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12:33 PM   [31 Jul 2017 | Monday]

My Vessel

 10/22/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[The Lord] Timothy, why do you beseech The Lord your God? Do you not know I am with you? 

[Timothy] I need to know what you ask of me. I have much doubt in myself.

[The Lord] Oh you of little faith, how long must I suffer your doubt? Indeed I have asked of you many things, and will continue to do so; even much more will I require of you in the days to come, for the time is short, My son... Behold, I am transforming you for My purpose, recreating you anew, preparing you for the Day, making you ready for those things which are coming and for those things which I am about to do.
Yet I tell you, this must be done gradually, and you must be willing. For a gift bestowed upon the unwilling ceases from being a gift and quickly becomes a burden. Yet your heart is open to Me, your very heart’s desire I know. Your love for Me is great; and the love you have for your fellow man is great also, though you repress it and fear what is to come... Fear not, My son, for I am with you to deliver you; yes I, your beloved Savior, whom you called beautiful and precious, though you saw Me covered in the blood of your redemption. 
Indeed, everywhere you look you see beauty, recognizing the hand of your Father in Heaven. Even as a boy you aspired to be like Me. Yet as you grew older you gave into temptation, loving the pleasures of this world more than Me. Yet I never left you, having set you apart from the beginning... Search your heart, Timothy, and remember. For you have always known, indeed your calling was revealed to you even many years before the time, the day My works would be done through you.
Therefore, beloved one, give thanks and also remember: Whosoever I have cleansed is worthy of everything I have and shall give - Heal the sick? Yes, Timothy, it will be done. The casting out of demons? Yes, it will be done. Behold, you shall prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions; even I shall speak plainly with you. And by the power of My own spirit shall all these things be done through you... Through you shall the warning be given, through you shall the trumpet be blown, through you shall I make My plans known to this generation. For I am The Lord, and I do not change. For as it is written: The Lord God will do nothing, until He has revealed His plans to His servants, the prophets.

Timothy, you are My vessel, My prophet, a beacon,  
And bright will I shine through you until the day of My Coming... 

For like the twelve, you shall be a witness for My name, 
Testifying to the truth of who I am;
And as John, you shall prepare My way before Me... 

Again I say to you, fear not, for I will be with you; 
Behold, I shall go before you and dwell within you, 
And remain always your rearguard... 

You are never alone, says The Lord.

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12:18 PM   [31 Jul 2017 | Monday]

Wisdom Regarding Those Who Killed The Messiah, Who Is Called Christ

 10/16/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Those who say the Jews killed The Messiah speak rightly. For I know all the works of men, and in that day did I harden their hearts to accomplish My purpose. For in the days of Abraham, even unto Moses, did I establish My people as the chosen to give sacrifice for the cleansing of sin... Behold, I gave unto them My only begotten Son, The Lamb without spot or blemish, that all written by the prophets should be fulfilled in The Son of Man.
Yet to those who cry, “But the Romans crucified The Christ, not the Jews”, I say this: You lack understanding, and do not know that which was foretold by the prophets and written in the Scriptures of Truth. For the Romans did indeed crucify Him, and His blood is on their hands, even as it was on the hammer which drove the nails. Yet I ask you, are the Romans liken unto the hammer, or he who forged the hammer? Whose guilt is greater; he who holds the hammer, or he who had placed the hammer in his hand? Most assuredly, I say to you, both are guilty!... But woe to those who forged the hammer and placed it in his hand! Theirs is the greater sin! For they denied The Holy and Innocent One, reviling Him, and instead asked for the murderer to be set free!... THEY KILLED THE AUTHOR OF LIFE!

Yet those of greater wisdom know they too are guilty, for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God; all are guilty, there is none righteous, no, not one. And for this reason YahuShua The Messiah was sent to die for all men, thereby freeing mankind from the chains which held him captive, loosing him from the bonds which bound him to the punishment of sin, which is death.

So then as The Messiah was crucified, and died, and is risen, 
So too must you crucify your life of old...
Who you were must perish, along with your sinful ways,
Then shall you truly be born again...

Revived and restored in the image of God.

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11:50 AM   [31 Jul 2017 | Monday]

Worship with Gratitude His Birth, and Give Thanks for His Death and Resurrection

 10/7/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, what is your will for us regarding Christmas this year?

[Answer from God The Father] Timothy and Beloved, I tell you this: Let your hearts guide you, for on them have I written many things, and will continue to do so; yea, even greater things will I reveal to you in the days to come. Then shall you be changed, from that which is perishable to that which is imperishable, your innermost desire realized.
As for this holiday called Christmas, you must forsake it. Yet of Messiah’s birth, you may indeed honor it, for it was the beginning of your salvation; for where there was once only darkness, behold, a great light has appeared!... Therefore blessed are those who worship with gratitude, giving thanks for the birth of My Son; even more blessed are those who worship and give thanks for His death and resurrection.

Yet woe to those who associate the name of The Son of God with sin! 
Woe to those who honor pagan customs and revel in filthy traditions!...

Woe to all who celebrate this holiday called Christmas, 
This season of so-called giving is detestable in My sight!...


Woe to all who ignore My warnings and break My Commandments! YOU ARE ALL SLAVES! You have made mammon your master, and materialism your close friend! You have no love for God in your hearts; behold, from you My spirit is far removed! I tell you the truth, the day is coming and is already here, when the quality of each man’s work shall be tried, and the faith of every self-proclaimed believer shall be tested; for the Day of The Lord shall surely declare it!
Know you not, that to imitate The Messiah is righteousness?! My people, you were to walk in His ways! Yet you, who call of yourselves Christian, have made of Him a mockery! Thus you have brought shame upon yourselves! How long shall you cleave to the harlot?! How long shall you walk in her ways?!... My people, come out of her, and touch no more the unclean thing! For I tell you the truth, to replace Christ, or to associate His name with sin, is to partake in that which is called antichrist! And to honor The Messiah with pagan customs and filthy traditions is to take the name of The Lord in vain!... DESECRATION!

I know many in this world celebrate this holiday in ignorance of its origins, 
Yet it remains an abomination in the eyes of The Most High God...

Therefore, woe to those who willfully walk in ignorance!... 

And woe, even three times woe, to those who knowingly place 
Their stamp of approval on these things, doing so in My name!   
Yours shall be a most bitter place, your discipline most severe!...

Woe to all who knowingly lead others into rebellion against The Lord,
For the mouth of Sheol is open, and ready to receive you! Says The Lord.

Beloved ones, worship Me as I am and not as you would have Me be! Obey My voice! Depart from every form of evil and tear down every whitewashed wall of abomination! Churches of men, stop twisting the Scriptures for the sake of evil gain; be separate from this world and those things which satan delights in!... Again, I say, be separate and come out from among them, and repent, return to Me, and in the day I stretch out My hand against the inhabitants of the earth, you shall surely be gone from this place.

So then, My beloved servants, share your gifts; lift up the poor and help the needy, give drink to the thirsty and feed the hungry, share My love and wash each other’s feet. Yet no longer be a friend of this world, and no more walk in the ways of the churches of men, nor be like those around you; for they have not known Me.

Be set apart!... 

Rejoice in The Lord your God, and give thanks;
Honor The Son, in spirit and in truth, 
And walk closely in His example...
Testify of Him, from His birth to His passion; 
Glorify His name in all the earth!...

For this is the true gift.


Question asked by Timothy: Lord, what do you say about the modern Christmas?

[Answer from God The Father] Though you ask of Me once again, Timothy, concerning this holiday which I hate, this season which the people in your land, even in many lands, mistakenly refer to as Christmas, I say to you, I will not press down upon you the many cups filled to overflowing with My indignation. For you haven’t the paper or strength of hand to write it. I am The Lord.

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12:47 PM   [30 Jul 2017 | Sunday]

Give Praise and Worship to The Son, For He Is The Way to The Father; Honor Him Who Is Sent by The Father, This Honors The Father


10/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Jehovah’s Witness, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear 

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, is it right to worship Jesus? Or do we worship God alone?

Thus says The Lord YahuShua, whom you call Jesus: It is written in your tongue, worship Jehovah God and God only. It has been written also, that God has sent His only Son to be unto men the New Covenant... The Way, The Truth, The Life.So I tell you a mystery: The Lord God is of Me, and I of Him; We are one, yet two, The Father and The Son. 
To not worship The Son is to say I am not of The Father. So then, if what you say is true and I am not of God, then worship Me not. But if you know and believe that I am, then worship Me, and it shall be credited to you as righteousness. No one can get to The Father except through The Son. If you praise and worship Me, so do you The Father; I am of The Father. If you worship The Father and not Me, then you have not worshiped The Father; your worship is in vain.

The Father has ordained Me as The Way;
Therefore, if you do not take The Way, where will you be?...

Again, I say to you, I am of The Father and He is of Me...

Therefore worship Me, and you have Me and The Father also;
Worship Me not, and you have neither The Father nor The Son.

Thus says The Lord God, to the one who endeavors to be a witness for My name: Worship Me and The Son also. Do not worship The Son, and this I will hold against you as insult. For I have made The Son to be over all, and in all shall He be. Not to worship Him is to deny that HE IS WHO HE IS, Immanu El; and to deny The Son is to deny The Lord your God. So then must I also deny you at the gates, for I do not know you. You are of hypocrisy, you stand divided against yourself, as you have divided The Son from The Father... Do not separate what can not be divided! To know The Son is to know The Father! Repent, therefore, and I will not blot you from My Book!


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7:05 AM   [30 Jul 2017 | Sunday]

The Bride of Christ and the Wedding Supper

 10/7/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, will we still be married during the millennial kingdom?

[Answer from God The Father] Concerning those things of the kingdom to come, know this: Those resurrected will not be given in marriage, for they are the Bride of The Messiah, who is called Christ, and will be married to Him, forevermore; those in Messiah who are still living will also be invited to the wedding, and be given gowns of white. So then, all who abide in Messiah will be joined with The Messiah. And all those not invited will be forever separated, cast out; neither will they be allowed to come to the wedding supper.
As for you and your wife, you are both joined to each other, a bond which may never be undone. Also are you joined to The Son, and will serve Him as one yet still two. I tell you this: You both shall be living at The Son’s return, therefore you will not take part in the first resurrection... You shall be caught up! One caught up to My bosom, held fast in safety for one week in The Lord; the other caught up and replanted, a worker in the fields of the second harvest. I am The Lord.

Thus those still living and married shall remain so;
And those dead, yet made alive again, will not marry...

Let this be a mystery to you, and so will it remain,
Until all things are revealed to the chosen...

Live by faith, until your reward comes.

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5:47 AM   [30 Jul 2017 | Sunday]

Honor Not the Day of the Dead... Honor God

10/6/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, is celebrating Halloween OK?

[Answer from God The Father] In regards to the day in which your land celebrates the Day of the Dead, those who hear not, speak not, think not, nor pray, for all their thoughts have perished with them, I say this: To honor this day is to honor nothing, and is contemptible. And to honor death and darkness is to cast your lot with satan; it is to partake in the works of demons... I am The Light and The Life! Honor Me! 
So again, I say to you, do not do it! In no way make for yourself images of the dead. Do not buy or sell such things, nor decorate your house; carve no image, nor adorn yourself or your children with these symbols. Rather, celebrate autumn and its splendor, and give thanks... Offer up praises to The Lord your God, for all creation declares My name! 
Beloved, I created autumn so all may partake of My brushstrokes, and know I am God, and give Me glory. For My splendor is written in the leaves of the trees; it is carried upon the wind, as it moves through the tall grasses; it soars high above on the wings of eagles, yet remains as near as the fragile flower at your feet... Behold, everywhere you look the hand of God is clearly seen! 

Therefore, be separate from the world and its evil ways; 
Stand apart from the corrupt traditions of men,
And delight no more in those things I hate...

For as it is written:
The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; 
And he who watches his step preserves his life[1]... 

Says The Lord.

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12:11 PM   [29 Jul 2017 | Saturday]

The Man of Perdition

 9/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This I say to you, concerning the beast: Only now has the time come, where man has made it possible for the one called sin, evil and deceit, the one full of much lying and abominable ways, to rule. For by man’s works has he now made it possible for the likes of this evil to gain control, even to accomplish all he has conceived of to do. In no time past were there such devices of men by which he could rule in this manner, or chains such as these for him to shackle as many as he will, or the means by which he can devour as many as he will. 
Behold, now is the time for him to cast his net over the whole world, and who can escape? For his eye will reach far and wide, his commands carried out on a whim. Now is the time, in which he can use the works of men for his evil purpose. Even from the heavens can he watch over his evil flock, and from the heavens can he destroy all those who oppose him, with fire, brimstone and fervent heat. Even now does he watch and lie in wait for his due time, as the lion waits in the tall grass for the moment, the opportune moment, to pounce and devour his prey. 
He has already begun to mark his people, and eagerly do they go... To death do they go! He is a cunning one, this evil one, for he will also come upon the world as a thief and a savior of men, but he will lead them, coax them and deceive them... And unto death will they go! And all who will follow him and take his mark will worship him, saying, “Who is like this man? And who knows what he knows? And who can stand against him?! Who?! He is the one whom all have waited for. He will bring peace and prosperity to the nations.” Many in that day will make a covenant with him, a covenant built upon the sand, the sands of false hope and great iniquity. They will rejoice in him, until the day his true faces are revealed. Yet few will take notice, barely turning the head, for they have all become adopted children of perdition.

In that day, they will be so far stuck
In the mire of their sin and adultery, 

With their hearts hardened, 
Their eyes accustomed to darkness 
And their ears attuned to evil, 

That they will be unable to flee 
From that which is about to overtake them...

Then swift destruction will I pour out upon them, 
With no respite, nor hope of salvation or escape,
For their choice is made... 

Goats branded for the slaughter...

Vessels meet for destruction...


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10:42 AM   [29 Jul 2017 | Saturday]

Chosen by God

 8/31/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: The years draw short, Timothy, and shortly all things shall come to pass. Many things you must overcome in the years ahead, many things will I show you, many things will I teach you. And though you feel weak and helpless, as a young child struggling to gain his feet, I will strengthen you, for I am with you.

I am your God... 

And you are one of My chosen sons of the Gentiles, 
For the Gentiles, living in their midst... 

Grafted into The Vine, of the branch of Levi, 
Adopted son of Abraham[1].

Now go, and do those things which you feel are necessary for your family. I will be with you. You have asked, and so I will provide you with all you need, but remember this: All these things which grab your attention today matter little, for the day is coming quickly when you will be unable to recall them. Therefore be steadfast, My son, strengthen your faith, and I shall make you an immovable stone for My name, says The Lord.

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12:46 PM   [28 Jul 2017 | Friday]

Timothy's Duties During the Tribulation to Come

 8/1/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: The Lord God has spoken to you many times, yet you have not listened. Therefore hear, and also understand: Chosen are you of men, and of men have I chosen you. Though you doubt, this fact does not change, for even whatsoever I think comes to pass. 
You shall bring My people together in the time of trouble, sheltering them, caring for them, preaching My Word to them, delivering them by the power of My spirit in you. Timothy, you shall lead them and guide them, until the Day of Messiah’s coming.

[Timothy] How can this be? I am but a common man who has committed much sin, I am not worthy.

[The Lord] My son, assuredly I say to you, as the moon rises so shall you rise to the occasion, overcoming every challenge I set before you. For your strength is in The Lord; The Holy One is with you. You can not fail, for I am your rearguard; and My angels go before you. The Word of God shall be in your mouth, and in your mouth will I put My words, says The Lord who speaks to you.

[Timothy] But only You, Jesus, can fight evil with the sound of Your mouth. I am but a man of no consequence.

Thus says The Lord YahuShua to His well-beloved: If I put the words in your mouth and cause you to speak them, are not the words I have given you the words of The Father? And do they not carry the power to accomplish His will? Did He not give unto Moses a staff through which His power was shown? Has He not made you that much better than a man’s walking stick?

[Timothy] So my dreams of the end days are true? The people in black, I defeat them through Your Word? Or is it symbolic?

[The Lord] Timothy, the men in black in your dreams represent those things over which you yet stumble, as well as your fears and doubts, all of which shall be overcome by placing your trust in Me. Do not fear, Timothy, for they also represent actual evil in the world, which you will overcome with the Word of God. In that day, I will sanctify you and anoint your head with oil, and you will become a witness for My name.
Again I say to you, do not be afraid, but trust in the foreknowledge I have given you. For you have known these things your whole life, but did not accept them. From the beginning did I choose you; before you came forth from your mother’s womb did I set you apart for My purpose. Did you not recognize the signs? On the day of your birth, two signs were given to your mother: One, a dream of a bright star among many lesser stars; and also a visit from the angel, Gabriel, unto which it was appointed to reveal the name chosen for you by God, the name, Timothy... Which you know its meaning, and honor Him you will, says The Lord your Redeemer.

[Timothy] How do I know if I write these words or You? I fear they are delusions of grandeur.

Thus says The Lord: Why would a man write of himself his two biggest fears, yea three biggest fears?... That of public speaking, even more so, that of publicly speaking My Word; also, that of fighting evil, even fighting man to man do you abhor; and most of all, being separated from your wife and family. I know the depths of your love for them, only surpassed by your love for Me... Why write about yourself those things you most fear and abhor?

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11:52 AM   [28 Jul 2017 | Friday]

Timothy's Calling

5/12/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear 

[The Lord] 
Timothy, listen as I speak. The time draws near when you must speak to those around you My word, the Word of God. You shall bring many to Messiah, who is called Christ. Many will also come against you and stone you with the words of their mouths.

How do I speak what I don’t know?

[The Lord] 
On that day I will give you the words, for your mouth is not your own, but My mouth; and your mind, not your mind, but what I have given you.

What should I do?

[The Lord] 
Until then, you must devour My Word day and night, as a starving man devours bread.

When is this day?

[The Lord] 
This you can not know, until this day has come upon you.

I’m scared; I fear speaking in front of people.

[The Lord] 
Were you not scared before the races of your youth? Did you not prepare day and night, for many nights? Was your race not won, and your fears unfounded? Is not the task I have set before you many times more important, many times more rewarding?

What if people try to hurt me?

[The Lord] 
Do not fret, for The Lord’s hand is upon you, no harm will come to you, nor shall evil overcome you, for I am The Power and The Glory.

Are there others like me?

[The Lord] 
Many have I called as I have called you. 

Therefore, do not share these words with others until the time appointed, but write them down and share them with your wife only. For she has been your strength in your time of need, and she will aid you in making your path straight. For I have laid it before you, but you must take it, and I will provide the way.

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