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8:09 AM   [15 Aug 2013 | Thursday]

Giving God the glory

Giving God the glory

Giving God the glory or seeking God's glory.  No matter how hard man seek its own glory sooner or later it runs out or fades away. But God's glory never runs out because He is eternal and endless.

Have we glorified God today ? Have we thanked Him for all the blessings we received ,is receiving and will be receiving ? Have we thanked Him for His love, His Son and His Spirit ? Have we thanked Him for His salvation, His provision, His protection , His care, His words, His laws ?

Sooner or later our body gets old , our money runs out, our fame or glory if any will soon be forgotten but the person who draws closer to God will abide forever.

Let us give God the glory,He rightly deserve.

Glory to God. Glory in the Hishest. Let us praise the Lord.


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12:47 PM   [11 Aug 2013 | Sunday]

I asked God.

I asked God.

I asked God, are you there ? and He said " you see my creation, the heaven and earth etc...

I asked God, did you create evil , pain and suffering ? and He said " He created a beautiful angel, but he became proud and rebel and decided he wants to be like Me. That angel enticed my first man and woman creatures to sin. Evil, pain and suffering came from the fallen angel called Satan, and the result of his dominion. I allowed it for various reason to punish, discipline, test,learn, and for my creatures to return to Me. Soon there will be no more evil, pain and suffering in the New Heavens and New Earth that I am creating or preparing.

I asked God, but You do not speak to me ? and He said " I gave you the Scriptures, translated on the Holy Bible."

I asked God, how do I know the Bible is true ? and He said " I preserved it ."

I asked God, but your laws are hard to follow, how can I obey them ? And He said " I will help you".

I asked God, but the Bible says we all sinned and fall short of your glory, how can we be acceptable to You ? And He said " I gave you My Son to die for your sins ".

I asked God, what can Your Son do ? and He said I gave Him authority and power and they are in the Bible.

I asked God, how can I be with You when i die ? and He said " you need to be born again'. That is to repent of your sin and turn to My Son and confess your love and commitment to Him. '

I asked God, I am still on earth, the enemy might get me, how am I protected ? and He said I gave you a guarantee, that is the Holy Spirit.

I asked God, can You live my life for me? and He said, " you have to participate, I will help you along the way."

I asked God, can You  help my friends and relatives find and receive Salvation and He said " That is your assignment and you have to tell them about My love for them and if they will not listen to you I will tell your brothers and sisters in Me to help you.


Note :This conversation is based on my life, and thoughts and the answers are based on God's words found in the Bible. I checked it for accuracy and to the best of my knowledge they passed the evaluation.



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12:52 PM   [10 Aug 2013 | Saturday]

High School Reunion Participation

High School Reunion Participation

I am curious on how to maximize High School Reunion Participation.

Any suggestions ?


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11:46 AM   [06 Aug 2013 | Tuesday]

Answers to Inquirer

Answers to Inquirer.

I would like to share a discussion with an inquirer that we had in a Christian forum. Here it is:

Ped :Let me quote again on what appears to be your major concern.Here it is :

Inquirer using the alias Fatboy : He asked :Why doesn't God help us out the way he handled it in the bible? Why don't we have spiritual holy men that God reveals his desires to in what he wants us to do which would be a more pure way of knowing Gods will?[/quote]

Answer : God did . God sent the laws and the prophets and in this last days. He gave us the Jews to show us what to do and not to do. He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in the likeness of human flesh. Lived among us and died for us. He rose from the dead and ascended back to heaven. Jesus and the Father then sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in believers. He also inspired the writing of His words in the Holy Bible and He also allowed many versions for greater understanding. God also gave us the choice of coming to Him in prayer through His Son Jesus Christ.He also gave us the church . He gave the apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors, priest, teachers. He also sent us His angels. He also gave us the earth where we live, water, food, air for which we should be thankful for. He also gave salvation to the Gentiles (non Jews) like us. Of course God allows the existence of the devil and his angels who were created but chose to rebel and now works on those who will follow their rebellious ways. But God did not left us without a defense. But man chose darkness rather than light.Again God gave us multiple ways out through repentance, forgiveness, atonement etc. He offered pardon for sinners which all of us are.But here is the key, we have to abide in Him, moment by moment dependence on Him. We can not live partly with Him and partly with the ways of the world and our flesh because this will not work. Probably you will say if the situation are ideal everything will be ok. You may ask Adam and Eve about that .

Mr. Fatboy,* what else do you want God to do ? Can't you see God's love and patience, grace and mercy ?


* I believe this is the inquirer's alias or pseudonym.

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