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11:47 AM   [30 Jun 2014 | Monday]

Heaven in my mind

Heaven in my mind

For several days and weeks now, I have been trying to figure automatic sprinkler for my yard. Though I can probably do it by trial and error, I wanted to do it right. In the market, there are lots of companies in sprinkler and irrigation business. Now they are using modern technology to build and present their systems.

When God created the heavens and the earth and before He created man.Here is what the Bible says in Genesis 2:5,6. And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew; for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground,

But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.

Here we can see God's system and up to now we can see how the plant system and irrigation or watering system works and we see its beauty. But there's a problem; plants, grass , and flowers grow , bloom and fade. In short they are not forever .

But here is a promise in the Bible , there will be new heavens and new earth.There we will also have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.Now you may ask , what is the mention of the sprinkler system got to do with this. Here's what or why, I believe God will also  have beautiful gardens there,and with that a well designed sprinkler system.

Lest we get focused on God's creation, let us remember God will be there or is there and we will see Him face to face.

Let us not get too focused on this earth and things on earth because God has prepared a much better place than this.

Let us live on this earth in preparation for eternity . Let us occupy ourselves on this earth with heaven as our goal and most of all to see God and be with Him.


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9:43 AM   [26 Jun 2014 | Thursday]

Connect with Jesus

Connect with Jesus

We are living in what we call the end times or last days. Why do I call the end times ? Our population is growing, we are exhausting our resources, man 's idea or belief in God is changing, the weather is changing. Or perhaps in your mind or eyes the world still have a long ways to go.

We are also living in the modern times, communication  and transportation has expanded and sped up.

I will not argue with anyone on how they see the world but let me suggest to everyone to connect with Jesus. All other things will fade and fail but Jesus is the same , yesterday , today and forever.




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12:46 PM   [24 Jun 2014 | Tuesday]

Knowing God (introduction)

Knowing God

What a heavy title. The background to this blog is I encountered a person in a  website who read the Bible from cover to cover yet he concluded that the God of the Bible is not good, sort of evil.  But let us ask ourselves , how do we perceive the God of the Bible ? If you are asked what or who is the God you worship , will you be able to answer ?

In this life , I have learned not to argue about God but we should be able to describe our God to others if asked. After all what we know about God will or determine what kind of actions we do.

So this is introduction. So i will see you next time.


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6:33 AM   [17 Jun 2014 | Tuesday]

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

We all sinned, we fall short.

Romans 3:23 says All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

I read Matthew chapters 5, 6, 7 and I am amazed at the high standard of our
Lord Jesus Christ. Can anyone besides Jesus who can fulfill those ?

I believe even if we combine all our Christian churches and see if anyone was
or is able to comply, still we can not do those on our own or will find anyone
who can comply.

What is the point ? Shall we all quit and go home and give up ? No but I
believe that we all accept our incapacity to save ourselves and accept
God's grace and mercy and provision found in His Son Jesus Christ.

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6:09 AM   [16 Jun 2014 | Monday]

Knowing who we are in Christ

Knowing who we are in Christ

According to the Bible "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;old things have passed away , behold all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17. It takes faith to believe this. Often times we doubt ourselves and if others tell us we need to know their truth or that we are not yet a Christian or others call us condescending names, then doubt could really come in or enter in.

What do we do when we doubt by listening to ourselves and others ? First we pray and study the Word of God , the Bible.  Prayer and study of the Word of God should lead us deeply to who we are in Christ.

I believe it is like climbing mountain, it gets harder as we go higher but when we overcome our doubt or doubts we get stronger. So let us get to know who we are in Christ.

Yes we are a new creation, the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit is in us.Feed on the Word of God and our inner man will get stronger.


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12:30 PM   [13 Jun 2014 | Friday]

Anticipate hope

Anticipate hope

From experience people either anticipate good or bad things.For a long time I have anticipated bad things will happen. This old thinking of mine caused  me to try to figure out the solution ahead of time. It somewhat worked for me but through the years it wore me out. I felt that anticipating good caused me to be careless and disappointed when the good that I expected did not happen.

Recently something came to my mind to "anticipate hope ". Hope in what ? Hope in God. You may say hope in God is hoping for good, is'nt it ? Not necessarily because sometimes we do not understand God, we ask Him why ?

Hoping in God really means regardless of what happen, good or bad, we are trusting God.

If we find ourselves worried about things, try anticipating hope, hope in God. God loves us and He will see us through. A prime example is our Lord Jesus Christ, did every good thing happen to Him ? He died by crucifixion but with that He offered us hope and eternal life. Did God promised us no pain, no sorrow here on earth ? No but Jesus said in the world you shall have tribulation but He said be of good cheer He has overcome the world.

So anticipate hope , hope in God , hope in Jesus , and the Bible calls it the " Blessed hope".


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10:33 AM   [12 Jun 2014 | Thursday]

Lesson from sprinklers

Lesson from sprinklers.

The sprinklers I am referring to is the garden or lawn sprinklers. I decided to work on sprinkler system in my yard. I noticed some spots are not being watered so I added another sprinkler head or water outlet. I forgot that this will reduce water pressure so I am basically back where I started.

So what is the lesson here ? Sprinklers are like blessings or favors. It is related to the supply or supplier. To often we humans look to man or government to help us when man or government is also dependent on man in the form of taxes that they collect.

So what is the solution, let us look to God, love Him and obey Him and let us be faithful. He created the heavens and the earth. He is able to provide more or another way is for us  to use properly the resources He gave us.

In short, let us look to God, thank Him and give Him the glory.And let us do our part in fulfilling His plans.


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5:41 AM   [10 Jun 2014 | Tuesday]

Our true value comes from God

Our true value comes from God

Every man or woman in this earth experience success in life in one way, form or another. Some are more successful than others. But sooner or later that success will come to nothing, it will fade or be forgotten. How ? we get old, our health fails, we get weak, inflation sinks in, we make mistakes or somebody makes mistakes.

Seems gloomy, is it not ? Yes it is gloomy if we do not have God. Why ? Only God is eternal and without God in our life we will come to an end. And same token if we have God then we will have what God have and that is eternal life.

Jesus said without Him we can do nothing. Perhaps you will say that you can still do. Let us look at this.What things that you do and earn for yourself , can you keep forever ?....... Can you think of any ?....Let me know if you know of anything.

Meanwhile what God wants us to do and we did as God told us will last forever like believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and we will have eternal life.So let us get to know more about Jesus and have Him in our life.


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12:39 PM   [08 Jun 2014 | Sunday]

Sharing Jesus in the internet

Sharing Jesus in the Internet

Ever since I became aware that part of being a Christian is sharing Jesus to every one,I have tried what appears to be unsuccessful efforts to share Jesus. I tried Gospel tracts, tried writing on my shirts or wearing shirts with Christian message,tried witnessing in a nearby park, inviting friends. 

Then internet came along. I was slow catching on to it.In 2008 i started  using it.I got into Yahoo, True2ourselves, our church website CCBD, and Facebook.Again my intentions mainly were to share Jesus.

Internet presented a different way of communication and relationship.Though I can not say exactly what this means, i believe things really starts with having ourselves examined by the Lord. If we have done this then we are ready for the internet. Why did i say that ?I said that because anybody can see you, people who knew you.and say this person is a liar or whatever we are perceived to be.

We can only share Jesus if we have Jesus.But Jesus is unseen so how can we have and share the unseen ? Perhaps we should ask a child,if he or she respond favorably towards you, then maybe he or she saw Jesus.

Here is what Jesus said "Let the children come to me(Jesus) for theirs is the kingdom of God ".

Let me share a story. My cousin's son's family came from Hawaii. My wife and I wanted to see them that before I saw them I prayed that God will help me with meeting them specially the children. Soon we met and after a few minutes of introduction and looking at each other. I gestured to them for a hug but expecting that the child or children will keep a distance. To my surprise one of the children came close to me and stayed. I can't believe it but I treasured the moment. Did she saw Jesus in me ? I do not know but I hope so.


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5:49 AM   [07 Jun 2014 | Saturday]

God's Book of Life

God's Book of Life

God's Book of Life. Before we go to God's Book of Life, let us look at man's book of people. Let us see what man remembers about man. We have hall of famers, all stars, presidents, kings, princes, emperors, topnotchers, business men, Oscar winners, Super Bowls, heroes, politicians, athletes, pastors, priests, popes, inventors,scientists, musicians, professors, poets, billionaires, dictators, writers, personalities etc.But what about us regular and ordinary people ? We will look into that.

Man's books have limitations though.Soon people forget who these people are after 10, 20, 50, 100 or 1000 years.

Now we can go to God's Book of Life.Those who belong to this book will have eternal life. People though have different ideas about God and how He deals with people.

How about you ? Are you aware of God's Book of Life ?

If I may share to you what I know here it is. My reference is the Holy Bible. According to the Bible, man sinned and for that all men will die or will belong to what we can call the "book of the dead". That is bad news , is it not ? But wait Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. So to belong to God's Book of life we must have Jesus.

The Bible says "he who has the Son (Jesus) has life." If we have Jesus/life then we belong to God's or the Lamb's (another term for Jesus) Book of life.

Where do we want to be , man's books or God's book of life ?



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