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Introducing a coolmax fiber knitted fabric

 Coolmax fiber knitted fabric is a kind of knitted fabric. Coolmax fiber knitted fabric has four grooves of Coolmax fiber, which can quickly drain the sweat produced during human activities to the surface of the clothing to evaporate, keep the skin fresh, and make the activity more comfortable. It has good moisture conductivity, and the knitted fabric interwoven with cotton fiber has good moisture conductivity. It is widely used to sew T-shirts and sportswear.

Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful. The colorful modern knitted fabrics have entered the stage of development of multi-functionality and high-end. New knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory effects and vision to knitwear. effect.

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Most common mattresses are basically knitted materials

 Knitted cotton is a fabric formed by bending yarns into loops with knitting needles and stringing them together. Generally, it has good elasticity, moisture absorption and ventilation, comfort and warmth. It is the most widely used fabric for children's clothing.

Knitted cotton also has many classifications. Generally, knitted mattress fabrics in the market are divided into two types according to the production method: one is called warp deviation and the other is called weft deviation.


As far as the fabric is concerned, it is a machine woven fabric. Compared with other fabrics, knitted cotton has better elasticity, a softer hand, and a very breathable fabric. There are also many patterns and varieties, easy to clean, and not easy to generate static electricity.


The only downside of knitted cotton is that the fabric is easy to dye; in addition, although knitted cotton has good elasticity, it is also easy to deform, so you should also pay attention to its maintenance.

To sum up:

As a mattress fabric, knitted cotton generally has a cotton content of about 80%. It is soft and skin-friendly, has good air permeability, heat dissipation, and moisture dissipation. It is relatively strong and wear-resistant. After anti-mite treatment with infrared technology, it has strong antibacterial properties. Therefore, most of our common mattresses basically use this material as the fabric.

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Brief introduction of Coolmax fiber knitted fabric

 Coolmax fabric is made up of four pipes of fibers and the largest space between fibers, which ensures better air permeability and quickly transmits moisture emitted from the skin surface to the outer fibers.

Compared with pure cotton, it can absorb sweat, but its perspiration ability is not high, while ordinary chemical fiber has poor perspiration absorption ability, CoolMax® Fiber is excellent in sweat absorption and perspiration. CoolMax® Fiber materials can be used in shirts, trousers, socks, underwear, hats and backpacks.


1. ventilation function

The excellent function of COOLMAX fabric comes from its own structure. With this specially designed fiber, designers can produce high-quality fabrics that are soft, breathable and moisture-absorbing.

2. Easy care

Clothing made of COOLMAX fabric is suitable for machine washing and drying, but fabric softener or chlorine bleach should not be used in washing. Some of these garments may require special care because of their styles (not fabrics). Please read the washing water label on the clothes carefully.

3. Save energy

COOLMAX fabric dries quickly, which helps you reduce the use of dryers. Just hang up the wet clothes and they will soon dry. Its speed is fast enough to satisfy travelers!

4. All-weather comfort

In cold weather, especially during aerobic exercise, COOLMAX fabric provides an ideal first lining. The fabric can take away the wet and cold sweat on the skin surface, and discharge it to the outer layer of the fabric for evaporation. You can keep your body dry and warm at the same time.

For details, please consult functional fabric.

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Versatility of graphene fabric

 With the progress of the times, the clothes people wear not only need comfort and beauty, but also pay more attention to some clothes with special functions. For example, sports clothing with good breathability and perspiration, fire-resistant clothing made of special fire-resistant materials, anti-static clothing, anti-bacterial and deodorant clothing, anti-butterfly clothing, etc., clothing with different functions is adapted to this rapidly developing social situation Various needs.

From the perspective of functional needs, anti-static, anti-wrinkle and antibacterial functional facials rank in the top three, however, there is no textile of one material that can combine these multiple functions to the greatest extent.Graphene textiles have a low temperature Infrared, moisture absorption and breathability, antibacterial seedling suppression, anti-static fat electromagnetic, anti-ultraviolet, self-heating and other multi-functional characteristics are of great significance and market value for enhancing the innovation ability of the textile industry and promoting the development of high value-added products.

The function of graphene fabric includes the following points in one:

1. Low temperature far infrared performance

2. Anti-static and anti-electromagnetic properties

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial properties

4. UV protection

5. Moisture absorption and breathability

6. Flexibility performance

7. Graphene self-heating

Hangzhou Xiaoshan RongLi Clothing Co.,Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of TPU composited functional fabrics in China. TPU composited fabrics are used in mattress fabrics and household textiles. Innovative functional fabrics better meet the needs of contemporary consumers.

Welcome to contact us for more information: functional fabric.

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Graphene added to the mattress

 Some friends recommend the use of graphene mattresses, but you don’t know much about graphene mattresses, so would you like to know whether graphene mattresses have an impact on human health?

Does the graphene mattress affect the human body?

1. Graphene is added to the mattress, which has super antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties, inhibits the growth of bacteria, plus strong moisture absorption and dehumidification properties, to avoid the odor of bacteria. Ensure a comfortable, healthy and clean sleeping environment. Alleviate cervical discomfort, fully fit the curves of various parts of the human body, accurately shape the bone contour, provide sufficient support for the body, effectively relieve cervical spine, lumbar spine, spinal discomfort, soreness, etc., prevent snoring, reduce the number of turns, and extend sleep time deeply.

2. It is soft and comfortable, using high-grade fabric mattress skin, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly and breathable, making sleep more comfortable and healthier. To relieve fatigue, it is made of new materials with warm pores in the graphene. It has ultra-low temperature and far infrared function, promotes blood microcirculation, relaxes menstruation, relieves fatigue and helps sleep.

21st century technology fiber, graphene fabric, if you want to know more, you can click here: functional fabric.

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Ideal mattress for babies and teenagers

The hardness of the mattress varies from person to person. "Sleep hard bed, hard mattress" has always been considered a good habit for people to protect their backs and health. In particular, infants and young children in the growth and development stage, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, will cause bone dysplasia, and may even leave the hidden danger of "scoliosis".

When choosing a baby mattress for a child, two factors should be considered. The first is softness.

The ideal mattress for babies and teenagers should consist of a soft top layer and a strong elastic middle layer. On the one hand, the uneven pressure caused by the curve of the body can be compensated by the soft surface layer, and the child's body can be lifted in two ways without causing spinal deformities. On the other hand, the middle layer can give children strong support.

As scoliosis increases, the child's chest will also deform, resulting in a reduction in chest volume, causing a series of cardiopulmonary discomfort. If not treated in time and effectively, they will affect their cardiopulmonary function.

Babies and toddlers should not sleep too hard, especially from birth to the age of 3 years. Children in this period spend most of their time in bed. If the mattress is too hard, it may cause the child to touch the mattress. If the bones of the head, back, and hips are deformed, it may cause scoliosis in the baby. The direct injury of the scoliosis to the child is to make the body abnormal and damage its straight lines and straight line images.

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