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   [16 Oct 2010 | Saturday]

Revival: God's love coming down

Revival: God's love coming down

"It is the most attractive life of an intimate daily, constant, conscious feedback encounter with the Living God in Spirit and in truth and undiluted friendship with our fellow man!" - Francois Du Toit

Do you desire or want an intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father Creator God? Do you know that God loves you? God is love, God loves you which is no less than stupendous and with compassion joy is tremendous and that THIS LIFE is in His Son, Jesus. Do you know the Bible does tell of our Living Savior, Jesus Christ Risen as our Exalted Head, and Lord, the only Prophet, Priest, and King available for men to get to God and we raised with Him to newness of life in heavenly places by His Perfect Atonement for sin, the God-man Expression of His Love for us, a relational great good right standing with God? The Gospel is Good News. It's great good good news! Do you think of getting right with God aright? Do you know it's forgiveness of sins and the experience of knowing and loving God aright? God loves you! Do you know God is love? Did you know God promises a newness of faith and light to you through His Son by coming in faith? This happens through the Holy Spirit also. It's not where you've been but where are you now. Do you have guts to follow the Christ of God even in hard places? What do you want from Him? Tell Him. He wants our availability and our attention and a lifelong dialogue that becomes Holy living until we come to see Him as He is someday in confirmed righteousness in Heaven. He has a job for you to do until then. He has blessed the little children and has built His Church. He wants us to be in an intimate personal relationship with Him and attending Church, have fellowship with others &.. live life with faithfulness and loving for believing Him vertically. This is all a part of the characteristics of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ He calls us to live.

A mystery exposed and revealed: It's in an Abundant Life In Christ.

Now here's what and why I believe the veil needs lifting from our eye about and holding true, concerning right living in relationships and with the one relationship especially with the one and only true Living Creator: God Who gives us evangelical faith (which is a gift) to believe. We learn: what He's done, what He's doing, and what He's going to do in the future in you and me! Do you recognize He loves you? Joyfully hilariously? With tender hilarity? That's love spelled l-o-v-e with much tenderness, blessing under His hand, & lovingkindness. He has surely met your many needs and wants, food, clothing, and shelter under His hand. Do you have a certain object of faith? Is it holding you to something or SomeOne? It matters because this Jesus is the Incarnate God become man. God has revealed Himself in a tabernacle or tent of human kindness called Christ Jesus the Only Begotten Son. For there's no formula to get to heaven but Christ He is the way! We are sinners and you can fathom that you need God and if so that you need to know, the way is God & in peace between you and He and that God loves you and wants you in His Will & in a personally kept way known by Him. For in God's Son, yes in His Fullness Resurrected Shek-i-nah Presence there is peace, joy and pleasures at His right hand evermore and this is all in knowing Him personally more and more through Jesus Christ solely the Resurrected one which starts with forgiveness of your sins. The Holy Spirit welcomes you to God's Family with enthusiam. God is buying you through your accepting Christ as Savior: Eternal life starts at the Cross! God cares! Salvation is a word that is an offense to the world being they can't understand it. Scripture says, "if any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him." It's a friendship with the allure and glitz and glamor of the world that becomes an enmity, adversary, or enemy with God. Salvation on the better hand begins outside you, you hearing the words of scripture and plan of redemption, then by belief in Him in His finished work, from Christ's words, Himself drawing you near, you hearing the still small voice of God to repent and responding to the Living Gospel as to the Living God in God's sight. Living the Christian life isn't in self-righteousness but in a Risen life in Him depending on Him. Living as a Christian isn't silver or gold in having but not neglecting such things as are what God wants, contentment. Christ is our righteousness and we boast in Him alone. We're in His Presence in a special way when saved and when we become saved we're constantly inbreathed by God for in Him we live and move and have our being. Jesus Christ is the beginning and the ending: Alpha and Omega, the same yesterday today and forever, and fulfilment of right holy living to all who believe, for those who believe/receive His grace don't do their works on their part for salvation righteousness because they that 'do works' alone to get to God are unable to earn God's acceptance and love. But as you have received grace for receiving/taking as your own Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord ie. as a childlike born of God person *you will please Him. With the help by grace infused from the Holy Spirit its possible. Walk in Jesus in dependence on Him. Receive Him moment by moment like you would a familiar trusted friend. He is able to save and keep you personally fully and really found/alive like its written in our Lord's parable in Luke 15 says: 'saved.' There God writes, "He rejoices and invites others to rejoice even over one sinner who repents." You start to experience His love practically! and just by hearing it proclaimed.

If you're living by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and the Rapture occurs while you're living in Christ honoring a discipled relationship to God through grace to God by faith and fellowship through faith (let me emphasize it's by faith through grace) you can be caught up in ("rapizo" in the orig. Bible languages, 'caught away') in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall you ever be with the Lord Jesus! Even so come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Doesn't this sound like something you'd like? or learn to like? love maybe? Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 and I Corinthians 15:1-7ff for instance, and maybe John chapter three.

In context, "God be merciful to me a sinner," was an open appeal brokenhearted and statement made in faith by a Tax-gatherer of whom it was said in a parable told by Jesus as to one who humbles himself before God this man having beaten upon his breast saying those words. Jesus told the parable about people who think themselves righteous and show contempt for others. This parable shows a humility before God by this publican who came home exalted and justified having humbled himself before God. You can be this person, if Jesus is your Lord and you are (acting responsible.)

In keeping with this line of reasoning I'm proposing God is love and Jesus shows it all along our way. There is a testifying that Jesus Paid It All all in a regard to our sin debt. It's all too clear that the deliverance over sin Christ won to gain our salvation for us was complete over sin, death, hell, and the grave; Christ makes us alive inside, whole, complete, & individually guided in His path. That's why it's said by us to glorify Him with all our lives as ecclesia (Greek for Church,) the called out ones, as witnesses (maryturos in Grk.,) and as testifying 'believers' uniquely it follows that...

The Word of God says that by His speaking God spoke and the cosmos is on the sixth day created by His hands, even man was in the image of God He created him and her in the Garden of Eden and He rested on the seventh day. It's in the image of God Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, were created from the dust of the ground by His fingers. At the Fall of man then this image of God fell & man fell in the eyes of the Lord, failing His glory. God's Spirit died in man & man's spirit died in God's Presence. God would walk with man in the sunset portion or cool of the day to fellowship before this. Man started a downward spiral apart from God but God always has a remnant and was there to walk with as usual. Adam and Eve fell to the serpent misleads and this caused a substantial crises to man. This happened as they disobeyed God's command to not eat the fruit God said no to eat, they ate it, though man was still made in God's image and had free will moral agency, and they failed God's test. And man made fig leaves to cover his/her nakedness at an attempt to reconcile with God but God made provision of a sacrificed animal without help from man, for that Miracle God did, to produce *Redemption of the likeness and image of God returned. But even today in this very moment you can be free to live for God with liberty because that likeness of God or image of God is returned in godly hope inclined in high anticipation that doesn't make us ashamed at all because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In salvation through the conduit of love & being saved in hope that is of Another Kind in the Spirit and by faith in Jesus Christ for salvation it's on my plate to believe the likeness aspects of design-architect provider-Father God our Creator He returns at Calvary, all BECAUSE of His love which IS to restore us future tense if we go on forward with Him. His LOVE IS SHOWN US, revealed in the Son of God Jesus in His earthly visitation in His Son in His LONG-HEARTED PASSION shown Sovereignly sacred appointed attitude toward us is for us for a timing particular of punctlinear (point in time, greek tense: aorist indicative) of saving faith (continuing) based on the intellectual intelligent, emotions, moods, emotional affect, and spiritual sides of man I and others have observed in intervention from Abba Daddy God in my life and that of others given and is for eternal life 'in the now' exposed and declared fact by Him. He wants our attention! Signs along the road of life show us God is love! HE IS FOR US! We can believe He is good like as in 'crazy good' in being possibly, positively, and humanely opportune in us for His will to be accomplished for His ways and this is well and good and so lets be real in our faith to God IN THE YES OF CHRIST, for we will believe on His Name for salvation is there.

In fact, these eternal Spiritual wooings of God's glory He's revealing to us are working for us as christians in name and for a few of us, character too, an unseen underspoken eternal weight of glorious worth of far more weight and exceeding value above every circumstance or purposefully unjust but useful suffering we endure in God no matter how we're pressed re: our path and how we experience life. We thank Him in everything and acknowledge Him in all our ways, trust Him, and take the faith-trust (to receive) the salvation He offers with all our whole hearts like a childlike child would. It's believed that to the undershepherd the work of salvation is done and that He will show up all along our way in His Holy Spirit Presence in us into being cradled in heaven by Him or ushered in by Him while we're obeying in the present and following Him in obedience being persevering adopted regenerated sons and daughters of His to the end! God says, "all creation is eagerly hoping on hippity-hoppity tip toe anticipating for the adoption of the sons of God even for the redemption of our bodies. For all creation shall be liberated in a manner similiar like to the children of God's liberty someday." (See Bible verses on the Kingdom of God in the New Millenium, in Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, etc.)

God is Love! Don't you know you need to be Reborn and that Rebirth is by the Holy Spirit's Power and Resurrection of Jesus, and that it's provided by Him should we take it *to experience God if we come by His Son's Blood by faith for us outliving it? Relationships matter. In the Word of God "christian" is only mentioned two times but the word, "disciple" is: *over 350 times. Do you know that? Therefore He doesn't come in the front door and therefore leave-to go out the back door. He came to stay in relationships!!!!! He came in His greatness to reveal to us His Faithfulness. We love Him because He first loved us and for that we're greatly benefited by being hidden with Christ in God forgiven much specificly if we believe Him: take part, involve your belief in God's salvation by getting 'into His boat.'

Israel believed in the future he would come. They look forward, we look back. About Our Savior Jesus Then We Read In The Bible: The Gentiles were grafted in to the one Olive Tree root; The enmity was abolished: We see pictures of salvation all around us and the reality is especially (in Jesus) the Living Word:

Jesus was name called, "the friend of sinners," "a glutton, a winebibber," " a sinner like one of us," because He knew God through and through and as His all in all and He spoke knowingly with authority, did the work of God, and yet loved (infamous sinners like us) but didn't engage in their sinful acts or sin as a principle. Jesus that Great Moralist Teacher And Great Physician, Eternal Savior (descriptions of His work and title) pleased God perfectly. Not only did He please but He obeyed God the Father so much so that also He was declared to be the very God Most High by men and by angels. Believed on, here on earth He could see in every man or woman there's a DEEP AND WIDE HURTING--A DESPERATELY WICKED HURT (who can know it?)--- THAT HE ONLY COULD KNOW THE REMEDY FOR AND HE ONLY COULD SAVE AND DELIVER US FROM HE BEING GOD IN THE FLESH SOVEREIGN OVER EVERY OTHER NAME OR PERSON OR INDIVIDUAL. Exactly where (God knows) the human condition is a salvation 'need' or request personally & individually with God and men, He Holily Executed It On The Cross He being sensitive to it's fruition. God Incarnate was in Jesus Christ crucified for the sins of mankind for our salvation. In life with His Holy Nature in Himself expressed our Savior, He's 100% God 100% man. His proud godly prerogatives to do His own thing He gave up doing (with the Father and Holy Spirit's help) to help and liberate man living 33 1/2 years on the earth. Wherever He laid His head down & worked, & traveled there was golden light. Where sin abounded grace did much more abound as Jesus Christ obeyed to a t a Death on the Cross. He saw the goal and His point in time (importance) and magnified the Father while the Spirit did the work of signs and miracles through Christ. He was come for this very purpose to go to the cross. And when considering whether He is either Lord, liar, or lunatic if you read the Gospels as clearly as we do you begin to surmise to believe and envision that He's the genuine McCoy: God-man by what He does and says, and is, and by the failure of those around Him, in other words in an anti-thetical sense: but you have to decide too rather than sit on the fence. It's right to believe He is Lord! He is our Savior from sin! He even said to top it all off, "If you can't believe what I say, believe on the basis of the very works sake." And what lovely altogether fullness of God type lovely works! He never spoke out against anybody, never did harm to anybody in any written writing of the Gospels. The people said of Him, "He does all things well." "He makes both the blind to see and the deaf to hear." "He raises the dead." "To the poor the Gospel is preached." He was gentle as gentle could be, but inwardly He knew all men & what was in men and judged a situation therefore quick in God's fear. He was genuinely mighty inside like Moses was and more so (Hebrews says 'as a son') but He exhausted Satan's tactics so very mightily, constantly, consistently, faithfully entrusting overcoming the world, the flesh, and the devil, and his hordes in this life, to obeying God in reliance as to a pleasing aroma (not just rote obeying,) but with Charismata. This wasn't self-reliance but absolute trust in the Heavenly Father to do the works. By the Spirit through grace He obeyed the Father and God filled His ways full with the Spirit, and therefore He lived in a 'VERY GODLY PLEASING WAY TO GOD,' even when it conflicted as many a time it did: as the Word of God's plan vs. man's. He had a Godly "aroma" as they say in the Greek Dialect, (a Charismata.) "He smelled of good deeds."

Jesus also said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me." This He said speaking of His Atoning Death on Calvary and Risen Life subsequently after being buried three days, and Kingdom of God Kingdom Throne where He would take away sins exalted above every other name. He said, "the Kingdom of God is come near," therefore repent, change your mind and attitudes and amend your acts from the inside out. His short life, Death, and Resurrection show His power over creation to save us being efficacious or effectual. He could have called ten legions of angels to save Him on that cross. But He didn't. He predicted His Death and the events to follow: how, why and when it would happen at Calvary 2000 years ago. Christ literally BECAME sin and suffered the pain of our punishment for every sin we will ever commit, past, present, and future tenses in an eternity of eternities in excruciating torture back then for three hours experiencing God's wrath against sins and sin as a principle hanging on the Cross for you and I. His Death over sins and for sin and subsequent Resurrection from the dead is become our victory over sin and death, hell, and the grave. He meekly came a Preacher of righteousness of right relationship to God as our Father above, sent Him in fullness of His Essence to save. But it was to be the overthrow of the Holy Spirit in control of His life at every minute and eventuality and by exchange to our lives if we submit. John the Baptist was a forerunner of Messiah a disciple/preacher close at His heels. Are you in control of your life and destiny or is God? Jesus Christ called God His Father and accepted man's worship having made Himself equal with God, and in kenosis, His self-emptying, He obeyed God even to an iota and an oomlat (greek grammatical character,) a Death on the Cross. His act of laying His life down for us in Crucifixion Death is the demonstraton of God's love personified to each person to save us from a life of wandering in sin which I am explaining is the 'basis for our evangelical believing. Scripture says, "No greater love has any man, than he that lays down His life for his friends," Jesus said. Jesus calls us His own in the dramatic present, *"and no longer do I call you servants but I call you *friends." He said, "For I tell you what I'm doing." He's our Lord not our buddy and through intimacy is there.

So then that His Blood spilt in fact was effectual for us as life changing truth and if even one drop of it fell to the ground it was sufficient to buy us from our sins is truth in verity. The proof of Christianity is changed lives. What are we doing with His Blood? The Blood of Jesus Christ saves us. God's Plan through His Son was for the Trinity to work in tandem and save mankind. Christ was the Father's rep sent as an Innocent Righteous Lamb to die for the sins of all mankind, even for the few who will accept Him, life for life to pay God the Ransom for us. He, exogenerated (without creation nor generation) from the Father in the power of the Spirit lived, and died once for us all.

In the Old Testament a promise of forgiveness, or really Atonement for another year was obtained in trust by the shedding of blood, the blood of dead bulls, rams, and ashes of a heifer as the Spirit of God came upon people per se. Old Testament saints were never sure God heard. Jesus by His pleasing aroma to the Father at the Mercy Seat in Heaven through a perfect life without sin lived out is the Innocent Righteous Holy Lamb Of God's Sacrificial Choosing in God's Sight: re: Our New Covenant. When Christ died He led captivity captive emptying Abraham's bosom of good souls and He gave gifts to men including giving the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day. God wants us born again, and this the theme of scripture throughout therefore, receiving salvation by faith in Him, accepting Christ as Savior and Lord and living it out and out for Him. Set Him always before you. Live for no other cause than that He is always with you and your desire to glorify Him. And dreaming His dream for us you dream can become like God's dream for us the Body of Christ always increasing us. But in this life in Him He must increase and we must decrease. But weep God's tears pray God's prayers and hope God's hope for Paradise or Heaven as we learn it concerning the next life, its heavenly destination for our own, home as we call it, is from God direct. Rejoice your names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

We're saved by faith and repentance believing God in His Messages by evangelical faith through the Son Jesus Christ. Believing Jesus Christ is a partnership with Him to God and you and I can be engaged under a different system then than unsaved. You can see God wants us for His own belonging children joined in Spirit to Him, Family. He made us for His co-laboring pleasure, spirits that have a body, free will moral agents that are His and that decide or choose 'yes' to Him. God's ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts; always His Bible propounds His ways and His thoughts higher than ours. For its 'All of the Bible for all of the world,' as JHM.ORG John Hagee says. His idea is not for us to be forever joining a church nor hyper-ventilating religiously turning over a new leaf as in reforming alone but a coming to God His way in salvation through faith in Christ once for all for a dynamic Kingdom of God state TRANSFORMED ongoing. Unsaved or those straddling the fence my plea is that you see that God made Jesus big before your eyes what it is to have rightness before God and forgiveness & how awesome God the Eternal Father is in providing this. I encourage you to get saved. Jesus pulled no punches in preaching a straight-forward spot right on Gospel hard showing how difficult it's made for the rich and proud to see or enter the Kingdom of God without 'eyes to see' that are reborn that become bondslaves of the King.

Jesus makes a difference in a life bound for heartache and defeat. He came to seek and to save the lost in sin, ruination, the sinful, bruised, battered, broken, and shattered people He created. Does that include yourself, at least of all, by first birth through water, and by blood, and the will of man? You bet it does. See John's Gospel ch. three. Like Paul before religious Felix, Festus, or King Agrippa the royals do you feel almost persuaded to become a "Second Birth Christian" of Hupernikao (Greek for super victorious?) Jesus, God incarnate did His Father's business always and never moved from center which would be the case if He were to work on His own. But He ALWAYS knew from age 30 on that He was sent by the Father and was to perform signs through the initialization of the Father through the Spirit: He pleased God perfectly obediently making Him the PERFECT sacrificial LAMB for sin not just great moral teacher or example. If it was right on Jesus was up on it. He acted right properly and not from His own initiative and He was good in that most highest of moral sense of goodness. It was cool for Him to not obey the religion but God alone truly. "HE SPOKE IN ELOQUENCE TO MAN AND VERY WELL ARTICULATED IN PUBLIC. IN FACT HE IN PERFECTION ACTED HUMBLY & KINDLY TO PEOPLE HE TOUCHED AND HEALED, AND THEIR DISEASES FREELY IMMEDIATELY INSTANTLY HEALED AND MADE READY ALL THOSE WITH VARIOUS KINDS OF ILLNESSES FOR TODAY DIVINE MIRACLES NEEDED HE PERFORMED IN AND THROUGH US. HIS DIVINE ENABLEMENT WAS BY HIS FATHER DIRECTLY AND BY HIS FATHER'S FAVOR. He spoke in a different way to the Pharisees who thought themselves good enough who despised God's way and other people: really Pharisee, Sadducees, teachers of the law, and scribes that kept the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law. *Jesus on the other hand rebuked the Pharisees and Saducees and genuinely hearted man and healed on the Sabbath. He crossed a then racial lines barrier to do it. He healed several people from a few miles distance, and by spoken word alone sometimes healed, that incomparable Christ did. All who came were healed by Him of various & diverse kinds of illness or diseases. He commended calling "great" the faith of two persons outsiders to the Jewish Nation. He raised at least three people from the dead. He walked on water at least once and the storm had to be quiet when He spoke to it. He touched the sick and the hurting in the earth and the world could not contain the books that would be written concerning of all He said and did in other words what that Jesus the Mighty Prophet, Healer, the Lord, Great Physician, Savior, Prophet, Priest, and Exalted King both began to do and say and teach.

In hearing the still small voice of God then at one's conscience then to "get saved" convicted convinced is right on. It tells one so convicted convinced then to live for God redeemed leaving sin and everything behind by following Christ a disciple closely in the revealing and receiving of the revelation of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ in the heart (by faith in His Risen Presence inside which is by His Resurrection from the dead.). The Word of God spoken by God's Voice inside to us individually TRANSFORMS US daily because hearing is by faith and hearing the Word of God (Logos.) The Word of God prevails. It reveals God's Perfect Will *His blueprint plans. Now this can turn up the heat on your own life or lifestyle (your plans,) OR bring His Victory if you're (quoting Paul,) 'in Christ.' Are you good ground for Him?

God through Paul spoke of the relationship to God within of engagement of faith in the will and in the Holy Spirit of being 'in Christ,' following our exalted Head the Holy Son of God with Whom we're called to fellowship I Cor 1:9. There is freedom and victory in serving our Creator and letting our light shine before men clearly demonstrating as God's salt and light clearly knowing God is by getting to know Jesus. The entrance of Thy words gives light. In Thy light shall we see light. In golden light and love of God through the Son while identifying with the statement "the cross was victorious" and walking in Christ by His belief system for you (His ways) you'll at once realize by grace and mercy that you're a sinner. It may not hit you right off the bat or it may like a ton of bricks right away to realize it. We seem to miss the true revealing of God's glory so easily. God through Christ's Atonement believed reaps a great victory in the shedding of Christ's Blood having slain the enmity thereby between Jew and Gentile and between man and God for us. It truthfully turned the world upside down. For God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself not counting men's sins against them and has committed ( us the word of reconciliation. This belief in God through Christ Who is the Personal Savior Who loves us everlastingly and unconditionally practically makes us godly (Holy also.) God embraces us in the work on the cross with His own doing and intimate knowledge of us in and through the Death and Resurection of His Son (which is Himself) the fullness of the cup of the New Covenant or Testament for the remission of sins for the few in His Blood. It's unmerited favor from Himself. It's truly like God is signing a will, and dotting every i and crossing every t to ensure the Kingdom arrives its destination. He does it of Himself fear not it's His good pleasure to do it. God sows a Family to Himself one by one as individuals. Realizing from His kindness in wooing us with glory that we have all sinned. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In a real sense only God can help us do that: realize we're sin-ners. God wants simply and with complexity to get involved in us lovingly so that with our particular woes and wants in our personality He gets His hands into our lives through our faith co-laboring and the Spirit's operation. He has shown such care over us and love for us while we were His enemies. He has with indiscriminate and STRONG unconditional EMBRACING LOVE for us poured out His Personality in forgiveness of sins & New Nature on us: The Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit have each one offices and chores: and benefactors we, as beneficiaries: are the inheritors of the inheritance, and are inheriting the heritages of the Bible. God's love is unconditional. But His RIGHTEOUSNESS is conditional on you believing partaking cooperating with Him as a team in faith with He being the Head and taking the lead role. We need to know God through the Holy Spirit in the overthrow of our lives He taking the Lordship where Christ sits on the Throne of our hearts and lives. Everywhere individually and corporately by experientially not just knowing about Him being Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient and Immutable as unchanging invisible attributes because He is that, but to see and love Him for the Person staturely personally and with Character that He's to be known by in the subjective reality of objectivity in the holy face of Jesus Christ Pre-Emminant and love for God genuine if we're born of the Spirit. He the Spirit is side by side with us if we're born again. Knowing God 'in Christ' is an awesome privilege that becomes to us a sitting, a walking, and a standing as was said by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians. In being disciples we're taught all Christ said and did to observe it. For instance in our discerning: we're seated with Christ in the heavenlies. And the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus He allows us to sit in in God's Presence is as one saved at peace with God because we're sure of His atoning mercy at the Mercy Seat there. For "He has set us free from the law of sin and death" is holy writ and this is the taking away of sins a law of spiritual airlift for the eternally sealed saved to enjoy spiritually at times. Our present obedience is our present and future assurance of eternal security. Vices or addictions like sins of the spirit or flesh are gone coming to Christ. Christ is the Goal, the Gate. He is the Door, the Bread, and Wine. The objective facts or absolute truth because the truth is in Jesus the Bible declares. But people tend to want to run the gamut of sinfulness in addictive habits drawn up plans for though by getting drunk or high, they sinfully are caring away their conscience's which would erroneously tell them its ok, rather than toward God's spiritual answer of the indwelling Christ, the salvation of soul and spirit through which is found in Christ alone inside a living hope, the hope of glory of His satisfying Oneness within saving and indwelling of hope Biblically within: God's Presence inside and extroverted out. Then its a walk knowing you're energized by the Holy Spirit in it. You having done all you can, to be sure you've made the commitment to become born again and stay in Him you stand (Eph.6:12-14.) You're aware you're a crucified person to sin because at Calvary you're likening it to the gaining the mind of God suffering grief wrongfully in allowing men 2000 years ago approximately to plait a circle of thorns upon His head and identifying with it in today in every temptation you thilipsis (experience a narrowing.) By grace you feel and experience God's outs.

Listen you are absolutely somebody because "God don't make no junk." God's not angry with you because of the Cross. In fact He loves you. It's love from Him uncondemningly solid and He has forgiven you. Jesus dying on the Cross for you is a proclamation God allows us to say to you. God's way out of this world and it's system is an escape of salvation in the Holy Spirit and it's in you following Christ in the way. His escape's are gentle. It's His gentle forbearing way to keep you blemishless and unreproachable and undeniably so that because we see we have a sinful nature that sins of tendency then that this must be forever dealt with. I'll explain this. Everybody is eternal and every soul is soberly willfully unseen eternity of spirit and will find a home in either of two places based on a destiny built by evangelical faith. Like a fish out of water will you not enjoy heaven without God's recreating you by New Birth. You need God. We do. Like putting nails in your coffin you revulse at your hideous strength outside God's realm to bless you. It's there in escrow but you need to give up voluntarily acting out as to loving the world in an impure way and its allure until you're crucified to it to the best of your knowledge and ability in Jesus. Believe Jesus Christ paid it all for you so you could go free because He did. God will tell you what this entails. You hold the nails to your coffin of deadness to sin and atttraction to it.. You admit to being and doing wrong, say you're sorry, and "I repent," all to God in one mouth and blessing. You get out of your prison and walk out. You nail it shut and leave old ways behind and learn what you can from them to neglect those old ways coming to Christ for help. You let Christ's Righteousness on you be thus for you your real new evidence of newness of life. You take up your cross, deny yourself, and follow Him. Christ literally becomes your Door to the Father and to every one of His opportunities in access full and free. His righteous life: your right standing. His Death: your justification, His Resurrection: your glorification Romans 8:30.

But He sees overall us in our messes but doesn't like us to harm ourselves which sin does (Greek word for sin is harm-a-tia, ie. sin harms.) Christ's Resurrection has changed everything. When He sees us, He sees the perfect righteousness of Christ which He's focused on.

"For it's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, "says the Lord of Hosts. "And the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take the Kingdom by force, and forceful men take hold of it." Whosoever comes to Christ a sinner admitting he/she is a sinner that sins before Him (that comes to Him once and for all through His Son,) they are declared justified as they walk it out in grace in His sight. As Savior He takes away your sins in reality & over time gives you a holy living which becomes a substantial holy right living. Christ is the answer and solution to all man's problems as we come to Him by faith. At the peace table imagine going through your whole life living it (Zoe, the God kind of life,) to its fullest features animated in completion by God Himself having everything and heaven in escrow and sealed by His Spirit. The extent is Christ Himself inside He being the Source of your being!!! It's not a pipe dream but reality, because true grace does not lead to license to sin but grace is true and truly is much more in its result than the sin of the one man Adam destroyed and this is Biblically based reality. The unseen is eternal and more real and the seen is temporary in His Kingdom. Topsy turvy is the expression for the things having to do with the Kingdom of God. A parable has one main teaching and is an earthly story with a twist of heavenly meaning. All things become new in God and in newness of life you're saved being infused with the right kind of hope, with God's your Source. But you live abundantly in Christ and commit more and attempt at an endure to the end. It's by the Holy Spirit coming along side you in an overthrow. Again the violent take the Holy Spirit by force. In that condition you're qualified to interpret the Bible correctly. For after salvation you put on like a piece of clothing a New Self which is created in Righteousness & true Holiness of the truth which is Christ Himself which is not a step but for there are no steps to sanctification. This is level ground at the cross where we're being made holy imparted which Christ does alone for you within your faith we participating and by the Holy Spirit's involved intervention and infused interaction. It's one act, (this saving happens from past, present, and future sins.) There is a past, present, and future aspect to being saved infused the righteousness of our King the Lord Jesus.

We're never spot right on there in perfection in salvation and we sin even after being reborn but not consistently or as habit. In fact we like very much to withdraw away from sin and sinful practices et al. After getting saved we have no obligation to sin nor to the sinful nature. Like a corpse we don't have to respond when tempted. We can let Jesus take over and answer the door to the temptation victoriously.

Practically start at God's altar (you make the application) in your heart in prayer at God's Heaven's seat of mercy! Be born again, born twice, die once. Born once you die twice. That wouldn't be good.

It's by the Holy Spirit's making Jesus Lord of you. And in this every department or area the Savior CAN BE YOUR LIFE, and you, an exchanged example not of a sanctimonious person but one living holy for Him. He changes us by transforming our lives metamorphosizing us as in a mirror in our beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in the Word as Lord as in a reflected (becoming conformed to His image) mirror His words in a glorious word pericopy (theme or paragraph) in scripture. We get this vision reading the Bible. We get a likeness or new nature from God to live intently for God: by Jesus Himself being ongoing the Standard in Holiness. He who has the Son has life! If you don't have the Spirit and the Son inside.. there is no life spiritually in you. You are dead in trespasses and sins and need a complete makeover. Do you practice the Presence of God? Yes you can if you come to Him in the way of the Blood, Christ's Blood.

Will you accept His Gift? Eternal Life? Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. Truly one is excersizing his gift of faith to be subsequently saved, and sins are taken away gone in accepting Him! Forgiven! There is a sea of forgetfulness in God's sight. We draw near. Jesus is all we will ever know of God He showing us an exact replica image of God (see Hebrews 12; 1:3.) Don't you want to know this Someone more Who did so much for you in love and did so no less while you were His enemies? If we let God turn it around for us, repent, we will feel changes and we will feel His love happen in us. You experience God's love first for the first time and come into His atmosphere breathing katharticly. He breathes on you His atmosphere filling you with the Holy Spirit inside. Deny yourself. We take up our cross, our own, not His nor anybody else's, and FOLLOW HIM! Obediently we call ourselves bondslaves of His own.

We are receptive recipients of the Word like ever trusting children. If God said it that settles it. God dealt with the sin issue on the Cross. It's like we lose our life to find it in the Kingdom of God. Transformed by the Spirit in grace you stay renewed. Keep renewing your mind. Your spirit will keep your needs refreshing as you remain in the Word of God having made kathartic (cleansing) mental assent, comittment to, and follow through in accepting Jesus Christ for yourself trusting Him. With God's help you keep your mental diet spiritual. And then try to not think like the unsaved nor have their problems at all. Romans 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good, perfect, and acceptable Will Of God," the verse goes. You put off the old nature with its lusts and embrace the new nature in everything. Problems never seem to go away but you're renewed & they (problems) change and mix it up in God. The way out is up to God.

We look into the face of our Father. Scripture says of the New Birth, "old things have passed away, the new has come," & Hebrews says, "I will put my laws into their hearts and on their minds I will write them." In our born again mind from Christ taking up residence, and spirit-formed we're given a new heart and a new spirit and by the Holy Spirit we're renewed daily and fed and nourished to be equipped for grace-filled service to God and to man being saved. This is by our apostles (that go into new territory,) prophets, pastor's, teachers, and evangelists who are gifts to us. No man can love without Jesus Christ. It may be love as truly meant or then lust so-called, or love for someone in authority or family, or be romance that is true on earth but God's love lasts eternally everlasting for the good of other's lives according to I Corinthians 13. Jesus Christ has finished the work forever and you are seated with Him in the Heavenlies, Risen or raised also so live in the golden light of His love like it is so if you bravely want to take God at His Word in this venture. God created us and He claims complete ownership of our being as Lord Creator Redeemer Designer. "If we lived like this Book is real for one week, men would seem to repent in ways we don't know about," was declared by Charles Finney. Salvation is entirely by faith through grace in God's sight in the Spirit from Him. We're then God's sons Spirit-led to share unfathomable riches in Christ and living it out by us. And fruition is certainly probable and possible as you're sweetly transformed in the spiritual DNA of Him in Whose new motives are from God alone. It's receiving/believing Jesus Christ genuine & based on the finished work of Christ from which He draws us, & is evidenced by faith from start to finish from sin to a changed life. Trouble diminishes then making Jesus Lord as a part of being in the Holy Spirit's plan. But God ministers and raises us up to walk on mountains too and so become who we never could be. His rod and staff comfort us. We hear the Good Shepherd's Voice and a stranger we will not follow. Everywhere a revival or riot follow.

The Certificate of debt is destroyed which was against us Col 2:13,14. Christ begins to process the fruit of a Christian life in and through us in the Spirit. Hallelujah! What a Soul Salvation Fellowship! A Soul Koinonia! Read Galations 5:22,23.

We have come in faith to Jesus for a Divine Blood Transfusion: it's a curative and corrective Gospel by the Great Physician, that's from our Savior. We let the Word of Christ divide in us and dwell within us richly Col 3:16.

Love God and let it go, to live the Gospel. Let everything else go. Live life loving. Salvation is not of yourself, not of works lest any man should boast. God's desire is that we not be religious, but we by grace and mercy maintain a simple relationship sometimes complex with our Lord Jesus and through Him & the Spirit to God! Trinity. We are His Hands His Feet! Christianity is God having Bled for you at Calvary and not you bleeding in your attempt to get to God. We 'love God' as saints (greek Hagios) true sincere and with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and "love our neighbor" "as ourself," which is the summing up completely of the Old Covenant demand and New Covenant Blessing. We can't make God love us anymore than He does. He loves us strongly.

This new life starts by faith now impregnated with the Word. Mt. 6:33 is, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." "Let God be true and every man a liar," scripture says, even about this good news, even a colorful NEWNESS OF LIFE not so much a reforming life but a colorful flavor-filled spicy abundant one in the Kingdom of God. Like a prize one gets run in a way that wins. So run that you may win your race in a way that is winning lawfully in God's grace accepting of the cost you're determining that is needed to your consciousness of living every moment to get the prize. This is not a passive thing though you don't do one thing to earn it. God's promise is to bring it to pass and you live in faith and follow through so you can make it. He can make you a noble fit creature for Heaven and finish what He started in you abounding, a viral, vital part of God's Body & A New Creation. Affirm this in your mind. Let Christ say who you are and no other person or source. Come to God through Christ. Again come to Christ Phil 1:6; Gal 6:1ff. Go For Gusto With God In His Love! Forgiven! In Him You live, and move, and have your being and Are More Than A Conqueror Through His Love! Jesus said, "I am the Resurrection and the Life!" "He that believes in Me though he were dead yet shall he live! And whosoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." Max Lucado says and I agree, "Its All About Him And Not Us." Let your thinking processes and thoughts ruminate over and over how a lifestyle God requires of us of holiness filled by Himself at times to filled fullness without which no man shall see God. This lifestyle can coexist in a sinful world side by side triumphant among unbelievers with whom you rub shoulders with. 10/16/10



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