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12:12 PM   [27 Dec 2014 | Saturday]

When we complain about our living or working condition

When we complain about our living or working condition,

I was trying to memorize some Bible verses when i became unhappy because I forget them in a short time. So I went to office supplies store so I can buy something to help me remember like index cards, ID card holder so I can trim the index card and put them inside . Looked for binders too etc.I would like to buy a mini printer so I can copy the verse nicely so I started daydreaming about memory aids.

While day dreaming, I started thinking too about I hoped somethings are easier, that Bibles came in convenient forms.

But then it came to me that the apostle Paul wrote most of his letters or epistles in prison. Noah had to build the ark with hardly enough help outside his family.Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac after waiting for his birth for a long time. Moses lived in the desert most of his life. and lastly our Lord Jesus Christ had to die on the cross as His mission on earth.

Perhaps after knowing these, we need not complain anymore. What do you think ?


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12:59 PM   [21 Dec 2014 | Sunday]

What's the difference between heaven and hell ?

What's the difference between heaven and hell ?

This blog is probably the shortest one I write. The difference between heaven and hell is belief in Jesus Christ.When one believes in Jesus, then to heaven he will eventually go and not to believe in Jesus means one goes to a place called hell.

Belief in Jesus means belief on who He is. Belief in the words He said.Belief on the real reason He came into this world.

Feel free to open your Bible and see, and find out.


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8:48 AM   [10 Dec 2014 | Wednesday]

Want a beautiful prayer ?

Want a beautiful prayer ?

There are many beautiful prayers, and I believe here is one of them.This was taken from the psalm of David. Psalm 86 verses 11 and 12. This was quoted also by Kay Arthur in one of her inspiration books and I happened to see it today.

Teach me Your ways, O Lord:

I will walk in Your truth;

unite my heart to fear Your name.

I will give thanks to You,

O Lord my God, with all my heart,

and will glorify Your name forever.


comment: by faith we can pray this and meditate that God will

enable this to be true in our life, in Jesus name.



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7:48 AM   [09 Dec 2014 | Tuesday]

In Jesus is life.

In Jesus is life.

We may say we are alive, we live, we do things, what else do we need ? Sometimes we think that we can live forever on our own. But then we see reality, that we get old, we see what's happening around us. We feel pain, get sick. In short there's limit to what we call life and we can see that.

Were we born on this earth only to die someday ? Yes but the Bible gives a wonderful promise. In Jesus we have eternal or everlasting life.

Do we want eternal life or everlasting life ? If we do, let's get to know more about Jesus. Get a Bible and read, spend some time in the word of God.Ask God to help you if you are unfamiliar or new to the Bible.

If you already heard about Jesus but have not taken HIm seriously, then why not give Him another look ?

Yes Jesus knocks on our hearts but we need to open our hearts and allow Him to come in.


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6:29 AM   [07 Dec 2014 | Sunday]

There's another life coming

There's another life coming

Jesus Christ said " I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10. We see from the Bible that when Jesus came He was crucified and in all Catholic Churches we see an image of a person crucified, and that is supposed to be Jesus Christ. If Jesus came that we may have life then why did He has to die ? The Bible says man or we sinned and the wages of that is death. But Jesus came , the God who took a human form to be the sacrifice for our sins. By believing in Jesus, we confess that Jesus died for us. In Protestant churches we see an empty cross,signifying that Jesus died but that He also rose from the dead. So both Catholic and Protestant churches believed that Jesus died and resurrected.

What does this mean to all of us who believe in Jesus ? I believe it undeniably says, there's another life coming. If life we have now is all there is, then we live in a miserable world, majority of people in the world are poor and most people experience suffering. Most Bible characters died as martyrs, why ? to show that they are looking for another life just as God promised.

Are we supposed to die as martyrs ? I believe the answer for that is not all, but that we are to live unselfishly and for us to love God and our fellowmen.

Knowing that we have another life in Jesus Christ causes us to live unselfishly. Of course it does not mean to give everything we got but that is also possible if that is what God wants us to do.  Jesus gave His all for us and if we believe in Jesus we can do the same.

Wow , to give all is hard to do. But we can start small and let it grow. If we lose our life doing this then we are not to worry because there's another life coming.  And I believe this is what Jesus meant when He said He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.


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6:31 AM   [04 Dec 2014 | Thursday]

Honest examination of our beliefs

Honest examination of our beliefs

When it comes to beliefs, one of the hardest things to do is to tell someone something is wrong with their beliefs.The natural tendency for anyone is when somebody tries to correct us is for us to be defensive or even see our corrector as the aggressor.

But let me ask the readers, " Have we examined our beliefs ?" or " Have we honestly ask God if what we are believing are true ?"

My personal experience comes from reading the Bible. I tried to correct or find fault in it but it end up correcting me.

I have been sharing my beliefs to you perhaps it is better if we examine our own beliefs too. Ask God to help us.


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6:59 AM   [02 Dec 2014 | Tuesday]

Are we saved ?

Are we saved ?

Rather than ask "are you saved ?". I used " are we saved ?" , so you won't feel threatened. Let us continue " save from what ?" saved from judgment or hell. Why judgment ? what is hell ? Judgment because we sinned. Sin ? what is that ? Sin is transgression or violation of God's laws. And hell is supposed to be a place for devil and his angels, and for sinners.

Where did I get these terms ? from the Bible and from Christian churches.Do I believe them ? yes I do, do you ?

Back to the question, are we saved ? Yes if we have not sinned or if our sins has been paid for. No, if we are still living in sin and we have not ask for forgiveness.

But we all sinned, so how can we be saved ? God has provided a way for salvation. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Jesus lived a sinless life that He is worthy to be the sacrifice or the payment for our sins.

So what do we do now ? The Bible says " Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved , you and your household."

What does believe means ? To believe is not just word but it means to trust. To believe is accept that something or someone is true.

So to believe in Jesus is to believe in the Bible accounts about Him, His words, His teachings , His life, His works etc.

So do we believe in Jesus ? If we do then we are saved .

It sounds simple , is'nt it ? But living it is not simple, that is why we also need the Holy Spirit. By the way , the Holy Spirit is given to those who believe in Jesus, If we have God , if we believe in Jesus then we have the Holy Spirit, then we are saved. We have eternal life.

Is it clear now ? If not please ask your priest or pastor.


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