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Going back to the Beginning and careening to the End.

Greetings. Isn’t nice when you pick up a good book and it’s even better than what you thought. I was browsing through a book called, “The complete book of When and Where in the Bible and throughout history” by E. Michael and Sharon Rusten.

I was flipping through the introduction and pages 2 and 3. It tells about the beginning when Abram was born, called and came to Cannan and how God made a non revocable covenant with him. But that is not what I wanted to focus on or about.

In the book it tells about the birth of Isaac and how Sarah had laughed at the idea of her having a baby at that age. But I guess all of this is in the bible. But the book tells that the name Isaac means ‘he laughed’ and I was curious.

In my country, there’s saying that goes, ‘he that has the last laugh, laughs the best…’. And I wouldn’t think that it is a laughing matter what has happened to the Jews since Abraham. We have a story that does not have a happy ending yet.

God overthrew the Israelites in the wilderness, because he couldn’t endure them. And throughout history they have been from havoc to havoc. I just hope that something good happens to them soon, because the return of the Messiah is eminent.

And you want to confess Jesus is Lord before he arrives. When he arrives, he won’t come to create converts, he will come reward with salvation those of all the nations that put their trust on him and believe the gospel.

But to others he comes to bring sheer terror and damnation to them that still don’t believe he is the one. The descendants of Isaac won’t have the last laugh, but if they turn from their unbelief, they can join the feast of salvation.

I just pray that whatever lies ahead does not happen and that we do receive God gift of repentance and turn from our wicked way, before  the day comes and then there will be no more negotiating but anilliation of all those that don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah. May you be blessed. Amen.


Mood: contemplative
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One troubling statement in the bible...

Have you ever had a day where you build something all day and in the afternoon, you blow it? One of the strongest weapons in todays' Christian Circles, it is the Self and the defense of the Self. One major machinery of todays pulpit is that you, I , we can come to Christ on any whim moment or succulent altar call nobody can resist.

When we go out to preach the Gospel our hope is that WE can convince and turn man to Christ. God had a such a day. Feeding five thousand in the wilderness, casting out demons, performing all sort of healings and miracles.

Who wouldn't turn and believe God in such a spectacle of  power and authority? And it is today. The hub of the pulpit and sunday service is display of power and exibit authority and not so many a time in the name of God and the holy spirit.

When Philip went to Samaria, he encountered one who was a sorcerer who said to him, I will pay you go give me power to bring the holy spirit on whom I lay my hands. He was sharply rebuked by the aposles. This sorcerer, Simon, has believed and had been baptised.

Who would of thought of such a thing? But Jesus made a statement nobody liked. He said, NO ONE can come to me unless the father who sent me draw him...No man can not believe God on his own whim and strength.

Approval and direction has to come from heaven for a believer to even conceive or entertain the idea of coming to Christ. No one can be argued into the kingdom. No convincing sermon can be so convincing as to save anyone.

John the Baptist said, No one can recieve anything, unless it's given from above. Yes this brings the machinery of the Gospel to little power indeed. Mega churches are created, but all in most, the message that brought the 'converts' are just a desire to see the show and display of

Power, like if it was really there. No God know who will be saved and made new in the image of Christ. A new creation, Created by God and for the glory of God. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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Something to think about...

Preaching the real gospel of the word...

One day I wondered why great poverty and stagnation was coming upon my life. My son called me and told me he too was having dire distress come upon his life. I’m not a real believer that the word of God brings distress but well-being, butter and milk. When Moses was to go into the
Promised Land God promised him a land of milk and honey.
Now why is so dire distress coming upon the world when the word of God is so abundant? It so it seems, but it’s not. There are many abundant preachers preaching the word. Or are they?
They preach Christ crucified and that we are sinners and need a Savior.
Well that sounds good, but the Lord has led me to believe that something is lacking in all of that. I was beginning to get on the bandwagon of tithing to support the gospel and ‘preach the
gospel’. But something was just not right. Jesus prophesied that many would come in his name saying, ‘I’m he’ and ‘the time draws near’.
It sounds all so good and innocent and seems like the right thing to do, to preach that the time
draws near for our Lord to come back. But as we have often said before, the poverty does not lay in words but in example. Jesus told his disciples, ‘All authority has been given to me on heaven and earth, go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of
the father, the son and the holy spirit, teaching them to OBSERVE all that I have commanded you…
The key word here is that we are to observe the words of God and not make career of telling
everyone about it and failing to be the faithful wives, or the faithful employees or the good citizens of our towns and cities. This idea that the commission of the church is to ‘preach the gospel’ is not biblical.
God’s people are to observe everything God tells us in his word and tell others to believe God and his word. This idea of making a church with a mega-dollar building is not what does the Lord wants. If you want courage, have picked up a little piece of paper thrown on the floor and
put it in the trash in front of everyone with a bible in your hand?
Or being the content faithful employee or wife or husband who really takes care of their business in clearly exemplary manner. Those are the things that bring glory to God name, a
religion with results. The word respect real respect and the world respects real results. Everyone knows something about the bible but not everyone has seen the results of real testimony believer in action.
This is the way in which the Devil has gotten ahead of us and like Paul said, we are not ignorant of his device to bring us to poverty in the business of doing God’s will and then truly preaching the ‘real gospel’. May you be blessed? Amen
Mood: contemplative
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The Beginning and Temple...revisited.

When prompted to pick a category for this blog, I picked Life, because that what this season is all about, the celebration of the coming of Life. Jesus said I AM the truth, the way and the Life. First our Lord is the Truth. There's nothing said that is true other than to repeat what he has already spoke or alluded to.

Next Jesus is the Way. Jesus is the provision for every problem. He has the answer to every question and every need. Psalm 23:1 says, the Lord is my sheperd, I shall not want. God has the solution to everything even death.

Thirdly, Jesus is the Life. Jesus is the bread of life by which we can eat and have like eternal. His bread is food indeed and his blood life indeed. So we have counsel, provision and life, what else could Jesus be.

The controversial matter is the Jesus is the Door to heaven. There's no other way to heaven than by him. We cannot earn or obey our way to heaven. We cannot meditate our way to heaven. We cannot give out way to heaven. And we cannot serve our way to heaven.

Only by believing on the one God has sent into the world into a meanger can we have any hope and certain eternal life in heaven. So Jesus is all about Life and real meaningful provision and source of counse.

But if we obstinate and pick someother way, we will miss the mark and come short of the goal of salvation. We cannot work our way to heaven. It is impossible to defeat our tendecy to sin and come short of the glory of God.

God is the creator, the source of life, counsel and provision, and the only door open that leads to heaven. May you heed and escape destruction in hell. Amen.


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