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5:23 AM   [20 Mar 2010 | Saturday]



This word "countdown" may mean different things to different people. It could be countdown to retirement, to promotion, to finishing school, to paying off the house , it could be anything. I remember there are some books entitled Countdown to Armageddon. That's a bit scary (the title that is).

How about you, what is countdown to you?

My blogs tend to become shorter and shorter, so I will go directly to the point. How about countdown to the coming of the Lord ? Have we made peace with God ? Have we settled our eternal destination? The way I settled mine is I realized that I have been a sinner. That on my own I can not save myself, that only Jesus Christ can save me. So I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Your  choice is yours, only you can make yours.

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5:45 AM   [12 Mar 2010 | Friday]

Cure for Self-centeredness

Cure for self-centeredness

What is self-centeredness ? From what I observed, every human being has or is self-centered. We think the universe is centered in us or the world revolves around us. We think we uncovered the secret of the universe when we can not even figured out ourselves. Seriously when we see things happening we think what is it for us.

I will suggest a cure but I believe it is more than a suggestion but I don't know of anything better. The cure is be Christ-centered. Now how can we Christ- centered ?but before that  I believe we still have to be specific, we have to be Jesus Christ centered, why? because there are other christs around.

What does it mean to be Jesus Christ centered? first we have to know Jesus Christ and we know Him through the Bible. From what I know we have to surrender our lives to Him. He then becomes our Lord and Savior and in the process God the Father gives the Holy Spirit to us. Sounds simple but our lives take a new meaning. Another thing we have an adversary the Devil or Satan who makes our lives complicated. Our God allows him ( the Devil) to tempt us. Is that for us to fail?No, but for us to rely on God and in the process make us strong and make us realize our dependence on God or be God - centered. Now I believe being Jesus Christ centered is the same as being God- centered and I believe this is not only for a day or for a week or for a month or even a year and not only in this world but in the world that is to come and for eternity.

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ into your life then I hope you will invite Him into your life. Use your own words to let Him in and watch Him change your life as you cooperate with Him.


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2:07 AM   [11 Mar 2010 | Thursday]

The Return of Jesus Christ our Lord

The Return of Jesus Christ our Lord

Could we be on the verge of the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ? I believe so. By the way I believe there will be a Rapture first but don't let it distract you. If you believe there is no Rapture, that is fine, I will not argue with you.

For over a year now I have shared my views on the rapture on this website. Some agreed , some disagreed , some stated different views. Here's the bottom line everybody agreed that Jesus Christ is coming back. Some says it will be far in the future but I believe it will be soon.

How about you ? what do you think ?

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12:18 PM   [10 Mar 2010 | Wednesday]

New Life in Jesus

New Life in Jesus

It has been awhile since I heard somebody declare new life in Jesus. I believe this life in Jesus is not complicated . Maybe we just make it a complicated process. I believe it does not mean that all of a sudden one becomes a perfect saint.

I believe this new life in Jesus is having a fresh start in life , a new beginning, another opportunity to start over. But I believe this time one is not doing it alone but now it is with the help of the Holy Spirit. Does that mean , no more failure? no more sin?, no more problem ? No not at all. I believe it is like being a baby again. Learning how to crawl then walk then stumble then get up try again. Then through days and nights we finally can walk and run. Again we fall gets scratch and bruises then gets healed, Life goes on. Then of course we struggle  till our Lord and Savior calls us home.

I like to hear what you think . Anybody ?

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12:35 PM   [08 Mar 2010 | Monday]

I was worried about my co -worker

I was worried about my co-worker

I was worried about my new co-worker who is falling behind in training and because of that he could get fired. At home  I was thinking hard how to help and motivate my co-worker when I got interrupted by a cell phone call. The phone call was actually a text message reminding me of our missionary speaker in our Bible study.

I have not been paying much attention to mission although I regularly support missions in my small way. I went back to worrying about my co-worker then somehow something got impressed in me like somebody is asking me. " Are you worried about your co-worker getting fired ?" but how about people who are going to hell if they have not heard or accept Jesus in their heart ?

Quickly I realized my shortsightedness. My co worker could possibly find another job if fired but people who missed salvation through Jesus could suffer eternally in hell. Some tears fell from my eyes realising  my misplaced priority

Are we worried about little things or eternal things ?

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