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   [31 May 2011 | Tuesday]

The Hissing of the Snake

Pastor Gary’s Blog

May 31, 2011


Have you ever had the devil whisper to your mind that from all outward circumstances you were crazy for believing in this thing called “faith”? Most, if not all of us like to operate in the realm where we know what is going to happen, can anticipate what is going to happen, are comfortable with what is happening, can handle what is happening, or we have the confidence within ourselves that we can make things happen. You know that none of that is faith. Yet, so often that is where I find myself. And perhaps you do as well. We have yet to form those eyes within our inner person that can see into the invisible and believe for the impossible.


I retired to my bed last evening and as my wife lay beside me I told her that I could sense fear and worry trying to overload me. Amazingly after talking for a few minutes I turned over and had a good night sleep. Yet, I feel those same arrows pointed my direction this morning trying to find their target inside my life. You and I are not the first for this to happen to, nor will we ever be the last. Ever since the Garden of Eden the devil himself has been trying to persuade people that God cannot be trusted and He will never come through with His promises. But, you and I know differently. Yet, still it is a battle.


I know if I am in a fight today for my faith, undoubtedly many of you are as well. We are all being stretched. It feels as though we are walking on a tight-rope and below is a den full of poisonous snakes and there is no safety net below.  


Years ago while in the San Angelo, Texas area I met some guys who were part of the rattlesnake roundup that is held every year in that area of the country. Now personally I think those guys are nuts, but never-the-less to them it is a sport and they tell me that cooked rattlesnake is good to eat. Probably tastes like chicken. Everything else does you know (lol). While visiting with some of those men I was curious in how they trapped the snakes. One man in particular stated that he takes a propane bottle, attaches a long cooper tube to the tank then running the tube to the back of a rattlesnake den turns the propane on and it gases the snakes. When they crawl out of their den they are dazed enough so that they can be captured and placed in a container to then be delivered to the roundup. Be assured I will take the man’s word on how he accomplishes his crazy feat and will not try to see if it really works. The only good snake I am aware of is a dead snake. I honestly don’t want to get close enough to see if one is dazed or not. But, I got to meditating on what the guy told me. Here is what I sense in my spirit God speaking to me.


First of all, the den of snakes is a den of worry, fear, lack, anxiety, stress, panic, cold sweats. You and I are close enough to the den to hear the hissing and the rattles shaking. The propane represents the word of God. Lying at the door of the snake den the gentleman who is instrumental in his sport has to have nerves of steel as he begins the process of capturing the snakes as they crawl out of their den.


For some of us we are going to have to develop nerves of steel and a backbone that refuses to bend at circumstances that stand in our pathway. At the entrance of the snake pit I challenge us all today to turn on the propane of the word of God. Is there lack in your life? Speak forth Philippians 4:19. Is there guidance you need? Declare Psalm 32:8. Is sickness or disease ravaging your body? Proclaim 1 Peter 2:24. Is fear sending you its hissing sound? Shout out 2 Timothy 1:7. Is weakness trying to blanket you? Cry out Joel 3:10 (especially the last part of the verse). Is doubt trying to overtake you? Mutter to yourself Mark 11:23.


Alright it’s time to move forward. The enemy is turning up the heat on many of God’s children. Yet, remember we shall not and will not be defeated. The snake may hiss. The snake may rattle. But the word of God, in the mouth of God’s people can bring havoc to the snake den like nothing else can. Speak it forth and watch it be effective for you today!!!!!!!!!!!!


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