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Sunday School - October 30, 2011

Affirmation: As I meet with God He comes living and breathing through the scriptures into my heart.

The anointing resident in us will prepare us for our place in the mystical body of Christ and point us to our high calling. - Paul Keith Davis

Lukewarmness is the worst state that any Christian can ever fall into. The reason for the lukewarmness of the Laodicean church is that they had everything they needed. Things really can be the greatest distraction from our ultimate purpose (our destiny). -- Rick Joyner

"Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. For you say I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing; not knowing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked." -

Rev. 3:16,17

You have been prepared for a harvest, gathered in by arms of compassion. You have been comforted by the Lord so you may disciple others, loving them and equipping them for life. - Patricia King

You do the ridiculous and God will do the miraculous -- I would rather step out and be wrong than miss an opportunity to share the Gospel, even if it seems ridiculous. - Che Ahn

Affirmation: I make the deliberate choice to start submitting every area of my mind and emotions to the word of God and to the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.

All true ministry, all genuine service to God, all legitimate callings, cost. There is a price to be paid. A calling is never affordable. It is always expensive! - Dennis Cramer

What are you waiting for? You need to praise God in the midst of your problems, and you need to do it NOW. Your praise is what attracts God to you. It is what gets you into His presence. -- Myles Munroe

"I will praise the, O Lord, with my whole heart...that I may show forth all thy praise...I will rejoice in thy salvation." -- Psalm 9:1,14

As you are faithful to intercede for your family, neighbors, pastors, and church He will enlarge the horizons of your spiritual authority. - Alice Smith

Many, who ought to be in awe of the Spirit of Christ within them, have settled instead for a mere theology about Jesus Christ. - Francis Frangipane

Affirmation: I concentrate the strength of my appetites on God alone!

In what specific ways does your faith give meaning and purpose to your life? - Jack Hayford

If we are ever to be truly free we must first know the truth about the personality of God and how He views us in Christ. - Mike Bickle

We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. - Ephesians 2:10

God wants to activate the workings of Christ Jesus through you, workings that will release a Holy Ghost revival not only in the land, but also in your heart! - Keith Miller

Lord, I come as a living sacrifice, putting all that I am and have on the altar to be consumed by the fire of Your love. Amen - William J. Seymour (May 1908)




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Sunday School - October 23, 2011

Affirmation: I quit fishing in the same waters I've been fishing in for so long. I go to new territories and get ready to catch more fish than I ever dreamed possible!

Something very sophisticated, evil, powerful and unrelenting is conspiring to get you to accept a deadly substitute for your destiny. - Mario Murillo

No person who has Jesus as the inward power of his body needs to tremble when Satan comes around. All he or she has to do is to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. - Smith Wigglesworth

God does not enter into a personal covenant with us without our consent or cooperation. You entered into a covenant with God when you became a Christian. His purpose for making covenant is to bless us. It is to move us into the destiny (here on earth and eternally) that He has for us. -- Chuck Pierce

"I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if any one eats of this bread he will live for ever." - John 6:51

In the Holy Place the Table of Shewbread was a symbol of thanksgiving for His divine provision. After serving its purpose in the Holy Place it was consumed by the priests. We must consume every revelation of the Lord to be molded into His image and bear His attributes. - Paul Keith Davis

Affirmation: I ask the Lord to propel me into the next level of My growth and destiny. I am determined that I will cooperate with Him.

Lord, I went wandering like a stray sheep, seeking you with anxious reasoning. I wearied myself much in looking for you without. Yet you had your habitation within me. - St. Augustine

Have you ever experienced a desperate love for God? - Shawn Bolz

Jesus prayed, "I glorified you, Father, on earth by completing down to the last detail what you assigned me to do."- John 17:4

If hell has a characteristic, it is that of distraction. If heaven has a particular characteristic, it is the presence of God, the calm of God, the power of God, the love of God. - John Lake.

Not understanding is OK. Restricting our spiritual life to what we understand is not. - Bill Johnson


My true heart's desire is what attracts Him. Now He will show me how to follow Him in Spirit.

Are you hungry? Do you want to be a sign, a wonder, and a miracle for the glory of the Lord and for a harvest of souls such as the world has never before seen? - Keith Miller

God who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. - Philippians 1:6

You are well adapted to know the Lord if you will do but one thing: Do not grow weary; wait humbly in His presence until the door opens. - Jeanne Guyon

Jesus is the fulfillment of the promised land for our lives


. We no longer have to settle for manna. We can eat the food of the land of promise. There is variety, color, fullness and life for us in the promised land. No more desert, no more dry places. The promises of God bring us into a land of abundance, and the overflow with new adventures of conquest and expansion. Springs of life and rivers of living water overflow here. All of this is ours in the promised land. - John Belt

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Sunday School - October 16, 2011

Affirmation: The life of grace far surpasses mere mental belief in the truths of God -- it frees my spirit to fly powerfully above all things.

You are destined to be a sign, wonder, and a miracle. All you have to be is hungry enough to glorify Him! - Keith Miller

Jesus said to Saul of Tarsus in Acts 9:6, "You will be told what you must do." That promise is yours -- You will be told. Once His words resonate through you, they will alter your self-concept. God's voice will preempt the facts of your life. This is your defining moment -- your manifesto. - your mission, your destiny. - Mario Murillo

Man, made in the image of God has a purpose - man neglects his purpose and thus he forgets who he is and what life means. - Francis Schaeffer

Do you want your Christianity to work? Then seek Jesus Himself as your source and standard of holiness. Do you want to see the power of God in your life? Then seek to know Christ's purity of heart. If we are becoming the people Jesus calls His own, we should be growing in holiness. A mature Christian will be both holy and powerful, but holiness will precede power. - Francis Frangipane

Affirmation: I shut the door on all the distractions of this life, the cares of this world, the busyness of my daily affairs and anything else that would keep me from pressing into God.

God knows exactly who you are and has a place specially made for you. There is nobody else like you and nobody can take your place. If you don't do what God asks, nobody else can. Working for God provides the opportunity to be what you truly are. - Reinhard Bonnke

"And John bore witness, "I saw the Spirit descend as a dove from heaven, and it remained on him." - Mark 1:10

Being a person on whom the Holy Spirit can remain has a cost. (Cost in this context has nothing to do with works. It is passion for Him and a reverence for His presence where every move we make has Him in mind.) - Bill Johnson

Ask the Holy Spirit to make you increasingly aware of any negative things you say to yourself - turn those hurtful thoughts into positive affirmations. -- Steve Munsey

The healthier and stronger a saint's spiritual life is, the less he joins the crowd (Jer. 15:17) - Watchman Nee

Affirmation: Since I am committed to prayer, I refuse to give up in the middle of battle and am determined to receive my reward.

We don't need everything figured out in our heads to move out into promises of God. When we take Him at His word we can know that God has everything lined up and ready to go. All we need to do is believe and move out where He shows us with full confidence and trust in Him. - John Belt

We've been trained to think that reality is what we can see. Actually, though, the person who is not living in faith is the one who is not living in reality. - Myles Munroe

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." - Hebrews 11:1

You cannot overcome your flesh on your own; you have to start living from who you are in Christ. - Andrew Wommack

Jesus, by Your stripes I am healed. Empower me to believe, claim, walk in, and trust Your healing for every area of my life. Amen - William J. Seymour (September 1907)












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Sunday School - October 9, 2011

Affirmation: I rise above the pressures of time and walk in the eternal life of God.

It is time to shed some old stuff and step into those new things God has for you. Don't try beating against a door already closed. Just trust God to open the new one for you! - Keith Miller

To pray is to know God by practicing his presence; and this is to live in reality (for God is really present), instead of in the fantasy worlds we construct in our own minds, in which God is absent. - Peter Kreeft

"This is eternal life: that they know thee, the only true God." - John 17:3

As Christ dwells in your heart by faith, there is within you a divine force, the power of limitless possibilities. God wants to do great things through you. - Smith Wigglesworth

Most Christians are living so far below what God intended for them that when someone begins to live a normal Christian life (in the power of the Holy Spirit), they think he's abnormal. We will be successful when we not only build our faith, but destroy our doubts. - Andrew Wommack

Affirmation: I know that if I measure everything by what has happened in my past, I will never grow beyond it. My confidence rests in what God has said.

When the Spirit has come to reside in someone, that person cannot stop praying; for the Spirit prays with ceasing in him. No matter if he is asleep or awake, prayer is going on in his heart all the time. - Isaac the Syrian

You have resurrection power attached to your prayer life! You can look to things that are absolutely dead and pray forth eternal LIFE! The same power in us is the same potency God demonstrated when He raised Jesus out of the grave. - Francis Frangipane

"His power at work in us who believe. This power in us is the same as the mighty strength which He used when He raised Christ form death...." - Ephesians 1:20

In my experience more people accept Christ and come to new life in Him through knowledge of "Who He is" rather than "why He died". This seems to come afterwards. - Ros Rinker

Be willing, even eager, to take the necessary risks to fulfill your call. The greater the demand placed upon you by your call the greater the grace place upon you by God! - Dennis Cramer

Affirmation: There is a move of God that is living in me and the Lord is eager for it to be released and bring glory to His name.

God is speaking today -- can you hear what He is saying? - Ivan Roman

There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God. Those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it." - Brother Lawrence

"What no eye has see, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him." - 1 Corinthians 2:9

The Holy Spirit is easily stirred: praise and worship stir Him, A thankful heart stirs Him. Intense prayer stirs Him. - Steve Sampson

God, I long for You. I seek all that You have for me and all of You. Amen - William J. Seymour (March 1907)


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Sunday School - October 2, 2011

Affirmation: I step out of the box called "time" and live in the Spirit.

Remember, your calling potentially supplies you with all the spiritual abilities you will need to change lives and to wreck untold havoc on the devil, thus promoting God's kingdom in your generation. - Dennis Cramer

With the living Christ within me, how shall I bring a charge against my neighbor? If I will be the Lord's servant, when offended I must repeat Christ's prayer of the cross, "Father, forgive them: for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23, 34) - Francis Frangipane

Praise fixed firmly upon faith opens the door for God to work for you, in you, and through you. It allows Him to handle all the things in your life that you cannot. - Myles Munroe

Worship opens the way into the heart of God. Worship is capable of lifting you to a higher plane where you can have a divine change of perspective. - Tommy Tenney

Humility is not looking less and oneself; humility is not looking at oneself at all. - Watchman Nee

Affirmation: I have been given the highest of callings and everything I go through is intended to prepare me for it.

Did we wake up this morning in His presence? Did we go to work in close fellowship with Him? If not we are in a delusion -- a deception. The greatest truth, the only true reality, is God. If He actually lives in us, how can anything else steal our attention from Him. - Rick Joyner

"Eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy." - 1 Corinthians 14:1

Spiritual gifts are the only things we are told to covet, and prophetic gifting heads the list. Why? Because revelations given by the Holy Spirit personally and wonderfully edify other people. These utterances let them know that God is involved in their lives in a very intimate way. - Che Ahn

We are not locked into a preset, determinist future. Ours is an open, not a closed universe. We are "co-laborers with God," as the Apostle Paul put it - working with God to determine the outcome of events - Richard Foster

Your prayer must be turned inwards, not towards a God of Heaven nor towards a God far off, but towards God who is closer to you than you are aware. - Anthony Bloom


Breaking the power of natural law in my life happens when the Word of God unites with my measure of faith.

We need to rise up and release worship, intercession, and a song to the Lord to usher in an awakening to those floundering who need to be discipled (by us) into a higher truth. - Sean Feucht

Your time in communion with the Lord will raise you to that "Come up here, let me show you something you didn't know before" place for substantial breakthrough. - Keith Miller

"I saw a door open in heaven and heard the same voice speaking to me, the voice like a trumpet, saying. "Come up here: I will show you what is to come in the future." - Revelation 4:1

As we are transformed into the image of Christ, may our own wounds of love become portals in earthen vessels, allowing His glory to shine forth, mobilizing the light. As ambassadors for Christ, we sense that each wound "piercing our side" is truly an honor, sharing in His sufferings and allowing the Blood of Jesus to flow freely on the earth. - Patricia King

Sanctify me, Lord, with Your Spirit that I may be cleansed by Your blood and empowered to do Your bidding. Amen - William J. Seymour (May 1908)


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