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5:06 AM   [27 Mar 2020 | Friday]

Things you know when find a unicorn during Coronavirus disease

 A unicorn is a person who in most cases is a woman who joins a couple for a threesome sex experience. Threesome is a type of sex that has gained popularity nowadays. With the world struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, it has led to a standstill of almost everything across the world, with some countries like Italy announcing a total lockdown after experiencing increased deaths.  It is for this matter that it calls to total care and responsibility of each of us to stop the spread of this deadly virus. We have things that you should know if you find a unicorn during the coronavirus disease outbreak. These are things that must be clear to both that couple looking for unicorn. Below are some of the facts you need to know

Coronavirus is not airborne

If you find a unicorn during this corona pandemic, you can still have a good time together talking about your feature plans when the coronavirus is over. For the fact that it is not airborne, you can keep enough distance from each other they are recommended. 1.5M apart. You should not take chances because the rate at which this virus transmits from one person to another is alarming. 

No kissing

Kissing has been cited as the major way if transmission for coronavirus, when you meet a unicorn who has probably traveled or mingled with affected people, and you proceed to kiss, you will definitely contract the deadly coronavirus. Kissing should not be allowed at all because you cannot ascertain if the couple or the unicorn is infected.

Avoid any close contact

This means not shaking hands, hugging, and even having sex for that matter. The effects of this virus are severe and can lead to deaths, especially for the elderly. You should not ignore this advice at the expense of sex pleasure. If you want to find a unicorn to chat, will give the chance to look for unicorn woman for threesome.



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4:38 AM   [27 Mar 2020 | Friday]

You need to know before finding a man for couples

 Men think that couples seeking men who drives a nice car, has a great job, and makes a ton of money. Well, yes and no. Those are all qualities that are nice, but when it comes down to it, what couples want in a man is very simple.


Most of what couples want has little to do with what a man owns, but rather with characteristics a man possesses. That shiny new car or those bulging biceps are what men think couples want, but those really are not that important to a woman of high quality. While these may vary from woman to woman, there are some basic traits that most couples look for.


The first thing couples want is a man with confidence -- a man who is comfortable in his own skin. When a man exudes confidence, it makes him almost unbearably attractive. He reeks charisma and attraction. Men and couples are naturally, biologically drawn to others who exude confidence. What couples want is to not feel like they are going to be constantly put in the position of reassuring the man in their life. They need this man to be confident and independent in his own right.


What couples want is also a man who makes them laugh. Over and over again, I have heard how this ability to make a woman laugh has contributed to the longevity of a marriage. Besides, when you are laughing, you are having fun. Laughter gets those good endorphins flying, and the whole world seems better.


And when it comes right down to it, what couples really want in a man is loyalty. couples are biologically programmed to seek a mate on who will take care of them, even if, in reality, they don't need caring for. They want someone who isn't going to have a wandering eye and who will think they are the best thing since sliced bread. What couples want is a man who could attract other couples, but has decided that he only has eyes for them. They want to feel like the sexiest woman in the room. They want to feel secure in their man's love and loyalty for them.


Some couples look for a man who is wealthy. It is true that money does play a part in what couples want. But don't knock those couples. Here again, they are biologically programmed to find someone to care for them, to take care of them. But I don't think this means that couples want the man to be ultra-rich, rather what couples want is for him to be able to provide  to more or less not be a slacker.

So what couples want from men is someone who is confident, makes them laugh, is loyal, and can provide for a family. These qualities are possessed by all men. Naturally, it is just a matter of the man allowing himself to express these qualities to the prospective couples in his life. Attracting couples is more about who you are than what you own or what you look like.



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2:23 AM   [01 Mar 2020 | Sunday]

6 Steps to Selecting a Wedding Photographer

 You would like your wedding photographer to recapture everything which makes every day special, to capture you at your absolute best, to provide photographs that live up to your expectations. Listed below are 10 methods for selecting wedding photography as you are able to live with during your new life together.

A respected wedding photographer must have an actual location. A physical location where you could see them if you want them and where you are able to meet together safely is important. Brick and mortar wedding photography studios build trust within the community and with their clients. If your wedding photographer does not need an area address (not a PO Box) that they will tell you, it's reasonable to not original site. They may work out of their property, but do you know where that's? A real office or studio is paramount to them being trustworthy. Could be you be willing to really have a random stranger come to your dwelling, or for you to go to their house? It's safer and more reliable to choose a wedding photographer with a studio or office you are able to visit and where you are able to find your photographer.
Your wedding photographer should really be knowledgeable and helpful. They need to offer suggestions about options you have for different things, provide suggestions about scheduling and setup, be high in ideas, and prepare yourself to produce your day and your planning easier. A great photographer is big on planning. Your photographer should use you before an engagement session to choose clothing and location. Your wedding photography should really be scheduled as part of your entire day rather than as an afterthought. Photography doesn't need to be inconvenient - it can be a fun and integral part of your day.
Your wedding photography studio ought to be insured and licensed as a legal business. Many venues actually require insurance from vendors working there. Camera equipment is expensive and you need to ensure your photographer is fully insured by a trustworthy insurance company to be sure you are protected. Many photographers are simply individuals with cameras and maybe a slick website. Make sure your photographer is backed by way of a legal, legitimate business.
Your wedding photographer must have backup equipment and a copy plan. Mandatory: Cameras with two slots for memory cards which can be written to simultaneously in the event one card fails, backup cameras and lenses, a data backup plan including offsite backups, and a disaster plan. Protect your investment. If your photographer only has one camera, it's not enough.
Multiple photographers along with your package are much much better than having just one. Your wedding photographer must have multiple photographers on staff just in case someone get sick or God forbid injured. A lone photographer can not be in enough places simultaneously to possibly cover a marriage day adequately. For several but the littlest weddings, your wedding photographer must have at least a photographer and assistant/second shooter. Anything less and you will undoubtedly be missing out on important moments, angles, and opportunities.
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