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Who Gives Kudos:



The Gringo and the Harvard Kid!!


For Capricious Children of the Corn
Seventeen Magazine
Dec 22-Jan 19
Caps love this time of year. There’s so much to plan before school starts! But on the 7th, Venus will distract you big-time when you meet a hot guy. At first, you’ll get so swept away, you’ll drop BTS, you find a balance!
Besides, he happened to know that Wally’s lower floor had just come onto the rental market. 147 was taking off at the some time as the Barn, and with more income, better backers, and less sense than grief, because he had not copped his estate.
The Last Election
Pete Davies
You know love, any think can distract you in winter around the Holiday Season. Season come and seasons go and everything march along so road I don’t know what but somehow things figure out in the long run.
And but sad when the end run the clock cannot come back and the youth take on the reign of justice and economy and blasting their stereos and ipods. And yet how to redeem life when the fall comes and then night and the long watch in the gliss darkness and not know what the morning will bring and if there will ever be morning for me.
I tell you my mother said, Gliss, I don’t now what you figure with my old shrunken frame but when I see my children together making the wise decision in life I AM redeemed and I know I will have nothing to mourn even if made all the wrong decision in my life but made the best one last to wish the best for my children.
Warm and with a Future
There was as scene of a movie about Pancho Villa with Valderas and there was a scene where PV was so preoccupied with how to win the next battle running out of ammo and nutrient and it was cold that Mexican night.
And there came this frivolous woman to have PV do her justice because her husband a Dorado did not measure to her standards. And she started beating Pancho on the chest and Pancho got his 45 and shot her on the head.
And the photographer who was an American from Harvard, said to PV, you son of bitch, you cruel speciment of dung, pitiless you are to be!!!
And PV said looking up to this young lad still with some skit notion of what it is all about,
“Look Gringo, my people have never seen the inside of a University!!”
Mood: crushed
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INSTA-DRY, Don't mess with my pie!! COMPA


In Office:
Microdermabrasion, a treatment that uses tiny particles to lightly sandblast the top layer of skin, leaves you noticeably softer and smoother. You’ll see a significant improvement in KP after two or three weekly treatments, which run about $150 each. If redness persists, intense pulsed therapy—
June 2007
I would think the American should be our interest right now rather European enduendos which are fired to keep the fire going. Plainly the war mongers only want to serve themselves. And really if you as Iran what would he rather have of a nuclear reactor or a steady supply of corn, wheat and barley you be surprise they are only human and fear like anybody else those who have nothing in mind than to bring havoc on the world and destroy their blessing and those that bless them.
In the final summary the children of America should be our concern and that they are warm this winter, cereal in plate and a school book to keep them forming a better tomorrow.
Now we don’t have all the answers or all the solutions but creating more problem is not what the solution calls for. And someone doesn’t have peace or cannot find place to be still, I really wonder if he in the end bring total anniliation to the whole world and take along down his own children who really only want to go out and play and wonder how pleasant it is to look at the sun…
Remember we did not find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
And what rights we took out of the children of California,
We may have to answer to those crimes if not sins..
In God We Trust
Mood: creative
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The Jim and Romney..


The lounge was empty. As they entered, the last remnants of pale coal shuddered together at the gate. ‘If he ask me why I ran away, what in heaven’s name can I say?’ Cassandra wondered, sitting down on a window-seat where a draught lifted the cretonne curtains. Marion, looking more austere than ever in the surroundings, gave orders about buttered toast and tea.
Elizabeth Taylor
I really wonder for Romney if the Shamier from Israel hold certain like we do that all men are created equal and endowed with certain rights which cannot be taken away??
And somewhere along the way of the pink Chablis the the idea will come that a different philosophy is order here in the United States of America. It is enough to taste the pudding but not take over the whole bowl.
Philosophically as the President has a Doctor Degree in Public Relations but then what happened in Capitol Hill that men are or not created equal. Is the water warm of dissent but then what is the original creed that our father brought on us for our own good.
And if the Shamier like to become one of us , be certain that he has to swear to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and not of Israel.
Game over insert another coin…
Guy’s Secret Thoughts
Seventeen Magazine
Card One: Energy
Card Two: Education
Card Three: Defend the Constitution of the United States of America
The President has all these three in his hold!!
Mood: content
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Worms are a good source of flourntine amino acid!!


This sweet shape is schoolgirl cut and 2012 chic at the same time.
Top Denim Trends
The wildest jeans about to come true!
Seventeen Magazine
The fact the Romney does not have the answer to education and energy is something wonderful to know ‘que no nos avientan al barranca del cobre’
And winter coming along the way, I really wonder if the President of the United States doesn’t start giving out Operation Blessing Blankets if Romney get one right in the Presidential Election Debate.
And Romney said to the President “Why are you sweatin’ it with that feather chicken coat outfit??
The President said, “I don’t know, no se café”
“If I do don’t have to get ahead, then I can sweat it now and maybe the coat will be sweet later with you at the helm!!”
Nest thing you know we will have to put armor guard at the Rescue Mission and double shift the Goodwill coat section!!
I can’t see so wrong…
We will sell more coffee at Starbucks…
A star you are…
The bucks are…
Scarecrow in traction
Mood: crappy
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The Pink or the Black dress?
Their fave Razon to use?
You get the best advice from you friends.
Seventeen Magazine
August 2012
I don’t know darling, but one can of Enfamil baby powder milk won’t do..!
I could say that the Man has Harvard Doctor’s Degree in Public Relations…
And the way that ‘te Salinas’ girl correspondent drilled the President of the United States!!
I would be so clear if she not lock her doors tight..
She wasted in in one hour what every march our Hispanic youth wanted to accomplish for years..
We should mourn for the being…
And Evil woman built up her house and with her own hands destroys it in an hour…
What a shameful performance…
Cardinal Sin that cannot be forgiven ever!!
Fire your are luckier than you think!!
Ice cube
Mood: crazy
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How CQool was that with the Sttool...Fool!!


Stephanie McClellan MD
Beth Hamilton MD
Ale…Ale –Hundro…Ale…Ale- Hundro…mmm….mmm….cymbals…
The dream is that some romantic lover with take you away to the Caribbean and of some French Enterpeneur swing his swiss account and just make you forget who you are, where you came from and who really is who you think you are…
The CW Channel Panorama is that some “young” persons tell hoping that never is received in ear what they really don’t know what they said in the first place.
And they nod in agreement to what what said nobody knows!!
When when the phone rang..
The Last Election
Pete Davies
Another disturbing phone call, I just have to not know what was the meeting about..
And if I vote yes or no…
Me not matter…
As long as my life and my fam and my car, and my cookie and my party…
And my…my…my…my……….my…yep…all that is mine…!!
Wether this country goes belly up…
No matter…
My Jet Lear…
I how one can one steer….
Didtant redeption…
Golondrina in traction
cuida ay batches on el camino…
Sue..ave Cuate…
Cuoal…ando…me dices!!!
Mood: cynical
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Nights in White Satin never meaning to End!!


“Phone me if you want to play a nice relaxed nine holes of golf” Kevin had written in a strong, decisive hand. He’d left his number and finished with the words. “No pressure. Phone if you feel like it”
She did not want to phone. And she didn’t. After a frantic, dream-filled night where Bill had remained tantalizing out of reach although she could see him in the distance.
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
In the ninth year of king Hedekiah of Judah, in the tenth month, came Nebuchandrezzar king of Babylon and all his army against Jerusalem and They besieged it…
Old Testament
Some people came from Judea and started teaching the Lord’s followers that they could not be saved, unless they were circumcised as Moses had taught. This cause trouble, and Paul and Barnabas argued with them about this teaching. So it was decided to send Paul and Barnabas to Jerusalem to discuss this problem with the apostles and the Church leaders.
New Testament
Call you Congressman if He or She is with the President of the United States!!
Negro Slave
Mood: crazy
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Contemptary Enggla Verizon!!


“Maggie”, said Henry, coming up before Grey could open his mouth.
“Can I get you anything?”
“Um, coffee, black”, she said stupidly, because she took milk and sugar.
Past Secrets
Cathy Kelly
And they say that dog don’t eat dint..
But back to the stone and flint..
Care me not invent!!
Gabba the Cavenouser
Again Jesus said:
God’s kingdom is like when a farmer sows seed in a field. The farmer sleep at night and during the day.
Yet the seed keep sprouting and not knowing yet how…
New Testament
And why bread comes out of the ground..
And wine out of the pits..
I had a father…
You dear..
Had not nit..
But the last dance..
Hen in mourning
The White House is both the President’s office and private home. The President works in the West Wing but relax at the pool or in the bowling alley!
September 2004
Mood: giddy
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The Old Man by the Sea, the Sea has water, the Man...Nam!!


Her nicely chilled bottle of wine didn’t last long, so Matt opened some red. The wine had certainly livened him up, but he wasn’t any happier, Hope thought as she took the casserole off the range and covered it with tinfoil.
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
In the scribble dribble for education, I can’t believe how ingenious the nifty are. You have a group of youngsters who need to dream and leave the drug life. And we form a convenient rat poison budget to cut off education by 600 Billion. And we cut the gasoline so they don’t have gasoline to go to school or work..
And we form an economy where Reaganomic comes back to haunt us and break the buying power of the dollar we receive or the one we earn.
Not so unifity in hating those who came from our bowels. Reminds me of the ostrich that leaves her young to havoc.
Even if we gain the White House whence we get a tinno-trap to open the gate to set our children free from our ill will, and the net we have set for them with our gray hairs..
California today, tomorrow the earth…!!
Flourestine Bird
“Al Olvido, que Whido!!”
Poncho-US Citizen
Mood: crazy
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Phrat then Rat then on you Collect!!


Mystery Attribute Match
Stretch students’ thinking skills by having them group items by common attributes. Gather 10 or more objects and pictures, making sure to include items that share at least one attribute with another object in the collection.
For example , you might include several items that are used to attach things together…
September 2004
One told me ‘frat’ and then I examined that He, She, Them, then all of them, used the world ‘frat’ to connect themselves with something I did not want to be part of.
We have the common ‘white’ car of an idea we are together. And witch and sicario together to a common cause and payroll. And we form a collective to accomplish a purpose with a founder and CEO and then we think nothing can stop us or nobody.
The next time someone calls you ‘bro’, think of how much on you back he or she or them want to get on you back and …sluvenise you!!
Mood: drunk
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