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12:21 PM   [31 Dec 2011 | Saturday]

Best way to start the new year.

Best way to start the new year.

Normally the new year is ushered in by celebration, fireworks, new resolutions,plans, optimism, good food or dining. And as far as I know this has been happening in my lifetime and even before.

Maybe some parts of the world has already started the celebration and you may have done what you believe is best or appropriate.

My suggestion is simple but I believe is powerful. Come to think of it a year could be both long and short. We will have 366 days, 24 hours each day. We do not know exactly how 2012 will come out to be.

Here is my suggestion, let us start the year with prayer. Yes prayer. Prayer submits ourselves to our Creator. Our Creator knows what He designed us for and He will let us know if we ask Him. Let our prayer be personal and in secret. Make the best prayer you can make and try to listen to what God is telling or will tell you and do what He tells you.

For Christians we end our prayer in Jesus name. I do respect other faiths but there can only be One God and He is the One who answers prayers.If we do not know what to pray for,  ask God too.

Let us start our year on our knees , so we will end later on our feet.By the way prayer is our wireless or direct line to God.


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6:32 AM   [28 Dec 2011 | Wednesday]

Quality Control Inspector

Quality Control Inspector

Thirty five years ago I landed my first job as quality control inspector. Though I worked hard, that job did not last long. I had other jobs and as of now I reached my retirement. Maybe you are wondering, what this got to do with anything ?

As we know quality control deals with the acceptability of a product and since this is written in a Christian website, maybe you have guessed that I will be talking about our acceptability as a Christian. But we are not the judge, God is the Judge.

God was never referred to as a Quality Control Inspector but ultimately He will tell us," Welcome my good and faithful servant" or He will say depart from me I never knew you. In short , some will be accepted and some will be rejected.

I believe all of us want to be accepted, is it not ? But whose quality control standard ? God is so holy and perfect that we would say His standard is so high.Will anyone meet His standard ? Humanly speaking none of us can.

But wait God have some good news, there is a Way that we can be accepted. It is through His Son Jesus Christ , He died for us and took care of our imperfections.  We become new creatures in Christ when we believe in Jesus.

God is now inviting us to a real and loving relationship with Him through His Son. This relationship is not temporary, or lifetime but eternal.

In closing,the decision now lies in our hands or hearts. Say "yes" to Jesus now. If you have already done this , continue abiding in Jesus.

Till next time,


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5:39 AM   [21 Dec 2011 | Wednesday]

Where are we heading ?

Where are we heading ?

2011 is almost gone, and we are about to face 2012. What do you see ? Shall we face the future with optimism or gloom ? Maybe the superpower nations will solve its economic problems and once more lead the world in prosperity. Simply put our knowledge in computer technology should have helped us plan or build or solve most of our problems.

Biblically speaking where are we heading ? The Bible promised the return of Jesus Christ someday.  There are also a Biblical interpretation that  false Christs will arise. But let me correct myself, this is not only interpretation but Jesus Himself warned about this world deception by false Christs or false Messiahs.

What are we to do ? well, if deception will come, we fight it with truth, even though deception is already been here for a long time. Where do we find truth ? I believe  the Holy Bible contains the truth, and not only for me but for the countless believers and for those who will believe.

So let me close with these. Where do you think we are heading ? Who or what are you trusting ?

Let me recommend Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Get to know Him , love Him and cling to Him to the glory of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah !!!

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