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12:20 PM   [28 Jul 2009 | Tuesday]

Torn Bible

Torn Bible

By this I do not mean physically torn Bible but I heard a physically torn(naturally used ) Bible means a well fed soul.

I believe most people believe the Holy Bible as God's Word as attested by the fact that it has been a consistent best seller year after year. I believe nobody or no human being has exhausted the messages in this collection of books ( for those who may not know Bible means collection of books, so Holy Bible means collection of holy books).

Now back to the title " Torn Bible". Man has read the Bible for different reasons and has come up with different interpretations. Man has magnified through the Bible the teachings or doctrines they espoused and down played or ignored the teachings or doctrines they do not like or do not agree with. I remember  a preaching I heard over twenty years ago , where the preacher challenged the audience to tear down the pages they do not like and then says " Look at it , look at it , the way you handle it."

Man also tried to destroy the Bible but did not suceed. Nobody can really corrupt the Bible because God's words are forever.

Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away, but God's words will abide forever.

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12:47 PM   [21 Jul 2009 | Tuesday]

Secret service Christians

Secret service Christians

I hope nobody takes this negatively. I believe the Bible teaches us to come out in the open. Is it not written in the Bible for us Christians to not be ashame of our Lord ?. Are we under persecution that we have to hide?

One of my favorites is when fellow Christians call rapture believers as cowards when they themselves are hiding. Some proclaim that they are ready for the great tribulation but we do not have a clue of what they look like.

Again I hope nobody takes this negatively.


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12:11 PM   [17 Jul 2009 | Friday]

Did God create evil ?

Did God create evil ?

I encountered this subject a second time in this website interacting with fellow members. There are Bible verses that seem to indicate that God is the source of evil (Amos 3:6, Exodus 9:12, Lamentations 3:38,39; Isaiah 45:7). There are books that explain this topic like " Hard sayings of the Bible" by Kaiser Jr, Davids, Bruce, and Brauch and another book is " When Critics ask " by Geisler and Howe.

Sometime ago I browsed  through the answers in above books and I was happy or satisfied with what they wrote that I moved on to other things.But now the subject came up again . 

To avoid misquoting them, I will use my own or what I learned. God I believe is in total control that He allow certain things like an angel called Lucifer to fight against Him. It can be argued that God created Lucifer so did God create evil ? I believe one answer could be found in Ezekiel 28:12-19, though no mention of Lucifer, the verses described an anointed cherub who because of beauty became so lifted up and later inquity was found in him. Isaiah 14:12-15 more clearly described Lucifer.

God can turn evil for good like the story of Joseph and his brothers. God turned the shame and brutality of the cross, to save or to provide man's salvation through His Son dying in the cross.

In this life , some areas in the world are in poverty. Did God do that or man did that ?

Even God's people are not exempt from hardships, persecutions and martyrdom.No man suffered like our Lord Jesus Christ and in the epistle of Apostle Peter, we are told to follow in His footsteps. Is this evil ? or refining for the future ? The short time we have on earth is nothing compared to the eternity that we will have with our God , Creator and Savior.

I acknowledge that this is a hard subject and I am not sure I gave the right answers.

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6:19 AM   [14 Jul 2009 | Tuesday]

United Socialist America ?

United Socialist America ?

I heard and saw a Christian TV commentator last night that USA is fast becoming socialist, but are we ? I am not sure what a socialist government is ? Well I may have to research on this . Can one be a socialist and still be a Christian? I wonder what countries are socialist now ?

Maybe the readers can help me with this?

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12:46 PM   [10 Jul 2009 | Friday]

Nostradamus, the Mayan, world news and the Bible

Nostradamus, the Mayan, world news and the Bible.

I was surfing through cable when I encounter a program about Nostradamus and the Mayans, and the Bible. I watched and listened and processed having a belief of my own based on over twenty years interest in the study of prophecy.

I will not go into details but the program mentioned 2012 as a year of either good ( I forgot the word used ) or a year of extinction. Seems like two extremes. The year 2012 is derived from Nostradamus and the Mayans, but the Bible is silent about 2012.

The world news is here or there for everybody to believe or doubt or form an opinion .

I try not to be  sensationalist, nor alarmist but this is what I can tell, my hope and trust is in Jesus Christ.

Till next time and I hope your hope and trust is in Jesus Christ too.

elpidio or ped

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12:40 PM   [09 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

Key to Correction

Key to Correction

Again my cousin sent me an e-mail trying to convince me of her religious belief that she knows I disagree with. We both believe the Bible. Meanwhile I remember when I used to be in the elementary school, when the teacher needed help in checking test papers, the teacher  would give us" the key to correction" and with that we can help grade the papers.

God has given us the key to correction in the Bible as expressed in 2 Timothy 3:16,17.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God , and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

comment: What is going on between me and my cousin is difference in interpretation. Maybe one or both of us misinterpret the key to correction. 

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6:10 AM   [02 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

Does heaven know us ?

Does heaven know us ?

Probably the scariest event that can come to us is on the last day for God to tell us " Depart from me I never knew you." And then as the scriptures say we could say " Have we not prophesied in Your name ? And in Your name have done many wonderful works.?

The details of this conversation can be found in Matthew 7:21-23.

What can we do now ? Obviously , to make sure heaven knows us. But how can we know heaven knows us ? Are we really God's children ?

I encounter people who thinks their interpretation of the Bible is second to none, that if you don't agree with them then you are going to hell or annihilation. Perhaps a little humility is needed.

Anyway, let us examine ourselves if we are in the faith. Do we have personal relationship with God ? Is it true or imagined or assumed ?

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