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How i lov thee...

The young girl went on telling of how she wanted to study and be an astronomer. And i just listened intently and she went on and told me about the rocks and they she told...have been here for millions of years...

And she went on to count the number of planets in our solar system. And i thought, it has been a while since i dream and hope for things to come like this young girl did...

And i thought it has been a while since i got a lesson in geology and what is the world like outside the comfort of the four walls of my rooms in my study...

And i thought i was really knowlegeable and had a corner on things...

And the more she went on to tell about the stars and nebuli and i began to see i was very behind...

And i learned from this young girl that i should perhaps come out of  my little world before the grave finds me and explore that this world is truly manificantly put together...

Put a shot of new youth into your life and begin to see and use your eyes for the first time and see what God has put together since the begining of time and everything there is...

Blessings. Amen


Mood: content
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Father's Day Sabbath Message: Bringing everyone into the family...

Fathers Day Sabbath Message: Bring everyone into the family.

Hello all you fathers and heads of households!!! Now it is great privilidge to be a father and how great a responsability!!! And the great joys of fatherhood, taking my son out of jail, the fight in the playground my kid was in, and the wonderful bill paying day and day out!!!...

Perhaps I may be cynical and abandon this blog altogether, but our father was there to answers that call in the middle of the night and came took out of jail of sin and futility, and our father know about the fight we had in the playground in the school of life with the devil and the flesh!!!...

And Our Father payed all the bills for my room and board, and my bread and my wine and for sins and deliverance and has done so, since before the beginning of time!!!...

And you did not think this story of being a father had a happy ending, did you???!!! And when we knew were created in God's image, you father, you did not know you had to the bills with you treasured bottom dollar, yen or sheckel or mina???!!!...

And fatherhood is wonderful picture of the gospel!!! Provision and delivance, comfort and consolation!!! And we father keep hoping for our wayward to learn sense to come to his senses and come home and God know that story in his life!!!...

And this is all possible thank you for you prayers!!! And we did not know that fathers who have problems are pictures of the gospel!!! And we did not know that our father Jesus knelt with fervent supplication that his father would pass the cup from him for what he had to do to deliver us!!!...

And yes you father with father celebrate today, because the life you and your family, son and daughters, room and roof over them, pictures the celestial order!!! And don't be surprised and know with this message why the devil hates the family!!!...

And not least name your lovely in God eyes wife, a picture the church and how she is your helper in running your own little universe!!! Now that wasn't all that bad!!! Was it???!!! You have it tought, I know!!! God had a tense moment when I, he was on the cross for me and said, "Abba, Father, why have you forsaken me???!!!..."

And it had to be this way because a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, the church, it that instant was the greatest culmination of matrimony beween the bride and Son, and then he said, "It is finished..." I and my wife, the Bride are one and let no one cast asunder, never forever for eternity!!!...

So the Spirit and the Bride says, "Come, all of you come!!!..."

Bet you, you never heard this???!!! Have Fathers Day all you fathers...!!!



Mood: chipper
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Father's Day Message: Supplemantry...

Father's Day Message: Supplemantry.

I looked intently at my computer display and how it struggled to boot and to load the internet and with pain reached this site and loaded it on the operating system!!! And I did not want to be sad today in the day of father's world wide!!!...

I was watching a terror movie for some reason to relax!!! Hardly the result!!! I watched a father got into a fox hole at night looking for her possesed daughter only with a flicking flashlight on hand!!! Only his barehands to defend himself of the devils who had taken form and possion of his daughter and held her captive!!!...

I could not measure the wit of this father going into such a dark place for his love possesion, his younster little girl!!! And his takes her out dragging, pushing her and urging her to make to safety outside!!! Later he bathes the foxhole in gasoline and see that her daughter is beyond saving...he burns her and himself!!!...

Now this is sad story and not a happy ending!!! But the fact is that God preferer to burn us up in hell than to see us go to the point of now return!!! Only in flaming misery could the devils leave us alone the road we should have never started!!!...

We should of listened to God and not be like Lazarus who in hell lamented the mistake he had made to live sumptiously withour regard to the latter end, hell!!! And we don't want to make the same mistake and force our father to bathe is gasoline and light the match!!!...

Now God know the desolation of error and the wicked and God wants to make every merciful gesture to bring us out of this evil foxhole and bring us to the good life of freedom!!! But this is the time to come out of the foxhole of death and turn to God!!!...

Do not wait until the last resort of comfort our father has for us to put us in flames in hell!!! Turn to the Father and come out of perdition and know that our Father is kindling hell for the last resort of love he has for us who do not turn!!!...

Please turn and don't for God to put in the last resort of comfort he can afford us, namely flaming hell!!!...

Blessings. Amen.



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Never a minute late...

Never a minute late!

I can't thank you and God so much, for all of you who make this service possible and keep it going!!! I can't thank God enough!!! I ssem that the battle lines are being drawn between father and son, mother and daughter, boss and employee, young and old, and those who rule and those who serve!!!...

The prevaling stench of evil and death is rising out of the earth!!! So much hurt feeling going round that much of us want to quit, like I did today!!! But I rose my prayer to heaven and asked God for help!!! And it is not like if Jesus did not warn us of the offensive air in this times!!!...

And people and we ourselves are tempted to revile them in the most deplorable manner, even bidding fire to come out of heaven and consume those who are lined against us!!! And the worst temptation is to dismiss the message and say, "It is all in my mind...!"...

But it not in my head or my imagination, the battle lines are lined up to declare war on those who defend Jesus!!! I went to a Catholic Mass with my immediate family!!! Fine!!! We came back and we forgot the time it was to be awake!!!...

And it wasn't until I realize to be wary and watching that a sense of peace came back to me!!! And those of the world are collecting with those who are of the world and like them!!! But the object of the exercise is to leave the decipiles all alone and force them to give up the truth and testimony!!!...

I listened to the sermon about the sacrifice of fathers and it seeme like a good message and perhaps we already touched on that many times!!! And the race and run is to get something new that will nourish us!!! But the comfort is that our father will never suffer us to fall from his grace and he will never stop protecting us!!!...

I hope you have the most wonderful of day as we close this father's day and close with thanks to the almighty Father who is not anything like him and his grace is like the scales of the Leviathian Job spoke about!!! Have comfort to know that our Father is like not any father we ever met, even the best of them!!!...

Take strenght and rise up with joy and know that our father is mindful of every need and protects us from every danger and adversary!!!...

Blessings. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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Turning the page on issues...

Turning the page on issues...!

I noticed that I ran out of new photos to attach to my blogs!!! I wonder if there a way to borrow some from someone to adorn my blog!!! Kind of selfish, I must confess!!! I was just think and pondering how my heavenly father made me weak!!! It distresses me very much!!!...

I was remembering how God, fate and life, visited me with disability and how at one time I became bitter and still have sour taste to not be able to do all I want to do!!! And I perhaps think like a little child and put on a temper tuntrum!!!...

I really suffer with stress and boredom, I can't endure stress and much less boredom!!! And my worse enemy is vanity!!! When I think foolishsly that I perhaps come to gone over everything worth going over!!! And the message for me it to renew and refresh myself with a new humility and humbleness I don't know anything about!!!...

And my worst fear is to become like those, and confessingly look down as being Narcissistic and that means that they they are in love with the reflection they see in the water or in the mirror!!! And I know I will have to pay for this wrong view!!!...

And when I look into purity of the truth of God word as see myself with the real facts about myself, I am sad to thing that I'm the one who needs the most work and repair and really praying for!!!...

And if it wasn't for the truth of God who tells that he lifts those in the ground I would not be able to stand and much less tell everyone, that yes, I think, no, I know God is faithful and that my fears will dissipate and perhaps I will have a peaceful moment, if remember how kind God is!!!...

I pray that turn the page on the matter of my vanity and self love and perhaps look for a new chapter on what I can do based on what God is going, has done, will do, if I only put myself out of the way and let God, let him be God, created that miracle in my life, and really then I will know, I have accomplished something, namely contemplate God!!!...

I know now that things will be ok, because God will finish what, he has started in my life, even though I mourn, and prayfully ask God to let me see things his way and help me in the way I am!!! Please God help me!!! Amen...

Blessings. Amen.

Mood: cheerful
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Some Afternoon Tea...

Some afternoon tea...!

Sometimes my days come like pulling teeth, what ever is left of them!!! And lately I got this thing about asking the Lord for something!!! I want a side 'plant' to be on standby in case things go bust!!! And I really don't know what that means???!!!...

O, I was perhaps entertaining the idea to have a sourch of fruit bearing tree that can be there if the center of my endevours stop producing!!! I like sharing what I know and I hope I have been faithful in doing that to the truth!!!...

But I want another power plant to be on guard in case!!! And I know that is sin not to confide in the Lord totally and let him worry about the 'in case...'!!!...

Let's look and maybe God can see what is going on???!!!

["...1.Isaiah 5:7 (Whole Chapter)
For the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah his pleasant plant: and he looked for judgment, but behold oppression; for righteousness, but behold a cry.

2.Isaiah 17:10 (Whole Chapter)
Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation, and hast not been mindful of the rock of thy strength, therefore shalt thou plant pleasant plants, and shalt set it with strange slips:.."]

And I have been unfaithful and untrusting in the Lord completely!!! But somewhere in the spirit there's this thing to keep making thing better and keeping the wine of the truth coming!!! And I fear for sudden disaster of famine or drought of the word and our well-being of the peace we have to go around!!...

Now Joseph in Genesis told Pharoeo to store up for the coming power-shortage of necesity!!! I really don't have a complete picture of what can happen???!!! But the Lord told me that it maybe one day that we cannot be over-righteous and think we will destroy ourselves for some situation that goes under!!!...

And God knows and tell us that that the best guarantee of continual service is to protect the master plant, who is you and me and God word tell us in 2Thessalonians 2 that there will be a time of when many will fall away and and I will betwickish how and and how much to give without slipping under with the rest!!!...

["... 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness..."]

And some power failure in wisdom will occurr and we want to out of the way of this!!!...

Mood: calm
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The Dilema of Selft


The Dilema of Self...

We skipped the photo session! I'm not that photo-genic! And I did not want to get lost in the web for the photo for my blog! I'll forget what the blog was supposed to be about? Now what was the photo-genic blog that never was about?...

And I don't like to look at photo albums in my family! I want to see the photo of life of what is coming ahead and not what I look like when I was teething! Now I know you do like to see you loved ones photos! And that is fine! No knock-down here!...

I right to my last dollar! No, I'm not asking for pantry donations! I did see a food-bank box somewhere who needed can donations! I did go and collected some can item at the grocery store and just took my off attention off my little life and just gave a little!...

I know I'm not to publish my little charity! Please bare with me in this! I'm searching for the direction of this chat blog! It is hot day in my town! And toss the knob off the radio trying to find a tune that will inspire me! No luck! Fastedious stuff only! What a break! I need a break!...

Thank you kind God for remind us to loose our wits in the high heat of the day and I still have faith that nothing catches God by surprise! I ran over or bumped in or happen to meet or just chatted with an old freind who we went to the same church sometime ago! The church seems to be almost gone but he never got over that!...

I used to observe all the Jewish Holidays and Festivals and we tithed and fasted and prayed and really want to obey God to the letter! And we did not eat pork, sausage, shrimp or catfish! That was unclean for us! I really wonder if anyone really need to know what is really unclean in God's eyes?...

Certainly the leper was not unclean for Jesus but I always wash my hand twice with soap before eating at the table! My easy moment is to shower and put on clean clothes! Is that ok? clean or neat?...

Yet I was watching a movie, about the war in Iraq and how well not Nuks were found there? But that is history and we don't want to waste our time putting the tail on the donkey about now! We don't have time for that!...

I finally had some lean peice of peace, I wrote a comment to freind and somehow that stilled me for an hour and just to know that I did something that really matters, to me, explain something! But that is still not really focused on God, but on me and my great insight! Please!...

And we are hungry to serve God, and how to do we really do not find! But I lower head, close my eyes, and just implore God to lead me to do something worthy of him! Like it was possible! Didn't we cast out so many demons in you name God? And had such a wonderful ministry? God...Remember when we prophesied in your name God?...

And yet it is all about what I can do that I think that would give me comfort, I'm worth something in God eyes? And yet only once in while I realize that it is all taken care of! I really don't have to worry about or fuzzing, and worrying! I really want to rededicate my devotion, but only if remember that only God can do that!...

Many Blessings. Amen.



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One enormous hurdle we may encounter!!!

One enormous hurdle we may encounter...

["...24Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation..."]

["...Numbers 29
1And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing the trumpets unto you..."]

["...Passage Psalm 89:15:

15Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance..."]

Isaiah 58
1Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins..."]

And as I worked my way up the hill in the early morning hours!!! I really felt I had to get away from the house to a solitary place!!! I huffed and carried my bicycle with me and coughed like if I was a sick dog!!! And I knew the devil was coming out of me!!!...

And Satan wanted me to relax and take it easy and not go out of my way to be solitary with God somewhere outside the regular grove!!! And I made it to the corner gas station!!! And they have like a littel cafe tables outside and I bought my gallon of diet coke and just lay my head low and prayed!!!...

And I realize and confessed my sins and I beheld the face of the mountain nearby and marveled and wondered about God!!! It's been a while since I really felt close to God!!! I was beginning to become a Narcissist like the people I like to criticize!!!...

I went to a birth party for a litte boy and the mothers family clung to one corner of the back yard and the fathers family clung to the the opposite farthest part of the yard each family having each a private party amongst themselves!!!...

I wondered what the children thought about this separatist syndrome and then we know when they learn to do the same and hang out with their freind and their parent become strangers and even enemies of their trust!!!...

I wanted to break away from this devil worship!!! And I though of how convenient of the devil to have this family centered worship when it most time to reach the stranger, the widow and the orphan and tell them that Jesus is on the way!!!...

Now around the Feast of Trumpets we have Thanksgiving Day and we hope this time we don't repeat the same mistake to just have a family dinner focus on our little group and forget other who would join us in hoping for God and his return!!!...

And it is time to blow the trumpet and annouce the coming of Jesus!!! I can tell you how sick I felt when I took to the road and the devil knew that once I got together and got away from the groove of the house and those who live there, I would announce and celebrate the sounding of trumpets!!!...

And how really in trouble I was!!! I can't tell you the mental agony to prod ahead and set the gas station and pray!!! And the spirit of the time is to focus on ourselves and our immediate family member and occupy all our time, money and resources on them!!!...

And now it is time to blow the trumpet and wake the world to the coming of Jesus!!! In Passover our sins were passed over and we come out of bondage!!! In Pentecost we experienced the coming of the spirit to guide us through this life and be life itself!!!...

But now we are set to become untangled with this world and its cares and groove and annouce the new age to come and not make more root in this one!!! It is a long spell between the second month and the seventh month, but it will tarry, but Jesus is on his way!!! And we should be getting ready!!! Blow the trumpet!!!
Greet the stranger and tell them about Jesus!!!...

May you be blessed. Amen.

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