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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:07 PM   [31 Oct 2011 | Monday]

Blog 36: Which Choice...

           We all make choices, some good some bad. This blog could be called a sequel of blog 24, except this one isn't about your sin affecting you, or other's sin affecting you, it's about your aim affecting others. I watched a movie Saturday, “Nine Dead," which has the actress who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch a few years ago. It's about this group of people who are kidnapped, & locked away.

            The guy gives those 10 min to figure out how they're all connected, or he kills one of them, & then he does it again & again until they figure it out. I can say without revealing much, that all of them made a choice that caused something bad to happen to someone else. Most of us know Adam & Eve's story. They ate the fruit of the knowledge of good & evil & introduced sin to the world.
    That has a similar theme. They made a bad choice that affected more people then just themselves. Our choices can affect us & others. We sow what we reap, so watch what you reap, because the consequences can be far worse then anything we could have imagined.
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12:59 PM   [24 Oct 2011 | Monday]

Blog 35: Proverbs Chpt 4

                Proverbs 4 has the same basic lesson as 1, 2, & 3, so I won’t go into alot of depth over it. So I’ll just draw out the things that stuck out to me.

                Verses 1, 5, & 7 all mention developing good judgment. Judgment, at least in modern English, has several different meanings. When I hear judging I think of people judging others & thinking they’re better than them for the others faults. But here it’s talking about developing good decision making skills.

                Verse 15 says,”Don’t even think about it; don’t go that way. Turn away & keep moving.” (NLV). It’s telling us to “turn away” from sin. & sometimes we need to run from sin, like Joseph, to get away from it. & sometimes we need to run metaphorically, & sometimes like Joseph we need to actually run from sin to get away from it.

                & the final thing that stuck out to me is something that’s very prevalent in the modern world, at least where I live. Bad language. Verse 24 says that we should ,”…stay away from corrupt speech.” In other words, don’t be a potty mouth.

P.S. My nest blog will not be over a chapter of Proverbs, & it will be posted in the Life category.

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12:53 PM   [13 Oct 2011 | Thursday]

Blog 34; Proverbs Chpt 3

                Proverbs 3 has the same basic lessons as 1&2, but there are some 
differences in them. So we'll go unto the usual 3 lesson format, but 
explain the differences. 1)Verses 1-26, is listen to GOD. But it goes 
into some more detail. Dont forget his teachings(3:1), what values we 
should keep(3:3), & to be humble in our own knowledge & wisdom. It 
says to honor GOD with our money(3:9), which is tithing, & to listen 
to him when he disciplines & corrects us(3:11-12). It says the
the value of wisdom(3:14-20), & to keep wisdom with you(3:21), & what 
that does for us(3:21-26). 

              2)Verses 27-31, is a warning against sin, 
but instead of joining the sins of others, it's a warning against our 
own sin. A warning against our short falls of GOD.

                 3)Verses 31-35, is 
the benefits of following GOD, but it talks about mockery(3:34). It 
says "The wise inherit honor, but fools are put to shame."(3:35). It 
is important to notice in both verses that humans don't do
this, but GOD does. He gives those who listen peace(1:33), heaven
(2:21), & honor(3:35). But he doesn't give peace to the wicked, but 
death(1:32), Hell(2:22), & shame(3:35). He takes from the wicked, but 
he gives to those who listen to him, & his commands.

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12:19 PM   [10 Oct 2011 | Monday]

Blog 33: Proverbs Chpt 2

Proverbs 2 is one big chunk,no headings seperateing verses, like other chpt's in the bible. But it can be seperated into 3, seperate lessons.The same 3 as Proverbs 1. 1) Verses 1-12, listen to GOD's wisdom. 2) Don't sin with others. & 3) you guessed it,the benefits of listening to GOD. But 22 also makes a reference to Heaven & Hell. The sinners will not be in the kingdom&we will. The leasson repeats, listen to GOD. He wants us to understand him & his love, but first we have to listen.

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