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Sunday School - July 31, 2011

Affirmation: I decree and declare that the courage, the capacity, the drive, the commitment to walk way from old things and into the new is released into my spirit now.

The "sound" of your Godly calling (destiny) should be nothing less than the driving force behind how you live your entire life. - Dennis Cramer

Embrace every occasion put before you by the Holy Spirit as that is what will unlock your potential. God has greatness waiting for you. He is inviting you to join Him in the greatest adventure of your life. He is inviting you to take light into the darkness. - Patricila King

Now you belong to Him who was raised from the dead in order that we might be useful in the service of God. - Romans 7:4

The way we live is a reflection of the state of our hearts. Yet, the state of our hearts is inflamed by our lifestyles. We've seen the indulgent lifestyle cripple the spiritual passions of a generation of nominal believers. The more we can do without material and sensual things, the more we will partake of the spiritual delicacies that feed passionate love. - Sean Smith

The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness. - William Blake

Affirmation: As I recognize His presence and turn aside to stand before Him, I become the expression of His voice crying in the wilderness of today.

In your own experience, are people more likely to praise God when they are "up," or when they are painfully aware of their shortcomings? - Jack Hayford

The Bible says that if a person wants to be saved, he needs to believe and speak -- not feel. It even tells us what to say, not leaving it up to us. - Myles Munroe

"The word of faith we are proclaiming: that if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." - (Romans 10:8-9)

The Cross is not only a doctrine; it is also an experience. If there has really been death, there will really be fruit. If there is no death, there will be no fruit. The degree of death determines the amount of life. - Watchman Nee

Jesus' times alone were the commas, pauses, and full stops in the story of His life. They gave the rest of His life its structure, direction and balance. His words and His works were born out of those hours of silent waiting upon God. - David Runcorn

Affirmation: As I experience spiritual hunger and seek for something more, I am called apart to be alone with the Lord for a time of preparation.

Today, there are believers who still cannot believe that the work of Jesus is truly complete and finished. They are trying to complete a completed work, finish a finished work, and defeat a defeated devil. - Joseph Prince

God must reveal to us that nothing in this life is truly good, for it is not lasting. And our soul, which is eternal, must stop trying to find its resting place and security in earthly loves and worldly joys. Nothing in this life can offer the secure hope, the limitless love our soul needs -- for the earth and all that is in it is passing away. - John of the Cross

Remember this! In the last days there will be many troubles, because people will love themselves, love money, brag, and be proud. They will be conceited, will love pleasure instead of God, and will act as if they serve God but will not have His power. Stay away from those people. - 2 Timothy 3:1,4,5

When we ask the Lord, as the maiden does (Song 1:4), to draw us and let us run together with Him. that means leaving our secure little comfort zone and going to the mountains with Him when He asks. - Mike Bickle

Jesus, satisfy my thirst for Your living water with Your Spirit. Overflow, my desert with Your oasis of refreshing. Amen - William J. Seymour (May 1908)








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Sunday School - July 24, 2011


On-going revelation and encounters with the power of God launch me into understanding of things I've never understood before.

God designed man to be led by his spirit, not driven by his environment. Man was intended to live through spiritual discernment , not physical senses. - Myles Munroe

The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion. It is a draft, a call-up. It is a priority, the basic requirement of every church. We might ask this question: Has a church any right to exist if it does not carry out the purpose for which it exists? To be called to His service, to wear the livery of Christ, is the proudest honor a person can know. - Reinhard Bonnke

"I know your ways; you are neither hot nor cold. How I wish you were either not or cold! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot not cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

Become a "sponge" for new ideas that draw you closer to the Lord and His creative powers. - Steve Munsey

Heaven will be the endless portion of every man who has heaven in his soul. - Henry Ward Beecher


I must have my own revelation for the Father of who Jesus is. I refuse to settle for a shallow mental understanding of Him.

Learn how to demonstrate the Spirit of the Lord through your life not in word only, but in a demonstration of the Spirit that will cause people to declare that surely God is with you. - Keith Miller

Our passion and desperation for God occurs not once, but repeatedly and cyclically, as God continually turns our gaze toward eternity. The more our affections belong go God, the less satisfied we are with the world. Like Paul we begin to feel a longing to lead our hearts in pursuit of eternity. - Shawn Bolz

"Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life." 2 Corinthians 5:2-4

We understand what Christ's redemption means. It is the bringing out of Christ IN YOU, until Christ in you is the One manifest -- manifest through yours eyes just as God was manifest through the eyes of Jesus; manifest through your touch just as God was manifest through Jesus. - John Lake

The level of prayer you are seeking is a prayer free from a wandering imagination and from reasoning. - Michael Molinos


As I study the scriptures I submit my spirit to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How many spiritual strongholds will be shattered in your moment of Spirit-breathed passion? Have you asked the fire of God to consume you? Then break free from the spirit of intimidation and loose your passion for His presence. - Tommy Tenney

Every day brings to the Christian many hours in which he will be alone in an unchristian environment. These are the times of "testing". This is the test of true meditation and true Christian community. Has the Church served to make the individual free, strong, and mature, or has it made him weak and dependent? Has it taken him by the hand for a while in order that he may learn again to walk by himself, or has it made him uneasy and unsure. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Something is very definitely wrong if we do not know the will of God for our lives, because "He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness." (John 8:12) - Watchman Nee

Epaphras prayed that the Colossians might stand "perfect and complete in all the will of God (Col 4:12)." This is proof positive that, not only may we know the will of God, but that we may know "all" the will of God. - E. M. Bounds

Jesus, baptize me with Your Spirit that I might be empowered to serve You in all that I do. Amen - William J. Seymour (February 1906)





- Revelation 3:16

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Sunday School - July 17, 2011

Affirmation: I reveal spiritual thoughts with spiritual words, as the Spirit leads me.

God only moves forward. And so does His call upon your life. - Dennis Cramer

There is a better fast to go on than a fast from food! We can learn to fast from our own thoughts and opinions. Many times we don't hear God because our minds are too full of our own thoughts. Jesus is our example. He lived a perpetual fast from His own thoughts and opinions. He emphasized this truth continually. - Steve Sampson

"The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority (initiative); but the Father who dwells in Me does the works."

- John 14:10

Does God speak to you? What are the blockages that keep you from listening to Him? - Alice Smith

You can unlock a man's whole life if you watch what words he uses most. Did you ever notice Christ's favorite words? If you have you must have been struck by two things -- their simplicity and their fewness. - Henry Drummond

Affirmation: I have an unrelenting hunger to watch the Kingdom break into this realm.

There is the danger and temptation to you, of drawing your minds into your business, and clogging them with it; so you can hardly do anything to the service of God. - George Fox

The "sword" in scripture is indicative of the Word of promise. Presently, we are attempting to battle the enemy with our promises. It is the Lord's intent to make us the promise. We are to become the Living Word (Romans 13:14). - Paul Keith Davis

But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts. - Romans 13:14

True Christianity sparks a flame in the human spirit. It ignites the heart with holy fervency for Jesus. - Mike Bickle

As the believer deepens in his abandonment to Christ, outward things (persecution, injustice,unfairness) are things no longer reacted to. - Jeanne Guyon

Affirmation: I am a co-laborer with Jesus in the Great Commission.

Jesus lost that Father-Son relationship when He was representing you and carrying your sins at the cross so that today, you can call God "Abba Father"! - Joseph Prince

Scripture often refers to us a "vessels" of the Lord (Jeremiah 18). The one thing about being living vessels is that we leak. We need refilling with water and food, joy and love, affirmation and communication. The same is especially true with the presence of the Lord in our lives through the Holy Spirit. The way we "Walk in the Spirit" is to be continually filled with the Spirit. - Che Ahn

"Let the Spirit direct your lives, and do not satisfy the desires of the human nature." - Galatians 5:16

He who would learn to pray well, must first study God's Word, and store it in his memory and thought. - E. M. Bounds

Free will, though it makes evil possible, also makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having. -- C. S. Lewis



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Sunday School - July 10, 2011

Affirmation: There is no adverse circumstance in my life that I cannot overcome with the God-kind of faith.

The whole of the New Testament, after the Gospels, has this one object: to get Christians to go on, and to go on to full growth -- into their eternal vocation -- their heavenly calling (the purpose of God for their lives). - T. Austin Sparks

We should pray because prayer is the most realistic thing in the world to do. It is our acknowledgment of reality, our right response to reality, our honesty with reality. - Peter Kreeft

With God's power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine. - Ephesians 3:20

You may have a strong impression that you simply know is from the Lord. When this happens you begin to experience a new realm of God's glory and manifest presence. From that, you have a new revelation of God. He is glory, and His presence causes the atmosphere around you to begin to change. It is like experiencing a little bit of heaven. - Chuck Pierce

How can we be sad, or hang our heads, or be distressed? Oh, if we only knew how rich we are! - Smith Wigglesworth

The church condemns violence, but it condemns indifference more harshly, Violence can be the expression of love, indifference never. - Graham Greene


I am dead to sin, dead to my former lusts, dead to this world, but alive unto God.

Acting in love when others are not acting in love toward you -- this is of the highest value to your soul. It is worth more than all the other works of faith you may have done, no matter how great they appear. - John of the Cross

In the meditative state rivers of living water will flow spontaneously from within us just as a natural river flows spontaneously from a spring. Characteristics of spontaneous flow include a sensitivity to and willingness to follow inner promptings, awareness of creative expression flowing within, and being uncomfortable living in "boxes". - Mark Virkler

"He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water."

- John 7:38

We will never fully unite with Jesus unless we face the same disillusionment process as the disciples -- one of longing and disappointment in this world. If believers who profess love for God have never been through this inward longing, their love probably has not progressed very much. - Shawn Bolz

To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. - C. S. Lewis

Affirmation: My highest purpose for this day is to walk with Him.

Jesus Christ operates through you. He does not operate independently of you. Man and God become united. Unless the spirit of man is truly joined to God, there is no such thing as real Christian manifestation. - John Lake

We must love Him with total disregard to dry spells and to times of spiritual abundance, otherwise we are built on sifting sand. - Jeanne Guyon

The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever. - 1 John 2:17

We must experience a breaking out of old mind-sets and blindness in order to break into the revelation of what is to be ours (2 Cor4:3,4). Barbara Yoder

Anxiety is the natural result when our hopes are centered in anything short of God and His will for us. - Billy Graham


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Sunday School - July 3, 2011

Affirmation: I choose people to associate with who who are an encouragement to me. I ignore the critics and keep on acting in accordance with my God-given vision.

We are called to an eternal sense of "destiny". What God has made us places upon us an obligation to fulfill the purpose for which we were formed. - Reinhard Bonnke

Jesus, I am resting, resting In the joy of what Thou art; I am finding out the greatness Of Thy loving heart. - Jean Sophia Pigott

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

Imagine bringing a problem, wrapped in a "burden bundle," to the throne of Jesus. Picture Him reaching out and offering to take it. Does the picture include your being all too glad to turn it over to Him or do you imagine yourself hesitating? Remember that trust is a part of praise. - Jack Hayford

Whatever way His voice comes to you, it all bypasses the intellectual reasoning process, and is given to your spirit. (John 10:27) - Steve Sampson

Affirmation: I am a gateway for Heaven's reality to take over every part of my life, and the lives of people who I influence.

As we receive fresh divine revelation we are empowered to use that revelation as a key for breakthrough. - Sandie Freed

God did not intend the body to relate to the spiritual or supernatural world. Our five senses are all related to the natural, physical world. God never intended man to be controlled or limited by his physical body. You were not created to be intimidated by your environment. - Myles Munroe

Encourage one another and build each other up. - 1 Thessalonians 5:1

When a materialist encounters spiritual things, he has no box in which to put them. He either has to ignore them completely or explain them by natural means, like the bystanders who said God's voice was simply thunder (John 12, 28,29). - Bill Johnson

Isn't it worth the trouble to deny myself daily in order to meet God? - Andrew Murray

Affirmation: I must dig my own well. I must go deeper. I must have my own revelation from the Father of who Jesus is.

The Holy Spirit wants to use your life to manifest, prove, and confirm the reality of the unseen realm. - Keith Miller

Abraham and Moses weren't afraid to inquire. Jesus often asked people questions to get them to consider a better way of living and thinking. God loves believers who are willing to become great question askers. - Steve Munsey

"One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after; behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple." - Psalm 27:4

The Lord is calling you to walk by faith in His Divine presence. With a simple vision of your Lord and with intense love toward Him -- like a child would have toward its mother -- cast yourself into the gentle bosom of your Lord. - Michael Molinos

Lord, as we gather in one accord waiting upon You, pour out Pentecost and revival upon us. Amen - William J. Seymour (May 1908)



- Matthew 11:29

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