!
These eternal purposes are working for us as christians an eternal weight of glory worth far more and exceeding above every circumstance or suffering we endure no matter how we're pressed our path and we experience it. We thank Him in everything and acknowledge Him in all our ways and take the faith-trust (to receive) the salvation with our whole hearts like a child. We believe that the work of salvation is done and He will show up all along our way to being cradled into heaven by Him or ushered in by Him obeying and following Him being adopted sons and daughters of His! God is Love! Do you know you need to be reborn and that by the Holy Spirit's Power to experience God? Relationship matters. In the Word (in scripture,) "christian" is only mentioned two times but the word, "disciple" is: over 350 times. Do you know that? Therefore He doesn't come in the front door and therefore to leave-go out the back door. He came to stay!!!!!! He came in His greatness to reveal to us His Faithfulness. We love Him.
That's in Exodus four too. Another Prophet like Moses was Prophesied to come deliver us and is Jesus if one can unfathom traditions of Hebrew Judaism generally. Israel believed in the future he would come. They look forward, we look back. About Our Savior Jesus Then:
Jesus was called, "the friend of sinners," "a glutton, a winebibber," quote "one of us," because He knew the work of God and yet loved (infamous sinners) but didn't engage in (their) sinful behavior. Jesus that Great Physician Moral Teacher And Eternal Savior pleased God very much but not only obeyed God the Father so much  but also He was declared to be the very God by men and by angels. Believed on in the world, He could see in every man there's a DEEP AND WIDE HURTING--A DESPERATELY WICKED HURT (who can know it?)--- THAT HE ONLY COULD KNOW THE REMEDY FOR AND HE ONLY COULD SAVE US FROM HE BEING GOD IN THE FLESH SOVEREIGN. Exactly where the human condition has a salvation intimacy 'need' or request with God and men, He Holily Executed It On The Cross He being God Incarnate Crucified for the sins of man. And with His Holy Nature on He became for man's benefit Savior, 100% God 100% man. His proud godly prerogatives to do His own thing He gave up (with the Father and Holy Spirit's help) to help man living 33 1/2 years on the earth. Where sin abounded grace did much more abound as He obeyed to a Death on the Cross. When considering whether He is either Lord, liar, or lunatic if you read the Gospels as clearly as we do you begin to believe He's the God-man, & you have to decide rather than sit on the fence. It's right to believe which one? He is Lord! He is our Savior from sin! He even said, "If you can't believe what I say, believe on the basis of the very works sake." And what lovely altogether lovely works! He never spoke out against anybody, never did harm to anybody in any written writing of the Gospels. The people said of Him, "He hath done all things well." "He makes both the blind to see and the deaf to hear." He was as gentle as a church mouse, but inwardly He was genuinely mighty like Moses and more (Hebrews says 'as a son') but He exhausted Satan's tactics constantly consistently, entrusted overcoming the world in His life, to God in obedience as to a pleasing aroma (not just rote obeying.) By grace He obeyed the Father, and lived in a 'VERY GODLY PLEASING WAY TO GOD,' even when it conflicted as many a time it did: as the Word of God's plan vs. man's.
Jesus also said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, yea I will draw all men unto Me." This He said speaking of His Atoning Death on Calvary and Risen Life Resurrected subsequently and Kingdom Throne where He takes away sins exalted above every other name. He also said, "the Kingdom of God is come near, therefore repent, change your mind and your attitudes." "Be done with sin." He predicted It His Death and how, why and when it would happen. His Death is become our victory over sin. He came a Preacher of righteousness of right relationship to God as our Father in control of His destiny. John the Baptist was a preacher close at His heels a forerunner. Are you in control of your destiny? He called God His Father and accepted man's worship having made Himself equal with God, and in kenosis, the self-emptying He obeyed God even to the Cross. His act of laying His life down for us in Crucifixion Death is the demonstraton of God's love personified which I will explain is the basis for our evangelical faith. No greater love has any man than that he lay down His life for his friends. Jesus calls us His own in the dramatic present, *"I no longer call you servants but I call you friends."
So it seems then that His Blood spilt was if even one drop of it fell to the ground was sufficient to buy us from our sins. And dreams we dream can become like God's dream. But Paradise or Heaven as we dream of, concerning the next life, its destination for our own, & theoretically (from one generation to the next) comes from God direct.
If saved we're believing God by evangelical faith through the Son Jesus Christ. Believing you can be under a different system than unsaved. You can see God wants us for His own He having made us for His pleasure free will moral agents that have spirits. God's ways are always higher than our ways; His thoughts higher than our thoughts. The Bible says as a whole, "God will make a way where there seems to be no way." God wants us saved too. The scriptures say, "there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death." He has a dream for us. We can weep God's tears and pray God's prayers. He wants us to resurrect our desert dreams. He wants us to talk to Him about anything, everything; really talk to Him and listen! He wants children. He wants intimacy in relations with Himself and for our personal life and personal lifestyle to mimic His own Character. As for born again saved redeemed renewed individuals having been reborn we don't look down on anybody but we're re-made in the image of God. Or like most in the world we're unsaved in the flesh, in doubt and offense & on our way to hell. I speak to the unsaved to make a choice. Salvation is not a joining church nor turning over a new leaf as in reforming through twelve steps but coming to God His way in salvation through faith in Christ. Unsaved straddling the fence: see that Jesus made big what it is to have rightness before God and how awesome God the Eternal Father is. Jesus pulled no punches in preaching the Gospel showing how hard it's made for the rich and proud to see or enter the Kingdom of God without 'eyes to see' that are reborn now.
Jesus makes a difference in a life bound for heartache and defeat. He came to seek and to save the lost in sin, in ruination, the sinful, bruised, battered, broken, and shattered people He created. Does that include yourself by first birth by water, and blood, and the will of man? You bet it does. Like Paul before religious Felix the royal do you feel almost persuaded to become a Second Birth Christian? Jesus, God incarnate did His Father's business always and never moved from His center which would be the case if He were to work on His own. He ALWAYS pleased the Father obediently by what He said or did making Him the perfect sacrificial Lamb for sin. If it was right Jesus was up on it. He acted right and not from His own initiative and was good. It was cool for Him to not obey man but God. HE SPOKE IN ELOQUENCE AND VERY WELL IN PUBLIC IN FACT ACTING KINDLY TO PEOPLE HE TOUCHED AND HEALED, AND THEIR DISEASES HE FREELY IMMEDIATELY INSTANTLY HEALED AND WITH ALL KINDS OF HEALINGS AND DIVINE MIRACLES HE PERFORMED, HE HAD DIVINE ENABLEMENT BY HIS FATHER'S AID AND FAVOR. He spoke in a different way to the Pharisees who thought themselves good enough who despised God's way and other people: really Pharisee, Sadducees, teachers of the law, and scribes that kept the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law. *Jesus on the other hand healed on the Sabbath. He crossed racial lines to do it. He healed from a distance, and by spoken word healed all who came. He commended calling "great" the faith of two persons outsiders to the Jewish Nation. He raised at least three people from the dead. He touched and the storm had to be quiet when He spoke to it. He touched the sick and the hurting in the earth and the world could not contain the books that could be written concerning of what He said and did in other words all that this Jesus the Mighty Prophet Healer, the Great Physician Savior Prophet Priest and King both began to do and say and teach.
In hearing the still small voice of God at one's conscience then to "get saved" convinced is right on. It tells one to live for God leaving sin behind by following Christ a disciple in the revealing and receiving of the revelation of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ (by faith in His Manifest Risen Presence by His being resurrected from the dead.). The Word spoken by God's Voice reveals God's Perfect Will *His blueprint plans. Now this can turn up the heat on your own lifestyle OR bring His Victory if you're (quoting Paul,) 'in Christ.'
Paul spoke much of the engagement of faith in the will and in the Holy Spirit of being 'in Christ.' There is freedom and victory in letting your light shine knowing God while identifying with the statement "the cross was victorious" and walking in Christ by belief and committment. God through Christ's Atonement wrought a great victory in the shedding of Christ's Blood. For God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. God consciousness practiced by us helps us recognize His Character & His Holiness His Righteousness exists and Is the Nature Good and the Character of God. This belief in God not counting men's sin against them through Christ Who is the Personal Being Who loves us everlastingly and unconditionally practically embraces us with His intimate knowledge which is the New Covenant or Testament by grace. It's unmerited favor by Himself. He wants simply and with complexity to get involved in us well with our particular woes and in our personality to get His hands and fingers into our lives through our faith and in the Spirit's operation. He has with indiscriminate and STRONG unconditional EMBRACING LOVE for us poured out His forgiveness of sins & Nature on us: The Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit as benefactors and we, as beneficiaries the Bible puts it. God's love is unconditional. If you're saved spiritual things are spiritually discerned abiding in the Son Christ Jesus, and spiritual laws, like laws of viscosity and momentum in like *science for instance are observed or learned about as an education from textbooks. But, for instance, spiritually things of the Lord are found in the Bible discerned spiritually. (For there are three kinds of men and women according to Will Rogers the American: The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to experience the electric fence and find out for themselves.) We need to know God everywhere individually not to just know He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. He is that but to see and to love Him in the face of Jesus Christ Pre-Emminant and love Him genuinely if we're born of the Spirit. Knowing God 'in Christ' becomes to us a sitting, a walking, and a standing as said by the Apostle Paul in his Book to the Ephesians. For instance in our discerning: we're seated with Christ in the heavenlies. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus allows us to sit in God's Presence as one saved at peace with God and one such saved one: airlifted with Christ against gravity. For "He has set us free us from the law of sin and death" is a law of spiritual airlift for the eternally sealed saved to enjoy. Vices or addictions like sins of the spirit or flesh will also make the soul sick and are not the narrow way nor straight gate of scripture. Christ is the Gate. He is the Door. This is the objective truth the Bible declares and says. But people tend to want to run the gamut of sinful addictive habits by getting drunk or high, and away from his/her conscience which would erroneously tell them its ok, rather than toward God's spiritual answer of the indwelling Christ, the salvation of soul and spirit which is found in Christ inside, the hope of glory satisfying.
Listen you are absolutely somebody because "God don't make no junk." God's not angry with you because of the Cross. In fact He loves you uncondemning with His quality of love and He has forgiven you. Jesus dying on the Cross is a proclamation God allows us to say to you. God's way out of this world and it's system is a spiritual soul salvation in the Holy Spirit and in the soul and spirit of you following Christ's way. His way is gentleness. It's because we have a sinful nature that sins of tendency that it must be forever dealt with. Everybody is eternal and every soul is soberly eternal and will find a home in either of two places based on a destiny built by evangelical faith. Now we're talking here to find salvation for yourself. Figuratively like putting nails in your coffin you give up voluntarily loving sin to the best of your knowledge and believe Jesus paid it all so you could go free. You hold the nails. You admit to being and doing wrong, say you're sorry, and "I repent," all to God. You get out of your prison and walk out. Hmmn. You let Christ's Righteousness be thus for you your evidence of newness of life. Christ literally becomes your punishment against sin you committed. His righteous life, your right standing.
We know God's command to never sin was needed as  far back as Cain and Abel for unsaved individuals being exposed to laws of Government and Biblical laws and one's need to have restraint in a well behaved society is intact and in its individuals as in all who come from Greek and Roman Culture Background is valid and taken care of by God. But to not look upon evil as so called moral individuals is hard too because the Ten Commandments at first look are grim and to obey at first glance, difficult too because it's all we can do at times to disobey because it's in our lower nature. This is no excuse however because all this is tied to the will re: our's. We have indeed sinned wilfully. Even a toddler can still sin by omission before the age of accountability. Take a second look at scripture. We are men and women without excuse. God looks down upon the bunch of critters we are. He gives pity. To those responsible to do right more grace is given which is unmerited favor. But He sees us overall in Adam and in our messes but doesn't like us to harm ourselves which sin does (Greek word for sin is harm-atia, ie. sin harms.)
Because of sin in the world, sins we have committed, and sinning we do we have stopped short of His glory. We have broken His Bible Laws and come short. We have trespassed His glorious message. Have you ever confessed this of yourself to God alone? He says, "if we have never sinned or failed we'd eventually get into heaven." But Adam the first of mankind made this doubly impossible by error. The sin tendency passed to all men by Adam and that's why we're sin-ners and in the same sentence we're personally responsible for our own sin. "But at trying at one law and sinned performing the law you've failed at trying them all," says James 2:10. At times we stop ourselves in our tracks. We become convinced of His Christ is the way to God, and we be sinners in His sight. Breaking of God's laws by us hurts us and God and confessing that we deserve no better than hell for them begins a personal relationship and a working a winning dialog with our Creator God His way accepting God's only Son's Sacrifice in His Blood to be forgiven. But only by your humility can God convince you that you need a Savior and to follow Christ, "the Savior of all men," without some gentle nudging. You indeed make the leap to God's love and the reconciliation unto God is yours. Christ is a wonderful Savior and able truly to forgive the vilest offender.
God's command is be reborn: You need a supernaturally evident salvation that is making you clean and white, resulting in you being as white as snow or wool inside just as surely as Will Rogers made science real to us and as real as Benaiah in II Samuel killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day and an Egyptian (with a spear) with his club; and became David's bodyguard. God declares so in determination in the Bible to be saved. Whosoever comes to Him a sinner admitting he/she is a sinner sins before Him (that come to Him once and for all through His Son,) they are declared justified. This means before God Jesus is you're substitution. He takes away your sins in reality gives you right standing and forgivenness you who follow Christ having encountered Him or come across Him. Christ is the answer to all man's problems. Through grace mixed with faith working by love and prayer that prayer to be born again becomes a lifestyle by faith. Imagine going through your whole life living it (Zoe, the God kind of life,) to its fullest features animated completed by God Himself through the extent Christ Himself inside is the Source of your being!!! It's not a pipe dream but reality, because being not in the world but "in the Spirit," all things become new in God and in newness of life. There are new wineskins (lifestyle changed,) and you become new creations, you're saved, & are "in a new birth," reborn. In that condition you're qualified to interpret the Bible correctly. For after salvation you put on a New Self which is created in true Righteousness & Holiness which is Christ Himself which is not a step but for there are no steps to sanctification. This is holiness by being made holy which Christ does alone for you. It is one act, (this saving happens from past, present, and future sins.)
We can all get to become new creations one by one outside as well within as the Bible puts it in II Corinthians 5:17 if we come to God by way of Jesus Christ. We're never right there in perfection and we sin even after being reborn but not consistently. In fact we like to draw away from sin and sinful practices.
Practically start at God's altar you make in your heart in private prayer at God's Heaven's seat of mercy! Realize in God's sight you need to become a disciple a follower of Christ, one saved. It's by what we call "evangelical faith," nothing more this occurs. All you do is ask and God shows you His answer, YES, but in Christ.
We can exercise obedience to Christ then in the Kingdom of God (to Christ Jesus, His Gift, in His Risenness, we, raised to new life, seated in the heavenlies, a 'chesed' disciple (heb. in lovingkindesses) in the Spirit in a spirit of gentleness. We Belong to Him then! It's by the Holy Spirit's Lordship saving work we CAN BE THIS kinetic saved person, for He changes us by transforming our lives metamorphosizing us as in a mirror by our beholding the glory of God as in the face of Jesus Christ in the Word. We get a likeness or nature to live for God: by Jesus Himself being the Standard. He who has the Son has life! If you don't have the Son inside.. there is no life spiritually in you. Do you practice the Presence of God? Yes you can by coming to Him in the way of the Blood.
Will you accept His Gift? Eternal Life? Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. When one is excersizing his gift of faith to be subsequently saved sins are taken away gone! Forgiven! There is a sea of forgetfulness in God's sight and He posts a no fishing sign. We make a change of mind and attitude about sin when coming to Jesus Christ for Jesus changes our mind too for that edge to be possible for us (to be near to God also) & for us to be able to feel loved by God coming to Him. Jesus is all we will know of God He showing us an exact representation incarnation of God (see Hebrews 12; 1:3.) If we let God turn it for us & repent we will feel changes and we will feel His love happen in us. You experience God's love first for the first time and come into His atmosphere. He breathes on you filling you with the Holy Spirit.
We are receptive recipients of the Word like ever trusting children. If God said it that settles it. God dealt with the sin issue on the Cross. Transformed by grace you stay renewed in grace. You will obtain this newness moment by moment as you keep your mind and spirit in the Word of God having made mental assent, comittment to, and follow through in accepting Jesus Christ for yourself trusting Him, & then try to not think like the unsaved nor have their problems at all. Romans 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good, perfect, and acceptable Will Of God," the verse goes. You put off the old nature and embrace the new nature. Problems never seem to go but they change in God.
We look into the face of our Father. Scripture says of the New Birth, "old things have passed away, the new has come," & Hebrews says, "I will put my laws into their hearts and on their minds I will write them." In our mind, and spirit we're given a new heart and by the Holy Spirit we're renewed daily and fed and nourished to be equipped for grace-filled service to God and to man being saved. No man can love without Jesus Christ. It may be love as lust so called, or love for someone in authority or family, or be romance naturally but God's love lasts eternally. Jesus Christ has finished the work forever and you are seated with Him in the Heavenlies so live yet like it is so. God created us and He claims complete ownership of our being as Lord Creator Redeemer Designer. "If we lived like this Book is real for one week, men would repent in ways we don't know about," was declared by John Wesley.
Salvation is entirely by faith through grace in God's sight in the Spirit from Him brought to Spirit-led unfathomable riches in living it out and fruition is possible in the spiritual DNA in new motives from God. It's based on the finished work of Christ from which He draws us, & is evidenced by faith from start to finish. Making Jesus Lord is a part of being in the Holy Spirit's plan then. God raises us up to walk on mountains to become who we never could in green pastures and still waters God having ownership of us, we on His shoulders, His lambs.
The Certificate of debt is destroyed which was against us Col 2:13,14. He begins to process the fruit of a Christian life in and through us in the Spirit. Hallelujah! What a Soul Fellowship! A Koinonia!
We have come in faith to Jesus for a Divine Blood Transfusion: it's a curative and corrective Gospel by the Great Physician, our Savior.
II Corinthians 5:19-21. Will you come to God 'Just As I Am,' the chorus goes? Pray with me now to get right with God. Come to Christ. Believe God.
That prayer for repentance let it be breathed up to God.
Go on to Zoe Life, live lives of love being faith-followers of Christ Divinely righted by grace. Live it before God one day at a time as a grace walk and love walks to glorify Jesus to the praise of His glory. (As also they came to Christ, so they abide and stay with Him, and walk in Him these followers of Jesus Christ Col. 2:6; John 15; I John 2.) We're laying up treasure in heaven rejoicing with Father God growing in grace in Christ with God's Kingdom inside zealous for good works with a quality of love from Him and mighty inside are being drawn desirous to be like Christ, as He lived His life until He comes back (which is His disciple's objective.) It's a Finished Work this Christian life through the Holy Spirit's energy but out lived by us. It's relationships in God in Symphony (Greek Symphoria.) Salvation is not of yourself, not of works lest any man should boast. We're not religious, but we maintain a relationship with our Lord Jesus! We are His Hands His Feet! Christianity is God having bled for you at Calvary and not you bleeding in your attempt to get to God. We 'love God' as His saints (greek Haggios) true with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and "love our neighbor" "as yourself," which is the summing up completely of the Old Covenant. This is also the framework for the New Covenant making the Bible one seamless message in the Son by New Birth. Rejoice. Pray about this and ask God for salvation if you haven't already.
You are God's masterpiece artwork then, redeemed saved, God's precious child. The Potter has rights over the clay (us.) After salvation or becoming saved YOU are by the Holy Spirit's Advantage being a thank you epistle to God (A letter is an epistle in Greek,) written by the Holy Spirit of God within and without with the laws of God in your life. We follow Christ in grace as disciples saved in the ways of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter called alongside to help * through Christ Who is Risen. It's by grace from start to finish this abundant life sparked in the Spirit in and through Jesus Christ. And it starts and ends with Eternal Life in the Word which starts by faith in the now. Mt. 6:33 is, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Let God be true and every man a liar about this. For it's a living transformed life, an abundant living, a fired up life, a zealous life, in Christ a multi-cultural zest, even a colorful NEWNESS OF LIFE not a reforming life. God promises to bring it to pass and make you a noble fit creature for Heaven and finish what He started in you you abounding New Creation. Let Christ say who you are and no other person or source. Come to God through Christ. Again come to Christ Phil 1:6; Gal 6:1ff. Go For Gusto With God In His Love! Forgiven! In Christ! You Are More Than A Conqueror Through His Love! David Candel 7/19/10

Regenerative Salvation - It's With A Loving Holy God With Whom We Must Have To Do

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