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Sunday School - December 25, 2011

Affirmation: I speak God's words continually, and then watch the Holy Spirit blast the mountains of obstacles out of my way.

We are to become His resting place -- the place from which the exploits of Heaven are accomplished. When we learn to host the presence of the Lord we get more breakthroughs. That is a possibility for every believer every day. Lets commit ourselves to become the resting place for God. - Bill Johnson

The season has started, all the works that you have sown for God's Kingdom through the years will soon be made known to men. Take heart, for as you have sown with tears, you will soon reap with joy. - Ching Co

"May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy!" - Psalm 126:5

We stay so spiritually focused in the way that we are going that we miss God's assignment. At times God gives new assignments and new burdens. With a new assignment comes new anointing for that assignment. - Chuck Pierce

Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself. - Leo Tolstoy

Affirmation: I quit fishing in the same waters I've been fishing in for so long. I go to new territories and get ready to catch mega fish

The "sound" of your Godly calling (destiny) should be nothing less than the driving force behind how you live your entire life. - Dennis Cramer

Faith must be a definite and specific request for the things asked for. It is not to be vague, indefinite, shadowy thing; it must be something more than an abstract belief in God willingness to do for us. - E. M. Bounds

Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. - Hebrews 11:1

God is waiting for you to cease doing! And once you have done this, He will begin. - Watchman Nee

Live in Christ, live in Christ, and the flesh need not fear death. - John Knox

Affirmation: What I think about the most will grow the strongest in me.

Decree and prophesy your future, this is the first step to living it out right now -- yield to the Holy Spirit, speak a word of life over yourself then take some kind of step into it in the natural. - John Belt

Praise becomes a sacrifice when you offer your praise to God just because He deserves it and asks you to do it. Praise from an obedient heart is the gift that pleases God the most. - Myles Munroe

"Praise Him for His mighty deeds; praise Him according to His exceeding greatness!" - Psalm 150:2

The Holy Spirit dwelling in us is compelling us to a higher place in Him. - Paul Keith Davis

Flood me with Your baptism that Your grace and fruit might be manifested in my life. Amen. - William J. Seymour (May 1908)



(Luke 5:4).

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Sunday School - December 18, 2011

Affirmation: I confess that the Holy Spirit is my partner! With Him as my helper I am getting better and better in prayer every day!

Where is the teacher who knows God, knows Him by being in love with Him? The most cynical and rebellious sinner will be silent before such a teacher. - Peter Kreeft

We must be a burning and shining people who know where we are headed, fixing our eyes on our destiny, if we are going to awaken broken and disillusioned hearts! - Sean Feucht

"Be strengthened with might through His Spirit.." Ephesians 3:16

What I know will help me. What I think I know will hurt me. It's the spirit of revelation that helps me know the difference. - Bill Johnson

Affirmation: I confess that I am following the voice of Jesus. I have been given spiritual power, spiritual weapons, and the wonderful word of God. I maintain the attitude that never gives in, never gives up, and never surrenders to defeat.

Jesus is waiting for you to stop struggling in your own attempts to somehow "deserve" His favor, and just depend on Him. - Joseph Prince

When you hear the still, small voice within, it is time to be silent. This voice is not a stranger to your spirit. Deep within you will learn to yield to God and to trust your Lord. - Francois Fenelon

"For God alone my soul waits in silence..." - Psalm 62:1

When traveling on a plane,train or a bus, sitting next to a stranger, how can you approach the subject of salvation? - Ros Rinker

To keep believing, you have to be planted. Plant yourself in a place where the Word is prevalent and the people around you are continually speaking and living it. - Myles Munroe

Affirmation: I confess that my character, attitude, and actions are being refined by the fire of God in my life.

Though we are legal citizens of God's kingdom, the boundary lines that we choose to reside within will, by our choice, define the domain (Gods or satans) which has jurisdiction in our lives. - Markus Bishop

With the weapons of worship and wielding the Word of His authority, we will war in the spirit to accomplish the purposes of God. He gives us all the backing we need to disciple others into a higher knowledge of Christ. - John Belt

"Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations..."

- Matthew 28:19

Through a flood of words satan wants to reduce your relationship with God to a hollow religion, void of the reality of Christ's life. - Francis Frangipane

The whole sweep of the Book of Psalms is concerned with nothing more nor less that the petitions of the Lord's Prayer. In all our praying there remains only the prayer of Jesus Christ; this alone has the promise of fulfillment and frees us. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer




Paul urges us to be so deeply rooted, so in union with Christ, that the impossible becomes possible, and the invisible becomes visible. - Keith Miller

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Sunday School - December 11, 2011

Affirmation: I confess that God is filling me with supernatural endurance to abide until I have successfully completed the assignment He asked me to do.

The beginning of love for the brethren is learning to listen to them. It is God's love for us that He not only gives us His Word but also lends us His ear. So it is His work that we do for our brother when we learn to listen to him. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Faith is spelled R-I-S-K, and it is faith that pleases God. - Che Ahn

And without faith it is impossible to please Him. For whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and the he rewards those who seek him. - Hebrews 11:6

There is no greater treasure that our salvation and the fellowship that we can now have with God, which results because He descended all the way to the cross for us. Therefore, let us voluntarily go to the cross every day, willingly offering all that we are and have. - Rick Joyner

Nothing more absurd can be imagined than wise, sublime, heavenly prayers and times of devotion added to a life of vanity and folly. - William Law

Affirmation: I confess that I wear my salvation tightly around my mind like a helmet. It doesn't matter how hard the devil tries to hack away at my mind, I still stand strong because I know what Jesus' death and resurrection purchased for me!

The spiritual life is that life of those who are reborn from above --who have received the Spirit of God. That life allows us to break out of our prison of human entanglements and sets us free for a life in God. - Henri Nouwen

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus until she knew her destiny. Once she knew the purpose of her life, then she could go do the dishes with Martha. - Chuck Pierce

Keep on growing in your knowledge and understanding. - Philippians 1:9

Praise based on faith thanks God for what He will do, before He does it. - Myles Munroe

We must wait for God, long, meekly, in the wind and wet, in the thunder and lightning, in the cold and the dark, Wait, and He will come. He never comes to those who do not wait. -- Frederick William Faber

Affirmation: God unites Himself with my spirit. This is the place where my spirit is completely possessed by God.

Jesus isn't coming for a church that's gritting her teeth, struggling to stay free from sin, secretly wishing she could indulge in a little immorality but abstaining because of being afraid of getting caught. No, Jesus is coming for a church passionately and utterly devoted to Him -- one that is free on the inside. - Mike Bickle

Imagine awakening every morning with the confidence of God's strength in you. And this strength in you according to His wealth, according to the riches of His glory, according to who He is. - Keith Miller

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

New songs are good because you have to depend on God in order to get one. It will release the Spirit of wisdom and revelation on your life. Ask the Lord for a new song. - John Belt

I have found my heaven on earth, because heaven is God, and God is in my soul. -- Elizabeth of the Trinity


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Sunday School - Decembe 4, 2011

Affirmation: Since Jesus is one with me, He can reach out through my hands and fulfill His purposes in the earth.

You may be experiencing an urging or intense desire that God is stirring within you -- something you know that you need to step into immediately. Each time we respond to His urging it is one more advancement into our destiny. -- Sean Smith

"...that you may show forth the excellencies of Him." - 1 Peter 2:9.

When a man begins to grow dull and lukewarm in spirit, even the smallest labor distresses him, and he eagerly welcomes any worldly comfort. - Thomas a Kempis

How deep is your longing for God? How would you describe your pursuit of God's fellowship? - Shawn Bolz

Affirmation: God does not want me "normal"; He wants me Christlike.

The greater part of the time we are in ourselves rather than in Him. That evidences that Christ has not yet secured control of our life. We recede, we draw back, we close up, we imprison our Lord. - John Lake

When we are called to follow Christ, we are summoned to an exclusive attachment to His person. When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

God wants you to see yourself the way He sees you - 'like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper" - Ps. 1:3. - Joseph Prince

Being in the center of God's purpose for your life is the safest place there is.- Mario Murillo

Crucifixion of the will is not obliteration of the will. Crucifixion always has resurrection tied to it. - Richard Foster


I am taking my eyes off the low road, and I'm headed for the high road of blessing God has planned for me!

Paul desired that they might be strengthened so that they could walk their destiny, meet temptations, and bear up under trial, according to God's glorious power and the exceeding greatness of His power. - Keith Miller

"Strengthened with all might (kratos) according to His glorious power (dunamis), for all patience and longsuffering with joy." - Colossians 1:11

Ahab's passivity (1 Kings 16) actually made room (released authority) for Jezebel's atrocities. When we also are passive, it opens the door to demonic control and persuasion! - Sandie Freed

The natural mind craves information where the spirit of man craves living revelation from God. The natural mind will bypass God and try to accomplish things by its own power - its soul power. This is just the worship of self. - John Belt

Lord, overwhelm me as You will, so that I may receive all that You desire to reveal to me. Amen - William J Seymour (May 1907)


We are making a terrible mess of this business of revealing Christ, but He is taking great pains with us. -- T. Austin-Sparks

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