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Home textile knowledge six common knitted fabrics

Knitted fabric have a soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and their productivity. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve. Modern knitted mattress fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the development stage of multi-functionality and high-grade. The new knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed to bring unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitwear.

1, acetate knitted fabric

Acetate has the unique properties of silk, fiber gloss and color, drape and feel. The knitted fabrics produced by the fabrics are smooth, comfortable to wear, moisture absorbing, light in texture, low in moisture regain, difficult to pilling, and antistatic. Knitted georgette, popcorn and other fabrics woven with acetate are favored by consumers.

2, Modal fiber knitted fabric

Modal fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber that combines the comfort of cotton, the drape of glue, the strength of polyester, the feel of silk, and it retains its softness and brightness after many washings. The color. The knitting process still combines the characteristics of the fiber with the softness, fluffiness and high elasticity of the knitting itself, so that the superior performance of the two complement each other. On the circular knitting machine (large round machine), single and double-sided knitted fabrics interwoven with Mozart and spandex bare silk are soft, smooth, elastic, drape, glossy, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and have a silky feel. The fashionable clothing designed with this kind of fabric can maximize the human body curve and sculpture the sexy and attractive charm of the female body. It is a high-grade knitwear favored by the avant-garde fashion family.

3, strong combed yarn knitted fabric

The cool hemp knitted fabric made of strong combed yarn not only has a hemp yarn, but also has good moisture absorption and especially silk twisting. It is an ideal high-grade knitted fabric, in addition to the excellent performance of silk, fabric It feels fuller, and has a firmer body and bone. It has good dimensional stability and good tamper resistance. It is an ideal fabric for high-end professional wear and casual wear.

4, Coolmax fiber knitted fabric

The Coolmax fiber with four grooves can quickly release the sweat generated by the human body to the surface of the garment to evaporate, keeping the skin fresh and comfortable. It has good moisture permeability, and the knitted fabric interwoven with cotton fiber has good moisture guiding effect, and is widely used for sewing T-shirts, sportswear and the like.

5, recycled green fiber Lyocel knitted fabric

Recycled green fiber Lyocell, Tencel and spandex bare silk interwoven knit flat stitch (sweat), rib, double rib (cotton) and its varying texture fabric, soft texture, smooth and smooth fabric, good elasticity, product style is elegant With silk appearance, drape, breathability and good washing stability, it is an ideal high-grade fabric for designing fashion tight-fitting fashion, casual wear and sportswear.

6, flash knit fabric

With the effect of flash, has always been the favorite of fashion designers. On the circular knitting machine (large round machine), the gold wire and silver wire raw materials are interwoven with other textile raw materials, and there is a strong reflective flash effect on the surface of the fabric or a gold plating method, and various patterns of flash appear on the knitted fabric. The effect, while the reverse side of the fabric is smooth, soft and comfortable, is a better knitwear fabric. The tight-fitting women's fashion and evening gowns designed with this kind of knitted fabric will show the brilliance of the knitted fabrics, the luxurious and beautiful flavor through the dazzling and romantic style of the glittering fabrics, and the all-round expression of the knitwear, providing product development. Broad prospects.

If you want to know more, click here:woven mattress fabric.

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Rongli's pillowcase samples are diverse in style

Matching the pillowcase with the home style can enhance happiness and a sense of quality.Let us follow the pillowcase sample of Rongli to learn some common collocation styles.

1. The color of the pillowcase sample is different for people. The dark patterned pillowcases are luxurious and suitable for decorating luxurious homes. Colourful cushions for a modern style room. The warm-colored pillowcase is suitable for the elderly. The cold-colored pattern pillowcases are mostly used by young people, and the cartoon-patterned pillowcases are very popular among children.

2. The pattern of the pillowcase sample can be varied, in a variety of ways, or even a separate cloth color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire living room environment.

3. Indoor large area If there is a large area of white, the atmosphere lacks a sense of jumping. At this time, the color of the pillowcase sample should not be too bright, and dark blue, dark green, and blush are more suitable.

With these little tips, I believe it will bring convenience to your shopping choices.Go and buy your pillowcase and set your own nest!

If you are interested in this type of ornament, click here to find out more:Tatting Jacquard Cushion.


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What should I know before choosing a suitable mattress?

The happiest thing every day is to lie on the mattress and rest after a busy day. Only when you have good sleep can you have a healthy body. It can be seen that the quality of sleep directly affects your health, and the mattress directly determines the quality of sleep. If the mattress is too hard, it may block the blood circulation of the human body, and if it is too soft, it will make the spine of the human body unable to keep straight and stretch. Therefore, to promote sleep health and have good quality sleep, one must choose a good mattress.

How to choose a comfortable mattress? How to choose the suitable function mattress fabric? Here's Rongli mattress to tell you:

1. Understand the standard of healthy mattress

Health mattresses meet three criteria:

( 1 ) No matter what kind of sleep posture one is in, the spinal column can be kept on the same horizontal line, so that the spinal column is not easy to deform.

( 2 ) the pressure is equal, the mattress can effectively support the weight of the human body, and at the same time, it can disperse the pressure of the human body and promote the human body to sleep quickly.

( 3 ) The materials selected for mattress production, through strict quality control, can prevent formaldehyde and other substances harmful to human body from the source, so as to ensure the real health of sleep.

2. Understand your sleep habits

( 1 ) mattress hardness

According to the sleeping habits of the Chinese people, most consumers are accustomed to sleeping on hard mattresses. Hard mattresses have good support for the human body, keep the spine straight and promote the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body. If you sleep on a bed that is too soft, the compression of your body weight will cause the bed to be low in the middle and high around, which will affect the normal physiological flexion of the lumbar spine, causing contraction, tension and spasm of the lumbar muscles and ligaments, and further aggravating lumbar discomfort. This is decided according to your usual sleep preferences.

( 2 ) to understand their sleep habits

Many people do not know what their sleeping posture is. In fact, the most natural sleeping posture is the posture that the human body usually takes when sleeping. Lie down in your usual sleeping position and look for a mattress that can provide sufficient support to your shoulders, waist and hips and keep your spine on the same level. There are also consumers who are used to sleeping in the three postures of lying on their side, lying on their back and lying on their stomach. However, whichever posture is suitable for sleeping, it is better to choose a hard mattress.

3. Select mattresses according to different age stages

Generally speaking, for groups such as children or teenagers, it is advisable to choose brown mattresses. Brown mattresses are hard in texture and have strong support for human body. In particular, the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleeping habits. Mattresses that are too soft are prone to collapse and difficult to get up. For the elderly with gradually loose bones, it is better to choose mattresses with higher hardness. Ordinary adults have higher requirements for the comfort of mattresses, so it is also possible to choose a softer mattress.

If you want to know more about mattresses, you can click here: double jacquard mattress fabric.


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How to Maintain Jacquard Mattress Fabric

Jacquard mattress fabric is made from a variety of fibers such as silk, cotton or wool to create versatile woven patterns including brocade, damask and tapestry.

Precondition the fabric with dry foam or a thin layer of upholstery preconditioner before spot cleaning or stain removal.

Remove any accumulated dirt or soil from jacquard pieces. Dust the surface lightly Fire Resistant Fabrics with a soft horsehair brush. Use a portable vacuum on a low-suction setting to remove any debris from upholstery. Light brushing is best for jacquard mattress.

The raised yarn of jacquard easily can be damaged by shrinking, color bleeding or distortion if you use aggressive cleaning or harsh cleansers. Preconditioning and using less-abrasive methods of cleaning help keep jacquard fabric intact.

Use a mild solvent to spot clean any stains. Lightly rub the stain with 1/2 a teaspoon of mild detergent and a damp cloth until the spot is clean on household fabric. Use a padded silk brush or wrap a handkerchief around a bristle brush when spot cleaning clothing. Allow the area to dry completely after cleaning.

Upkeep the maintenance of jacquard mattress fabric with regular light brushing of the fabric to prevent future staining.

These intricate jacquard fabric require careful cleaning methods to maintain the quality of everyday pieces such as jacquard mattress fabric.

As first class China jacquard mattress fabric manufacturers and jacquard mattress fabric suppliers, Our company integrates mattress, the design, produce, R&D and sales of home textiles, and imports advanced waving machinery from West German and Italy etc. Produced jacquard, printed, dyed and color dyed fabric, knitting mattress, tatting materials, thermal transfer printed material are of fashionable style and have rich varieties. Knitted tatting cloth and printed are widely applied to cushion, mattress, pillow covers, sofa and the manufacturing of thermal transferred printed fabrics.

Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system accreditation and all our jacquard mattress fabric have passed the inspection of EU REACH and accreditation of German Hein Stan Oeko-TexStand100.

If you want to know more information, please click here: baby mattress fabric.

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How to tell if it is a sandwich car seat cover?

The choice of sandwich fabrics is generally divided into several grades. In the outermost layer of mesh, the hole is small, and the price of the fabric is relatively low. The thickness of the sandwich fabric on the market should be 3-5 mm. If the fabric used is low grade, the thickness is It is about 2 mm, and the touch is not good.

As the name suggests, the car is designed to give you the seat cover that corresponds to your seat structure. The difference in size is 0.3-0.5 mm and it is not made of any elastic fabric. Therefore, the size requirements are very good, unlike the car seat cushion, the general type is mostly.

I believe that the riders know that the elastic fabric is very common on the universal seat cover, but the defects are very large. After the length is long, there will be a loose situation, which gives the visual effect is particularly bad, and the sandwich fabric There is no flexibility, so pay attention.

Generally, the sandwich fabric is all-inclusive. There are many manufacturers who use the fabric on the backrest of the seat instead of the sandwich but the elastic cotton. There is also a rubber band on the headrest cover. The real special car should be the magic. Sticking, the rubber band will be tight as time goes by, and it will not look good at that time.

In addition to these points, it is to look at the weight of the product, the sandwich of inferior products is light and thin.
In general, the seat cover, the size requirements are very high, because the loose is too ugly, if you sit up, if you move, it is even more wrong. This is especially true for sandwiches that are not elastic.

If you want to know more, click here:knitted jacquard mattress fabric.

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A brief introduction to functional fabrics

Functional fabrics refers to the addition of various preparations and processes during the production process and finishing by changing the properties of the fabric and adding functional materials.

The fabric has a special function and super performance, so that it has a "special function", which is not available or can not be achieved in general clothing fabrics.

In addition to its basic basic functions, the fabric also has antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-mildew, anti-virus, anti-mosquito, anti-mite, flame retardant, anti-wrinkle and non-iron, water and oil repellent, anti-UV, moisture absorption and quick-drying, memory , fluorescent, perspiration, antistatic, anti-wrinkle, far infrared treatment, three defense, nano products, anti-electromagnetic radiation, fragrance, magnetic therapy, infrared therapy, negative ion health care, etc. one or more of the total efficacy.

As time goes on, more and more functional textiles will emerge.

If you want to find out more, click here: Double knit jacquard.

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It is necessary to analyze the hardness and height of the mattress

The attitude of exquisite luxury goods is focused, so that every reader with high pressure can quickly understand the needs of professional matching mattresses. Learn how to find the right one in so many function mattress fabric.

First, mattress hardness analysis

Regardless of the hardness and breadth of mattress brands, under the premise of the same material and technology, the core of a mattress is matched with the specific configuration of the mattress, which has met the demands of users. Domestic terminals tend to have a hard sleep or a moderate sleep, but the support must be good. Therefore, if it is not especially used to a soft sleep, it is not recommended to start with foreign brands of mattresses, you will find an interesting phenomenon that the softer the sleep, the higher the retail price of the terminal.

Second, sleep height analysis

The overall height of the bed and mattress ranges from 47 cm to 55cm, which is in line with the scientific sleep height of domestic terminal consumption, or is relatively scientific in that the overall height of the bed and mattress is equal to or less than 3cm higher than the knee according to the height of the user.

The domestic bedstead is usually arranged with the skeleton at a height of about 33cm from the ground, so the height of Simmons, a domestic mattress brand, is mainly in the range of 20 to 22cm, and the height of Simmons, a foreign mattress brand, is in the range of 25 to 30cm. However, its high-end series basically follows the rhythm of foreign brands. You will find that the higher the mattress, the higher the retail price of the terminal.

According to objective analysis of scientific sleep, it is recommended to arrange skeleton beds regularly for the following reasons:

1. The structure of the storage box bed is relatively complicated, and the bed body is not convenient for daily cleaning.

2. The storage of the box bed affects the ventilation of the bed body.

3. The bed of all-solid wood storage box with top materials and workmanship will return to the blue sky in 2 to 3 years. The bed will also have mold and other conditions, which will make it inconvenient to clean and the bed is weak and breathable. In addition, external factors such as humidity will aggravate the severity.

4, mattress product attributes, 20 to 25cm can give full play to the height of mattress comfort and functionality

If you want to know more about mattresses, you can click here: double jacquard mattress fabric.

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Why is the surface finish of the mattress fabric important?

Surface finishes add to the overall quality and longevity of fabrics. We offer a variety of mattress finishes with cool, comfort, and clean technology that can be applied to mattress fabrics to improve and extend the life of the fabric. Surface finishes also provide health and Wellness benefits for consumers to improve circulation and rejuvenation of the body for healthy sleep.

1.Cool Surface Finishes

We tend to snuggle up under warm blankets to get comfortable while falling asleep, but too much warmth can throw off sleep cycles and cause interrupted sleep. Instead of waking up to throw off the covers, Consider the advantages of temperature regulation through mattress surface finishes.

Chiller is a finish that utilizes Phase Change Material (PCM) to absorb, store, and release heat for thermal comfort throughout your sleep cycle. Many cooling fabrics are made from wicking technology that manages moisture by reacting to sweat and pulling it away from the skin Chiller works in advance because it proactively manages heat by controlling the production of moisture before it begins. PCM fabrics have a unique ability to store and release energy when needed to help regulate when your body needs more or less warmth so that you can sleep without Interruption.

2.Comfort Surface Finishes

Sound innovation begins with feeling comfortable in your surroundings. Textile innovations have allowed for fabrics to become softer for clothing, top of bed products, and mattress fabrics.

To make this feeling in mattress ticking, choose a knit fabric as a surface finish. It makes fabric smooth and supple through an ultra-soft silicone finish with smaller droplets that penetrate the yarn and larger droplets That adhere to its surface to cover the fabric both inside and out.

3.Clean Surface Finishes

At the end of a long day, it's time to relax and put worries aside so that we can sleep in peace. Worrying about spills and stains makes a house feel less like a home. For homes with kids, pets, or the occasional bedtime snack , consider a stain resistant surface finish for long-lasting benefits.

Rongli mattress features moisture repellent stain resistance with barrier protection to keep mattress fabrics clean without seeping under the surface to cause long-term issues. It gives the fabric durability and longevity because spills bead up and sit on top of the fabric until they are gently blotted Off with a cloth for easy cleanup.

If you want to know more, you can click here: function mattress fabric.


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