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Gender: Male
Age: 68 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 12/05/2008

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12:15 PM   [26 Oct 2009 | Monday]

It is hard to call time out.

It is hard to call time out

Being here in true2ourselves has been very interesting for me. I met or encounter people of same and different beliefs. It will be simpler for me to just not post anything but it seems not right. Finally I took the courage to call time out for some undetermined time.

Meanwhile let me greet everybody " Happy Thanksgiving " , Happy Hanukah,Merry Christmas, Happy New year.


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11:47 AM   [16 Oct 2009 | Friday]

Looking unto Jesus

Looking unto Jesus

The Bible says " Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith" who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. ". Hebrews 12 :2.

I thought this verse is embedded in me, yet in my life I found myself forgetting this. Too often and sometimes for long period of time I found myself focusing on my problems, needs, disabilities, sickness, fears , etc. etc. I have the habit of looking to bail out when I am down. Yesterday I was reading a book on " Don't sweat the small stuff " by Richard Carlson and I found some wisdom in it.  To paraphrase the author mentioned that some people put off happiness say  for the future like retirement when we can be happy now. He recommended to practice happiness is the way. The word "way" caught my attention and I asked isn't Jesus the Way ?. My answer to that is yes , He is the Way, but I have took my focus off on Him, so I told myself to refocus on Jesus. These coming days will be interesting for me as I refocus on Jesus.

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5:50 AM   [09 Oct 2009 | Friday]

Debate on God

Debate on God

I have been to the forums on this website and I noticed most debates are on God or nature of God. People like to debate on God but nobody would like to answer me about question on something they use.

Here is the background, there is a debate on the Holy Spirit, whether it is a person or not a person. This question is also related to Trinity. Same thing with Jesus , is He divine or just a man, this is also related to Trinity.

For your info, I believe in Trinity and for those interested my defenses are in the forum.

Here is the question about what man uses but no one answer me yet.

In this website or probably others, man likes to use alias or aliases. My question is Are aliases persons or objects ?

Any takers ?

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12:34 PM   [03 Oct 2009 | Saturday]

Giving glory to God through our other pursuits

Giving glory to God through our other pursuits.

I love God, Jesus, the Bible but I also love other pursuits. To you who happen to be reading this ,may have found yourself in similar boat.For me it creates dilemnas more than once. My situation is this I accepted the Lord in 1982 and I have been a Christian ever since but I have been attracted to the game of chess since around 1960 up to this time. Maybe to you , you may be asking what is the problem ? The problem is I perceived competition going on, to focus on God or to focus on my other passion/s ?

Another conflict I had was in the Bible I was taught to be merciful while in chess ,I was taught to attack a weakness or weaknesses to win.

Today I thought , maybe there is a way to give glory to God through my other passion. I really have not fully accomplished this. Some ways that I tried before is write on my chess equipment bag, Will play chess for Jesus, John 3:16. I also wrote behind my chess board. " Jesus is my Lord and Savior". My friend draw an outline of the cross on his chess board holder. Another one I did is draw the symbol of chess king in one of my T shirts and wrote the phrase " Jesus made the greatest sacrifice".

I am wondering if you have similar situation, how you dealt with yours?


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