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12:39 PM   [22 Aug 2009 | Saturday]

Do we really love the Word of God ?

Do we really love the Word of God ?

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

There was a time when I read the Bible to see what it teaches, if what it says is true. To see what it reveals about God, about salvation, about the angels, about God's laws, about prophecy, or in short to see what it reveals.Basically the Bible was my teacher and in my guide. Then I learned that I need the Holy Spirit to understand and apply the Word of God.

Then somehow I had this lackadaisical attitude toward it , before I knew it I was using it for debate and support my pet doctrines. I was using it to support myself instead of letting it nourish my soul.

I wonder if the Bible doctrines become subservient to what feels good to us,to what is convenient to us ? Each one of us needs to answer this for our own.

Could it be we lost our first love ? By my own admission I lost my first love, so please pray for me so I would or God would rekindle my love for His word.

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6:14 AM   [21 Aug 2009 | Friday]

Evangelism through the Internet

Evangelism through the Internet

I was glad for a while for what seems to be an easy way to spread  the gospel through the internet. I basically could reach the whole world in a matter of seconds, and not only for me but also for anybody or everybody. Then it was not long for me to realize that other ideas could also spread fast in the Internet. I soon realized it is back to square one.

As far as my belief, I basically tried to get the best parts from Christian churches I knew and I tried to avoid erroneous teachings. I believe we will be judged individually based on what we believe, based on the light that we learned from the Bible , and how we lived. I believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not of works lest anyone shall boast. Our works are the result of our salvation.

I will continue to use the Internet, thanks to the people who provided it. Yes opposing views will still be there but we still have the Holy Spirit and we are still in the age of grace.

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6:52 AM   [20 Aug 2009 | Thursday]

Which is better? talking about Christianity or living it.

Which is better ? talking about Christianity or living it.

Christianity is a fascinating religion and there is a lot of room for discussion. In the past and present  I have engaged in long discussions with fellow Christians and non Christians about the faith. But sometimes I wonder if really winning a discussion is the object. I am reminded of the words of our Lord. Whatever you do for the least of your brethren you have done this unto me. Action speak louder than words.

I am not against discussion , in fact I am for it. Maybe a rule of thumb is to observe ourselves if we talk more than we do, then maybe it is time to roll some sleeve and carry the cross.


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12:40 PM   [16 Aug 2009 | Sunday]

Will there be a Rapture ?

Will there be a Rapture ?

This could be my final ,farewell, goodbye blog in this website. But before I go I honestly would like to ask and answer the question: Will there be a rapture ? The possible answers are no, yes, don't know and don't care.

I would like to deal with the first three possible answers. Before that  let us ask and answer, What is the rapture and where did the word rapture came from ? As far as I know belief in the rapture is found only in a part of Christian circles or religion. I said a part because not all so called Christians believe on it.Hold that thought for now and let us continue. Where did the word "rapture" came from ? It came from the Latin word or words, rapere, rapio, raptus,rapturos. These words came from the Greek word "harpazo". The word harpazo means forcibly seized, which was used in the New Testament. The apostle Paul used the word harpazo in 1Thess. 4:17 which was later translated into English as "caught up". English Bibles do not use the word "rapture" or "harpazo"but use the word "caught up".Nevertheless they are the same.

Are we still in agreement? Those who don't agree at this point are free to go or quit reading. Those who wants to stay can do so and continue reading.

There are those who say there is no rapture. I will respect that answer, although they can not say that rapture or its equivalent word is not found in the Bible.

There are those who say there is rapture or there will be a rapture. Those who do used the verses John 14:1-4, 1 Cor. 15:51-54, 1 Thess. 4:13-18. Those who believe in the rapture are further divided into pre-tribulation rapture, mid-tribulation rapture, pre-wrath rapture and post tribulation rapture. Nevertheless these groups believe there will be a rapture.

Those who say that they do not know . Well my recommendation is for them to read the Bible or ask others , listen to opposing sides and decide on your own. Or do nothing and wait for actual events, which I believe is taking risk.

As for me I believe there will be a rapture. The rapture will occur at a fraction of a second, at the twinkling of an eye.  References given above.

With these I say goodbye to unless most of you want me to stay.


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6:13 AM   [13 Aug 2009 | Thursday]

When Christians disagree

When Christians disagree

As long as we are in this world we will run into conflict with somebody. Despite our best intentions. I have conflicts in this world and I believe you too but do  these seems unavoidable?. How about when we run into conflict with our fellow Christians ?

Let us say when one calls your belief unbiblical and because of that you are going to the lake of fire. Should you just turn the other cheek and say you are right, brother or sister ? Should you just blindly follow the other side because he says what he says is truth ?

Should the other say, brother I do not see your belief in the Bible , can you show me where you got it ?

Could we refrain from pronouncing the verdict that the other side is wrong ? And leave the verdict to our Lord and Master?

I believe there are better ways to handle disagreements. When we fight our Lord is not  glorified. I also believe the enemy is behind bitter disagreements and also our flesh can be blamed too.

Well we live and learn, what do you think ?

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5:10 AM   [02 Aug 2009 | Sunday]

Vanity of Vanity all are vanities

Vanity of vanities all are vanities

I got this title from the writing of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. It goes like this I felt I needed a better table and book shelves. So my family helped me shop around and I selected one I liked and so we bought it. To make it short, the materials are heavy and I being old and saddled with semi disabilities needed help but thanks to my daughter's friend who voluntered to help.

The set needs assembly but since my kids and friend  went out, I decided to tinker with it. I started cleaning my junk to make room for the new set. The assembly did not go smooth even with my wife helping me. It probably took us five hours with aching body. Now comes the filing of my books and my hobby materials.

I placed my Bibles in the top shelf. But what came as a shock to me is the amount of hobby materials that I have accumulated for nine years, materials which I treasured before but basically just junks .

I guess I have the sense to realize that only the things we have done for the Lord will matter for eternity.

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