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6:34 AM   [29 Jun 2011 | Wednesday]

Hidden wealth

Hidden wealth

Man naturally looks at the tangibles,good looks,  talents,good health, bank accounts, properties,educational achievements, good name, popularity. If we have most of these then we call ourselves rich.

Most people including me call ourselves Christians. Christian in simple term is a believer in Jesus Christ. Then I ask is our concept of riches match with our belief in Jesus Christ ? Jesus has no bank account, he did not go to school, he died a horrible death, he did not own properties, he was maligned, his face according to the Bible was so battered that he was unrecognizable.

Ah, but we will say He is the Creator, He owns the universe, He is Eternal, He is God. He is God's Son. We believe these by faith and we believe we are heirs. Do we  really believe these ? If we do , then are we willing to believe that what Jesus have on earth are good enough for us ? Most of us probably own more than what Jesus have on this earth.

 Jesus has what can be called " Hidden wealth ". Do we have it ? Are we willing to believe that just as Jesus is rich in the heavens that we too are rich ,that we are really not missing much in  this world ?

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6:56 AM   [26 Jun 2011 | Sunday]

What heaven will not do.

What heaven will not do.

I believe heaven is the best place man can be. We can see God there. The Bible says there will be no more tears, pain and sorrow there. There were stories that people who go there does not  want to leave. I want to be there someday.

If heaven is the best place for us, then God must want everyone of us there, right ? I believe the answer to that is yes. Does that mean that God will force us there ? This is where I believe , heaven will not do. Heaven will not automatically snatch us to heaven against our will.

Heaven gives us the Bible to tell us how Jesus , God's Son, died for our sins. Heaven sends us messengers  to tell us about this.Heaven offers us invitation after invitation to come to God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

But again Heaven will not force us, we have to decide, we have to come on our own.Will you accept God's gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ ? The choice is yours. 

Mood: contemplative
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5:42 AM   [10 Jun 2011 | Friday]

In what do we trust ?

In what do we trust ?

Yes the question is " in what do we trust" ? Do we trust our talents, our money,our government,  our jobs , our business , our church, our leaders? I would say yes we should trust them up to a certain point but  our main object of our trust should be in God , in His Son and His Holy Spirit. Straight forward enough and if we really believe that then this blog is done.

But let us look at ourselves closer, do we really trust God ? Do we still have fears other than the fear of God ? Do we still find ourselves hating other people because they are different from us ? Do we still have unforgiveness in our hearts ? Do we worry about our future ?

How about if we lose our job, lose our money , our friends, our health ? I admit these are hard questions.

What does it mean to trust in God ? That is another hard question. If we are not sure how to answer this, then maybe we should ask ourselves again, "In what do we trust" ?

It will not be fair to leave these questions unanswered, so just in case you and I need help, the answers are in the Bible.

Maybe a better question is " In whom should we trust" ? I got mine, I hope you got yours.


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5:58 AM   [09 Jun 2011 | Thursday]

Life in the Internet

Life in the Internet

This topic is probably dependent on individuals. The Bible says all of us has sinned and fall short of the glory of God and our solution to that is to go to Jesus Christ. We are not  suppose to tell lies, be a false witness, cheat or deceive anybody, distort truth, misrepresent ourselves . But does that mean that we tell the world of our sins or dirty laundry ?

How shall we treat our life in the internet ? Shall we take it lightly or seriously ? Being in the internet, we do not know who are watching us, and the rule do not judge a person unless you are in their shoes apply here too. But how do you wear the other person's shoes in the internet ?

I believe our life in the internet is our responsibility. Shall we say to God we are only joking, it was just an innocent remark ?But  I am aware that some people got harmed too in the internet.

Ah, life in the internet is still uncertain with me.


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