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12:16 PM   [09 Apr 2011 | Saturday]

Our most important possession

Our most important possession

Growing up I thought toys are my most important possession. I remember I used to guard them with my life or I will fight or cry to protect them. Then I went to school and I thought medals and awards are the most important. In the big city I saw nice cars and saw that people owns them seems very happy but cars are way beyond my means.In short ,owning lands, house and cars , having family, being successful will be the most important.

In 1980, I had the opportunity to migrate to the United States and my friends ,elders , and myself saw this as going to heaven. But then I do not have local experience so I had to start at a low paying job. Before the year's end I was able to get a city government job. I had my first car,  married my girlfriend. The following year I also became a Christian and I thought owning and knowing the Holy Bible is the most important.So I worked, saved , studied. I basically saved everything which I believed are important.

Fast forward to 2010, I am now retired , kids out of school, with a house, cars, still married to my first wife, health not perfect. In short looking forward to enjoying what we worked hard for. Then in 2011 the Japan earthquake came along and we saw the devastation. Another thing our carpet is old and need to be replaced. That means we have to clear and move our possessions .

Here is my eye opener, with the accumulation that I previously did, I realize that I have to throw away or give away things, at least I have a choice but what if I am in Japan and got hit by an earthquake , tsunami and nuclear disaster, that means I could lose everything which I thought are important and be left with my life if I am lucky. Or I could die, and face eternity. What do I have to face eternity? our soul ?  Yes the Bible said we have a soul, and the Bible said what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loses our soul. But how can we lose our soul? The Bible says the soul that sins it will die but it will not die if someone pays for its sins. The Bible says Jesus is only the payment for our sins.

So what or who is our most important possession ? My answer is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God for without Him we will lose everything including our soul.

If you do not have Jesus now, I pray that you will pray to accept Him into your life now,and pray that God will sent you to a good Christian church.

God bless to you and may you and I belong forever to Jesus Christ.


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12:42 PM   [01 Apr 2011 | Friday]

Why did Jesus die on the cross ?

Why did Jesus die on the cross ?

Was Jesus a criminal ? or could he did this for somebody else ? Here we are about 2000 years after his death, the world as a whole is not sure  why He died. Why did I say that ? If the world believed the Bible and the account of Jesus, then the whole world I imagine will be Christians.

Is there any religious book comparable to the Bible ? Are religious books dependent on how many people read and believe them? Some say that the Bible is written by men, and full of errors. Yes it is written and compiled by men but then if it is why is there unity and continuity in its content. Could it be divinely inspired ? I believe it is.

Why did Jesus die on the cross ? The Bible says He died for our sins. Why our sins? The Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Can anyone else die for our sins ? No, because only Jesus lived a sinless life and only He qualified to be the Savior of the world. Does this mean that the whole world is saved ? I do believe we as God's creation we are chosen and also given the freedom of choice to accept Him as Lord and Savior or to reject Him.

The most important question that man can ask is , is there life after death ?if there is none then religion is just for good living on earth . But if there is , we ask what religion is right ? They can not all be right or can they be  ?

For me I found Christianity to be the true one.Our choice will either benefit or doom us.

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