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   Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The Truth will set you free"

“The truth will set you free”


I am not good enough, yet, to know the book, chapter, and verse that this quote comes from.  I do know it is in the Bible.  I haven’t had much cause to really dig into the meaning of this statement.  I was silly in my belief that it only referred to beliving in Jesus; that He rose on the third day.  That my soul will be free if I hold true to that truth.  In my ignorance I missed out on the deeper meaning of that statement.


All truth will set me free; free from the bonds of conditions, limitations, and a slew of other things.  But what is ‘truth.’  I have been told that truth is relative.  I have even heard that truth changes from person to person, depending on their point of view.  One man’s truth is another man’s lie.  So what is truth?  It has been a question that has plagued me all day.  I want to give someone the truth, but how can I do that if I am not clear on what truth exactly is.


So I prayed on it.  I prayed to God to help guide me through this befuddled puzzle.  I got an answer, and I will share it with you.  I will start with a truth we all agree one.  There is a God.  He had a Son, Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus was crusified, died on the cross, and was buried in a tomb.  He rose on the third day.  He died for our sins.  Through Christ Jesus we have everlasting life.  Okay, so maybe that is several truths. 


These truths are beyond reproach.  It doesn’t matter if people agree with them.  It doesn’t matter if people believe them.  It is still true.  These truths don’t require our approval.  They simply are.  I could argue their validity, give countless examples, until the end of time but it won’t change the fact that they are true.  My arguments don’t make them more true, nor do they make them less true.  Like God is; those truths are. 


Because of those truths I do not fear for my life or for my soul.  I only fear displeasing God.  No matter what horrors I face in this life, no matter the pains I encounter, it doesn’t change the fact that I know the truth of what will happen to me when I die.  It doesn’t change the truth of God’s love.  It doesn’t change the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice.  Because of that my soul is free, and my heart is free.  


But that is not the only truth in my life.  There are other truths that have given me freedom as well.  These truths are gifts from God; as is the freedom that comes with them.


One of the truth’s in my life is that I love Jeremy.  That is a truth of mine.  There are people who try to convince me that I shouldn’t love him.  And their arguments are valid ones, and for anyone else—and for everyone else in my past—these arguments have kept me from loving people.  These arguments don’t matter.  They hold no sway over how I feel.  They do not frighten me.  They do not worry me.  Their validity doesn’t matter.  And for every argument they make me I have the same answer for them.  My truth.  And it isn’t something they can take from me.  It isn’t something they can argue with.  I love him.  Everything else doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter if he lies to me.  And it didn’t matter in the past.  It still hurts, but it isn’t what was important.  He could look me in the eye all over again, and betray me to my face and I will still love him.  He can continue to lie to me every time we talk, and I will still love him.  No matter what he does to me, nothing will change.  I love him.  That isn’t dependant on his honesty.  It isn’t dependant on his integrity.  It isn’t dependant on his treatment of me.  It doesn’t come and go.  It doesn’t have limitation or definitions or boundaries.  It simply is.


And I am free because of that truth.  I don’t worry about the next lie.  I don’t worry about future pain or possible heartache.  It simply doesn’t matter.  I love him, and in that truth I am free to love him.  I don’t have to worry about what if’s or what comes next, or what he’ll do.  It doesn’t matter.  Nothing will change the fact that I love him.  Just like nothing will change the fact that my soul is saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.  I’m not afraid of pain or hurt because it has no bearing on what is, and always will be.  I will always love Jeremy.  I will always be a child of God. 


Jeremy will never have a ‘last chance’ with me.  I love him.  I never have a ‘last chance’ with God.  Jesus will never stop loving me because it isn’t good for His health.  No matter how much heartache I cause my Savior, He will still open His arms to me, and welcome me into His heart.  Why?  Because He loves me.  That is a truth.  And I love Him.  And it is a truth to love Jeremy.


And that is an enormous gift.  It goes beyond a conviction.  Truths like that aren’t common place.  They aren’t a dime a dozen.  I know I don’t seek out truths like that too often, but I am going to start.  And I won’t deminish this truth by trying to force it into a lie.  I will not make it fit the perameters of what is socially acceptable.


So what do I tell my friend?  In truth there is peace.  In truth there is freedom.  There is not room for fears or worries or concerns.  Because no matter what happens the truth will continue to be true.  Truth isn’t fickle.  Truth doesn’t come with a time limit.  I don’t doubt or question my truth. 


The answer he is looking for isn’t in the truth.  It is inside him.  The answer is in what holds him back from finding the truth.  And I can’t give that to him.  If I gave it to him, it would always be ‘my’ truth and never ‘his’ truth.  I can tell him what an orange will taste like, what it will smell like, and what the texture will feel like.  But until he eats an orange and experiences it for himself he will never know what an orange tastes like, what an orange smells like, and what the texture of an orange feels like.  Truth is something you know.  Something you know in your core.  And no matter what anyone says, or does, or suggests, or thinks, will change that.  Truth is.


I have spent so much of my life looking for whatever fits right now and right here.  I am an expert at putting limitations, definitions, and conditions on everything and everyone.  It’s no wonder I haven’t found many truths in my life.  I haven’t allowed myself to find them, or experience them.  I have spent so much of my time focused on me, and a truth is so much bigger than myself.  It goes beyond me.  And I pray that with God’s grace and guiding hand I will find a few more in whatever time He allows me here on this earth.

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