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12:59 PM   [01 Dec 2015 | Tuesday]

Quenching The Spirit

 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22

     How important is the Holy Spirit? The answer to that is that He is vital to every aspect of our Christian life. In Luke 24:49 Jesus told the diciples to wait in Jerusalem till they were given "power from on high". And in Acts 1:8 Jesus tells them that "you shall recieve power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you". Clearly the scource of our pwer to live the Christian life and serve Jesus is the Holy Spirit. But what if we are shutting off that power? What if the scource is there but we are interrupting that flow of power by our actions, by refusing to yield to God?

     We are clearly told in verse 19 of the Thessalonian passage not to quench, or stifle the Spirit. If it were not possible for us to short circuit the Spirits work and power in our lives we wouldnt be told to not quench it. That leaves us with three questions. How do I quench the Spirit? Am i quenching the Spirit in my own life? And how do I fix this problem?

     We quench the Spirit by simply not yielding to the Spirit. We refuse to surrender or yield to God. We resist the promptings and leading of the Spirit. And we resist what we know from Scriptures to be the clear will of God. When we do this we cut off His flow and work in our lives. We cut off the "power from on high" that God wants us to have.

     Secondly, we need to examine our hearts and our lives and see if we are quenching the Spirit. We must ask ourselves if we are truly surrendered to God. Are we seeking His will in our decisions and daily lives? Are we obeying what we know the Bible clearly tells us to do? If the answer to thses questions is no, then more than likely we have quenched the Holy Spirit in our lives. We have stifled His work and power in our lives.

     And lastly, we fix the problem by confessing this sin to God and surrendering our lives to Him completely. We ask Him to fill us with His Spirit. I truly believe that the biggest problem in the Church today is believers that are not truly surrendered to God. I know that in my own life i have fit into this catagory. And I have had to surrender control of my life back to Him many times.

     Yielding to God and His Holy Spirit is not always easy. We naturally want to be in control of our own lives. But when we do, and we learn to sense the Holy Spirits guidance and power again, or maybe even for the first time, we will realize that a life completely surrendered to God, that doesnt quench the Spirit, is the only way to live. And we will never regret the choice to do so.

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