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7:31 AM   [23 Jul 2012 | Monday]

The works of man and the works of God

The works of man and the works of God.

Man is a fascinating creature. He has intelligence but in his intelligence sometimes led him to believe there is no God. But for me the more I see the intelligence of men, the more I appreciate the intelligence of God.We marvel at how man built cars but God built the human body. Look at cars and look at our body. Which is more complicated car or the human body ?

Man built power plants that  produces electricity yet they can not produce electricity the intensity of which equals that of lightning.

Man manufactured plastics which gave us many uses but the problem is they don't decay so soon we will be filled with plastic trash.

In my level of thinking what fascinates me with man is how man can built airplanes, ships,skyscrapers, submarines, bridges, dams, sattelites etc. Man was able to analyze forces, strength of materials, fabricate materials.

But for now l wonder at how man can built big bridges, how they pour concrete on water,weld on water, support bridges with big cables etc. In short man appears to be masters of engineering and for a while I thought what better can God do ?

Then I noticed man built his structures on some thing called foundation.Most structures that man built are set on something but God created the earth and the universe on nothing, they are floating in the sky yet we feel on earth that we are standing on solid ground. Can man do that ?


p.s. You may say , wait man can build space station in the sky, but I say how many can live there ? compared with how many can live on the earth. Your answer ?.....Mine is let us give glory to God.


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12:39 PM   [21 Jul 2012 | Saturday]

Theology and technology

Theology and technology

The dictionary defines theology as the study of God and his relation to the world while technology is applied science. Is there relation between the two ? Let us see. The Bible says God created the heavens and the earth while technology involves the study of  the heaven and the earth.

The Bible says God created man in his own image but man later disobeyed God which cause sin to enter the world. Sin brought pollution to man, weakens man, and caused man to seek direction opposite to God. Sure, man tried to seek God through man's ways but constantly fail except for some few individuals who pleased God, yet man can not be good enough.Man appeared powerless to temptation like they are against insurmountable force. Because of this man is headed for judgment and death.

Then in the proper time God sent His Son Jesus Christ to rescue man.Jesus paid the penalty of our sin. Jesus nailed to the cross is like a bridge that reconnected man with his Creator. The cross is like a suspension bridge with its abutments, pier, deck and footer, and tower.Now can you picture Theology and technology ?

Jesus became the overcoming force and his blood became the cleansing power to fight sin, death, temptation.

But like a bridge , it has to be crossed to get to the other side. The Bible says Jesus is the way , the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Him.

Will you take Jesus as your Lord and Savior ? I hope you will. If you do I hope you will seek other believers who will study the Word of God with you. The Word is like a sword or laser that will penetrate the soul and spirit.God also gives the Holy Spirit to those who will accept Jesus. And the Holy Spirit who is a Person will help us to be energized like electricity runs a motor. And we know without electricity a motor will not run. Just as we are not to touch electricity , we should also not grieve the Holy Spirit by ignoring this call.

Well this is all for now, but remember God loves you.


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3:02 AM   [17 Jul 2012 | Tuesday]

Carry our own cross daily

Carry our own cross daily.

Our Lord Jesus said for us to carry our own cross daily.  The exact command is given in Luke 9:23 Jesus said, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily , and follow me. This cross has been puzzling me for a long time.What is it ? Maybe you can help me.

Please let me know, through this website or through Facebook.


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3:14 AM   [16 Jul 2012 | Monday]



As residents of this world we are sorrounded by parties like weddings, birthdays, graduations etc. Parties are usually happy celebrations specially if you are invited. But once in a while we will notice that we miss some parties, and somehow you and I feel slighted  but later on our defense mechanisms will find some excuses why we are not invited.

By now you might be thinking , what does this got to do with Christian blogs ? Much  in many ways , Jesus loves parties too, in fact his first miracle happened in a wedding, in Cana the Bible says. Still you might be saying, I still do not get it. Well according to the Bible, Jesus is getting married too. What ? you might say. Yes they call it the marriage supper of the Lamb( the Lamb being Jesus). But to whom ? to the church which is also called the Bride. Not only we are invited but we are the bride. Bride ? you might say but I am a man. Well the believers are also called the bride, true, the Bible say it.

You might say , what is the catch ? There must be some explanation on how you and I can be the bride of Jesus Christ. Well we are sinners and as much as we try we cannot live a perfect life. So Jesus Christ comes to the rescue He came to save us from our sins. We need to repent of our sins and confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

What if we do not do that ? Then basically we cancel our invitation. We will not be included in the wedding of Jesus. Well you might say , I want to be in the wedding . Then a question could be , do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Only you have the answer for that. I tell you what others have signed up for the wedding of Jesus. Another question when is the wedding ? It will be a surprise , so do not wait any longer.

The Bible says the bride is waiting for the groom who is Jesus Christ.Are you in or out ? I will see you next time unless Jesus comes first.


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8:11 AM   [15 Jul 2012 | Sunday]

Loving our neighbor.

Loving our neighbor

I thought I had nothing to write today, because it seems everybody have their own beliefs and if I tell others what to believe then I ran the possibility of offending others. Went back to bed, I still could not sleep. Then I thought God commanded us to love one another. Do we love only the ones we know ? our family ? our friends ? and how do we love  others ?

Is loving others mean we be of help all the time ? build relationship ?Yes ,but how do we love others ? Is it not commanded that we should love others as yourself ? So if we want the best for ourselves then we would want the best for others too. Wow , this seems to be big order.

I thought of giving material things to others but I felt just too limited. As a human being we are just too limited. But how can we love others ? It also came to mind that we can not plan too far in the future because we do not know how long our life is.

The best answer I could think of is tell others about Jesus. Jesus ? is it not everybody knows about Jesus ? If everybody already knew  Jesus , then this world should have been at peace, no more crime, no more war,  etc. etc. But I see a world seeking something that eludes them whether it be fame, wealth, success. So then I ask is Jesus enough ? Is there anything else besides Jesus ? my answer  is Jesus ,is who we need, let us seek no other else.

So I ask you, have you tried Jesus who is called the Christ ? Do you know Him personally ? Have you felt His love ? I pray you do and Lord willing will see you next time. Oh, by the way before I go , have you been telling others about Jesus ?


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5:38 AM   [14 Jul 2012 | Saturday]

God is still on the throne.

God is still on the throne.

The world as I sense it and as our pocket tells us is having economic uncertainty. Worrying we know will not help us, so we move along hoping things will get better. Sometimes we think that by staying positive, things will pick up. But will this be enough ?

We would think that with man's experience on planet earth, advanced technology, computers, modern education etc. etc, that man should be the master of everyday life. Yet on the downside we also see man trying to escape through other things like drugs, sex, alcohol, entertainment.

But did man tried to look up ? Yes to God . If we do ,man should be more godly, is'nt it ? Maybe man needs to slow down in our pursuit of other things as our pastor preached last Sunday.

Yes God is still on the throne. Is He doing anything ? Yes waiting for man to turn to Him.

What would you think will happen when a person turns to God ? a family ?, a group ? a city ? a nation ? the whole world ?

We will not know unless we do turn individually to God and then collectively. From history , we see what happens when people turn to God, God blesses them and it was true then so it is now. What happens if we don't ? I lived long enough to say God is still on the throne, ready to hear, help and bless. To forget God is to live dangerously.


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12:06 PM   [10 Jul 2012 | Tuesday]

What kind of Christian are we ?

What kind of Christian are we ?

To my fellow Christians , this is not a self -condemnation but a look at reality. Let us see how many kinds of us out there .

1. Secret service Christians- these are the ones that nobody knows are Christians except themselves.

2.Denominational Christians-these are the ones who stick by their denomination standards right or wrong.

3.Lone ranger Christians- these prefer to be in isolation.

4. Fair weather Christians-they are Christians when everything is hanky dory.

5. Sunday Christians - they are only Christians on Sunday.

6. Christmas/Easter Christians- they show up during these celebration.

7.Wrapper or Labeled Christians-they always wear Christian T-shirts, hats etc. I know one personally who does this.

8.Roller coaster Christians- these have lots of ups and down.

9.Wordy Christians- these have lots of words and no action.

10. Close-minded Christians-either they do not want to learn  or they do not want to change.

11. True Christians --these modeled their life on Jesus Christ, a very rare breed indeed.

12. Bookish Christian-these like to read and study, and forget to do some action.

13.Christian Examiners- these like to critique other Christians.

14. Separation of Church and state Christians- these are Christians in politics who forget they are Christians when they got elected.

15.Pauper mentality Christian-these can not afford to give God's work, not even 1% of what they got.

16.Pseudonym or A.K.A. Christians- these are almost the same as number 1 on the list.

Maybe there are others of us out there, but whoever we are let us pray and try to be number 11.

If we fall short ,let us weep before the Lord and ask Him to help us



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7:04 AM   [08 Jul 2012 | Sunday]

Are you prepared for the most important moment in your life ?

Are you prepared for the most important moment in your life ?

Before you answer this, let us ask what is the most important moment in our life. Is it winning the lotto ? getting married ? getting promoted ? is it completting our education ? winning a trophy ? having your first born child or grandkid ? getting healed ? fulfilling your childhood dream  ? so what is it ? retiring from work ? earning millions ? having our favorite team or player win the championship ? It could be anything.

I am not one for holding suspense for long time so here is my suggestion. My suggestion is the most important moment in our life is when we face our Creator or we call God and He tell us what will happen to us for eternity. Another question you may ask , God ? Who is He ? Is He real ? Does He exist ? Seems this is getting harder and harder.

Since I am a Christian, I am preparing for my time with our God. He was revealed to me by Jesus Christ, the God who became man to redeem man from their sins. This Jesus is described vividly in a book called the Holy Bible. It is also revealed that Jesus will reside with us through who Jesus called the Holy Spirit.

You may say I already know that, but then I ask you, are you prepared to meet God any time ? Or you may say I have a different God, for that I ask, are you prepared to meet your God ? Or you may say there is no God, then I ask , are you prepared to know the truth ? Or you may say , none of your business, but then I say , are you prepared for your business ?

Did I cover everything ? But here is the bottom line , are we prepared to face eternity ? I believe I do through Jesus Christ ,our Lord. If you do not know Him, I hope you will seek Him.

God bless you, till next time.


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