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12:33 PM   [24 Nov 2015 | Tuesday]

Dont Adjust Gods Plan

 Genesis 12:1-10

     God told Abram to "Get out of your country, from your family, and from your fathers house,to a land that I will show you". God gave Abram crystal clear guidance. There was no mistaking what God said. God layed out a plan or course of action for Abram. But right off the bay he staryed from what God had told him to do. He was told to leave his family. But instead he took his nephew Lot with him. God never told him to do that. In fact he told him the exact opposite of that, he told him to leave his family. And we see later how this became a problem for Abram. Alos God never told Abram to go to Egypt. No where in these verses do we see whee God told Him to do that. Abram chose to go to Egypt without Gods guidance, he chose that on his own. And we also see how that became a problem for him as well.

     When God gives us clear direction we are to follow it. We are not to add to His direction of take away from it. We are to do what He says in the way that He says to do it. Many times we do what Abram did. We get Gods clear direction and plan, but then we start adding to it, doing things that he never told us to do. We start adding to it because we think we know best. We think that we are wise enough to add to almighty Gods plans. Gods plan for each of us is perfect and does not need any adjusments. We like to adjust Gods plans. But to do so is disasterous. And we surely will suffer for it just as Abram did.

     Has God given you a plan ? If so do it just as He said and dont make any adjustmets without His guidance. Maybe he is doing something in your life that is unpleasant. If so, accept his will and allow Him to do what he knows is best. When we start trying to get out of the pain using our own means we are adjusting His plan as well.

     Gods plan for your life is perfect. You cant make it any better. But you can mess it up by going your own way and changing it. Trust Him, follow his plan to the letter. When you do you see that His plan truly is best.

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10:15 AM   [19 Nov 2015 | Thursday]

God Standing By You

 2 Timothy 4:16

     Paul was facing his final court trial. And he was alone. All of his friends had abandoned him. Yet God stood with him. Friend , God will do the same with us. When we are alone in this world God is with us. When we are in the midst of trial and temptaion God is their. And He is not just their doing nothing. He is strengthening us. He is empowering us through His Spirit that dwells within us. We may feel that we cant go on, that we have had all that we can take. Its then that Gods power enables us. its then that Gods Spirit gives us a second wind. Dont give up, you are not alone. Depend on Him to empower and comfort you. He will, He is right their with you!

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9:48 AM   [19 Nov 2015 | Thursday]

Church Vs. God

 Ezra 3:1-6


     Israel was in the process of rebuilding their city. If you notice in these verses they built the altar first and started making offerings on it according to the Law of Moses, before they built the actual building. They started worshipping God before they even built a place to worship Him in. Clearly worship of God was important to them. They placed a priority on it.

     Im afraid that today we do the opposite. Some place a greater importance on Church than God Himself. We can get so caught up in "doing" church that we forget God. We can get so ingrossed in programs, activities, and meetings that we forget the God we are supposed to be worshipping. I dont think this is done on purpose. I think we get so caught up in the needs, demands and responsibilities of the church that God slowly slips out of the picture.

     Thats not to say that e should neglect our churches, we shouldnt at all. We serve Jesus through our local churches. But we are wise to keep things in the right order. Its God first. Not a program or committee. If we are not carefull we can get out of balance. If the church becomes a greater focus than God to us it will become a burdon. But when we put God first and make our service a result of worshipping Him we will be energised for work in the church.

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10:35 AM   [05 Nov 2015 | Thursday]

Accepting Gods Will

 John 18:11

     Jesus accepted His Fathers will. The cup he speaks of here is the Fathers plan for Him, including the suffering that He was about to endure. He states His willingness to obey in the form of a question. He is in a sense saying "How could i not drink of the cup the Father has given me?"

     The idea of not obeying His father was unthinkable! Jesus accepted His Fathers will, even though it meant great physical,mental,emotional, and spiritual suffering.

     Are we that accepting of Gods will? Am i willing to accept that His will for my life may include suffering? That maybe His will for my life is not my will for my life? That His will for my my life may mean that some of my dreams arnt a part of his plan for me?

     Accepting Gods will for our lives is not easy. Its not easy because sometimes it hurts. Sometimes God permits, or allows things to happen that are not pleasant. We desperately may want to save our marraiage, but our spouse walks out anyway. A loved one loses their long battle against cancer. We lose the job that we have worked at for years. Many different things can happen in our lives that dont make sense. It doesnt make sense that the perfect and sinless Son of God would come to Earth and die for a bunch of ungrateful, rebellious people like us. But that was the Fathers will for Jesus, that was His plan for His Son.

     if we are going to accept Gods will for our lives we will have to trust Him. Trust that He knows best. trust that He loves us even when it appears to our human eyes that he doesnt. Trust that in the end there will be great blessing. We will need to depend on Him to strengthen us and enable us to accept His will. We will need to allow him to comfort us in the manner that He chooses to do it. You can rest assured that He will comfort you.

     Accepting His will is not easy. But when we do in faith we will see a great reward when His plan if finally revealed to us. And then we will be glad that we acceptes the Fathers will for our lives.

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10:51 AM   [04 Nov 2015 | Wednesday]

Accepting The Unacceptable

 2 Corinthians 11:1-4

     We live in a world today where the idea of "political correctness' has taken hold and watered down virtually everything. It seems as though if you dont agree with or accept everything or every idea that anyone puts forward you are considered closed minded, hateful, and ignorant. not only are we encouraged to accept things, we are expected to like them or agree with them. This is not freedom.

     The Apostle Paul spoke here of his fear that if the Corinthian believers were presented with a new "gospel" that conflicted with the real Gospel they would accept it. Thus watering the true Gospel of Jesus Christ down. Mixing the real with the untrue would result in a false Gospel that was in error. Paul did not want them to accept ideas that were not the truth. Anything but the true Gospel was unacceptable.

     These days Christians are in danger of accepting the unacceptable as well. We are in danger of accepting thoughts and ideas that we know do not align with Scripture. We are in danger of accepting the unacceptable so that we ourselves may be acceptable to others. Once we start doing that we start slowly drifting away from God. Our beliefs become a mix of what God says and what the world says.Our lives must be built around the word of God. It is the only real truth out there, regardless of what others may think or believe.

     It is not hateful to disagree with someone who puts forth ideas that are not scriptural. It is not closed minded to stand on Gods holy word. The wisdom of man pales in comparison to the bible. Yet, many times we allow it to replace the truth. We accept the unacceptable ideas.

     Gods word will stand, no matter what. It is the only solid belief system. And when somene tries to force us to believe the way the world believes we are to stand on Gods word. Let them call you what they will. What really matters is what God calls you...His child.

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