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Who Gives Kudos:



The greatest Chrismas tree in the White House, Johnny 9, in Wiscounsin...


WASHINGTON -- A horse-drawn wagon presented first lady Michelle Obama with a 19-foot balsam fir tree that will be the official White House Christmas Tree.

The 18-year old tree arrived from a farm near Neshkoro, Wis...

... And certainly this is just a tree for Christmas, but if our Children guides by this royal family grow up to give gifts, I would certainly think it would be from Wiscounsin...

And yet not from Wiscounsin are those in battle for us some where in some foxhole i some remote land and location...

And if our Children grow up to give gifts in this land, that soldier would not want to be anywhere else but in that foxhole, just thinking how wonderful that gift of freedom his child in some elementary school is going to give his fellow frats...

Home of the free and of the over!!

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Human Traficking in El Paso Texas...

By The President Of The United States Of America:

A Proclamation.

Whereas, on the twenty-second day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, a proclamation was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the following, to wit:

“That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all the persons held as slave within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof will recognize and maintain freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any effort they may make for their actual freedom…”


And it came to Pass of the North that we became a free people and even today human trafficking is illegal. And there may still may have here in this country those who want to subject other of the same citizenship to corral them against their will…

And we should not expect not to find that we in way want to hold others slave against our own will and here in El Paso we still have law to make that illegal and we will report this to the authority to have such felons deported or those affecting put in jail to pay for their crime…


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The Greatest Story ever told!!..

The story pertains a sorry end. That once upon a time some Selicuid People found themselves without hope. And being outcast from Heaven they could not approach God.

And they decided to hire an atorney to sue God for all the obedience they had done and wanted their part of the blessings. And God gve them part of the blessings machine to see what they would do with that!

And it came to pass they they were not content with the blessing machine and decided to join themselves to those who were 'dotted by God'. Aand they had their own problems with also a curse upon they for putting the adminitrator of the blessings machine on the cross.

And  some them wanted to bred the idea that a dog could mix with human and so believe that somehow human could be bred into God like beings. And so to today some cult in your neighborhood does ceremonies of breeding dog with human.

And in the end find  a back door to the Temple of God in Jerusalem and conduct the copulation there in the most holy place surplanting the trust the Jewish People have for this Arian based organization working in the United Stated to also hack at he blessings of the American People.

And so it goes some experiment may be going on right now, where a 5 year old liitle girl si forced to mate with a dog. And they claim to br American but hate the Contitution and have some kind feelings and memories for Hitler and his philosophies of supreme race.

Beware and be tuned and keep an on your children because this cult knows no end to murder and immorality and rumor is that they alrady murdered s 5 year little infant and they took cermony to smell the dead corps of the liitle infant to inhale her life.


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Hope a Prayer a away...!!

Friends and Fellow Citizens:…

The unity of government constitutes you on people is also now dear to you. It is just so, for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquility at home, your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of the very liberty which you so highly prize…

George Washington

Farewell Address


We remit to depart, but we cannot go, and leave the unforeseen behind. I really believe, that if we love someone, we make allowance, but their particular distinction…

And we may not always agree on matters, but what matter are the most that matter? If we have food and clothing we should be content, but we, I’ll say and say with my beloved, that we dream, that life is not all get, but interesting like God is…

And yet when come to trust again, we will remit that, we swaggered doom in vain, since it seem some prayer have not be answered…


God is not finished,



Jesus told a Parable the Men should ALWAYS pray and not loose heart!!

New Testament


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Cain and Able

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"On his first trip to Iowa since decade-old sexual harrasment allegations surfaced, Cain inderectly addressed the foreign policy problem by telling more than 200 people at a northeastern Iowa restaurant tha the US needed to leave no doubt about allies and enemies..."

Thomas Beaumant
Associated Press

The deal on the Christian level, since someone of important place in Government, should in Iowa be more worried about what it is in the Silos of Corn and not what is in the Silos of destruction which take us away from the Energy to keep those Silos filled...

And remending that making more freinds in the world keep us more secure and abudant on the table than making one more strategic foreign leader hostile and showing a poor diplay of table manners to be courteous so no body eats until everyone is serves and not glut a special

interest group attention or egenda, other than national security, more Corn to go around and teaching our citizens and their Children that for once bury the Tomack Missle to those whon have nothing against us,,,

Ps. Our President Obama had certainly earned his bread and butter by keeping gas prices stable and a 7% growth in the GNP...


If it works don't fix it...

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The Homecoming

Hello Love,...haven't seen you yesterday...!

I don't know...!


You haven't come to see me!!!...

I was afraid of a wrong move...!

But the minute I AM refreshed we will bw all together again..!!

And Thanksgiving is when We come come home!!...


I don't think I'm coming home...!!

Love,...Dont worry...!!

Maany are coming home to heaven while we are away...

Take that to the Welllsfargo bank..

It is safe there...

Mood: contemplative
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And I Saw the Light...

“When I paused to gaze out the window one winter, I noticed large, dark shadows of birds on the snow. I thought that only a bird of prey could cast a shadow that size, and I became concerned for the small animals that nest and feed outside my home. As I continued to watch the shadows fly over the white landscape, I realized that I was actually seeing the shadows of small birds, their size magnified by the angle of the light”

UPPER ROOMSept.-Oct 2011


Sometime we think our problem are big, but they are small prescribed by our own fears. But then sometime we fear small hidden and the problem may be bigger that we think…

And sometime only the light can determine what size a problem is and only when we examine it carefully not allowing to make hasty decision to solve that problem…

But sometime evasive maneuver can really start the solution of a problem..

And if troubled the problem, not giving up is the best solution…

And sooner or later the solution will come clear from God..


Ask you and you be given, knock and it will be opened, and seek and you shall find…



Mood: creative
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Dear White House from El Paso Texas...

Dear Whtie House:

Regarding the SAVE award to make our Government more efficient and transparent I really to took thi issue to God in Prayre for this subject. My Love told me why are you not more efficient and answer that message from Plouce?...

And I was looking at the cadidates who would sit with the President of the United States and discuss way to save material time and assets of our nation...

And I was looking at one that wanted to save goods and waste them. And another candidate wanted to make a respository where goods coould be shared...

And me and my Love BSOM took it out that we could not decice and I took the issue my way and then realized that if I had all the goods in the world what ir would be like without her communioin...

And then when I gave in and granted her to be part o my life well I more goods than I could ever mean more to me than to her her at my side...

And the the deal is that we can save and she like to save energy and cut costs but she said if we are not together well it is not going to wark being here like...well with you.

And if our Natioin ever take it to heart to make good relations in the world the good and a good name for ourselves, we will never have a problem with whom we can trade our Washinton apples and  our Country Time lemonade...

And who know we can plenty of French Chapagne and Japan Suchi to spare...

And who knows an extra freind in time where trouble make come in the future...


You have two freinds here in El Paso Texas


Mood: contemplative
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The Devil's New Head Quarters...

Accord-in’ to “The Word in Season”…well later alligator…

Tell me now,…sloven…

Do not revile Lovie,…it is nor sanctum to Sna…!

Lovi…reviling is not good in any languague…

Well anyways,…

The Devil says he is Pinkerton…

And I really don’t see any reason to trust in of any of Pinkerton club…

It is…a cult to worship the devil…Pinkerton told me this himself…that he is the Devil Satan fallen from Heaven to skit the Temple…

And he is in El Paso near Red Road at StarBucks Café…

And he want to perclude the Dog in Girl experiment… and that is Sanctum to Sna and they have a fraternity to do kinki things and they don’t like Obama or any form of Government or ruler or even God and they want to take over heaven some way by the back door…




The Devil is in El Paso at Starbucks at Red Road…


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The Matrix take control...!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What percluded now that the Matrix take control...

Love,..what percludes...

I don't know,...but..

But...I couldn't agree more...

That once we run out of ideas...

God figures a way to help us back on the road...

And I could not believe what perclude so...


And I suddenly percluded I had to go to UTEP...

I have to keep with the system...

And then take over what the sysem has to give...

And we go into another facet of life... only...



I couldn't agree more,...that I have to keep what I want...

Mood: crushed
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