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12:17 PM   [31 May 2009 | Sunday]

Making sure of our salvation

Making sure of our salvation

God wants us saved. He provided everything for our salvation. This salvation is in His Son Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:8,9 says for by grace you are saved through faith ,it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast.

Let us look at this, gift can be accepted and treasured or it can be rejected and thrown out or disposed. Another is faith, faith in whom ? just to mention God is not too specific, so I believe it is faith in Jesus ( the God incarnate or God in the flesh ). Why does man need to be saved ? Man has sinned and fall short of the glory of God. With all man's efforts, good works, philosophies, religions, according to the Bible , these are not acceptable to God. In the Old Testament , man was instructed to offer the perfect sacrifice, lamb without blemish, a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ.Then in the New Testament, we beheld the Lamb of God , who takes away the sins of the world.

Seems salvation is straight forward however man again made it complicated. Some teach that Jesus is just a man and not Divine. To teach that Jesus is not God is to violate Scriptures, for example Jesus accepted worship and call God , His Father. He even said He and His Father are one.Overall study of the Bible reveals that Jesus is God, the second Person in the Holy Trinity. Some teach other means of salvation aside from Jesus Christ.

I know I can not force this on anybody, but as for me  Salvation is a gift, through faith in Jesus Christ. No other name whereby we can be saved but by the name of Jesus. I will hang on to these till God takes me home.To be more accurate for all eternity.

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12:04 PM   [29 May 2009 | Friday]



Tribulation is a word that we often see in the Bible. Our Lord said in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. Sure enough in our Christian life we experience tribulations or troubles. In some parts of the world some Christians encounter persecutions, loss of properties and even lives. We also read about the great tribulation, where except those days are shortened there will be no flesh left alive. If I understood it correctly this is when the Antichrist will implement the mark of the beast, where no man , rich and poor, free and bond can buy or sell except they have the mark of the beast.

Where will we be during the great tribulation has been the subject of many discussions. Some said they will be gone by so called pre-trib rapture or when we die before the great tribulation. Some said they will experience the beginning of the great tribulation and then they will be taken to heaven by what we call mid-tribulation rapture. Still some said they will be here for the great tribulation, seems like these are the brave souls. The last ones probably figured out how  to survive how to live in this world without receiving the mark. I don't think they will be stealing because that is a sin.They will probably live in  the mountain , remote place or a secret place with a means for survival but how can they evangelize ?

Each view requires some faith and the future will reveal the truth. As for me I will prepare for all, and this I can do by acknowledging Jesus daily and for the rest of my life into eternity.

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12:26 PM   [28 May 2009 | Thursday]

What matters most.

What matters most.

Today I just got back from attending the funeral service of a family friend, his wife and his son( they all died in a car accident ). It was a Catholic service and the words that were spoken brought some tears to my eyes. As Christians we all wish or desire to be with Jesus. As shown on my profile, I went through moments in my life where I went through different churches looking for the true church. In that search I got acquainted with several churches.

Going back to the topic, does it really matter what church we attend to, to be with Jesus when we die. I will try to answer that and you can share what you think.

I think what matters most is that we know that we can not save ourselves and that we  are all sinners and that Jesus Christ died for our sins. I also believe that salvation is not automatic that we have to accept that gift of pardon through Jesus Christ. That our works comes after we are saved and those were done through the help of the Holy Spirit. My Scripture references are to cite a few are Ephesians 2:8,9 and Titus 3:5.

I will end here and you can tell me what you think. By the way did I say that church affiliation is irrelevant as long as our salvation belief is Biblical, I guess I just wrote it now.

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8:01 AM   [27 May 2009 | Wednesday]

Moments of glory

Moments of glory

Yesterday I had to go to a tuxedo rental place and across the street I saw a giant book sale sign. The owner of the tuxedo place has decorated his place with pictures of him with movie personalities and I was amazed and I told the owner of my admiration. After that I went to the place where there is a giant book sale and I looked around to see if there is something I could buy. At the book store I saw some old books about people in politics,sports etc., these people are popular and I used to dream to be in their shoes.

Then it dawned on me that these people have their moments of glory, some has faded and some are still around. You may be asking , what does this have to do with a Christian website ? Much in a way considering that while these people would soon be forgotten, the Christians ' glory days are soon to come. We Christians will soon be with the King of glory or the Lord of glory. We are not to glory in ourselves but we glory in the Lord. 

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7:18 AM   [27 May 2009 | Wednesday]

Christian Camp

Christian camp

I am writing this blog as a tribute to the people who are called camp committee. It seems like this people are just doing a regular assignment but as I ponder upon it they are actually doing an important job or part in God's plan to redeeem a lost and dying world. There are many ways God accomplish His plan and I believe Christian camp/ camps is one of the places where He does them. My point is further shown by the attitudes of two bricklayers, one thinks he/she is just laying bricks but the the other one sees that he or she is building a cathedral or a big building.

So what goes on in a Christian camp ? I will mention a few things not necessarily in order. Some relationships are restored, issues resolve.And in our busy world, a camp is a place where we get away to be refreshed and get our bearing back. It is a place where pastor could get to see the state of the flock that God entrusted to him.It is also a place where dreams and ministries start.

I believe these are some of the things that happen in a Christian camp and that the camp committee is a part of,and I thank God for them.

Mood: thankful
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12:50 PM   [25 May 2009 | Monday]

Jesus the Person for all eternity

Jesus the Person for all eternity

It is an honor for me to write my 100th blog and the glory belongs to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To glorify Jesus is to glorify the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Let us review who Jesus is. He is main person in the Holy Bible. The whole Bible is about Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Destiny of individuals, nations and the world and the universe depends on how we deal with Jesus Christ. He is also the most maligned, most impersonated person, most misused name through coursing, and swearing throughout time after time. Those who calls Him a great man are doing Him a disservice because He is not just the greatest person who ever lived but He is the God from heaven.He is also the subject of the greatest debate in religion or theology.Either He is number one in our life or He is nothing al all. One cannot be neutral with Jesus, either we are for Him or against Him.

This blog could be read anywhere in the world and there will be many who will disagree with this blog. If you have something better than Jesus then justify it for yourself. Some claim that the story of Jesus is copied from some pagan religion, then where is the original ? Some claim that the followers lied about Him , then why will they die for Him ? Some claim that the writings are not accurate or corrupted, then show us the truth ? Those who wants to know the truth just needs to honestly study the claims and written accounts about Jesus.

As for me I found the Truth or more accurately said  the Truth ( Jesus) found me and saved me. The Bible declares that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Mood: None, or other
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12:06 PM   [25 May 2009 | Monday]

Glitch in the system ?

Glitch in the system ?

I submitted my 100th blog and it did not show on the list of blogs but it did show on my profile.

Perhaps if anybody is curious enough to see that blog then they can check my profile and click view all blog entries and see my 100th blog " Jesus the Person for all eternity."

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9:32 AM   [22 May 2009 | Friday]

Graduation season reminds me of...

Graduation season reminds me of.....

Graduation for us , for others sure presents us with joyous occasion, feelings, you name it  both for the graduates , parents, family,and friends.It is a promotion from struggles, obstacles again you name it, if I fail to mention what it means to you. By the way in one of the graduation that I attended , a keynote speaker was making a long speech that people were getting bored and when the speaker said " but the last thing" , at this words seems like all the people came alive and let out unified sound of joy.

So I will finish this  blog, graduation season reminds me of our resurrection but let me remind you we did not earn it , it is all paid for by the Lamb of God, by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hallelujah !!!

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2:29 AM   [21 May 2009 | Thursday]

Who will hang the bell ?

Who will hang the bell ?

When I was a young boy, I read about the story of a group of mice who were afraid of cat and since the cat was sneaky, the mice had a meeting on how to know when the cat is coming. Finally one mouse suggested that a bell be placed at the cat's collar, and everybody thought that is a good idea and everybody agreed. But then comes the next question, who will hang the bell? At this question no one volunteered .

At that time I thought that was funny. Now I am old and Christian at that I see similarity between us Christians and the mice. We are bold when we are with fellow Christians. We debate who the Antichrist is, whether there is rapture or not, whether Saturday or Sunday is the day of worship, whether we are predestined or have free will? while there is the world out there that needs to hear the gospel.

Maybe we can  agree on essential doctrines of the Christian faith.and together face the world.Any other way, anybody ?

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12:52 PM   [20 May 2009 | Wednesday]

The first beast I met

The first beast I met

I have been reading the Book of Revelation this week and like everyone who reads it, one encounters about the beast, the mark of the beast, the image of beast. I will be honest I have been curious about the beast and I want to avoid receiving the mark.Then it seems the Lord impressed in my heart that if I want to overcome the beast described in Revelation that there is a beast in my life that needs to be overcame first. Now I came to realize that the beast that I needed to overcome first and also the first beast I met is myself. I believe at the age of six, I became aware of the evil in me , self centered,or enamored with I, me and myself. To make a long story short that beast meaning myself needs to be conquered.

Then I learned about Jesus Christ, through the church, or churches, through the Bible. He said many things like you must be born again, deny self and follow me. The book of Revelation talks about overcoming the beast, the mark of the beast, the image of the beast., and the only way we can do that is by being sealed by God which come by receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and being washed by the blood of the Lamb. In my previous blog or blogs I have been confessing that because I want to be sure and not take any chances. 

Blogs are meant to be short and I do not want to take too much of your time but if you or your friends have not receive Jesus yet in your heart, then I will encourage you to do so, to delay is dangerous and I really do not want to scare you but your blood will be in my hands if I do not warn you. I sincerely believe we are in the last days and that the coming of the Lord is near.

Today is the day of salvation.Harden not your heart. Pray to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord now. If you already have Jesus, have you been telling others about Him ?

Mood: hopeful
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