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6:49 AM   [29 Aug 2014 | Friday]

Recommended best move for chess players

Recommended best move for chess players

As an avid chessplayer i believe I know what every chess player want to be. One is to be world champion or to be a grandmaster, or to be a master, an expert, a champion in their town or city or just plain win. As chess players we study hard , read books , play a lot of games, play with computer. In short , some of us are willing to devote our whole life on chess.

But are we forgetting something ? Have we ever thought of eternity ? What is eternity ? Eternity is about no end in time. Some think that when we die that is the end but I believe there is life beyond the grave.

But wait a minute, you may ask what does this got to do with chess? Here is what and why , as chess players we try always to find the best move and make it, is it not ? Is it a best move , if we lose our soul ? By the way the soul is the real us, the inner being in us.The Bible says what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul ?

So what is the best move ? The best move is to find and seek God and have a fellowship with Him. My recommendation is Jesus Christ. Find who He  is about. In my case He became my Lord and Savior. Now I believe i am secure and He promised i will have eternal life.

How about you ? Have you considered Jesus Christ ? I hope you will.


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6:11 AM   [25 Aug 2014 | Monday]

Impossible and reachable dreams

Impossible and reachable and receivable dreams

Do you have dream or dreams that you want fulfilled ? I believe all people have dreams.What is yours ? If I may I want to share mine.  The Lord Jesus has been very good to me.  He gave me a family, gave me a challenging and rewarding job and gave me the opportunity to retire from work and see what and how I will spend the remaining time I have in this earth until the Lord calls me home.

Some dreams appear impossible but they are all possible, it just depends on how much we are willing to sacrifice to achieve it or them.

Let us look at the dream of going to heaven. Some don't want to look at it because that means leaving this earth. Some are trying to earn heaven by doing good works, in other words they are trying to earn it. I was the same way, until almost 40 years ago, I read from the Bible that heaven is a free gift. Does that mean we can do anything we want and still make it to heaven ? not exactly is the answer, because if we disobey God He will not admit us into His heaven.

Why is heaven a free gift ? Answer:Yes because Jesus already paid for it. He paid for our sins and by us  trusting in Jesus , the righteousness of Jesus Christ was placed on us. Does that mean we can do anything now? When we trust in Jesus we make Him the Lord and Savior of our life and soul. So basically Jesus owns us now. The Holy Spirit is given to us and we have a new life. We are under new management.Before we trusted in Jesus we used to follow our own desires but now we are to follow God's desires.

Do these make sense, I hope they do.


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12:29 PM   [21 Aug 2014 | Thursday]

Is there love in the Armor of God ?

Is there love in the armor of God ?

I got this question today from my mind because I do not remember reading about love when the Bible talks about the armor of God( but we will see love is there).

First what is the armor of God and why do we need it ? According to Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

Yes there is a battle between good and evil . The side of good is with God and we can only win this through Jesus Christ. Let me give a quick review of the armor of God. The helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, and the feet wearing the sandals of peace. Love exists in the camp of God and in the armor of God but the devil (satan) seeks to kill , steal and destroy. The enemy uses deception through false teachings, wrong use of money, wrong use of love etc.

God loves His people and that is why He provides them (us) with the armor of God. By us not wearing the armor of God, the enemy is able to hurt us. The relationship between God and us is characterize by love. So love is there in the armor of God. By the way the Bible also says love our enemies, why ? For now this is an extra question that needs further clarification perhaps in another blog.

Meanwhile will you agree love is there in the armor of God ?


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6:50 AM   [19 Aug 2014 | Tuesday]

When we do not feel like praising the Lord.

When we do not feel like praising the Lord.

Let us face it sometimes our hearts and mind wander from God. Sometimes we do not feel like praising the Lord. Are we going to fake it  ? Are we going to lie to God ?

Today I felt like that, I had other things in my mind, that I did not feel like praising Him. So what should I do ? What should you do ?

I believe I should admit that and ask for forgiveness and ask for help.I believe wandering away from the Lord will lead to trouble.

Today i read Psalms 107, four times in this psalm it said " Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble." and four times too they were followed by " And He delivered them out of their distresses."

I do not know about you but now I feel like praising the Lord, so I am praising the LORD. Praise the LORD ! Let praise be continually in our mouth and heart and soul.



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12:01 PM   [18 Aug 2014 | Monday]

The Power of Believing

The Power of Believing

First let me clarify that it is important that we believe in the True God. Then next to that is believing in the words of the True God.Without believing in God's words we can live a life in defeat, depression,chaos, confusion, uncertainty. Without believing in God's words we end up believing in other sources like financial, our own abilities etc.  Not believing properly could make our problems grow big and insurmountable.

Such is what is happening with me,  I am forgetting who am I in Christ and I have been looking at my physical situation like getting old, listening more to my body weakness , aches and pain. I have been turning to beggarly manners like things that will not edify God in my life.

As humans we are used to seeing first before believing but as Joyce Meyers says in God's economy we have to believe first.

It is necessary that we apply God's words in our life. I would invite the readers to apply these principles in our lives.

My future blogs will deal with applying God's words in our lives. By the way I rely in the Holy Bible for God's words.


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7:57 AM   [12 Aug 2014 | Tuesday]

Don't let anything pull us away from Jesus

Don't let anything pull us away from Jesus.

Things have been going along fine for me for awhile since I have been focusing on Jesus. The other week a friend here in California called me to talk about chess.Since I used to dream or wanted to be a chess master,somehow that dream revived. I started thinking about chess again and it has been occupying my time and mind and with it my body.

Aspiring to be a chess master takes a lot of time and effort, ask other chess players around. Statistics shows that only 2% of chess players become masters.For most of us even a lifelong study of chess does not guaranteee mastery.

My thoughts about God started diminishing and I soon realized it. In life there are things that take us away from the love of God. If God is not first place in our life then it shows that something else replaced it. Sure the Bible says nothing can separate us from the love of God and that is true but we can be distracted if we are not careful.

So to those who are reading this blog, I hope God is still first place in your life and that hope to be in me too.

It does not mean that we do nothing else but only that God should be our number one love and priority and the rest should come second or next.

As for me I am returning to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. So help me God.


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12:05 PM   [03 Aug 2014 | Sunday]

How I found Jesus again while fixing my refrigerator leak

How I found Jesus again while fixing my refrigerator leak.

First I believe in Jesus, and i follow Him. But something happen to me that reinforced who He meant to me, while I was fixing my refrigerator leak.

The other day we found our kitchen floor wet and we traced it to be coming from the back of refrigerator. After moving the refrigerator I commenced looking at the source of the leak. Since it is at the bottom I had to get down and up several times while checking, getting some tools , and rags, and opening some panels.Being old these took a lot of my energy and I went to bed tired and sore.

I woke up the next day around 4:30 am realizing that I was getting down and up by myself, the whole 160 lbs and on my knees (which hurt by the way). An idea came to me to get a small step ladder to help get down and up and sure enough it helped me in my repair work. Then it dawn on me that that is what Jesus do for us, He help us recover from the weight of our sins. Sins have the effect of getting us down  but Jesus our sin bearer help us get up not only once but several times.

How about you ? Maybe you are still strong, not needing anybody to help you get up but as we get old getting up gets harder and harder. How about in regards to sin? As human we all have sinned,towards God and our fellow men, and these sins have been bringing us down. If these are true with you, I am encouraging you to come to Jesus, confess our sins to Him and He will forgive our sins,He can do that because He  paid for them on the cross.

Come to Jesus and experience our guilt and shame removed and experience a renewed life.


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