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12:39 PM   [26 Jul 2013 | Friday]

what do we know about heaven ?

What do we know about heaven ?

We look at the sky and we call it heaven. When we have feeling that we like we call it heaven. A place where God 's throne is , is what we imagine to be called heaven. Most associate heaven with dying, reasoning that only when we die can we go to heaven, and maybe that is why we do not talk about it often.

Most people believe that they will go to heaven because they are good people, they do good works, or ask forgiveness when they sinned. They go to church, give to the poor etc. Sounds reasonable , is it not ? If this is true and if this is what you believe,  then who is this Jesus ? If our good works are enough, then Jesus will have no role. Another thing we know we also do and think bad things, it could be possible that our bad thing cut down or erase our good works. For all we know we may not make it to heaven based on our good works, plus is our good , good enough for God ?

Why was Jesus crucified ? Other leaders died a normal death but not Jesus, why ?

This blog will appear in true2ourselves. com and Facebook, where am in, so if you are not sure why Jesus died , drop me a private note, maybe I will be able to help.


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12:57 PM   [15 Jul 2013 | Monday]

Let us focus on the solution.

Let us focus on the solution

What prompted me to write this blog ? Here is why  . Christian churches have 41,000 denominations according to a pastor. Christian debates seem to be unending.

We analyze , remember,discuss, weigh,study,debate, about sin or what is not without agreeing to anything.

Even using the Bible seem not to help due to different interpretations.Actually the Bible give us the answers.

So how about focusing on the solution. What is the solution you may ask ?The solution I see is Jesus Christ. How can He be the solution ? First He died , paid for , and washed our sins.

God said He will remember our sins no more. I believe in the book of Micah, God said He buried them (our sins ) in the depths of the sea.

We debate even among Christians who is right and wrong, when the Bible already said "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". So let us accept and admit that and go to and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

How about the rest of the world ? I believe the crucial question is what to do with Jesus Christ. Accept Him or reject Him, and there is no middle ground ? And the crucial answer is to accept HIm and follow Him.

I remember hearing or reading from a preacher or a book that in the last day, God will ask us: what did you do with my Son Jesus who is the Christ ?

You may say this blog or message is too simple. I believe it is because it is the bottom line, why make it complicated ?

Jesus helps us tremendously when we study Him through the Bible and follow Him every day and the rest of our lives into eternity.Also the Holy Spirit resides in us and will and is helping us.


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3:05 AM   [14 Jul 2013 | Sunday]

America, America

America, America

Had this blog been written six hours ago the title could have been "America must repent". But since then I have settled down and I saw a blog with a more detailed account. Basically America or the United States of America is a blessed country. The abundance in this country is unbelievable. Despite the lost of so many jobs, this country appears to be doing business as usual. Why is this country so blessed ? I believe it is because of its support of Israel and its role in propagating, educating the world on Biblical Christianity. I am not minimizing other countries who also played a role in spreading Christianity but in this country I have seen so many churches , Christian radio stations, book publishers, Bible colleges, television networks, preachers etc.

These past few weeks, I heard the passage of same sex marriage law in California and in the Supreme Court and something in me got troubled so i searched around the internet, also asked people I know. What I am getting is not so many people are alarmed yet something in me tells something is wrong.

Today a thought came to mind about a story I heard that Billy Graham preached some time ago that God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if God does not do something to America.I do not know how long that message was delivered but that message appeared to be true today. What happened to the Christian nation, which I believe America is ? Should there at least be lamentations in our churches ?

So America, America, do we know where we are ?


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8:12 AM   [10 Jul 2013 | Wednesday]

Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God

Who is qualified to tell us or show us the kingdom of God ? answer: the one who has been there or from there, is it not ? And who is that ? I believe the answer to that is our Lord Jesus Christ. We humans on our own does not know or will not know that kingdom until...,until what you may ask ? until Jesus is in us through the Holy Spirit. How do we get Jesus in us ? as I study the Bible and listen to teachers, Jesus comes in to us when we respond to the call of God in our lives. When Adam and Eve(our great, great ancestors sinned or disobeyed God, man died spiritually and became separated from God.

Through the Israelites, God worked to bring man back to Him. God gave His laws to show His standard of holiness, when we fail to obey, we know it is called sin. God hates sin because He is holy. To deal with sin God gave us the ways. God instituted sacrifices(animal without blemishes) and offerings as described in first five books of Moses.

To fully understand the laws and sacrifices and offerings plus the tabernacles and priest systems will take a long study perhaps a lifetime or more. So you may ask how can we know then ? The answer is through Jesus Christ. He came to show us God the Father, He also came to save us from our sins by being the sacrifice, the offering, His blood was spilled or sprinkled to pay or cleanse our sins.

By  admitting that we violated God's laws and therefore realizing that we sinned and separated from God, we realized that we are unworthy to be in the presence of God therefore are outside the kingdom of God.

But wait Jesus paid it all the Bible says, so through Jesus we can enter and be citizens of the kingdom of God.But you may say that is too easy, yes it is easy for us but not for our Lord  Jesus Christ who suffered to gain us back.

I pray that these truth from the Bible will penetrate your heart if you are not yet a believer and for you to turn from your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. May the Holy Spirit help you see these truth and see and enter the kingdom of God. We can only see and be in that kingdom when we personally admit that we have sinned and then accept Jesus into our life. Will you do that ? Ask God to help you do that and welcome to the family of God. Hallelujah ! This does not end here, because we now have eternal life and that life is with God, our new life in Christ.

Till next time and enjoy the presence of God through and in Christ and the Holy Spirit.


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5:43 AM   [08 Jul 2013 | Monday]

Let us seek God

Let us seek God

Our society entered a new stage with the present development in our definition of marriage. Churches appeared to be silent on this matter, unless I am the one who has not heard what is going on. But let us review the facts and questions about same sex marriage law without pronouncing judgment unless we are absolutely sure we heard from God.

1. This is new. No religion in the world practice this as far as I know.

2. With the passage of this law,what could be next ?

3. I believe the people of God should seriously seek God on how to proceed regarding this issue.


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