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10:48 AM   [29 Jan 2015 | Thursday]

When We Are Forsaken

 Psalm 27:10

     Its not easy when we are forsaken or forgotten. Sometimes the emotional scars from the experience can last a lifetime if we dont allow God to heal them. When a spouse leaves we feel forsaken. When our kids shut us out of their lives we feel forsaken. When you get the news that you are losing your job you can feel forsaken. We live in a world that is marred by sin. A world that is not always easy to live in. There are no guarantees that we will not be forsaken at some point by somone. Maybe even by someone that we care deeply about.

     But let us remember that God will never forsake us. In this verse of Psalm 27 the writer states that even when his mother and father forsake him, then God will take care of him. And the same holds true for us. When our spouse forsakes us, God will take care of us. When our children forsake us, God will take care of us. When our friends forsake us, God will take care of us. When our employers forsake us, God will take care of us.

     As i said , there are no guarantees that we wont be forsaken at some point. But we are guaranteed that when and if that happens God will be right there with us. There is never a point in time when God is not right there, present with us. When we are forsaken, God is there, ready and willing to take us up, and take care of us. Though the whole world may forsake us He will not.

     He will help us. His Spirit will empower us to make it through what we think we can never survive. He may aso provide other people in our lives to help us. There are no limits on what He will do to take care of us when we are forsaken.

     Do we know the future ? Of course not. But we do know this. Regardless of what may come, God will never forsake us and he will always be there for us, even when others let us down. And if we put our trust in Him he will take care of us in ways that we could have never imagined !

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11:15 AM   [28 Jan 2015 | Wednesday]

The Seriousness Of Doubt

2 Kings 7:1-20

     Doubting Gods word can be serious business. As we see in these verses from 2 Kings it can have dire consequences.

     Israel was in a terrible situation. A terrible famine was going on plus the Syrian army was neaby. Elisha the Prophet told the King that the Lord said that tomorrow food would be so plentiful that flour and barley would be sold extremely cheap at the gate of Samaria. Upon hearing this an officer of the king told Elisha that even if God opened the windows of Heaven how could this be ? In other words he doubted what God had said. He doubted what God had promised. So Elisha informed the officer that he would see the food but he would not eat any of it.

    Sure enough, God worked in an incredible way and provided food so plentious that flour and barley were sold cheap. And the officer that doubted was trampled and killed by the people at the gate. He saw the food but he never ate of it. Just as God had said.

     We are only human. Its hard for us to not doubt at times. But we also need to remember that Gods word is complete and total truth. If He says it then it will come to pass. Our doubt of His word may not have as terrible a consequence as the officers in this passage but it will have consequences none the less.

     We have no reason to doubt Gods faithfulness whatsoever. Its not easy to believe His word when our circumstances make its fulfillment look impossible, But this is all powerful, almighty God we are talking about. Nothing is impossible to Him. We dont have to know how he will do it all we have to know is that He will.

     Ask God to deliver you from the doubts that plague you. As Him to give you more faith and confidence in His word. As I said we are only human. But when we come to Him humbly, admitting our need in this area, He will answer our prayer and increase our faith, remove our doubt, and we will see Him do incredible things in our lives.

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11:08 AM   [27 Jan 2015 | Tuesday]

Double Minded

 James 1:5-8


     One of the problems with many believers today, me included, is the problem of being double minded. One moment we believe Gods word and the next we dont. In one situation we have real faith in Him and the next situation we falter and waver in doubt.

     We are only human of course. We all fail at times and have doubts at times. But God calls us to complete faith. A faith that does not fluctuate between doubt and faith. God calls us to believe Him, no matter what.

     Regardless of the "wind" that may try to toss us, we are to believe. The winds of circumstances can toss us about and cause us to doubt what He says if we let them. The winds of our own failures can cause us to doubt that He will keep His word to us. the winds of what others may say to us can cause us to lose faith in God if we listen.

     So how do we keep from wavering back and forth between doubt and belief ? First. we must settle in our hearts and minds once and for all that Gods word is absoloute truth, no matter what. His word, found in the Bible is truer than anything else that has ever existed or ever will exist. If He says it then it will come to pass, no exceptions. Second, we must take our eyes off the "wind" of our circumstances, the negative input of others, and our own unworthiness. If we focus on all these things doubt will overtake us and choke out our faith. Third, we must realize that God commands us to have faith, and not doubt. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by doubt we are disobeying God. And fourth, we must remember that God honors faith, not doubt. All through the Bible faith is honored. When Jesus went to His home town He could do no mighty works there because of their unbelief. What is your unbelief keeping Him from doing in your life ?

     Faith is not always easy. Sometimes we have to choose to believe God despite all that we see around us. Its not easy. but if we humble ourselves before God He will help us to walk in faith and not waver back and forth.

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10:39 AM   [26 Jan 2015 | Monday]

The Importance Of Our Self Talk

 Deuteronomy 7:16-26


     Many people dont realize how important what we think and say to ourselves is.But what we say to ourselves, our self talk, can mean success or failure. It can also mean whether we obey God or not. The truth is we can actually talk ourselves out of obeying God.

     There are many examples of it in the Bible. One of the best examples is Israel failing to go into the promised land. The nation of Israel talked themselves out of taking the promised land when they heard the report of the twelve spys. They decided that it was impossible, they couldnt do it, they must not even try it. They decided all this despite seeing all that God had done when He delivered them from Egyption bondage.

     When it comes to defeating the nations that occupied the promised land ,God warned them here in verse 17 not to think " How can i dispossess them ?". Or to think about how much greater than Israel they were. in stead they were not to be afraid and they were to remember what God did to Egypt.

     How does that apply to us ? What is your self talk when faced with a challenge ? Do you focus on how big the challenge is and tell yourself there is no way you can do it ? Or do you have faith and remember what God has done for you in the past ?

     God does not want us filling our hearts and minds with negative self talk. He does not want us rehearsing in our minds how we cant do it and how small we are. This can cause us to disobey Him. Instead He wants our focus to be on Him and His power. When we do this it is easier to obey Him because we are moving forward, trusting him. Israels negative self talk resulted in them wondering in the wilderness for forty years. What will your negative self talk result in ?


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