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   [12 Sep 2009 | Saturday]

How Can A Mere Man Get To God and God Reach Us?

Timeless truthSomeone on the blog wrote recently that they believed in little green men that were aliens who gave us heritage on the planet. This is my response:

The Word of God and I are on firm ground when I say God created man in His image and though Adam and Eve had a fall and disobeyed God's command to not eat the one fruit God said no to, man was still made in God's image. Even today this very moment the image is there and I can see in the unknown for me on my plate to also believe in the intelligent design of God our Creator in the love and long-hearted patience of God based on the intellectual, emotional, metaphysical, and spiritual sides of man I have observed, and intervention from God Himself in my life and that of others. Certain aspects of man from one generation to the next are the same as to a sinful nature tyrany and the tyrrany of yourself. There is freedom like the four freedoms of President FDR which is in the Bible being believing of it to be literally right. Special revelation found in the Bible has authority for us to know intuitive and instinctual knowledge of God truly and to be known within us and that God's nature and man's may fellowship. This is great news as it has been known in nature if we look at it and is being revealed in/through our conscience to submit to Him. God spoke and creation, bang, it happened Genesis chapters one, two. He created through the Son, (Col.1:16) whom He made a little lower than the angels until all His enemies be made a footstool for His feet. Note the Capitals I use indicating a Divinity to the Son, the Lord Jesus. (Even that Name in Genesis chapter one for God is plural, Elohim, indicating the Trinity in Godhead.) I pray you find the Lord Jesus satisfactory as your God-man and He, Lord and Master & He personally becomes your Savior from sin, and you, become the Friend of God. For we need to have our sins taken away (Jesus=God's scapegoat and sin offering both) because God has provided for both things spiritually and He justifies mankind redeeming us freely and we need to have an assurance that we have acquired this forgiveness from God in a standing we have from God. We need God first, then ask for forgiveness for sin(s) & finding forgiveness for being saved is why we repent, and follow Jesus Christ accepting God's authority for what He has done for us on the cross individually personally, in a recent standing with God. Do you want this? You can have this Zoe (God kind of) Life, not bios (ordinary mundane life.)

         We base the accepting of what He has done for us on the Blood He shed way back on Calvary on a transformation we receive of a taking away our sins and substitution of our faith in His Finished Work is another way of saying it. It's New Birth God calls us all to and for repentance to occur on our part. It's a 180 degree change of mind about sin. We find so much God will produce the finished product (our Resurrected Physical Body)(or us in Heaven completely a done task on that Resurrection Day as another way of saying it), that you believe the Biblical literal acceptance position and confess you're a sinner who NOW sees the grace of salvation in God's eyes and love with acceptance by faith in Jesus Christ and testifying that you'll have life in this new identifying with Jesus Christ by faith and God's unconditional love your lifelong. Practically speaking given God loves you all the time you decide to become His disciple, not to turn back. God enables this repentance, a change of mind, and a new heart: brand new Zoe (God's life) life in the Righteousness of His Son, Jesus Christ that He can indeed keep you from falling and present you faultless, never leave you and He can and does indeed animate you. It's God's call to be Born Again. It's His unilateral promise with our cooperation. He promises on oath to save all who call upon His Name. You can nestle in God's lap and be soothed by His arms. Heaven is a whole different atmosphere up there that only a holy pure life can bear lived "IN CHRIST." It's New Born Again Living which is Life in the Son the Lord Jesus Christ. You don't need the old life of before of having to put up just with a sinful nature that sins on impulse. That type of living, in sin, it's lifestyle ends with hell and literal eternal torment. Or, you'll decide you have a choice free of coercion and hand tying only because up til now you've known only the bad and destruction sin and sinful lifestyle causes in life and will want God's Way totally instead by positive love acceptance. God gives vision to you to make the choice. He gives more grace to make it a decision you make very soon and if you choose salvation you'll have love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faith, strength under pressure, self-control, all in God's Kingdom, fruit that in God's harvestime remains when you die.

        Eternal life starts (salvation) when you make your decision to seek God first, then to have fruits meet for repentance, and admit you've failed God: are a sinner wrong in God's sight for having broken God's laws. God loves you though but you call on Him. Jesus appears revealed to you in your heart and life, your mind's eye, or spirit which is now because today is the day of salvation AND ultimately in heaven is your wish. Hebrews says, "Today is the day of salvation." Jesus said, "I and the Father are one," and all of scripture backs His "I am" statements. God holds Himself responsible through oath and promise to mankind that He will save you but He will do it through our believing faith in His Son's Death' Sacrifice. Any will of course takes effect only upon the death of the one making it. Who you are in God in Christ is to be won and found by yourself in this New Will or New Covenant by God. This truthful fact of Jesus' Resurrection becomes your basis of foundation core belief I Cor. 15:1-4. In God's eyes you become the Righteousness of God in Christ II Cor 5:21. God wills to embrace, accept you in the Beloved Family of God of course. Christ will tenderly lead you to green pastures, quiet waters, up there on mountains and in trouble below He will tenderly lead you & steady you up as a good Shepherd for we sit with Christ now in heavenly places. There is definitely a hell to shun, & a heaven to gain someday. Daily manna is sought then as a Friend of God in reading the Word and realizing the Word, obeying, and responding to grace, the Word, and the Spirit. When you fall in a ditch get up and walk again (as a Christian.) By faith the best decision to make is to be saved following and leaning hard on the arms of Jesus and be on the road (to heaven.)


        After you're saved it's in following the Risen Spirit of Jesus in your heart (on hind's feet on high places,) following through with faith with your new spiritual DNA from Him. And deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus and you will succeed in the Christian life. Begin to praise, worship, and love the Lord daily as a God-fearing reflection of His love for you. By faith God allows you to enter the Kingdom of God and begin the pursuit of life more abundant through grace in Christ; thus that in time making Jesus Lord you can pray sovereignly that His surrender be yours and you'll be an overcomer/victor in all things! Change your opinion and/or view of Who God is as the Word changes you, and so come to Christ as you are and watch Him accept you as you are and change you by working on and operating on you to be a better man/woman. Wholly submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Get a prayer partner and share your newly saved experience. The important thing is to get saved 1) admitting you're a sinner who has sinned and broken God's law and then 2)accepting Christ's Sacrificial provision. You are accepting what He has done on your behalf because you know you need it to be saved once for all time. God wants allegience. Know God's love for you personally provided the way: Jesus Himself, the second Person in the Trinity.  If you prayed in your own way through Christ His Death burial, Resurrection upon you just then you have become saved, a New Creation in Christ in God's eyes before God and old things have gone, the new has come! Put on Christ then & lay aside all that is of the old: anger, malice, all slander, clamor, and all evil speaking; And give glory and praise to His Name that you are no longer servants of self-life nor sin then but sons; and "if sons then heirs, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ!"

         Another way of saying it is: And Love God NOW leaving a life of sin in His time because He has first loved you and remain in His love! Another side benefit is the offshoot to behold your love and acceptance by God in Christ as you're walking in Christ making it a daily occurance. God is loving, accepting, affirming, gracious, gentle, laughing,and truly tenderly good Father! Rich inherited loving grace favor from God embraces you for  "God is love." God is thinking up a storm for all He has for you in salvation. Being confident of this very thing God will finish what he started concerning you. I hear that Michael Jackson might have accepted Christ as Savior praying with Andrae and Sandra Crouch while they sang and ministered to him three weeks before his passing. I pray it is so. Amen. Be blessed and encouraged in every fashion.



A Great Church That Is Full Of Love & Believes The Bible... 


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