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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:01 PM   [23 Dec 2013 | Monday]

Christian Banners illegal

Kountze, Texas High School cheerleaders painted Christian verses on the run through banners used at the start of football games. This very normal expression of free speech received an objection from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  The immediate reaction from the school superintendent was to ban the Bible verses. For this action, i would be pleased to nominate him for the rubber backbone award.

The Liberty Institue, a Plano, Texas firm filed suit against the School District. They represented the cheerleaders and their parents. As a result a restraining order was issued allowing the cheerleaders to continue using scripture on their banners. The Attorney General for the state of Texas got involved and the governor as well. A Houston judge ruled that Bible verses are OK on their banners.

A facebook page started in support of the cheerleaders went from 16.000 to over 45,000  supporters

Even though this bagan in 2012, it is a reminder that we must always stand up and be counted. I will call the High School and wish the cheerleaders well. The contact information for the school  is shown below.

Kountze High Schoolol , 1498 FM 1293 Road Kountze, Texas 77625  409-246-3474


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11:58 AM   [18 Dec 2013 | Wednesday]

Nativity Scene Objections

Pastor Steve Estup of the Grace Church of the Nazarene has presented a Nativity Scene in Clarksville, Tn on many previous years. This year the city received an objection from the ACLU.

The letter made a reference to Separation of Church and State. Many such misguided individuals refer to the Constitution as a reference for separation. This is no such reference in the Constitution.

That idea goes back to a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1805. He said there should not be a state sponsored religion because that would interfere with the individuals right to choose. We have a right to believe as we desire holding to our beliefs. he never intended his letter to be used as a hammer to smother Christianity.

I called Grace Church of the Nazarene and left a message of compliment for standing up for their Nativity Scene. It would be better to say the Nativity Scene belongs to Jesus just like everything else.

The church phone number is  931-647-7768

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12:07 PM   [16 Dec 2013 | Monday]

Take down Natavity Scene

The Freedom from Religion Foundation  Foundation sent a letter to mayor Linda Cain in Chipley, Florida and demanded they take down their Nativity Scene.  The Mayor said no and the residents still get to enjoy it. After the letter was received, the city put up a decorated tree next to the natifity. We have given away far too much of our Christian Freedoms by doing nothing. It time we stood up.

The phone number at the Chipley, Florida city hall is 850-638-6350. I called this morning and left a message for Mayor Linda Cain.  Good job. Thanks for standing up to the enemy.

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12:10 PM   [09 Dec 2013 | Monday]

Dr. Patrick Angelo

Dr. Patrick Angelo has considered himself to be blessed by his family and work. he wanted to give back to others so for about 12 years, he has been delivering coffee, sandwiches and personal items to homeless people on lower Wacker Drive in Chicago. One of his patients told the Chicago Tribune about this and a reporter accompanied Dr. Angelo on one of his 15 stop visits.

He does not represent any Church but in a larger sense, he represents us all.

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12:58 PM   [07 Dec 2013 | Saturday]

Pastor Murdered

Rev.Will Petty was in charge of five small Parish Churches in rural Tennessee. His work was cut short by his murder with his body being found on his property.

On Sept. 222,1999 two males were arrested  for the crime. To my surprise,they were released on $375,000 bond. This wasn't much of a legal proceeding. Rev Petty stood up for Jesus. it will hopefully easier for us to stand up too.

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12:30 PM   [07 Dec 2013 | Saturday]

Pastor killed at home

Pasor David Stong was at home when two men called on him. They came to rob  and ended up killing him instead. Pastor  Strong knew both men and apparently thought they needed counsel.

The details are again better not being repeated. We need God's presence everywhere, perhps even more in our legal system.

Pasor Strong served his congregation in Chatanooga, Tn until Oct. 2010

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7:28 AM   [01 Dec 2013 | Sunday]

Christian Basics

Christianity has reference to the principal of right and wrong, It is the foundation of those morals and manners upon which our society is founded: ....Remove this and they will fall..Morality has grown upon the basis of Christianity.

If this statement were uttered by a Supreme Court today,the press would rise in loud objection. These words came from the Supreme Court of South Carolina in 1846 so this represented a popular point of view. We need to stand up and let people know this will once again be a Christian country.

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