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12:35 PM   [03 Sep 2011 | Saturday]

World's problems and solution

World's problems and solution

Wow what a pretentious title you may say, what the nerve. But lend me your ears for a short time while I present my case.

I am retired person and at present doing personal research for the water situation in my hometown Sariaya, Quezon , Philippines. For the past few months I am in communication with my townmates and also buying , borrowing, reading books on water. My studies lead me to the study of geology, drilling, water sources, piping, water treatment etc. Having been in the United States for the last 31 years of my life, got me acquainted with one of the greatest nations in the face of the earth and arguably the most technologically advanced nation in the world. At present the US is battling with about 9 trillion dollars in debt .

On my research I got hold of American trade book on construction which deal with big projects that America has done on the field of civil,mechanical,aerospace, electrical, communications, computer engineering etc.I am amazed at the many construction projects. Through cable television I also witnessed colossal construction projects in the world.

Now back to the title of this blog. The problems I see are man are soon running out of projects to do as America seems to have stopped its big projects like  aerospace, shipbuilding.Maybe there are still many projects to do but they are getting expensive. Some countries like Korea and China are following the footsteps of America, we are running out of fossil fuel, our population is growing, we are exhausting our other resources and polluting our water, our health care costs are increasing, as our construction technology solved some problems in the past, we also created new problems like pollution,wars, water shortage etc. I did not have to mention the nuclear weapons that man has built. What man has built are getting old and also no match to the natural disasters.

The solution I see is to surrender ourselves and the earth back to our Creator who the Bible says is Jesus Christ. Some people may not believe this and believe that man can still save himself. According to Matthew 24:21-22. For then shall be great tribulation,such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened , there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

For me what this is saying is Jesus Christ will come back also to rescue us from annilhilation or extinction. Jesus also said " occupy till He comes back." In closing ,let me recommend   to come to  Jesus before it is too late.

I have presented my case. Now you can hand your verdict.



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