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12:24 PM   [31 Jan 2009 | Saturday]

To seek and save the lost

To seek and save the lost

I was tired yesterday and today and I am not sure why. All I did was vacuum the house  and was on the internet yesterday and tiredness seemed to be carried over today. Could it be my concern on who will win the Super Bowl or the Australian open or the discussion I had with a fellow believer on  whether there will be a Rapture or not,  the role of grace and law. Or is it my pride not to lose the discussion ? Or could it be a discussion with my wife on what to do in the house?

Well I decided to pray I asked God for help. Then a possiblity came out that could it be that I am majoring in the minor ? Could I be neglecting an important task? For Christians what is it ? Let me suggest this. In Luke 15:7 Our Lord Jesus said " I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance."

Nowadays I believe there are many ways of doing evangelism, our terminology for seeking and saving the lost. Through tracts , radio, television, literature, internet, one on one sharing and whatever God leads.I also noticed there are things that could distract us from evangelism, like debates or anything that has nothing to do with salvation of souls. It is not for me to tell you the correct formula, but I pray that each one of us will have a role in the salvation of souls as led by the Holy Spirit. I noticed this too that the Holy Spirit had to be working on the sinner and also on the person doing the sharing. Salvation is the work of God, but He uses man too like you and me.

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12:04 PM   [30 Jan 2009 | Friday]

Excuse me

Excuse me

I am with true2ourselves for about 3 months now but I noticed a lot of alias or pseudonames from my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Maybe I don't understand this, but are we not suppose to come out in the open for the Lord ? Or maybe I am not smart enough to reveal myself.  Well maybe I am the one who does not know what I am doing. Whatever it is I believe the Lord will protect me and you. I read in Revelation that we will be given our secret name that only the person and the Lord knows . (Rev. 2:17). But till then I intend to use my given name.

I don't want to create any trouble just asking.

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12:59 PM   [29 Jan 2009 | Thursday]

Daily commitment to Jesus

Daily commitment to Jesus

I do not know if there is any other way but I believe those of us who has accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior need daily commitment to our Lord. We could trace the day when we accepted Him into our heart but every day  as we mature or learn to walk the Christian life we need to abide in Him constantly. We live in a hectic and tempting world that sometimes we rely on our own talents and abilities only to run into problems although living a godly life also lead us to some persecution of some type as confirmed by the Bible. King David was referred to as a man after God's own heart by the Scriptures yet sinned with Bathseba. We may ask what happened ? I believe it was a daily decrease of commitment to God till temptation got the better of him.I believe same thing happened to King Solomon who was referred to as a  wise man.

I experienced many temptations like you that without prayers I don't think I will survive and most of my life I see even in my weakest that God's grace is there and without His intervention I could have fallen hard.We need Jesus daily and moment by moment and it may seem to be an overkill but again I see no other way. The commandment "Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself" confirms that. Commitment to the Lord keeps us filled with the Holy Spirit which in turn allow as to love our neighbor or others as we love ourselves.Even when things or circumstances are against us, commitment to the Lord keep us going. The enemy is watching  and waiting for perfect opportunity to ensnare us but he will only succeed if we are no longer committed to the Lord.

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12:29 PM   [28 Jan 2009 | Wednesday]

The Rapture(?), the great Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The Rapture(?), the great Tribulation and the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The question mark after the Rapture is due to my problem of locating the source of the word "rapture". That is why some authors used the term "snatched away", "evacuation" or "vanished". So far I am still sticking to my pre-trib belief but with a different emphasis. For now I will still use the term "rapture" .  Now back to the title , rapture which will occur in a twinkling of an eye, great tribulation which will be 7 years and the second coming which will be the main event. So the title can be compared to a blink, a look and a stare. If rapture is the blink why then is the emphasis on it ? I hope you are still following me. The Rapture which could occur in millisecond should be taken as the transition, the great tribulation should take more attention and the Second Coming as the GREAT EVENT.

In the past ,much attention was on the speculation on the date of the rapture, who the antichrist is when it should be on the GLORIOUS APPEARING OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AND KING JESUS CHRIST.

Hallelujah !!!

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12:11 PM   [28 Jan 2009 | Wednesday]

Defense of the Rapture belief

Defense of the Rapture belief

Some refer to the Rapture belief as man made, some call those who believe as hopelessly confused. I beg to disagree but as a brother in Christ I still love those who have different belief/s. Some key words in the Bible are Jesus will come as a thief in the night. Some verse refer to the coming as a blessed hope, therefore comfort one another with these words. Another verse said we are not appointed to God's wrath. That we will be protected from a great delusion.

 Whether we are pre-, mid-, post trib. rapture believer or amellineal, another key word is grace. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We will be able to go through anything through God's help or mercy.

What is wrong though is date setting. It appears though that rapture believers are more active in sharing their faith. 

As long as we could discuss amicably I believe we are fine.Let us not forget the five purposes of the church, which are worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry  and mission. I further simplify this to love,serve, work, help and tell others about Jesus. 

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12:48 PM   [25 Jan 2009 | Sunday]

The good , the bad ,and the ugly

The good, the bad , and the ugly.

I am not talking about an old western movie starring Clint Eastwood but our present situation. The good is the spread of information is easy and fast. The bad is it is hard to verify the accuracy of every information. The ugly is in terms of spiritual , a person not well grounded in the truth of the Holy Bible could fall prey to half truths or inaccuracies.  However let us not despair because...

The best is there with us. We can pray always. Study the Bible through the help of mature Christians and the Holy Spirit, comparing scriptures with scriptures. Let us not rush to embrace so called new revelations ,but cling to the old rugged cross, the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the sound doctrines, the Gospels, the teachings of Apostle Paul. God has always provided us with truth from the beginning. Presently I trust we have true ministers here in plus time tested teachers like Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Chuck Smith, J. Vernon Magee, Henry Blackaby,Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucado and many others. And lastly the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth will be with us, then, now and always.  

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5:43 AM   [24 Jan 2009 | Saturday]

Two Extremes

Two extremes

As a growing and observing Christian, I noticed Christians have different degrees of maturity based on the way we do things, talk or write. Only the Lord knows fully our mind and heart. Blogging and reading other blogs allowed me to take a glimpse of myself and how others perceive things. Please correct me if my observation is wrong. It seems to indicate that Christians show two extremes. One is to take sin lightly or that we have a license to sin. I am not saying that Christians agonize on every sin for long time but rather when Christians realize that we have sinned that we confess them to the  Lord , do restitution if possible and we go on with our lives. Another extreme I believe is the belief that we can be righteous on our own, that by following the law or ten commandments on our own abilities that somehow we can gain favor with God. Another tendency I noticed is for us to believe that our side is always the correct one even the prophet Elijah thought he is the only one serving God till God corrected him on that by saying that God has 7000 in Israel who have not bowed down or kissed Baal. If Elijah could miss the 7000, we too could certainly miss the people of God.

You may ask where is the happy medium ? I believe the happy medium is to realize that without Jesus we are nothing. That we strive not to sin with the help of the Holy Spirit. That we rejoice forevermore and pray unceasingly, that we encourage and love one another. That we continue to witness about the love of God to a lost and dying world. That we refrain from wasteful debate. That we do our job to the best that the Lord showed us.Sure we will fail at numerous times but the Lord will continue to pick us up.

The world still shakes when meeting Christians seemingly divided, what more if Christians all over the world mature and become more united.

To God be the glory !!! 

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12:49 PM   [20 Jan 2009 | Tuesday]

More on the Rapture

More on the Rapture

A brother in Christ invited me to join the forum on the Rapture, so I looked at the forum and I read some interesting ideas. However I was not used to the format that I decided to write another blog on the rapture. I forgot about the preterist view endorsed by Christian Research Institute as presided  by Hank Hanegraff, that view hold that the subject of prophecy are mostly fulfilled in 70 AD.Meanwhile  an interesting verse or verses on the book of Revelation is the mark of the beast, please see Revelation 13:16-18. Nowadays majority of people on earth uses money or form of money to live on earth.If this verse is yet future then the pre-trib belief won't have problem since they will be gone, while the mid-trib and the post-trib may have to encounter this mark of the beast.

To survive this mark of the beast, Christians will have to be gone, or be living in the mountains or underground and will have to have sufficient supply of food. But what about the great commission ? As I observe my fellow Christians I see some still in secret service. To survive by stealing is very unChristian like. Another verse that supports pre-trib is that we are not appointed to God's wrath, the great tribulation I believe is reserve for those who reject God. Like the days of Lot, Christians will have to be gone for God to implement judgment on this earth.

To be fair to those who have other views I see some other situations where mid trib and post trib are possible, but they have to miss the pre-trib by being uncommitted or lukewarm or by being so secret that even our Lord missed them.

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12:51 PM   [19 Jan 2009 | Monday]

My study of the Rapture

My study of the Rapture

I have been researching about the Rapture for over 25 years with the help of the Bible and modern prophecy teachers. I heard different predictions of when the Rapture will occur and up to now we are still waiting for the Rapture. The study of the Rapture also deal with the speculation of who the Antichrist is. I had my own share of speculations but I learned from that too.

Belief in the Rapture is still subject to debate, some Christians do not believe in the Rapture but I have shared in one of my brother's blog that I believe in pre-tribulation rapture. Well rapture or not it is important that we know for sure that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. As to the subject of antichrist, the apostle John wrote that as early as 100 AD or before that there are already antichrists. I believe there will be one major Antichrist and some speculate that he is already on the earth waiting in the wings. However I believe we will be gone in the Rapture before the Antichrist will be revealed.

I believe it is a lot safer to stay as close as possible to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and keep praying that we are protected from deception.

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3:55 AM   [18 Jan 2009 | Sunday]

Looking unto Jesus

Looking unto Jesus

Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. Since Christian life is a marathon there are times when one feels like quitting. There are times when things become routine and seems moving in circle or worst still thing seems standstill or even going backward.In times like these that looking unto Jesus keeps us going. Christian life is not always a bed of roses or smooth as silk.As human beings we get impatient, like we wonder if the seed we planted is alive or growing underneath the soil. Take for example the life of Noah who when building the ark was preaching at the same time yet no one comes forward and was ridiculed instead, now I see that Noah's perseverance resulted in mankind being preserved up to this time.

I read stories of missionaries who after years of labor did not see conversions and some even died or martyred  with no visible results.Even apostle Paul experienced dangers not only from unbelievers but also from fellow believers. But in those moments that characters are built. Whatever challenges or trials we are going through we can rest assured that Jesus through the Holy Spirit is there and even if we fail He will let us retake the test till we pass and we move on.

When things look confusing, dark, discouraging or whatever, the Bible summons us to look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2 )

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