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The Glissening of Red

He Kissed My Cheek

August 28, 2012

He kissed my cheek, and I leaned on him, smiling when his breath tickled my neck. And I turned to him and pressed my lips against his, trying hardest to feel something--but I didn't. I pulled away from hm and sighed.

Parker furrowed his brow. "I said sorry."

"I said it was late."

Beautiful Disaster

Jaime McGuire


I saw a monarch butterfly captured in a glass. And we know how the spirit captured the monarch and hoe much air it has is a question.

Sudden disaster to refinery put the monkey's And the oranges falling off florida and California falling into the!

Weakening our border to Mexico is not good in our Bliss Fort...out.

Diversions, diversions....plenty!

But shooting at close range is more economic bodywise...ugh!!

And we have Bliss and getting energy and saving bullets is more sensiblewise to keep out money in our pocket...Bliss!!

Don't shoot till you see the white in their eyes!!...()




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Aloe Vera Key


Until the Progressive’s demand for secular, liberated society, the founders’ friendly completion was the norm. The end they sought—a religious society in liberal polity—was achieved through the proper kind of religious liberty. The protection of freedom of conscience, and the existence of sufficiently numerous religious sects to prevent sectarian dominance and the majority tyranny, made religion safe for democratic liberty.
Review of Politic
William Dean Howells
If we continue to have the gift to have Internet to continue to preach the gospel, that same gift will keep that what we say will benefit.
Mood: curious
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Public Notice to Save a U.S Child!


Public Notice
The idea has come about the stars and stripes don’t please some here in our cities United States. And knowing their heart what you carry in you trunks and your bays don’t benefit our national security.
The message is that if you race down the freeway or down our lanes in our country towns in here Texas and kill some pedestrians or any citizen of the United States you will go to Huntsville and pay with your own life.
So think clearly what you pretend with your escalades and parades of terror in our roads. And we have dotted you out here We Citizens of United States.
Remember the law that if you willingly after admonition commit manslaughter or Sedition, you will have to answer for that crime and commit us to know to for whom sent you to our country to supplant our freedom.
If we willingly after coming to the knowledge of something wrong and go ahead and commit the crime that crime would not an accident but a plan.
New Testament
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To be or not tube bee??


Blind and lame people came to Jesus in the Temple, and he healed them. But the chief priests and the teachers of the Law of Moses were angry when they saw his miracles and heard the children shouting to the Son of David. The men said to Jesus. “Don’t you hear what those children are saying?”
“Yes, I do!” Jesus answered. “Don’t you…”
New Testament
And the idea and fact is that those children were Jewish and Jesus found no fault in them and this idea that Jesus was anti-Jew may have come later in the reformation where we find an idea that some how religion hates Jew and that fact or not…
But Jesus loved the Jewish children because he to once was a Jewish child himself and no one hate his own self or his own kind.
Now that we are taught from tradition when we grow up to hate other who are “lame and blind” well that did not come from the Jewish children and the question is where the idea to hate other and look down on them is the real question??
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Defend if your job still pretend!


My friends, I want you to know what a hard time we had in Asia. Our sufferings were so horrible and so unbearable that death seemed certain. In fact, we felt sure we were going to die. But this made us stop trusting in ourselves and start trusting God, who raises the dead to life.
New Testament
And in our travail we should entreat God to stop playing with himself and send the rain due to the earth. In Mexican folklore there is saying that goes that there is no date that doesn’t come and no due that is not paid.
And certainly Jesus said to his Father whether there was a way out of the cross and certainly when we pray tell God Jesus that as head of the house his our leader and responsible for our well being.
And our Leader in U.S.A entreat him to remember his vows when he was sworn in to defend our values, our freedom and our interest. He cannot punch out till’ his tenure as our President is over.
My eyes have seen the coming of the Lord,
Mood: crazy
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Poco Hair On...scalped!!



“Hello,” She said a very un-Italian looking blonde waitress who said admiringly up a Morgan. “Table for two? No problem at all.”
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
Executive power, then may be a means of defending and indeed introducing new the new democratic order. We have noted one striking example: the executive who eliminated totten borought and replaced them with districts “numerous in People, and powerful riches” (Second Treatise, 157,158) This is not act of violence, but it is indeed management of revolution from behind the scenes. Metaphorical violence was done to the constitution, which might seem enough on Lockean grounds to justify real revellion. But here Locke excuses. Despite the supremacy of the legislative and constitution, and executive apportionment by “ true reason” rather than “ old custom” excuses because the people’s welfare is served: “Salus Populi Supremax Lex (Second Treatise, 158)
Review of Politics
Winter 2001
Ant to Ant-eater:
“Things look good from here”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean what you eat!!!”
All Rights Reserved
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Pocal Harem

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pocal Harem

Opal spread her arms wide, allowing the black magic to pulse in orange cables along their limbs. "ara you terrified boy?" Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian Eoin Colfer ---------------------------------- In "My Religion", My guardian angel takes care of me. And who I take care of remains to be seen.
Agap had a problem in Akkad Country where he could not go from demension to dimension. And seeing the Lucifer had a Lord who had Power to go from Dimension to Dimension..., Invited Lucifer to a social,... And Agasp being so much lead veines bent the light Lucifer had and swallowed a all
the light he had,... Kind of like a black hole swallos everthing and the came to be the King of those who are lesbians ans fagots... And being downcast is what prevail all that are unthankful,... And behold came to be the Devil otherwise called Satan,... And only a reflection became of God in
Satan,... And but at the mercy of the lead in the Mirror and fragile as the glass as once was Lucifer the bringer of light...
Mirra...Mirra inte wall,... Who is the fairest of them all??? The forgot one seem to shine bright in the eyes of the Prince... ...ugh!!!
Mood: bouncy
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With Winter Around the Corner Obama doesn't look so bad!!!


But best of all, there had been no sign lately of the youthful, doelike Maggie, the girl who’d rushed into Morgan’s arms that evening. Sam dared not ask about her, but hoped that her absence meant she was out of Morgan’s life for good.
She took a long, cool sip of water. “It is hot in here” she said, fanning with her hand.
Morgan grinned at her, eyes crinkling up in amusement.
“Stop grinning and start talking,” She said. “You’re far too secretive, you know. You could be on the from Interpool for all I know, or on the most-wanted-list.”
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
All in Wisdom, pulling down the Sheckle in the Stock Exchange must certainly pull American gold bullion into the hands of those in Jerusalem. And and investors don’t see a winning war in the prospect and making Sheckle less attractive for investment.
Certainly those with investment wisdom don’t see war a profitable endevour to make something come back if only geared to please yourself and give you a momentary bliss. The Iraq was not a too convincing win in the end.
We did not find a weapons of mass destruction. And inventing sources that tell us lies so we can conveniently believe them. And why are led stray and but it is economy not to take the bull by the horn and make it mean for lunch.
And certainly the more shrewd see Obama going into the war frenzy but a couple more barrels of or Syrian or Iranian Crude would not stumble my little nephew’s yellow strands as he eat his Cheerios in peace of having his commodities met hat make him happy.
“…crinkling up in amusement.”
And Lee Glenwood would of said, “You devil Obama is did not see coming my way from that direction…”
Mood: cynical
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Save you kid from the War Monger!!!

The add Post and the Blessings who could not spell...

August 12, 2012

Once upon time I submitted to Christianblog but what I said did not fit with the commando there. And i was barred from that site. And no ill feelings but whay the issue is that we should pray we vote for a president that defends the "Freedom of Information Act".

This is important because the freedom to express our redresses is pivotal in having a just Government. And when we schoose a candidate for the Presidency of the United States we should ask him sincerly if totally is faithful to defend the Constitution of the United States.

Romninh in foreign affairs and making coalitions that are not appoved by NATO and the Americas Defense Consortium undermines a long saught plan to weaken our resolve to defend this American Continent. And not withstanding what President Barack Obama vision to bring all America together for our common good is not with those in Europe to find their own ends with our means.

And making our country weaker by passing laws that we don't know the end of what but if we secure our fuel and out meat and corn flakes and oats is more pleasing to wisdom than war mongerin in time of need. And we dont' want to waste our youth to take a bullet tha is not intended for them or us Americans.

Support the President to help him stick with the principle tha fear is not an option in sustaining the national creed that we hold certian that all men are created equal. And terminate on the bud those who have trasminated our rank to stumble the freedom we have always defended a d fought for.


Rtt goes the Cat and behold seditioner,...

I AM not taking a nap..




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Raisin the Bar or Barring the Raisin...



I wear tight short and tight top,
And my trouble is naught,
As you might of thought,
And if I find myself…in drought,
I call Jesus in the middle,
Of the night,
And who could of thought,
That from the deep,
My prayer answer,
And my peace and serenity,
“No sneaking off to the bedroom for a bonk,” warned Sam over the phone.
What is the party for?” asked Jay suspiciously.
“For being happy and alive,” said Sam, wiping away tears, “I had a bit of a bad moment last week when I thought I was ill, but I’m fine.”
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
Squeak fish?
No thanks,
I already gave,
Gave up you mean?
I mean you gave,
Not a barracuda catch,
A bad match!!
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