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Jimmy Kimmel- A clean show...


Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Holy it was a total clean-out!!!

I don't like this idea that heaven and earth will pass away... and that god answers very few prayers for this life... for those that are non of his... Well
lovely lice...I I had this idea that if we perservere like we teach in universities and my colleges... Well...flea much skin... I do love you... But if I can't get under your skin...mmm...coin...munch-skin... I do want to get into you pants... But more troublesome is how to get Mt. Sinoai... Si esta en Saudi
Arabia... I ya con el odio quwe hemos creado... El aposento santo esta en la montania...en es pais... Dios le dijo a nuestro Moses que se quitara las zapatos por que el lugar ear santo..Y no el
temple que Herod sucio construio comido chichi-erros-ones... Pero munchones... Este hombre arabe con todo ese aceite... No es limpio no compartir... BSOMthbg Clean... One obsevever said watching the late show with Jimmy Kimmel...
Mood: crazy
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Rot the Child and Spoil the Rod...!!


“Sam,” He said, stunned. “What’s she doing here?” “Daddy, Daddy,” squealed Millie, running down the wooden stairs and making a noise like a heard of elephants. “Quiet” admonished Hope. “Sam’s asleep upstairs in our bed, I don’t want her to wake up yet.”…
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
Once upon a time in far galaxie like this one Lucifer thought and did convince one fellow angel to go against God and then two then six and still 2/3 of the angelic flock came into his ranks...

And faced with the dilema that he is no human cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, could posses a human being and experiment the human dilema of being human, but hating every cell of his new home destroys every humand he possesses...

And now having on hand a child of God entertain the ideas he can rot the rest of the children of God like he rot the angels...

Thinking if angels being higher in glory than humans the flesh of humans could be an easy number to slubernize and control and control the God in that person and kingdom...


Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God...

Mood: crushed
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What God did not became.

This is why I can say, “I am God,….and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning.” He sees the end and the beginning in one view. “For infinite duration, which is eternity self, includeth all succession,” Says Nicholas of Cusa, “And all which seemeth to us in succession existeth not posterior to Thy concept, which is eternity…Thus, became Thou art God almighty…

The Knowledge of the Holy

A.W. Tozer


She sat at her desk miserably. She had no idea how get Amer back and all she could do was see the mistake she had made and regret them. Faye had been so sure that she had brought Amber up in the right way, in a lovely cozy world, where education and faith in your own power where the most important things…

Past secrets

Cathy Kelly


Tozer thinking that God became is mistake because God has always been existed from the beginning. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and Word was God.

And really God may happened later but the Word has always existed and will be the one at the end to close the age. And perhaps God creating the a Universe and Creation which was ridden in the end with fault…

Lucifer fallen and Man followed suit. But the Word Christ came to redeem the mistake of man, and to put away the mistake of Lucifer…

And really God is wonderful and satifing like food but the Word is redemption and fulfill the prophesy to say that Jesus the Word said that what profit to gain the who world like Lucifer but loose his soul like Man…

And Jesus is the one who fulfils all thing and really in HIM I was the essense of what God is and the source of what came after the beginning Himself and the end as well…




Jesus said to Lucifer, get behind me Satan, for you think like Man does…

Mood: crazy
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Where Does the Christian Feast Start? Huh Stake...


Her nicely chilled bottle of wine didn’t last long, so Matt opened some red. The wine had certainly livened him up, but he wasn’t any happier, Hope thought as she took casserole off the range and covered it with tinfoil. He wasn’t more animated than he’d been earlier but still as tense as tight coiled spring, long fingers drumming the arm of the couch…
What She Wants
Cathy Kelly
Drumming our fingers what to do living in our one room apartment and yet some casserole for dinner and some egg for tomorrow or corn flakes. And this would be a life for how long. Surely the cutsie face looks nice and cutsie cut but how long for this entertainment…
And we don’t like the face-shift. I don’t like the glomotora uglies and where do we get what we want?
And where and how do we break even with our satisfaction. And our education hasn’t help us none says the song. And what is the educating that bring the stake on and the good stuff and the good strut?
Passage Habakkuk 3:4-7:
4And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.
5Before him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth at his feet.
6He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting.
7I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction: and the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble.
Behold I make all things anew…
Mood: crushed
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The Preception of a lovely Liar!!...

two of us were friendly enough. We'd laugh as we sorted through stacks of applications, rolling our eyes on the obvious ways the high-school seniors tried to game the system. "do you think anyone," Kimmie would ask, pinching ah essay between her thumb and finger, "actually wants to spend a summer teaching English in...

Then Came You
Jennifer Weiner
When you pejure yourself Satan...
Game Over...


Surely the coffee doesn't get better at Starbucks?...

Observer passing the Santa Fe bridge going to Juarez...

Mood: contemplative
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The Tranmission Overhaul...???


The Transmission Overhaul...???

May 22, 2012

But understand that no man is going to wine an dine his wife every night to have sex with her. That is unreasonable. Sometimes, he's going to want to have you, no frills---without being forced like he's added another "chore" to your list of thing to do. Ever man needs that from a woman. Ever last one of us...

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man

Steve Harvey


I would think he's speaking for everyone of us. And where the the real lady come in???

I would say that if you met a real lady you would think nand twice say,

"God sure made us equal but boy are we different"...

From the cut on to the head...


And man came out of a woman and a woman came out of a they agree to be different...

Because one came...and we became...

The Same...



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Mood: creative
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Clean water through dirty hands...


Satan why are you a stoway in that body of a lovely girl?..

You know the life is in the spirit, the  lovely flesh avails nothing!!..

And I cose the loveliest girl stoaway in the worst pevert inyour esteem!!...

You know of all the men born of women, there was not lovlier than John the Baptist...

And yet the one you choose as the worst of subject to heaven even you is greater than hi

and you...

And you are not even human...

Jesus became flesh to interceed for the human realm...

Yet impersonting humans will not argur you to heaven...

Salvation is a gift for humans select only to my pleasue...

So give it up...

Possesing humans we avail you nothing...

I will surely catch you at the door..

Your fellow anges never forget the face of a traitor...



You can smell a skunk a mile away...


Shop at Barnes and Noble


Mood: crappy
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The Matrix that controls you and me!!

Nantiki...whaz with the two matrixes?
One controls the oter...
The idea thar trditions passed on from forefathers hints the the idea that they live i us in those collage of ideas and they control us when we think we are free...
But we are not...
And we heard that mom will reel in a young manf or her daughter who will ntake on the spitrit of her mother and not the bride controlled also by her mother  dead while semi alive..
And this has been the way error is pepuated in society...
And those who diverge  are malcontents and mischiefs...
But proxy is the kin of those who err and can never be free to make their own choices..
beig illeterare themselvs cannot escape the pull of the roof to make the mom's choice her choice..
to her own regret as time will show..
By that time momm and dad are dead and by then the suibbling have taken the grave ideas of mom and dead..
and th story continues for another generation...
So the devil continues to decieve the world by proxt...


it is the spirit that has life the flesh will rot..


Mood: cynical
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The Tale and the City...

A Tail of Two Cities or Tale of Two Citations...

There was once a city where it rained and there was
another where it din-not...
And the din-not said why isn't there rain on my head?

And the cloud said...

Well I couldn't tell you...I just do as I'm told...
And the din'nut said...well that isn't fair...I

And then in court the rainy city got its remand...
And in the din-not it rained on his head...


Mood: cheerful
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May 19, 2012

"Hi, Logan."

"Hello, Elizabeth."

She leaned against the railing, a slight smile on her face.

"How was the drive?"

"Not too bad."

"Must of been strange, thought."

"How so?"

The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks


When you chik ask you how was the drive?

The putter could of been best...

When she slighs must of been strange?

I seen worst movies...

And she finishes you off if you were lucky?

I'd say...

I'd tell her ney...

But never let off the my loft hay....!!

Don't work out???


I can't lie but can't now assert...

But my love for you lost...

Night and day search for that heart miss most...!!!


Imagine you lost your Mavelline set??

Call Heaven and Earth...find and no rest...



Mood: confused
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