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The house God is building alone...

One of the most frustrating peices of information we are asked to assimilate is the idea that the temple of God is built by God alone. We cannot concieve the idea that God is having a 'solo' party in which he calls the guests, he dresses them up and he conductst the banquet ceremony. In the old testament the people were asked to contribute to the building of the tabernacle temple, but in the new testament, God doeses all the work.

It had to be this way because God had to be sure that this house would stand the span of eternity. It would have to widstand all trouble. So God had to be the author of every tiny meticulous aspect of the new spiritual temple. Mans' contribution is not necesary at this time. When the people asked Jesus a very poingnant question, what shall WE do to do the works of God and Jesus said to them, this is the works of God: To beleive in whom God has sent.

This was fine up to then, but later he added that no one can come to God unless the father who sent him draw him. With this statement many if not all drew away. Gods 'solo' party was not the idea they had in mind. And we too sometime want to add or take away from what God is constructing and want to fashion it to fit our own comfort zone. But then would have nothing to fear if we believed God that he is a good God and maybe the only one who is good.

Then we would have trusted and rejoiced with God on what he is building, the new spiritual temple, you and me. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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If we don't rule in this life, will we in the next...

The young ruler approached Jesus and asked, ‘What shall I do to inherit eternal life?’ and Jesus pointed out the commandments to him. And he said ‘I’ve kept them all…’ ‘Good…’ Said Jesus and now be perfect, sell all you have and give it to the poor…The young ruler couldn’t he was so wealthy…

We think about money and gold, but what if you have to sell your pride and give it to the poor. Yes, in this life we will be insulted, maligned and treated with scorn. But are we able to weather that storm?

Suppose someone hurts our dignity or feeling or treat us like second-class citizens in this life? Do we want the first chair every time? How strong are we in the faith? Do we really carry the fragrance of the gospel where ever we go? Do we really believe God and remember his exhortation to be patient in sufferings?

Yes we can keep the good commandments when our pride is safe, but Jesus said that if we love only those that love us back, even every sinner does that. So what are we to do? If we find we are not the most patient of Christians? We should certainly tell God about it immediately and immediately put our trust on him.

So do not despair no longer and fret not and hate not. But trust the Lord with all your heart and strength and pray fervently that God grant us a heart to love those that trouble us.

Believe me those that trouble us are in more trouble than they care to know about. God says woe to him through whom the temptation comes to pass. So let us pray for them that God grants them repentance, and that they come to their senses and escape the trap the devil has set for them to do his will. Ephesians 4:32.

So let’s throw away the temper tantrum and pray God renews our mind and faith as we strive to live for him. Away with the anger and resentment and may God give us an occupation worth spending quality time on. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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Sometimes when we cannot understand God...

God has always been mysterious and sometimes a little unothodox and sometimes a puzzle. When the Israelites came to Sinai, God ordered the people to consecrate themselves and wash themselves and not go near their women. God said if anyone broke out and touched the mountain, they were to be stoned, animal or beast or human. Now this is an unapproachable God. This is not quiter the God we like to think we like to know.

When Jesus told the parable of the workers in the vineyard, something tragic happened there. Those who worked little were paid the same as those who worked a very long time. They were paid the fair amount but they were paid the same. There was something unapproachable about this business as well. We just could not understand that God respects his grace and doeses anything he want with it and gives to whom he will and chooses and in the amount he decides.

What happened to the human committee or fair labor laws? No. God establishes himself as sovereign and ruler over all things including what he does with his kindness. God send a message that he alone is set apart to do his own will at his own time and way. We don't like this idea. Since man want to share in the say of what is done and said. But this is not what the bible teaches and certainly the bible is God testimony and not man's. So much for human pride. The sooner we learn to fear almighty God the better of we will be.

May you have a good day. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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When we can stroll by the way together again...

Whenever we take an evening stroll, like if we could still do that. When our children play simple games in the street, like that still happened. If we sat to dinner together. That was long ago. But those thing will come back to us if we stick with the program. The bible tells that once again the children will play in the street and we would again sit down and have a family supper together and we will again take a stroll down the street without fear.

That's why the bible message is so wonderful to comtemplate. Yes we have this present problem of the ruling power of this world. But after his absence Satan and his world will no longer be in place. The everlasting Messiah will rule and take his throne and place in the world. And it's going to be a whole new ball game for us and our children. They will have the opportunity to manifest thier dream and no one will trouble them or us.

The order of the world will be shaken and no one and nobody will make you anxious or stressfull, because with God all things are possible and all questions will be answered. No this life in its best moment is not the answer. The life to come is. So you can be part of it too if you you come to belive God and his Word Jesus. So join up and climb up and join the parade of glory that will be reavealed shortly now. Why would you miss out on something as glorious as this? May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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What not to fret about and on what should our minds be...

Sometime we go off hub and start worrying about mundane matters again like what are we going to eat and what are we going to drink or what are we going to wear? Or put on? God rained quail and sent manna and poured out water out of a rock for the people and yet they did not believe God. Shall the same happen to us? That daily God provides and takes care of us that we still have this gnawing doubt and anxiety about I don't know what and about sometime in the future that hasn't happen yet?

Yes we should be wise stewards and manage our time and resources and be intelligent, but we should not be worrying about whether God loves us and whether he is going to take care of us. Rather we should be concerned about the most important spirital things like hope, love, mercy, compassion and long suffering and not forget forgiveness. These are the really most important things to be worried about. It just so happens that when we relax we can best go about our day and take care of the mundane matters.

The young ruler only came to understand this later with Jesus, he was rich and must of being worrying if he would have to give it all up in the pusuit of followings Jesus. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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When God get's serious about something...

I was reading a devotional about the tenth plague of God on Egypt and it turns out that this plague Pharaoh couldn't just walk away from. The death of his first born son was to much for him. Now how much will God have to do to get our attention? A counter part story, the parable of the unforgiving servant is very similar to that of the tenth plague on Egypt. God get serious about something.

The unforgiving servant took it as small change not to forgive his fellow borrower after the unforgiving servant was forgiven much by his Lord. Now God is serious about this matter. Whether at home, at church, on the job or at the checkout line or in traffic, God expects us to remember how good he has been to us when others need our forbearance. In take the elements of communion, Jesus said do this in rememberance of me...

So now we know that we have to bury grudges, quench the fires, put water on the embers. For the fact of the matter is that God is serious about us being peaceful people who can forbear. I hope this encourages you to turn a new leaf and see thing differently, the way God sees the score and we can never repay him for all he's done for us. In parting Efesians 4:32 "Let us deal gently with each other, forgiving each other like God in Jesus has forgiven us on the cross..."

May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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When God hardened Pharaoh's heart...

I was going over a devotional where Moses tells Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. But he refuses and it says his heart was hardened. Then God says 'I will harden Pharaohs' heart...' Have I experienced that when my heart becomes hardened and will not submit to the will of God. The bible says that the flesh is not subject to the law of God and can never be. The flesh opposed God and his way.

There was many of time when Jesus rebuked the decipiles for the hardness of their heart. Jesus also rebuked the Pharisees for the hardness in their heart. So we have to pray and fast that we don't come under this condition, where we don't see or hear God. There was a time when Jesus rebuked the decipiles for their little faith, when they couldn't cast out a demon out of boy.

So we must be weary that the blindness doesn't visit us. It can happen to anyone. The devil can snare up the best of holy man to a trial. So we must pray that our hearts are not hardened like Pharoah's. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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How we didn't have to bear the last straw...

I was going through the devotional in the bible and came to say something about the Israelites making bricks with little or no straw. The brought a lot a misery to them because they had to produce the same amount of bricks. I can remember when I too had to make bricks 'without straw' and trial was horrendous. Sometimes we are tested to the very core of our being, to point of even outright lashing back.

But our Lord became hung on tree a curse for us so that we could escape the penalty of our actions. He was our Moses sent for our deliverance. He brought us out of 'Egypt' with all sorts of signs and wonders. Parted the Red Sea on our behalf and gave us water to drink and manna to eat. So the sign of the cross has become something especial, that we would never have to make bricks without straw if you may.

In trial we should remember that Jesus has put himself as wall between us and our misery. What a wonderful thought that our Lord has become Messiah of our deliverance. May we never forget that and thank him every time we pray. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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What can give us strength...

There's something we must be reminded of: In Romans 8:37 it says,

" No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved. I'm convinced that neither death nor life, neither angel nor demons, neither present nor future,nor any powers, neither heigth nor depth, nor anything on all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord..."

After suffering various trials, it finally came home to me what the Lord wanted to tell me. In Acts 14:22 it says, “…strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. ‘We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.’ They said.”

I really did not know what was happening to me. For suddenly the spirit was not with me and everything I did was a coast uphill. I went down into Mexico for couple of days and it was distressing in some peculiar way. The gift was not with me.

I thought of writing a blog and the ideas just didn’t form in my head. I would read the bible and the phrases would just skip off my forehead. Then I got sick and asked the Lord to help me with my sickness and all my troubles.

I just couldn’t get rid of the blindness. I would try to fast and ended up eating more than before. I ran out of money. I was in a daze and confused. Then I was weary and tired from traveling and felt I was being harnessed as a servant a mile to long.

Then the Lord helped me and showed me that the Devil had his hand on this blindness and sickness business. Then suddenly everything became right again and I felt better.

The Devil took great expense in separating me from the keyboard. I just couldn’t get to the cyber-café in opening hours. And when it was open, it was too dangerous to travel at night.

So I encourage you brothers and sisters in the Lord, to remain faithful and true and that we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. So when it happens we can be patient and lose control of our peace and confidence or keep trusting the Lord to deliver. May you be blessed. Amen.


Mood: contemplative
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Are we truly focuse on God...?

Sometimes when we really want to the message, we really need to fine tune and get focused on God. Sometimes we need to remember his Majesty and glorious wonder to really begin to understand how is it that he brings us peace and serenity.

Skipping through a devotional-jounal, and there was an entry for a day about Jacob and how he was transformed from 'the supplanter' to he 'who prevails with God'. And I wonder if we too have joy that we too are being transformed from day to day and go from glory to glory.

In my thought; Jacob went from him ' who puts on a yoke' to him who 'touches God' and is able to have an exchange with God hand to hand. Do we have that relationship with God where we can have an exchange with God like in our prayer or in our daily meditations.

Is God near to us that we can truly tell him what is really bothering us and cast off the superficiallity that sometime we use to perhaps touch bases but not really having a real dialogue with the 'All-knowing' super Diety?

So I pray that we are indeed tranformed as begin to see God in Jesus as a freind who is out do us good and truly care for us in all things and times and has the answer to all questions. May you be blessed. Amen.


Mood: cheerful
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