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The "I don't trust in God" Coin


“These things I’ve spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace, In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33
This passage is the culmination of Jesus Upper Room Discourse. It’s important to notice that ‘in Jesus’ there is peace, but ‘in the world’ there is tribulation. Someone once defined in “possessing adequate resources.” In Jesus, we have everything; in ourselves we have nothing…
One Year
Devotional Prayer Book II
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Formulas are the real workhorses in the worksheet. If you set up a formula properly, it computes the correct answer when you enter the formula in a cell.
Excel 2010
For Dummies
Grey Harvey, phD
In accounting the worksheet should work out in regular idea of how to make profit. But in the formula of prosperity as in accounting personal, city, state, family, national, even world, if something doesn’t go out, nothing comes back.
And we may have peacefully hungry and freezing to death before having tribulation in the world, but if we don’t give, Paul had nothing to say to those praying for him, but that the Lord said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
We cannot create capital gain just by smudging the worksheet of the nation inventory of what we have not to solve our problems.
Technology works if we can sell it, but if at least works to save money in our personal expense overhead.
When I was a little boy in Kindergarden in Mexico, the first thing the ‘teach’ taught us to do is to wash our face, our teeth, our clothes and more our hands…
That increase the interview 30% and to have good manners and someone in church taught me to share and my Dad does that all the time…
Descency is not taught in any University, but is the first thing to keep a job, and be accounted to trustworthy to keep the safe and the company books…
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Brother Romney pass me Blanket its going to be cold!!

Betsy wasn’t reading about anything. The children knew the morning brought a new way of living, another realm into their lives, one they’d been taught was dangerous and hostile. The white people. A classroom full of white people. No Twandas, Veejays, and Charlotte Anns. No Willetas and the rivalries tween Sumner and Soldan.



Betsey Brown

Ntozake Shange

Author of for colored girls…


I couldn’t say who was more colored with lipstick and corset and ready to undo for a buck. I couldn’t figure that when Dr. Martin Luther King spoke in Atlanta about have a dream I say we still have that dream. But somehow along the way the glit’s the gligth for the shi-lite and ‘good’ thing well being pragmatic and personally economic closed in happy, well it make more sense.

And if you stick to it and believe it hard enough then it can make more sense analytically. When Jesus went about with the prostitutes and wine happy people funny he ate and he drank but as he went along to the cross some women wailed along by and mourned and beat their breast…

And Jesus said to them, “Women of Jerusalem, wail not for me, but for you children that it will come to pass that it will be said, ‘blessed are those who womb never bore child’ and if they do this when we are secure and coffee on hand and wine goblet, just imagine once winter come around and say, ‘maybe there is some side I did not dare to look, because it did not benefit what my standard of living has turned me into’’…

Last Card for Candidates,

#3. Energy

Earthquakes in California for Palo Verde, Spill in the Gulf, and Coal expensive to bring out of the ground, Solar well it doen’t benefit the oil lobby and…

Well now that the young girl in the hospital in Kabul, said that that the Taliban is none of her or her people.

Hope she recovers soon and lead us to take on how to stand what is right again…

And let Martin rest assured we still dream here in American may not anymore in the House, Congress or Capitol Hill…

“You invent something that tell you something that fits your standard of living”


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"how i found the perfect dress" hobo

Educate the Mandate we have a Date with the Fortunate!!

September 22, 2012

Planning of the work involves joint school and college effort n arriving at the definition of superior students for administrative purposes, in devising the methods to be used in applying this definition, and if necessary, actually setting up the intrumentalities to be used in applying the method..

The Refounding of the College Board 1948-1963



Christiana shuddered convulsively. She could imagine their arms, their curied fingers, their furry voices.

"The fog was coming anyway, Val." said Christina.

"They weren't calling it. They don't have special powers."

Losing Christina Collection

Caroline B. Cooney


I look down the lane in my street and what is the reality of what I see for real.

Is it just another nice Saturday morning

or another easy Sunday or Blahs Monday

or "no te enbarkes" Tuesday....Hump Wednesday,

Little friday Thursday,

Celebrate recovery Friday,

Bash nice Saturday....

Why don't you pray for another better week Sunday!!


The Power Ball is rolled and I wonder what day of week I'm in!!


Woman is 57 But Looks 27
Mom publishes simple facelift trick that angered doctors...

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The Most Holy Ceremony


The word came to Jeremiah concerning all the Jews which dwell in the land of Egypt, which dwell at Migdol, and at Tahpanhes, and Noph, and in the county of Pathros, saying,
Thus saith the Lord of host, the God of Israel, you have seen all the evil I have brought upon Jerusalem, and upon all the cities of Judah: and behold they are in desolation and no man dwelleth therein.
Old Testament
The best color for over-40 fingers
Anyone who’s watched ‘Trading Spaces’ knows how can a paint can transforms a room from dingy to dazzling. So imagine what a few coats of polish can do to help age-defy your hands.
Just be sure to choose the most complementary color: “Soft, light tones draw attention away from brown spots and crepiness,” Says Elaine Saucer, corporate director of Red Door Spa. Luckily sheer, creamy hues are all the rage. OPI Nail Lacquer in your Royal Shyness ($7.50; salons).
Prevention Magazine
June 2007
Like Rawl’s political conception of justice, the Gandhian CVN is concerned with matters of justification in political life. Unlike Rawls, Gandhi offers an alternative account for public justification. Instead of focusing on all the kinds of reasons, the CVN shifts the focus of justification for the action that go along with those reasons.
Reason-giving continues to the truth of matter by weighing the reasons on each side of the argument.
The Review of Politics
Spring 2006
Given their explanation of civil society and liberty of conscience, Locke and Milton seem to conceive of public and private matters similarily, but their views on marriage reveals a significant difference. Locke regards conjugal society as a contract, governed by civil law, for an end identifiable by all. Milton aligns marriage not with politics—with our relationships with human strangers—but with spiritual union one seeks with the divine, a good perceptible only to those involved. How can this difference be understood, and what does it mean for liberal thought?
The Review of Politics
Winter 2001
The Original Contract of Government of Marriage those who rule and the governed is an institution of two entities. And whether the contract is legal and ratified by all the states it also divine because we entrusted ourselves that with contract we would rule justly and fairly and with equality.
And the Original orchestrator of the creed had a right to terminate those who violate that union with firing- squad or whatever mean it requires that the Union of the Government and Governed is a simple of two.
And since we entrusted ourselves to God with that creed, we can expect that God will keep that Creed in Motion with the Blessings along the way He has brought us, freedom and prosperity.
Note we can not lacquer away and polish away what has already y made clear in what was previously understood no matter how well-meaning we are in building a Union of Three.
Once a contract is Ratified is Sealed and cannot be added to, nullifying the original understanding we had with the Landlord of whom we have to do for everything we endevour.
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The Bee in the Honey Glaze


The heart of morality, according, was a proper understanding of personal happiness. Equity, or respect for others, as a moral duty was not a theme. By contrast , equity is the heart of morality, according to argument of the Essay, Conserning Human Understanding.
The Review of Politics
University of Notre Dame
Two Men with Demons in Them
After Jesus had crossed the lake, he came to shore near the town of Gandara and started down the road. Two men with demons came to him from the tombs. They were so fierce that no one could travel that way.
Suddenly they shouted,
“Jesus son of God, what do you want with us? Have come to punish us before the time?”
New Testament
Prevention Magazine
“After surgery, women with early stage breast cancer now have an option than tamozifen. FEMARA.”
In the quest for what is immoral is the quest for what is convenient and in the quest for what is convenient is the chance pot of striking it rich with what is immoral like greed.
And well, breast that don’t nurture well the milk just goes to waste and how do you get it out thinking everything is OK…
And we have a choice to whether undertake.
We would not want to bring a life into the world that would hamper our strut in the lane down the street.
And in that choice for freedom, hopefully with responsibility, comes consequences good or bad.
And couldn’t bring up your child if I couldn’t mine.
But where we strike it rich well, elusive.
Disfigured body and time table.
But with the design come responsibility.
I could bring a child I couldn’t love.
And him that doesn’t love a child well…
Do not study Biology…
Ignorance is Bliss…
What happens happen to everybody…
And they called it Puppy Love…mmmm….mmmm
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Memoirs of Flea! Say No to bad Public Relations...chips!!


“Sophy, dear, what are you doing?” asked Cassandra, as she came in with a bowl of marigolds. “Have you finished your lesson, then? Are you unwell?”
Cassandra sat down and opened some books.
“Perhaps a little parsing will dispel it,” she said in the schoolmistressy voice with which she often dismayed herself nowadays. She was sometimes alarmed at the idea of this voice gaining on her in the years to come, until she had no other, until the scar her profession had left upon her, as a tattoo-mark, as distinguishing.
Elizabeth Taylor
Your Pet on a Diet
There are plenty of ways to satisfy her food lust without making her fat:
June 2007
Slaves Who do What Pleases God
What does all this mean? Does it mean we are free to sin, because we are ruled by God’s kindness and not by the law? Certainly not! Do you not know that you are slave to anyone you obey? You can be slaves of sin and die, or you can be obedient slaves to God and be acceptable to him…
Now you are set free from sin and are slaves who please God.
I AM using there everyday examples, because you are still weak. You used to let different parts of your body be slaves of you evil thoughts.
New Testament
Seventeen Magazine
Rule #5
You cross campus more times than you can count. Do it in the flattest, coolest boots possible.
Rule #1
You got to learn to say NO!!
President of the United States
Michelle Obama is excellent work with obesive children and teaching them to say NO!!
some extra gliss can put you on the red…
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