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Age: 53 Years

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9:24 AM   [29 Sep 2013 | Sunday]

Healing 3

 I wrote this for my facebook page "Glorifying God with testimonies of Healing" check it out!His Presence is essential, so I must have His Peace, Joy and carrying His Presence. This means a personal and deep relationship with Him(a lifelong process). So if you're just starting to develop this, awesome, no worries, we are to step into His Kingdom, by doing Kingdom Work! Worship, Intimate Time, and time spent studying His Word, all draw His presence upon us. Before praying for the sick, I evaluate myself do I feel His Joy (ie..I myself must not be in a state of fear, stress, or any negative emotion, if I am, I take a few minutes of prayer asking Him for His Perfect Peace and Joy! Once His Joy is in me again, time to continue), I am responsible for being yielded to His Holy Spirit, so the atmosphere around me changes. The person that I'm going to pray for, is normally in great pain, fear and in many cases may have misinformation on His Will for healing. His Presence changes everything! 

Caution! This is not a weirded out condition (outwardly), that sends people running for the bushs. Nor is it arrogance. I don't change the atmosphere He does! This is a yielded life-style to serve Him!

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8:07 AM   [29 Sep 2013 | Sunday]

Healing for Now!

 Sickness and disease has become an accepted part of life and is "normal"! I dispute this, and in fact rebuke this line of thought. As my health was declining and the doctors started mentioning Lou Gherig's disease (ALS), against my wife's advice and wishes, I jumped online and started reading about this disease. I joined an online community where there were others afflicted with this. I am not speaking against communities like this,this overall was a good experience I met many people full of faith, that spiritually helped me! But as my knowledge about the disease grew, I began to predict what was going to happen next. Through my words I was accepting the disease. Unknowingly, I was accepting it. So innocently, I was double-minded, I was seeking healing, believed in healing, had faith for healing, but at the same time speaking death! A double-minded man shall recieve nothing! In contrast, today if something starts to happen health-wise I condemn it, speak against it and turn to Jesus. My focus today isn't on any symptom it's on Jesus. I command it to go away and as a follower of Jesus, I know it has to. It isn't fake it till you make it, it is a deep trust In Jesus and His Finished work that I know it doesn't stand a chance. Same thing when I pray for a sick person, I know that when I command a disease away, it has to go. If it doesn't then I don't blame God, I look to Him for a revelation as to why that person wasn't healed. I do not blame the sick person, or myself......I seek the answer! I will however ensure that the person does have the correct information on God's view on Healing. We simply have to develop a lifestyle that is Holy Spirit reliant. I rely and trust In Him. Back to accepting disease, we are surrounded by a world, that is focused on medicine and tests to detect sickness. Commercials that say have this test, have that test. We do these things out of Fear, Perfect Love casts out all fear. His Perfect Love for us, not our perfect love (cause our love isn't perfect) for Him! There is no second hand healing whether it is a miracle healing or a healing from a doctor it is from God. Take your medicine, have the needed tests, but Look to Jesus first and then secondarily do as the doctors recommend. Example, a woman was diagnosed with lymphonic cancer, I prayed over her on numerous occasions, surgery was scheduled, the day before the surgery she called me and I prayed for her again. The swelling went away she said I'm healed praise Jesus! She went through with the surgery, the surgeon found a perfectly healthy cancer free lymphnoid. Praise the Lord! They were confounded all tests had showed (including a biospy) cancer. I guarantee that her circumstance planted a seed in the doctors heart and either encouraged them in their faith or will change their heart so that they become true followers of Jesus! Speak health (life), not sickness and death. Seek His Presence and Recognize Him!

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12:34 PM   [28 Sep 2013 | Saturday]


  Keep in mind that with limited space the information I'm posting is very small. There is so much more!
Let's start with who does The Father want healed? 
I struggled with this myself, while I was paralyzed. Full of faith when diagnosed with Lou Gherig's disease, I told the Dr and nurses that The Lord would heal me (LOL there is power in our words!!!). Yet, when a period of time elasped, the faith was still there but was joined by unbelief (because I would recieve prayer and no progress was apparent). I got to the point where I thought that this was my thorn in my side, and God had decided not to heal me. I would no longer go before the elders and ask for prayer. I accepted my sentence of death and even longed for it. STOP!!!!!! So where was my thinking wrong? 1) Firstly, I was believing for a healing, but speaking death and sickness (being double-minded a double minded man shall recieve nothing). Ever hear the phrase "I'm catching a cold" that is being double-minded. I remember a man would come up to me at church and say you're looking stronger, Tony. My thought would be no I'm not, yesterday I could move two fingers on each hand, today I can't (double-minded). 

2) I thought that The Father had "allowed", this to happen. After all, God is sovereign, He controls everything. Step out into traffic, is the result God's Will or your bad decision? All good gifts are from the Father all evil is from the devil, period! If getting a disease is God's Will, why go to a doctor? That would be going against HIS Will, and then that is sin. God is using the disease to teach me a lesson/ for HIS Glory. Does a earthly father, shove his son into traffic to teach him to look both ways before crossing the street?

3) Now isn't the time God has determined for my healing/ when God says it's your time to go, it's your time to go! Short answer: With God their is no variation nor shadow of turning. Did the Father send a disease to kill Moses? No. Who is out to seek, kill and destroy......the devil not God. 

Tommorrow I will deal more with this topic. Suffice it to say that Jesus is perfect theolgy not our "wisdom of men". Jesus is our example of The Father's Will. He stated that I do only what I see My Father doing (paraphrasing). Also, if you have seen me, you've seen My Father. So Jesus only did what the Father's will is. Then show me where Jesus did not heal someone (he did refuse to heal a woman's daughter, then healed her anyway.) Where did Jesus say today isn't your time to be healed......come back next week. Where did Jesus send a storm? Or a person wasn't a good enough person to heal? Did Jesus make anyone sick or sent them a disease? Jesus is the same yesterday, today and always. His time for healing is always now!

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