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12:42 PM   [30 Aug 2009 | Sunday]

Market Place Indentity of the Believer

 Knowing our Indentity is very important when we are walking out the will of God

                   Market Place and the Three Fold Identity of the Believer

If the new testament Identity of the Believer according to Rev 1: 5 & 6 is that of Priest and King. And if the office of the Priest is to go to God on hehalf of the people..and the Preacher (prophet) go to the people on behalf of God. 

What are your thoughts about the Reformation of Kingship of the New Testament Believers Three - Fold Identity as Priest , King and Prophet. And  its impact in the Market Place.

Arron Lee




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12:13 PM   [30 Aug 2009 | Sunday]

Prospering in a down economy part 2

                                                 Prospering in a Down Economy

This next article will bless you all who maybe unemployed, experiencing a shift in your financings. And who want to engage starting your own business's.

its is very important that we understand the activity of the Spirit of God. Even in a down economy. Be Bless


Of the 27 references of wealth in whole bible, the first is in Gen 34:29' of which the next two references are Deu 8:17 and 8:18. These are the most powerful definitions which when studied are the most revealing. Deu 8:18 states, " you are to remember the Lord thy God and that it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish is covenant which swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

" The word ("wealth") in Hebrew is ("chel; khale"), which means an army, a force, whether of men, means, or other resources: wealth, virtue, valor, strength, able, activity, a band of men.

However, I will go further and show the completely Hebrew words for this powerful verse. "Give power to get wealth, establish his covenant which he swore

†The first word is ("Nathan") which means to ("give") or given of God.

The second word is (" koach; ko - akh ") or ("power") which means to be firm; vigor, literally, force of capacity, means, produce, ability, able, might, power, strength and substance

The third word is ("asah; aw - saw") or ("get") which means to do or make, accomplish, advance, appoint, become, bear, bestow, bring forth, be busy, have charge of, commit, exercise, gather, fulfill, keep, labor, maintain, occupied, govern, be "industrious")

The forth word ("quwm; koom") or ("establish") which mean get up and make good, help, confirm, continue, ordain, perform, remain, set up, strengthen, succeed.

The fifth word (" bara; baw-raw") or ("covenant") which means to absolutely create, qualify, to cut down, select, feed as a formative process, dispatch, to make fat a compact made by passing between pieces of flesh --- confederacy.


The sixth word (“Shaba; Shaw - bah " ) or (“swear") which means to be complete, to "seven (" ones as if by repeating a declaration seven time from the masculine ("Sheba; she - bah") meaning seven times; by implication. A week; by extensions an indefinite number seven fold or seven, seventy 

                               NATHA, K-AKH, AW -SAW, KOOM, BAW -RAW, SHAW - BAH


I've received many response's to this posting for Market Place Christian's Prospering in a down economy. And because of the various insights I am adding additional Hebrew definitions so that the Holy Spirit who's  stewardship it is to lead us in Truth and Revelation of His Word will do so.

That being said regardless of our individual stewardships in the  economy of God which is his Church. These Truths will be distributed as the Holy Spirit wills. And give Eternal Life to us all in the Market Place as he as promise.

Arron Lee

MPMG, Market Place Ministry Group at linkedin. com

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12:05 PM   [30 Aug 2009 | Sunday]

Christians Prospering in a down economy

   God Bless all, herein is an article for your edification whether you are employed, unemployed or seeking Gods will for your life in the area's of Business and finance or the Market Place in general. 

            Market Place Christians and the Economy of the Church

                            Market Place Christians Prospering in a down economy

How to Prosper in a down economy .By engaging Kingdom or Biblical Economics.

In Webster's Third World International Dictionary, the word economics means and deals with, the social science that studies the production, distribution and the consumption of commodities or supply and demand, which is grounded in the law of scarcity economics .

(2) is an economic theory that justifies the Limitation of out-put so as to assure a profit or lack of  provision for support of life, and the condition of lacking an adequate supply with respect to,

{a} state of imperfection, uncommonness, {b} the state of being scared, which means a sensation or state of sudden fear, a sudden fright produced by a trifling cause originating in a mistake, and  {c} the quality or state of being scared.

The Hebrew word for economics is the word Bayith (By-ift) which means" House".  The Greek word or New Testament words are two - fold for the word House  (1)"OIKONOMIKS" meaning skilled in the management of a householder, or steward

(2) the word "OECONIMCUS" which means, a dispensation  or system of government.

In contrast, man's system is solely based on "The Law of Scarcity" with respect to economics.

 While God the Father house or his economy is based on the fact that he has not lost control of any thing and that Gods Kingdom is not a kingdom of fear, but of Love, Power and of Soundness of mind. The world's system of lust and corruption operate not in the Kingdom of God, but in the kingdom of darkness which is grounded in the "Law of Scarcity or Fear".

The term biblical economics when used reference's first, the theology of God and his order of governing or Theo - economics, God the Father's economy.

How do we engage Kingdom Economics.  By first seeking the Kingdom of God and his righteousness

- The house of his management
- The system of his management

And all things will be added to you.

Arron Lee
MPMG, Market Place Ministry Group


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