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Where and who is the New Temple...?

When we talk about Christianity and our christianity or someones christianity, we right away ask what church does so and so goes to? Sometime if we are persistant  we ask where is that church?

When a wolf encircles a flock of lambs he stalks it and runs circles to confine it and then to scatter it and then kill it. That's what the devil want to with our holiness- stalk it, circle it, confine it and then kill it.

We are brought up with this ideal that church is the place of holiness. It didn't start there it started with the notion of having a tent for holiness, then a physical glamourous temple as a place for holiness. And now we are told we have to go to church to recharge our holiness.

We get the ideal that holines is a place, a sacred place where we go to drink and wash our sin and replenish that self concienceness and assurance that we are Gods people. Surely a brook of water we can go drink there. But who or what is more important to God, the brook or the one who goes to drink there?

In Ezequiel 20:12 God says that it is he who sanctify us, not a building down the road or a group of individual who have a club and call themselves- Church. No it is not that way at all. We as God elect have been foreknown, selected and made holy by God himself in heaven and not by anyone else on earth.

We want to be confined to building, confined to a group meeting, and to reduce us to a roll on a club. We don't begin to imagine how free God set us to be from the confines of men and this life.

We don't really understand how precious and belove we are in God's sight. We want to be confined to a little room or chapel in fifth street. No, we have our roll call in heaven itself and by God himself.

The reason God called us is not to confine us but to spread us like light and salt upon the earth and a one hour worship service on Sunday morning, limited to whatever we are told about God there.

I pray you come to understand how we are in bars and fetters on this issue. May you be blessed. Amen.

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Is springtime or winter for the Gospel...?

Today was a good day. We went about our business doing this and that. But towards the evening, a sudden cold gust stated shaking trees and blowing leaves. But what season is it for the gospel?

Is still in its maiden dress or is it old with aches and pains? What season is the gospel for you? Is Christ being renewed every morning and day for you? Or has this Jesus thing begun to be a bore and just a chore?

Are we serving with renewed vigor and zest or has your worship become a ritual? Something you repeat every Sunday, like a scrabble game where you just rearrange the letter to put fogether the same words?

What has happened to us? Do we really look forward to the coming of our Lord or is this world to sweet to the flesh to give up. Maybe our heaven is this world. Maybe we are not ready to meet our Master.

Do we thank God daily? Do we think that it is because we so intelligent that we have such a lovely home and car? Are we trusting on ourselves? Maybe springtime has not come to us when we really BEGIN to trust God for the first time.

Is this blog like a puzzle to you? The fall harves won't come to us plentifully if we sleep in plowtime. Winter is not such a bad season if we sit down and plan how we want to begin to put our trust in God when springtime comes.

The time is now to begin to put our trust in God, before the floods and the torrent rain comes. What have you done today to show that you have put your trust in God? May you be led to sow the good seed of the gospel, but the first pot to plant is the pot of our own heart.

Who can believe the gospel if it doesn't show fruit in our own heart? In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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The Parable of the Tenants

One of the most important matters in my life, is what I've done with it? How well have I used the resources God has given me? On the the resources is wealth, another is time. Wealth you might be a able to recover it, but time is not renwable.

How active are we in applying God's word to our life? Do we think life is just to enjoy and let it pass by? We can certainly enjoy it, but certainly cannot not just let it pass by. We will have to give account for the time in this life God has given us.

One of the most prevalent problem is when time is snared away and we just become unproductive. But it is on those times, that God is really interested in sees how creative with can be when we have little.

In the parable of the widow and the two mites is a perfect example of someone doing something great with little. Sometimes we don't have a whole lot to give in life. Perhaps we are disabled, sick, troubled, divorced, single, lonely, scared, depressed or whatever that may fall

upon us, it is on those times and situations where when we cannot do everything, just break out of the zero life and just do something, what ever you are able, but just don't wasted the day, resting and wondering. Have faith, God is not impressed with big things anyways.

Jesus went to visit Zacqueous, the chief tax collector, and the people murmured that he was entertained in the house of a sinner. Jesus certainly did not waste his time with etiquette when he had a mission to accomplish. He has a soul to save.

Does etiquette get in your way? Does doctrinal differences stumble you? What is the real problem? We cannot get all hung up in what is right and miss out on possibility. May be your endervour is not the most fruitful, but if we can chat a little about something that pleases

us in common, perhaps we can tackle the bigger question. I just pray you understand what I'm saying, that its a big sin to waste our time in self holines and with it unproductiveness. Make it a point to focus on results and not means.

If we wanted a pie, but received only a slice, we should be content. So the message is to make the best of God's time alloted to us and stop being unproductive. The liittle things can take you to where you're going just like the big thing. May you be blessed. Amen.

Mood: contemplative
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What's in a day...?

I went to visit my doctor yesterday and he gave a clean bill of health, but he said you have to get a colonscopy in the near future. Sometime when we become aged and a little full of years we begin this trek to stay healthy and perhaps we can extend out physical life.

I must confess that I haven't been such a good steward of my physical health. I haven't been dieting or whatching what I eat and drink. But that has to change, especially in our spritual health together with our physical health.

Are we grumpy and maligned all the time? It need failed to amaze me how good it is to remind myself to be cheerful, joyful and charitable. We need to break the shell of the old life and habits. We are new creations and should act that way.

Each morning start with a new prayer and remind the Lord for his mercy and compassion. Take a break from the old walls and go into your garden or street and see the plants there or meet and greet someone who passes along the way.

It's so important to renew our outlook of life, the fact of the matter is that we will never tasted death and we better get in the habit of making the best of each day and our bodies and the best way to start this is with a cheerful, joyful outlook of what the Lord want to do for us today.

And it's not the time to be lazy or negligent, we need to take out the trash, check the mail box , take care of those dishes and call your grand daughter and tell her how much you love her. All things are important to the Lord, the key is that we don't waste the precious time he gives us

lo live in this life. May you have a wonderful day. Amen.

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Breaking away from the old rut...

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. I woke up at 3 AM in the morning and it has been happening to me for sometime. But today I fasted. I asked the Lord to talk to me about my life. I read some passages in the bible.

Then the Lord told me, you have to take a break from the old rut. Forget you cares and concerns. Forget your agenda for the day. Think about where you would like to be. I have a doctors appointment early today, and the Lord said forget about that too.

Sometime it's good to just relax and take it easy. I don't mean to be lazy or unresponsible. But instead of thinking about the same things and doing the same chore, just think about the majesty of God for a second.

Take a sip of your cranberry juice and just enjoy to know that the Lord loves you and he really cares that you are not over burdened with the nit-pic of everymoment thought and anxiety. We need to think abou something else.

If you think about the bible all the time, great, but take a moment to think about the trees, and the sky and the moon. Take a trip for a minute off the the beaten path. You be suprised how we ourselves become our own task masters.

Just sip you tea, see a different television show, go to a different store, and the most important thing, get to know different and new people. God really want us to visit those we do not visit, talk to those we don't talk to and think and talk about something else.

Put the old sermon away and talk about what others talk about and you be surprise how much you've been cheating yourself by stay in the same old rut. May you be blessed. Amen.

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